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Saturday, July 12, 2008

I've missed a couple of days of blogging but that's okay...because I think thats typical me. I am working harder on being more disclipine concerning some things in my life...It would be more appropriate I guess to say, "All things In Life".

As far as my water challenge it continues to be going Fine...Fine...Fine! Water actually relieves some of my physical it's easier to go for water. I feel it is neccessary to drink water inspite of my "hate affair" for water for many years of my life.

It has improved my energy, hunger,skin, hair, constipation,and everything else it's seems. Water is a MUST. I am so glad to develop a Love Affair for Water finally....and now for a life time. So I guess that leaves me doing Fine..Fine...Fine.


Made My Water Challenge Today!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Got an early morning start and my thirst crave helped me out a lot, some-how during the day I became more rebellious against drinking water. It was steaming hot and you would think I'd been more thirsty mid day for the water. However, I was craving popsicles, cold fruit juices anything except the water. Today, I missed out on my 1 mile walk and I'm feeling quite sluggish and on a "slow" mode.

Even when I attempt to do my "cardios" I'm doing bit by bit lasting only a few minutes. I really need a picker get back in the "energy mode"!

Check in with dd on her water challenge and she says she hasn't had 8 glasses to day...ok---I'm praying tommorrow will be a better day for us.


~My Journey To Happiness~

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Today, I am seeking to be more than I can and will ever be. Every fresh beginning starts with me. I must not look back on the yesterdays. I must make this very moment the beginning of my "today"!

I am bountifully blessed, thankful, free spirited and holding a wealth of love to share and give to others I encounter. One of my missions is to do a great deed for today. It could be something as great as giving something I prize away to someone, to capture a beautiful smile...down to a simple "hello".

I now realize that my life is absolutely "not at all" about me...but about serving God and being his servant and a helper to others. This may not seem as impressive to some; but to me it is really awesome!


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