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it is getting to expensive to diet

Saturday, February 21, 2009

YOWZA!!!!! I just spent $90 at the grocery store and carried it in in one load. Fresh healthy food is sooo expensive! emoticon emoticon emoticon
The good news is I have 2 boxes from valentines day and I haven't opened either of them. emoticon Cause, I know They will last longer sealed.

Today is my anniversay. That usually means dinner and wine. We have 4-8 inches of snow predicted so I don't think we will be going anywhere this evening.

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DINA:-) 2/21/2009 11:50AM

    healthy food is expensive, but you know you are investing in your health and if you are healthy there will be less medical bills to pay! that's how i like to think of it :) good job on resisting your valentines day chocolate- that shows amazing willpower! way to go!

happy anniversary! enjoy the day with your husband!

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ZVER1028 2/21/2009 9:55AM

    Happy Anniversary!! emoticon

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JANETTE1972 2/21/2009 9:48AM

    I agree. Fresh food are insanely expensive! Not fair :/

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Calorie cutters- small changes that might help

Monday, January 05, 2009

I went shopping today.

I often eat soup for lunch and add oyster crackers. Do I really need oyster crackers in my soup. I decided not to buy them and got pudding cups and applesauce cups instead.

I make cream ales for snack. Diet vernors with soy coffee creamer.Today I bought vanilla slimfast instead. Doesn't taste as sweet, so it doesn't seem as good. Maybe my next step will be to cut them out completly.

I also bought cappicinno delight slimfast. I will add it to mymorning coffee and get more nutrition then I would from creamer.

I bought a new box of mini microwave popcorn, I had been buying the big bags again.

Little changes- a pound at a time.....

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SNIGIT 1/27/2009 8:18PM

  I have started making my own cocoa mix out of protein mixes and adding it to my coffee in the mornings. That way I am actually getting "some" good out of my coffee.

I hope things are going better for you! I'm feeling discouraged right now. Glad I go back for another fill Friday. I would LOVE to see my insurance cover a tummy tuck. I'd be right on that!! emoticon

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4 year Journey

Sunday, January 04, 2009

On Jan 4th, 2004 I started a new life. I weighed 336 pounds and had a lap band. I had excellent results and was down to 180 pounds by April , 2005. I had a pannectulmy , which is getting all of the extra stomach skin removed.

I noticed I was eating more, but since I was on summer vacation, I just enjoyed it. When I went to the Dr in Aug, I had gained 18 pounds. He discovered my band was empty and scheduled me for a port replacement. When my band still didn't hold the saline, they did a flouro and discovered there was a leak in the band itself. A week later they hooked one band to the other and pulled the new band into place. I started the lapband process of fills and restriction over again.

I wasn't successful this time. I didn't have the motivation, cause I looked good.

My Emotional factors:
In Feb of 07 both of my parents were diagnosed with cancer within 10 days of each other. This started my journey of emotional eating, Chocolate has become my very good friend. I took of work and stayed with my parents, my mother went quickly and died of liver cancer in April. In June my father had his kidney removed. He never fully recovered, he came home on oxygen and had been diagnosed with Chronic Heart fatigue.

I moved back home and went back to work in August. My sister moved in with my father. A week later he was in the hospital with a heart valve malfunction. His health continued to decline and he passed away in December of 08.

My Physical Factors:
I have been having pain in my neck and shoulders since October of 07. Real Pain! I could Barely turn my head and my arm was going numb. I went to the Doctor, I went to the Chroipracter, I had massages. They were all temporary fixes but the pain came back. I have been wearing a bra without the left strap for 4 months.

I asked for physical therapy. I had a MRI and they thought I had bone spurs. I had a bone scan and they found I have bone marrow tumors. I went to UofM Cancer Center. i had another MRI, I have herniated disks in my neck. (Should I add this to the emotional factor-cause I am sure it added to the chocolate factor)

So finally I am almost done with Physical therapy, supposed to get a follow up MRI on the bone tumors and have permission to start using my elliptical again. I am ready to get started again. THEN I fall flat on my face. Literally. I tripped and landed face down like I was making a snow angel. I don't think I said any angelic words.

This is just going to be another bump ( pun intended) in my journey. I might start the New Year Challenge late, and a little slowly but I really want to lose this weight this year. It is time to pick myself up(another pun?!) , brush my self off and get moving!

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    Betsy - I love that little Westie! But I'm sorry to hear that you've been through an endless stream of steady stress after your successful WLS and pannulectomy. It really sounded overwhelming as I read it...and now, this injury added to the bone marrow and other neck problems. All that added to the grief of losing your parents... I'm so sorry, and I hope 2009 will hold much more happiness for you. It's about's wishing you all the best! - Sara emoticon

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