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Sliding Backwards! Why Do This Has To Happen...

Sunday, November 17, 2013

I know I got off to a great "starting over" start but over these last couple of weeks I've noticed I am slipping and sliding back to old habits. Such as not watching what I eat, even though I find buying healthy things to eat helps. It doesn't seem to help to keep the unhealthy foods that the fam. ikes lying around. I'm beginning to think I am going to have to call a family meet and demand that everyone decide to change their mindsets and then take charge! How? By deciding what each individual likes and how we can modify the old "likes" into healthier choices. One of my family members loves creamed potatoes (mashed potatoes) however, I was told a great replacement for taters is cauliflower. As a family maybe, if I pray hard enough we can make this thing work...than maybe we can coach each other? Hey, I am willing to try whatever to make this stick, this time around...and speaking of a journey....whoa! it is indeed a very interesting and challenging one...I must conquer...My fam must conquer!!! Lord help us all...

P.S., And the holidays are upon us...I forgot that!...Love all my SP Friends, what would I do without them!

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BEVEL1 12/7/2013 3:48PM

    Thanks all!

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BEVEL1 11/17/2013 6:26PM

    You guys are so on point and you couldn't imagine how much the support alone helps me...thanks everyone! emoticon

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COOP9002 11/17/2013 3:41PM

    Some days are challenging. It's especially tough when those closest to you are not willing to get on board with the plan. My wife basically took control of the pantry about eight years ago, and that has made all the difference for us. Blessings.

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GRANDMABABA 11/17/2013 2:00PM

    It can be challenging. I couldn't get dh to buy into mashed cauliflower or spaghetti squash spaghetti. I like both. ,thinking of mixing the real and the replacements to see what happens.

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MEGAMOM134 11/17/2013 1:52PM

    I have made the mashed cauliflower and really like it but then, I love cauliflower. Making it a family healthy eating habits really help keeping the junk out of the house. And learning and teaching your children healthy eating habits will hopefully prevent them from falling into the traps we did.

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SP Angels!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hi, SP Angels!

I've been gone awhile and you all have remained in my heart,
I thank God for the SP universe and the beautiful angels
that are positioned in the atmosphere here. The spirit of love and goodwill seems to whisper in my ear each time I read or lurk the contents of others. I am over-joyed and un-conditionally thankful for another chance to exhale the beauty of one of my favorite spots...SparkPeople!

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BEVEL1 11/17/2013 1:29PM

    emoticon T.Y!

(sorry about late reply but hopefully late is better than never, charge it to my head not to my heart) emoticon

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PENNYPEARLS 10/17/2013 2:12PM

    Welcome back! You were missed. emoticon

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FERRETLOVER1 10/17/2013 7:12AM


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A Poem For Today

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Today is the day I will not fail
I will empower myself to be strong
To do what it takes to really sail...

Today is the day of new beginnings
I will encourage myself to think ahead
Past mistakes will be my stepping stones
To stay motivated, learn and prepare for the winnings...

The day is Today!

A poem I wrote to inspire while traveling this journey.
I've learned that my todays and tomorrows are more
important than my yesterdays. The "kicker" is that those
todays become yesterdays all too soon that's why I will
strive harder to impact my todays!

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LAINYC 9/26/2013 12:40PM


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PENNYPEARLS 9/26/2013 11:39AM

    Great poem!! Thanks for sharing. emoticon

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JACKIE542 9/26/2013 10:04AM


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FERRETLOVER1 9/26/2013 6:57AM

    Excellent poem - I am going to print it out and put it on my mirror to help me every single day! emoticon

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BEVEL1 9/26/2013 2:04AM

    Thanks!!! emoticon

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WEARINGTHIN 9/26/2013 2:00AM

    I like what it takes to really sail. I'll try to keep that in mind. Glenn

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TRIMIAR_1 9/26/2013 1:49AM

    What a beautiful poem! I really enjoyed it! I shall also strive harder.

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Energy Surge From Where?

Monday, September 02, 2013

Today, was a super great day! I got off to an early start, ate a light breakfast to my surprise. I felt a powerful energy surge and took advantage of it by doing a thorough cleaning in my kitchen which was so needed. I checked in with my accountability partner and exercised the entire time while chatting. I was easily drawn away from my PC or whatever I was doing, to do my exercises of (10min.) intervals. The 10m exercise segments work best for me, so let's just say I am an amateur at this. (lol)

To my surprise, I decided to eat my meals in a small platter rather than the usual big plate. It's weird but I even had food left over in the small platter and gave that to my dog as a treat. I am wondering how long I can manage the platter "thingy"??? I haven't been hungry for my sweets and now I am really feeling wacky because that doesn't equate. I haven't had the munchies for snacks and I am pinching myself constantly and wondering "who's borrowing my body, today and when will it be released?

Bottom line, is that I am turning "flips" inside and so excited to have this energy surge! I hope this is a sign that I am finally learning a bit of discipline and how to say "no" to things I don't need. Discipline is one of my major goals! I will constantly strive on this journey to have and maintain discipline.


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PENNYPEARLS 9/3/2013 9:28AM

    emoticon emoticon

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Going To Bed On Time

Saturday, August 31, 2013

I wonder am I the only one guilty of staying up when I should be in bed. So many times I have cheated myself out of good rest and sleep. Needless to mention, there are unwanted consequences that comes with sleep deprivation. I usually will develop the munchies and want to raid the fridge! Like, I really need to add an extra meal... big, huge, gigantic mistake! So the lesson learned here is to "Go to freakin Bed" Bev!
My Goal/Affirmation: I will go to bed when I am sleepy. I will set a daily sleep/rest schedule and follow. No longer will I eat extra meals due to sitting up too late. I will take better care of myself.

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BEVEL1 9/1/2013 7:41PM

    Thanks everyone, all the feedback and support really helps. It's interesting how we all face our different but similar hurdles that we will all someday jump.


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PEPPYPATTI 8/31/2013 9:28PM

    Those are definitely good goals! There is a direct correlation between sleep & weight loss as well as health benefits!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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TINY67 8/31/2013 4:01PM


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FERRETLOVER1 8/31/2013 7:06AM

    I have no problem going to sleep when I'm problem is staying asleep! I tend to wake up around 3:00-ish and have trouble getting back to sleep.


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BAREFITNESS 8/31/2013 4:10AM

    Lol I usually get a late night snack even if I do go to be on time. I see alot of "sparklers" suggest exactly that: Go to bed! I just can't do it; usually wake up starving. My body seems to compensate losing breakfast for that midnight snack. I live very close to a college campus on a pretty busy street, and students are returning getting their rowdy parties on. So sometimes even if I do get to bed on time~could wake up to a loud party.

I try not to stay up late (as the clock strikes 1a) my work schedule usually has me up by 9a....which is sleeping in for alot of folks would guess. When I sleep in, crawling out of bed is more like 11a or as late as noon. ack! It's when my boss shifts my work schedule to where I have to close all the time, or closing then opening, only to close again~completely messes up my sleep schedule emoticon I get to close tomorrow night and then she has graced me with an "early morning shift" where have to be at work by 8a

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