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Back to the scene ...

Sunday, April 18, 2010

DH and I had a little time to ride today before he had to go to work. We took the mountain tandem back to the scene of the busted hub and bike portage. Just had to try it again, but this time we did it in the opposite direction. No problems today, and a wonderful ride. Came home and even got the canoe out on the lake for a quick ride around. We found 5,000,000 tadpoles and 2 water snakes.

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RUSTBUCKET1 4/23/2010 10:40PM

    Boy does this sound like an adventure. One of these days I am going to try to tandem. How long did it take for you to get used to it?
Well I am glad to see that you are riding.
I am going with our club tomorrow on a 40 miler. I hop that you are having a great weekend. Enjoy the ride! emoticon

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MUMZELLA 4/21/2010 1:58AM

    My, you packed a lot into that short time before work. It must have felt so good to be able to get out into the outdoors and enjoy it. Good For you.


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MAKULEWAHINE 4/19/2010 3:53PM

    Sounds like so much fun. I biked in the RAIN this week-end, but it was still fun. The beer and hamburger afterward really tasted great and I didn't have a twinge of guilt. We rode 40 miles over chip seal and with a head wind most of the way. I earned that lunch by golly. Sunny yesterday and took another 10 mile ride with my son and his whole family. Lots of fun. Back to work today.

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TRIGRAMPS 4/18/2010 10:14PM

    You must count fast!

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Where I ride

Friday, April 16, 2010

Ka_Jun started a thread on Cycling team for pictures of where we ride. I thought this would make a great BLOG, so here it is. We live in a rural area about 45 miles SE of Birmingham. There are lots of "paved" roads (some are mostly patches over patches), dirt roads, and trails. On any given day you can ride whatever you want.

This is part of our Metric Century ride. Notice the high traffic on the road.

This is on one of the loops we ride in the mornings.

This is Bull Gap, that we use for our Time Trial. It is at the start of our Century Ride.

This is crossing Cedar Creek. It is part of our the Metric Century and the 27 mile loop we do from our house.

This is our Sylaward Mountain Bike Trail right after it opened. It is not as open now, but still a great place to ride.

One of our dirt roads. Note, more high traffic.

DH and me riding the tandem on the trail.

The trail doesn't have much traffic, but there are other things to contend with. I have only seen black snakes, DH has run into several rattle snakes.

Hope you have enjoyed a piece of my cycling world. We are blessed to have such great places to ride.

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COLEENCOLE 4/17/2010 9:43AM

    Thanks for sharing. emoticon

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TERI99 4/17/2010 9:18AM

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. It's quite an impressive ride. Do you take pictures while you ride?! That's talent!

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OSUBUCKI101 4/16/2010 7:07PM

    I loved the pictures. Looks like great fun and you are lucky to have a wonderful place to ride.

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POCKETLLAMA1 4/16/2010 5:27PM

    This looks a lot like where I ride! I live n a very rural area in Southeastern Ohio. I'm going to get some pictures together and make a blog post like this one.

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POUNDSTOGO3 4/16/2010 4:25PM

    How great you and DH can enjoy riding together. Beautiful scenery! DH and I used to ride around our mobile park in Texas but his knees are bad so now he rides his 4 wheel scooter. I walk.

Thanks for sharing!

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DATARN 4/16/2010 3:08PM

    Thanks for sharing. Maybe someday I will be riding on some of those kinds of trails!!

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LIVESTRONG2010 4/16/2010 2:26PM

    I wish that I had places like that to ride. Where I ride to get to places like that you have to drive at least 50 miles just to ride. So for me most of the rides I do are on the city streets but at least I have a place to ride.

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KA_JUN 4/16/2010 2:04PM

    Awesome, awesome, pics! *thumbs up*

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LDIGGS 4/16/2010 1:45PM

    What beautiful scenery! We forget that if we just take a walk or a bike ride to enjoy the weather or scenery outdoors, we get in our exercise as a bonus!

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Marble City Centuries, and adventures with Tim and Bev

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Yesterday was our bike club's 3rd annual century ride. My days have started off better. I woke up at 4 with a nose bleed, got it stopped just in time to have breakfast and pack the last of the things in the truck to get to the start in time to set up before riders arrived. We were hoping for 100 riders, but ended up with 44. Most of them were returnees who enjoyed the previous metric centuries and wanted to try the full century we offered this year. The day started cool 43, but quickly warmed and ended up being a perfect 73. There was 1 flat, no problems, and everyone had a great ride. They LOVED our hills, 100.1 miles 6559 feet of climbing and they were happy. We got the after ride meal cleaned up and everything packed into 2 trucks by 4. Then had to unload, sort, wash, and repack everything for storage till next year.

Now that brings us to Adventures with Tim and Bev. We decided to take the mountain bike tandem out for a spin this afternoon and see the lovely wild flowers and trees in the woods. Another perfect weather day, blue sky, and soft breeze. Park the car, get the bike out and head down the road. See a road closed barrier, so of course we take it to see why. Came to an impassable mud bog and turn around and head down another road. Find a nice fire break, cross the berm and take off again. Tree down, climb over, off again. Tree down, climb over, off again. Long up hill, shift, pedal, pedal, pedal, goes nicely, till suddenly the pedals are turning, but the wheel isn't. Hmmm. Seems the rear wheel is stripped, and to cap it off, the free wheel is frozen, rear wheel won't turn. Hmm So now we invent a new past time, mountain bike portage. Don't think it will make it into the Olympics. DH carried the back by my seat post, I steered the front, for a mile or so till we could get to the highway. Then he ran another mile to the car and came back for me. So, we have another hub, no problem....40 spoke hub, 48 spoke rim. Ok, change wheels with the black tandem, they are the same size, order new rim.

Life is an adventure!

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LINDA25427 4/13/2010 12:15PM

    Bev you and (JOYATLAST)should get together she rides too .You would have great stories to tell each other .I enjoyed reading your blog .Thanks for sharing . Take care God bless. emoticon emoticon

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COLEENCOLE 4/13/2010 10:25AM

    Amazing adventure and great stories to pass on.

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MAKULEWAHINE 4/12/2010 11:53AM

    That's the way to carry on, no pun intended. What an adventure but one to add to your journal on biking. You do have one don't you?? Actually, I don't really have one but I keep track of my mileage on Excel and have a comments column where I put down any interesting adventures or observations. It's a nice way to look back and see what I have done. Happy biking:)

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Happy Spring.

Monday, April 05, 2010

My dear Dad is at it again. He sent me this link for spring flowers. When the black screen appears, left click and move your mouse around.

Have a lovely spring everyone.

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CLEARLY44 4/5/2010 11:29PM

    This is so cool!

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R-U-JELLEN 4/5/2010 8:26PM

    I loved this. Sending it to my sister and daughters!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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COLEENCOLE 4/5/2010 11:09AM

    It put a smile on my face.

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TERI99 4/5/2010 8:36AM

    How fun!!

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DOLLBABE56 4/5/2010 8:29AM

    How clever! Loved it! emoticon

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Riding single on a single track

Saturday, April 03, 2010

As most of you know, DH and I ride tandem's, road and mountain. He rides singles, a lot. I ride singles, when I need to. Last year he built me a great little mountain bike. Got a Windsor Cliff frame on line and made me a nice ride. Up till now I have ridden on woods roads and fire breaks, but today I stepped out.

SaraCycle rode with us yesterday and we decided to do a short trail ride today. I've ridden it dozens of times with hubby, so why not on my own. DH had to go to work at 2, so we met at the trail head. Only had about an hour till I needed to get back home, so we took off. Riding from the "front side" you start with some little "dipsy dos" (technical term for deep washes across the trail) then a nice rolling section. Then a big ditch with a culvert, (note grands on culvert in picture)

followed by a long steepish uphill. Did I mention I have a deep, irrational fear of heights. Anything over 2 feet gives me chills. So, I make it over the culvert, not used to shifting (I don't do any of that on the tandem) I didn't shift quick enough, rolled to a stop on the uphill, and put my foot down. No prob, except I was too close to the edge of the trail and the ground wasn't where I expected it to be. So I proceeded to fall over and slide down the hill, bike and all. Sure glad no one had a video of that.

But I got back up, cleaned the leaves out of the bike and me, and back on the trail and we finished our loop. I gotta get over my fear of heights if I'm going to keep riding single. On the tandem I can't see the trail, just balance and pedal. On the single I gotta look. But I had great fun and we will have to do it again. Maybe on the back side where it doesn't get quite as steep.

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COLEENCOLE 4/4/2010 7:06PM

    You are a brave one. Be careful.

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TERRIEJO53 4/4/2010 1:44PM

    I'm glad the only thing hurt on that fall was your pride. I have a fear of heights too. I have to close my eyes when hubby drives across a bridge! I'm not sure how I would have handled that culvert; probably would have dismounted and walked the bike across. I'm such a whimp!

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MAKULEWAHINE 4/4/2010 11:52AM

    The sign of a true cyclist as far as I'm concerned is all the scars and bruises you have on your body. Good for you for overcoming your fear. Cycling has really helped me learn to manage fear and just keep on going. I've fallen many times, usually when I forget to unclip!! But I just get back on and vow to pay attention next time. LOL

Happy cycling:)

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CARLANNIE 4/4/2010 10:09AM

    We'll just call it, 'Bev's Exciting Adventure!" Glad you are okay. emoticon

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TRIGRAMPS 4/4/2010 12:24AM

    I think that's why God made leaves: to cushion our falls. You might want to try a Spinning class during the off seasons: it conditions you to be up and down on the bike, so now I really only need a single speed. I just stand up as I'm pedaling up hill. And, in the background, I hear the grind of gears as others try to shift. LOL

But, you ride a MTB tandem! Do you do it off-road? How does it do dipsy dos? What kind of bike is it? I'd love to get a tandem: we rode one 43 years or so ago on out first date, but it was a piece of junk: we are still sore from riding it! LOL

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KA_JUN 4/3/2010 11:43PM

    emoticon emoticon Whoa, glad to hear you're okay! I've been down that path before, not fun to realize you'll be sliding downhill!

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