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Photo Blog of Walking To Work...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

,,,since Rob just called and I have to drive tomorrow because of his automotive troubles to get him I figured I'd throw out some of the photos I've been snapping on my walks to work, around and just playing in general. Sort of a memorial blog for the day of driving which has come to mean less playing to my thinking. LOL

Anyhow, here goes...

Sunrise Through Mist

River Mists

Huckleberry Patch View

Do Moose with eating disorders drown??

Today Sharon from my yoga group told me they call this place "Moose Pond" Go figure. LOL

And finally a goofy bobble headesqe pic of me in black and white playing with the camera.

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MALI*DREAMS* 7/25/2009 1:21PM

    youve got really good talent for taking pics they are so cool have a great weekend

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CAMILLE-LEON 7/25/2009 1:06PM

    wow, that looks like a really nice walk. glad you shared the pictures!

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Trying To Be Busy...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

So far this morning I've done the dishes, made whole wheat flax waffles with bananas and peanut butter for breakfast and froze the other 8 waffles for Rob to have quick easy breakfasts this week, put on a venison stew in the crock pot, cleaned the counter, Wooffitt biscuits are baking, *WOW first time on that one, my house whiff's of doggies biscuit!!* then we're going huckleberry picking. I so feel like I've lost the whole day yesterday recovering from being sick the night before. I have a flat of cherries my friend's parents brought over from Washington to do something with too, laundry and exercise to get in today as well as Rob wants to "spend some time relaxing with me" which means a few hours of laying on the couch watching TV with him. I do feel better if guilty for laying about all day yesterday. I so feel the need to cram as much as possible into today and am off to a pretty good start.

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EARTHSEAME 7/24/2009 1:09PM

    emoticon Oh! I miss huckleberries! emoticon

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BETHHARRIS 7/23/2009 10:48PM

    Should do if it ever cools off! ~fanning herself~ But the frozen waffles and Huckleberry syrup did make a yummy dessert! We're ROASTING though 'cause Rob wanted whole wheat flax cheddar garlic flat bread to go with the venison stew! Oven
+ 90 degree day not a good combo! We laughed as we warmed up even more but thought how wonderful the berry syrup would be this winter! And wondered why stew sounded good at all!

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MONTANALADY 7/23/2009 1:46PM many "Montana" things -- like huckleberryies and venison...maybe he would take a walk with you -- that would be a win/win in your exercise AND time with him emoticon

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

So, I'm trying to honestly be able to check off all of my "other goals" tracking stuff even though I'm recovering from vomiting for six hours straight last night. Today I'm sore and achy and so very dehydrated and weak. It's been a day of alternately whimpering and sleeping except for when Rob and I had to motivate to go get a little shopping done so we have stuff in the house. I walked Wooffitt all of around the block after it cooled off and the sun went down. Rob thinks my mystery illness was borne of too much exercise in the heat yesterday without taking water or drinking enough. I don't know but I really don't want to repeat the experience anytime soon. I'm off to finish up the last thing on my to do list and crawl in bed in hopes of feeling more like myself tomorrow.

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PROMETHIAL 7/23/2009 1:25AM

    Sounds almost like a stress reaction. Recoil in this case. While it's not usually accepted by doctors, I've seen enough of people get small PTSD inductions to believe in it myself. *shrug*

Or maybe a bug. :) You do deal with the public enough. But if I had to bet on it, I would say it was physio-psychological reaction to having relaxed after being wound up. Zing. Wheeee! ... :)

Feel better.

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A Pretty Good Day...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

...all in all and to make the disclaimer so far today has been a pretty good day. I got up went for a 115 min walk with Wooffitt. Came home, higher than I'd have imagined. Just wallowing around in the land of the happy high endorphin land! LOL Rob was up and we got ready to go to yoga. On the way back be stopped for sugar free snow cone slushys then made lunch and I caught up my SP stuff and got in the tub. Just have to get ready for work. Nothing spectacular happened today but it is just a pretty good day.


Morning Wonderings...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Here's to hoping today's not as weird and icky as yesterday. It's not often I end up kicking someone out of the bar on my day shifts but yesterday was one of those days. This little old man that comes in every morning and drinks maybe 3 beers on a "long day" got all riled up about something, I can't even remember what the first time now and started poking me in the collarbone with his index finger to punctuate his points. Now the first time I just tell him in no uncertain terms not to poke me!! Not 20 mins later he's arguing with me about something else which I'd simply stated I wasn't going to argue with him about and the next thing I know he's standing on the rungs of the bar stool leaning over the bar screaming at me and POKING ME AGAIN!!! Out he goes and on with my day.

Or so I thought. Then another patron laughing at the whole scene accidentally knocks over a pint of 7-up. We all laugh, it seems once you kick one person out everyone's a little nervous. LOL

Then this little mouse streaks across the corner of the bar from under a keno machine and books toward the buddy bars. I'm freaking not because I don't like mice but because it creeps me out that the last one that was in the store part got bludgeoned to death with the 'wet floor' sign for mopping while I was still hunting for a live catch trap to take him outside. So I grab a bar towel and try to catch him to put this little guy outside. Yeah, that's funnier still to my bar patrons but not so effective. All I manage to do it corral the little fellow on the other side of the bar under the jukebox by another machine cabinet. Then I come up with the idea to just chase the little guy out the door. I get my rock and prop open the door and start chasing critter again to another round of laughs from the bar crown. Finally, I get him out and door shut.

Then comes Deanna. I'm not sure where she comes from but my co-worker from the night shift the previous evening had left me a note about Deanna. She's been here before. How or why I have no clue. Deanna is a vagrant panhandler that shows up once a year or so to bum money, drinks, smokes and try to knock on truck driver's doors to whore herself for any of the previous mentioned items. She's also certifiably CRAZY. She loses arguments with herself out loud at the bar, talks to people who aren't there and from time to time even loses arguments with them too. She really shouldn't be out under her own supervision but I don't know where she belongs either. The cops won't take her because she always manages to have enough money to buy a beer. Our only hope this time is Kay has pointed out to me in her note that Deanna doesn't have ID this time. This could work. Sadly for me and my day she comes in asking for ice ALL DAY. I've been waiting for her to order a beer or drink so I can card her and get rid of her knowing she can't provide it. This doesn't happen until she's came in once while I'm stocking and taking trash out to leave at which time she demands one of the people setting at the bar "Get her more ICE!" They all relate that they're NOT the bartender and are certainly NOT going behind the bar after I kicked the little old man out this morning! I'm not gonna hear the end of that one for awhile!!! I come back get her ice and finally she orders a beer I ID her and she can't cough it up and stomps out mad at me. Mad at me? Crazy lady is mad at me because she doesn't have ID. SHeesh. Are we sure there's not some government grant program we can find for the obese to lose weight and get funded for this process so I can stay home and clean my house, cook healthy foods for me and Rob and exercise all day for a living?

When I get to the big bar to drop off my stuff she's there drinking! No one carded her. Boy are they going to be sorry because Kay and I have found out in the past booze just makes Deanna weirder and louder and harder to deal with!! Also, when we got to my other co-worker's house warming party a bunch of people showed up that weren't supposed to be in the bar because of probation of their own said that the cops were going through all the bars IDing people! I so hope the girls at the big bar don't get in trouble for Deanna because she's not got ID and technically we can be charged under the same code that I was for my ticket for serving someone without ID and with Deanna drinking in there with no ID I don't know if they'd just make her leave or ticket the bartenders at the big bar.

Oh also in the middle of all this I get my papers from the court about my fine payment schedule and the conditions of my suspended 6 months in jail sentence only to find that I'm not allowed to be in any gaming establishment until my fine's paid. Problem here! I WORK in a gaming establishment!! So I had to call the the clerk of court and have it amended so I'm not in any danger of being arrested for going to work! She assures me that the computers are updated and the Sheriff's department won't arrest me if they come in the bar unless I'm sitting at a machine feeding it money they'd rather see in the county's pocket. Whew!

Sheesh, I hope today's better!!!!

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BETHHARRIS 7/19/2009 2:37AM

    Hey Promi,
If the crazy people didn't upset the other patrons that are tripling my wage with the money they spend in tips I wouldn't really care that much. There are days I have more patience than others for it though.

I was so busy being freaked out about the whole ticket thing that I never stopped to think about the fact that it's going to be a pain in my (YAY shrinking) ass until they get their money.

The funny thing is I managed to bite back a sarcastic comment to the clerk's answer to my question about why none of these whole probationary clauses to the suspension of my sentence were mentioned by the judge in court or on the papers I signed for my plea. She just simply said "Oh, we were REALLY REALLY busy that day and missed some of the conditions." OMG!!! I so wanted to quip back with "I SO understand! I was REALLY REALLY busy, (jogging back and forth down the bar with a light sheen of sweat technically), when your people came to do your sting on the 3rd of July which just happened to be the busiest day of the Summer so far!!

I guess if nothing else I get a stint of practicing finding other ways to deal with it all besides eating myself silly or drinking myself stupid! Damn it! I'm getting SOMETHING out of it all even if I do have to pay for it! LOL

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PROMETHIAL 7/18/2009 11:29PM

    Why does everyone want to drive off the crazy people? Sure, I know it can be problematic etc, but ...

Okay, maybe I'm just too soft on crazy people. And I do mean crazy. Not like someone who simply wears red socks and wont tell you, I mean like the above description. True schitzo etc.

I just enjoy folks like that. I often learn something from the experience more oft than not. Sometime you just need to look at it a little differently.

And I was right about your ticket. :) Now it makes you wonder how they would handle regulating other things doesn't it? A sting is a sting. In one noted part of my past we had "police officers" keep pushing sting operations to the point of annoying not only us, but patrons of our events. Including getting arrested by the DEA. Now that was truly funny. When in doubt sick a real nasty type of cop on a dumb one. I love watching them dance.

Now dont get me wrong, you need those guys happy when stuff goes wrong, but it really makes you wonder if forcing a sting operation of this sort, on this scale, is really benefiting society, or just placating some special interest group.

Smile, you're doing great and keeping most of your head in check.

Comment edited on: 7/18/2009 11:30:04 PM

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MALI*DREAMS* 7/18/2009 6:30PM

    sounds like you had one heck of a crzy day i hope things get better for you and your life calms down

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