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Baby steps day 18 - a day to myself!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I'm so excited. Today I get to spend the bulk of it all by myself. I could clean the house, wrap presents, slip off to the store... I could watch old sitcom Christmas shows, knit on my dress, knit a Christmas present, for that matter - or I could go back to bed or read a book or just anything I want. All By My Self.

In the "Life's a compromise" category, the one big compromise I have to make is that I almost never get to be in my house by myself. In exchange for that I have the most fascinating talkative companion on earth, who thinks time spent with me is one step next to paradise. So it's an easy compromise - but when I want to do housework I have to actually chase him away - "Go for a walk! Go for a sail! Go away!"

which he happily does, three dogs gamboling about his feet.

I am not bragging here - I am just explaining why a Day To Myself is SUCH a delight. As you can guess, I'll spend it getting the house ready for Christmas. Right now it looks like a whirlwind hit it - with piles of Important Papers stacked on flat surfaces while the dining room table is heaped with the detritus of Christmas cards, wrapping paper and tape. I don't even have a wreath on my door! And this evening if he gets back from his SA work while there is still some daylight, we'll go cut down a Christmas tree. We always use the short needle Virginia spruce pine which is a scrub tree. It's also the fullest of the local pine trees that is also strong enough to hold up ornaments. Cedars are too flimsy, loblolly pines are worthless. Nobody plants these local pine trees so you have to find them along edges of fields and roadsides. For years we could cut them from our property but we haven't any left that are the right size. They've all grown into big tall pine trees - many with flat crewcut tops, the result of having been topped by us in years past and taken home as our chosen Christmas tree.

Hmmm. seem to be meandering all over the place today - but here is the baby step tally

1. FIVE times today, at 10, Noon, 3 p.m. and during dinner and at bedtime, do a "How am I feeling?" assessment. How is my body feeling, how hungry am I? do my muscles feel comfortable? Am I thirsty? Is anything bothering me? ___X___
2. the Water, Fruits and Vegetables thing ___X___
3. keep that foot elevated!! ___X___

Anyway - Total Score 48.5 or 4 hours and 03 minutes.

another 3 for 3 day! Yippee. Of course - I'm doing things that have started to feel like habit rather than trying out new baby steps. And I'm a little nervous about trying a new baby step - partly for fear I'll let one of these two very good habits slide and partly because I want to have successful days.... and am beginning to wonder if I'm being too easy on myself. Still and all, hammering those first two steps home till they're second nature to me is a Very Good Accomplishment for December.

So. for today?

1. FIVE times today, at 10, Noon, 3 p.m. and during dinner and at bedtime, do a "How am I feeling?" assessment. How is my body feeling, how hungry am I? do my muscles feel comfortable? Am I thirsty? Is anything bothering me?
2. the Water, Fruits and Vegetables thing
3. Get the house perfectly beautiful - ready for a party clean

And a merry happy wonderful saturday to you all

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SUNRISE14 12/18/2010 1:18PM

    Last week when DH was deer hunting i did nothing ! Played on sparkpeople read-read-and read some more! emoticon Dh on saturday said you haven't done the laundry this week ! I said I KNOW I LIKE THE HOUSE QUIET AND THAT DOESN'T HAPPEN OFTEN ! He just grinned he knows he is hard hearing and everything is loud the tv ect ! I love him tho and truly missed him while he was gone but it was good for both of us to be apart a few hours ! Have a good day ! emoticon

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TEDDYBABE 12/18/2010 8:27AM

    Enjoyed your blog. You could hear in your thoughts the happiness that radiates from you. Good luck on your health journey. I am sure you will be successful.

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JLITT62 12/18/2010 7:47AM

    I really do get a chuckle out of all the discussion on which trees make the best Christmas trees. Just fascinating to this Jewish gal!

Hope you enjoyed your day to yourself & accomplished a lot.

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SHEILA1505 12/18/2010 7:20AM

    You have established some good habits now, Bess - have a wonderful day quietly on your own and getting the house ready

I put up my eco-friendly heavy gauge wire "township" tree and decorated it with the wire and bead decorations I also buy from the street-corner traders (as well as many other pieces collected over the years)


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Baby steps day 17 - snow snow snow

Friday, December 17, 2010

We did get snow - a few inches of slippery white on our very cold lawns and roads. The county closed all its offices at noon so I got half a precious lovely wonderful day off. There is something so sweet about coming home early and this time of year, Himself is off playing a Santa Elf with the Salvation Army, assembling bikes and other toys that come in boxed pieces. This is his secret gift to the holidays, since he doesn't do it here but off in the nearest city where he won't be standing on a street corner proclaiming, but where he can quietly devote time to helping people he doesn't even know. (my brag, I know.... but I am proud of him)

I, otoh, got to work on presents, doing a little assembly myself, and wrapping some gifts. I also did go out and play in the snow with the dog - and twisted that weak ankle again when I was half a mile from home. bummer - but truth is - this is an old familiar issue with me. I've been fortunate for several years that I haven't twisted it, but I have the tools and the knowledge to nurse it back again. It's strapped, elevated, and iced and I can keep it that way at work. My job can be a sit down job any time I need it to be.

As for my baby steps:

1. FIVE times today, at 10, Noon, 3 p.m. and during dinner and at bedtime, do a "How am I feeling?" assessment. How is my body feeling, how hungry am I? do my muscles feel comfortable? Am I thirsty? Is anything bothering me? ___X___
2. the Water, Fruits and Vegetables thing ___X___
3. Shop early before work because it's calling for snow - I might be coming home early. As for exercise? Play in the snow for 30 minutes (or more if I want) ___X___

3 for 3 again - though I can't help but laugh, because I was of 2 minds about walking out into the snow to the mailbox - that's a nice 1 mile round trip. I wanted to take photos in the snow, but something in the back of my mind kept saying "don't go" ... it was probably my weak ankle forewarning me. What do you think?

Anyway - Total Score 45.5 or 3 hours and 48 minutes.

And today?

1. FIVE times today, at 10, Noon, 3 p.m. and during dinner and at bedtime, do a "How am I feeling?" assessment. How is my body feeling, how hungry am I? do my muscles feel comfortable? Am I thirsty? Is anything bothering me?
2. the Water, Fruits and Vegetables thing
3. keep that foot elevated!!

Happy Friday To You All!

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SHEILA1505 12/17/2010 8:19AM

    Look after yourself, Bess. Sorry you twisted the ankle again!


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JLITT62 12/17/2010 8:13AM

    You are definitely on a roll -- sorry about that ankle again. Wow, 1 mile to the mailbox? That's a good walk! DH used to complain in our old neighborhood, where they were apartment style, and it was about 1/4 mile. Course now he doesn't even get the mail!

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EFELL123 12/17/2010 7:16AM

    Have a good day! emoticon

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SUNRISE14 12/17/2010 6:56AM

    emoticon emoticon my husband would like to do something like that i would to how do you connect up with the Salvation army to do this?

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Baby steps - day 16 You always win when you are brave

Thursday, December 16, 2010

First I must thank you all who have shared my problem and carried a little bit of it away with each of your loving comments. By lunchtime you had lifted enough of my natural reserve to give me the courage to speak with loving and kind truth to my friend. To tell her how ruinous it is when she calls me a name - how defining it is. To promise her that I want to know how she feels and if I seem uninterested or distracted, she's to grab me and shake me and say straight into my face that she needs my help. I'll understand and will be glad to give her help. Or just listen. But name calling can't be reversed and once you've defined someone in a pejorative way - that definition becomes truth - fact - The place from which every other word emanates.

It took a lot of courage for me to figure out the how, what, why, whether, of talking to someone who had hurt me. Emotional wounds hurt and my instinct is to shield myself from further wounds. That's why I say I tend to walk away from people who hurt me. Another girlfriend once said "You just X them out, don't you?" and ever since then, I have seen my behavior and natural reaction in that light. A giant Big Red X.

Another person would fight and hit and scratch back. I'm sure that's what my dear friend's teenage daughter is doing least, in part, as she reacts to the wounding and defining name calling. I would guess it's a part of the issues my friend is having with her daughter. I hope she can grasp the utter devastation name calling causes and, perhaps, she'll stop doing it.

It's amazing how powerful the statement "You're a ____" can be. Even when I'm talking about a third party it's risky because the more I say "She's a ____" the more I believe it and act from that point of belief. I try as much as I can, to insert a verb into the statement because an action is always just that - not a definition, just a step. So saying "She always tells lies" is much less destructive than saying "She's such a liar". Because one can always STOP doing something, but it's pretty hard to stop being something. She might stop telling lies but will can she ever stop being a liar?

Eh. Semantics you say? well perhaps - but that is the only form of labeling we have and I should be rather labeled as a work in progress than a done deal.

As for the knitting person - hard to call her a friend - I know I have to speak up about her hurtful comments - and somehow I will find a way. Right now I only want to say hurtful responses back - I don't just want to stop her, I want to hurt her back. and yet - Ick. I don't want to be like her. I don't want to be "defined" , even in my own mind, as someone who says hurtful things - so I guess I need a little more time to decide 1. what I want to say and 2. if I even want to keep hanging with these people. Fortunately - I have time. We won't get together till after the Holidays and I believe she'll be out of town that week. Who knows how it will play out. I know I won't be part of a group, though, that condones her meanness and I'm certainly not exposing myself to it any more.

So. Enough. And more than enough. My goodness this has been helpful, cathartic, and kind. You all are splendid listeners. :D

As for my steps?

1. FIVE times today, at 10, Noon, 3 p.m. and during dinner and at bedtime, do a "How am I feeling?" assessment. How is my body feeling, how hungry am I? do my muscles feel comfortable? Am I thirsty? Is anything bothering me? ___X___
2. the Water, Fruits and Vegetables thing ___X___
3, Take 3 deep breathes whenever I feel tense ___X___

yup. 3 for 3 and those first two are becoming more natural, more comfortable for me to do. The 'how am I feeling' activity, is particularly sweet - it helps keep momentum going throughout the day, not just food wise, but in other aspects of my life - work, housekeeping, even all the Christmas preparations. It takes only 60 seconds to assess myself most of the time and goodness, who doesn't have 5 minutes a day to think about herself?


Total Score 42.5 or 3 hours and 33 minutes. woo woo - getting close to the half way mark!

And for today?

1. FIVE times today, at 10, Noon, 3 p.m. and during dinner and at bedtime, do a "How am I feeling?" assessment. How is my body feeling, how hungry am I? do my muscles feel comfortable? Am I thirsty? Is anything bothering me?
2. the Water, Fruits and Vegetables thing
3. Shop early before work because it's calling for snow - I might be coming home early. As for exercise? Play in the snow for 30 minutes (or more if I want)

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SUNRISE14 12/16/2010 8:21AM

    Good for you ! emoticon

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JLITT62 12/16/2010 7:49AM

    Funny, just last night we were talking about my SIL and how she is more a spendthrift than my husband and how she likes to micromanage everything. Only I didn't term it that way, I said she's a micromanager. Thank you for pointing out the difference -- I don't think I've ever thought of it in that way.

Excellent blog, and I have no doubt you will figure out how to handle the knitting group situation.

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SHEILA1505 12/16/2010 7:02AM

    Once again, big hugs, Bess - glad that you were able to salvage the friendship and let her know how hurtful her words and behaviour had been
Well done, too, with the minutes you are earning!
Good luck today


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Baby steps - day 15 when friends lash out and hurt you

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

whoa Nellie. Forgive me, my friends, as I write Too Much Detail into a food blog - but today, I need this more than I can possibly say. I got a double whammy yesterday, from two friends and I'm still reeling. I'm also trying to process it all in the healthiest way possible - because I really don't want to accelerate any issues or take any steps that can't be retraced and I understand that Christmas time is often a time of deep emotional crisis for many people. I guess, I just don't want it to be for me.

the first blow came from someone who is very close to me, both a friend and family, someone who is supposed to be having Christmas dinner with us this year, as she does every year... and who is going through a really really bad time with her teenage daughter and ex husband. I think she's been pretty well shafted in the whole situation, but it was a bad marriage - it was always going to be a bad divorce. BUT, and there always is a but, isn't there? She is not without her own share of blame in this problem. She won't stop trying to "win" this battle with her ex over the children and he will always be able to defeat her because he knows how to jerk her chains and she's no good at being manipulative. Her flaw is bossiness and a passionate nature that says hurtful things and then can't understand why people don't forgive. This has made it hard while the children were small, but now she has a furious teenager on her hands and it's become a disaster.

While I have a lot of sympathy for her because she has to deal with all this sadness, I think she's not focusing on what is important - which is fixing the relationship with her daughter. She's still furious that the ex (and he really is a stinker) is fueling her daughter's nastiness (and she really is being nasty). My friend can't seem to put her own needs aside to fix the problem, and not too deep inside me is the belief that the parents owe it to the children to work on fixing things. Until children are adults, I don't think a parent should be asking her kids to meet the parent's needs. I'm pretty sure the counselor they're all seeing feels the same way, based on the things she's told me. There's a huge problem with the daughter right now and that has to be fixed first. Of course, I do understand that it is going to take all three of them to find a real solution, but even if the situation can't be fixed, I believe my friend will be happier and healthier if she could look back and say "I did all I could".

And I don't believe she will be able to do that if she keeps on being furious at her ex, her daughter and everyone she talks to who doesn't get as mad at them as she is .... which, turned out to be me, yesterday.

After getting a pretty hot blast from her I went to my once-a-month knitting group and one of the women there, who doesn't like the colors I wear just went on and on about how the project I was working on made her want to puke. And I just didn't know what to say - or to do. Because, even if I didn't like something someone was working on, I wouldn't insult the person. or the project. I would find something nice to say about it or at least say "mmm nice" or even say nothing at all. I would never tell someone what they were working on made me want to throw up. And no matter how much she tried to back track afterwards, "oh it's growing on me" ... the pain was already lodged. It was such a pointless and hurtful thing to do but it's not the first time she's gone on and on like this over one of my projects - and she NEVER does this with anyone else's knittinig.

I'm not a quick reply girl. When shafts hit me I tend to curl in a bit and then work it out. I couldn't even look at this woman at first and then I just didn't want to accept her efforts at apologies because what the heck. It WASN'T an apology. It sounded to me like she realized how nasty she sounded and was trying to make other people think she wasn't so mean.

So. A double whammy. Still trying to figure out what to do... and also trying to remember that these are people with issues. I'm not the person with issue. I'm the person with mean friends. But of course, I can't help thinking "What have I done to make people angry at me? did I say something thoughtless? Do I sound arrogant? (I think some people think I am) Did I hurt them and now do they want to get me back?"

whew. Okay. Well. Hmmm. Let me fiddle with this some more. What are my solutions? Because, my inclination is to just curl into a ball, turn my back on them both, and roll away from both of them. It's a big world and I don't need friends who lash out at me. And I am not obliged to either have a miserable life because a friend does or to spend time with someone who's habit is to insult me. I don't actually need to knit with friends, for goodness sake.

But of course, my close friend is really someone I love and someone who is important to me. We've been friends for 30 years, for goodness sake, and besides, she's family. I can actually discount most of what she said yesterday. I know she's crying out from serious hurt and since I know her whole history, I know where a lot of that hurt comes from. I really have to tell her to not call me names again, because that will eventually drive me away. But I can gladly agree with her that her creepy ex is as creepy as she claims and I can also assure her that I love her. Because I do. She doesn't have to be perfect for me. She only has to be herself, and i know that part of herself is a passionate heart. She loves as hard as she hates. As I sit here, writing this ... I realize that I love her enough to address a few issues, brave her flames, and when it's all died down, take her in my arms and tell her how much I love her. Yup. This is just how it is. I love my crazy sister who lies so much you never know what to believe .... I love my dad who is a perfect Jekyll/Hyde ... We love people because we love them.

As for the other friend. . . well. friend? I'm not sure what to do about that. I could just quit going to the knitting group. I don't have to knit with others. But this is a small community. I won't be able to avoid this woman. I am in the library and she reads. I'll have to think about this. I wish I could have spoken up right then and told her how much I resent her constant personal jabs at my taste and that I wish she would refrain from trying to humiliate me in front of other people. but I didn't so now I'll have to wait till the NEXT time she does it - and she will, because this is NOT the first time.

LOL - maybe I should write out a script and carry it in my knitting project bag - then, the next time she spits on me I can make a production of pulling it out, putting on my glasses and reading my "speach".


well. Thank any of you who have read this far for caring enough to find out what is hurting me. Writing it all out really helps even if nobody reads it. I read it. Better yet, I spit it out. I organized my thoughts and processed some feelings. I'm ready to go on today. I even got a little help from Martha Beck - her quote for today is : Free yourself from struggling with dysfunctional people by REFUSING TO TRY TO CONTROL THEM. Instead, be totally honest.—Martha Beck, Daily Coach Tips

and as for my baby steps?

1. FIVE times today, at 10, Noon, 3 p.m. and during dinner and at bedtime, do a "How am I feeling?" assessment. How is my body feeling, how hungry am I? do my muscles feel comfortable? Am I thirsty? Is anything bothering me? ___x___
2. the Water, Fruits and Vegetables thing ___x___
3. Morning yoga ___x____

That's 3 for 3! 15 more minutes
Total Score 39.5 or 3 hours and 18 minutes.

Today is a toughie, with meetings, interviews and some other stress situations. Today is a REAL baby step day so I'll just do these 3 things:

1. FIVE times today, at 10, Noon, 3 p.m. and during dinner and at bedtime, do a "How am I feeling?" assessment. How is my body feeling, how hungry am I? do my muscles feel comfortable? Am I thirsty? Is anything bothering me?
2. the Water, Fruits and Vegetables thing
3, Take 3 deep breathes whenever I feel tense

Thanks everyone for being my spark friend

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EDWINA172 12/16/2010 6:03AM

    Your patience with family and friends is admirable. I hope they realize what a good person you are. You are a sweet-heart. Hope all works out for you. Have a great week.

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TOOTHFUL99 12/15/2010 8:57AM

    You're a lot stronger than I! I'd still be curled up in that ball, rolling away, because that's how I deal with confrontation.

Why do people feel the need to spread their disfunction on the innocent?

There's a song by the Proclaimers that has a good line: "Your life is full of misery, well, do something for it or try to ignore it. Don't give it to me!" Sometimes I feel like that.

What it comes down to, in my opinion, is that you can't change people so you either have to accept them into your life or move on. You chose who's in your life. (Yes, even family!)

When you find the answers, please share them with me!!! I have my own mean people issues I could work out!!!

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DENRNAJ 12/15/2010 8:30AM

    When I am faced with situations such as these I think to myself, "what is important to ME?" Does that person's opinion of me have anything to do with MY self worth? No.
Responses to hurtful statements? Wow, that's too bad that you don't like_____. I'm so glad that we live in a world where we all have different tastes, makes life interesting. I am really thankful that we live in a country where we all feel so free to express ourselves. Then, subject change.
For the friend- remove yourself from this. Don't engage in the negativity. My best friend is involved in a very stressful and negative family situation. I will listen if she needs to vent but I will not become involved. This is her business, not mine.
I may sound too bossy but I really do feel for you. You do not have to give up things that you enjoy because of the stupidity of others. You don't have to avoid people or situations. You are a worthy person, worth being around, and worth being treated with decency and respect.
emoticon Janice

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MARIE625 12/15/2010 8:22AM

    Wow. I can understand your friend - she's hurt & angry and lashing out at you instead of her ex & daughter. But the knitting lady?? Good grief! I'm lousy with quick comebacks. I normally don't think of them until about a week later, but I think I'd have said something to her like "Good thing I'm not making this for you then." I also think your idea of a prepared speech to pull out and read to her is a great idea. It would definitely show her that she's hurt you in the past & you aren't going to put up with it anymore. She sounds like the typical bully and bullies tend to pick on those who don't stand up for themselves. I'm curious though - how do the other knitters react to the woman? What ever you do, don't quit going to the knitting group. Don't give her that satisfaction! And now that I've had a few minutes to process.... Next time the lady says something nasty to you, you might want to respond by asking her if you've done something to upset her. Tell her you are sorry if you've hurt her in the past & that you didn't realize you had.

As for your close friend, I'd suggest copying a lot of what you wrote in this blog, change it so that you are talking to her, print it out, slip it into one of those "Hang in there" Hallmark cards and give/send it to her.

Good luck! And congrats on typing it all out instead of heading straight to the fridge & eating your emotions. Good job!

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SHISHYCAT 12/15/2010 8:04AM

    Hey - So, you have a couple of options with knitting lady.
1. Ignore it - which is what you've pretty much done and is completely valid.
2. Respond with humor - "Yum, puke! My favorite!"
3. Tell her you were hurt by her comments.

I suggest 1 or 2. A person like that isn't going to respond well to your honesty. If it happens again, you can say in the moment "well, that hurts" - it won't take any more than that. It's true and you've stood up for yourself and it's about you, not her. Unlike JLITT62, I think that quitting a group that makes you miserable is a perfectly reasonable response. There's really no reason to let people treat you badly. You can either call them out with humor or straightforwardness, or you can extricate yourself. It's all your choice depending on the situation and whether you really like the person or not.

A lot of times I wish I had said something witty or cutting, but when I think about it later, I realize by not putting the person in their place I actually did the right thing. So don't feel bad about not having a good comeback!

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SHEILA1505 12/15/2010 7:59AM

    Well done, Bess - and well done, Martha Beck

Talking it out with us was the best thing to do instead of holding it all inside - and yes, carry your speech - that's an excellent idea! Write it when you are icy cool calm and collected and hopefully it never will have to come out of your handbag - but at least you'll have the comfort of knowing that it is there should the need arise

Again - big hugs!

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SUNRISE14 12/15/2010 7:59AM

    Wow my friend don't let people treat you so nasty ! I use to take it from people and i was very miserable. I knew no peace or happiness in my own life and it wasn't worth it. Anymore if someone treats me or talks to me wrong i stop them and say Hey what have i done that you want to talk to me that way or treat me that way. If i have done anything tell me and i will try to change it or make it right in some way but if you can't talk right to me just leave me alone until you can. I am here for you but don't be mean to me. The friend with the x you two need to not talk about her problems and issues you are not going to change her. Talk about positive things let her know hey i love you and are here for you but you can handle this on your own. Change the subject don't fight her battles you got enough of your own in this life ! The lady that don't like your colors don't sit with her or close to her. If she remarks on what you are doing again tell her if you were making it for her you'd make it the colors she chose. Tell her to be nice ! If you can't solve things this way stay away from them ! Family doesn't give your family licence to treat you wrong either . I tell them to don't envolve me in issues i can't do anything about lets love one another and be kind thats how a true family is ! Good luck ! emoticon

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JLITT62 12/15/2010 7:47AM

    Oh my, one of THOSE days. Don't you just hate them.

Mean knitting lady -- I see 2 ways. Confront her with humor or just with honesty. Tell her her comments hurt you and make you not want to come to the knitting group anymore. When my husband starts lashing out at me cause of work stuff, I tell him (most of the time now) that I am not his whipping boy and I do not deserve to be treated like that. Much better than just holding onto a grudge (a bad habit of mine).

Or maybe you can just tell her that the puke color reminds you of when your kids were little and therefore is endearing to you . . .

Don't quit the group. Of course you can knit by yourself, but that's not the point, is it? Don't cut off your nose to spite your face.

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Baby steps day 14 - Listening to your body

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Which I did yesterday - and mine told me it was tired unto death! I went on in to work to be sure any important bits and pieces that had popped up over the weekend were dealt with and then I went home, took a hot bath and slept all afternoon. Woke up for a vegetable soup supper and went back to sleep at quarter to 9. Man - do I feel like a New Woman today.

I'm not sure why I was so dead dog tired, since I haven't been terrible about getting enough sleep - but evidently the body thought I had. But this year I intend to breeze through the holidays without a sniffle, a sneeze, a cough, or any other malady. I plan on keeping Himself on the healthy path too - and am pleased to be getting his cooperation.

As for the baby steps? How did I do? Let's see

1. FIVE times today, at 10, Noon, 3 p.m. and during dinner and at bedtime, do a "How am I feeling?" assessment. How is my body feeling, how hungry am I? do my muscles feel comfortable? Am I thirsty? Is anything bothering me? ___X___
2. the Water, Fruits and Vegetables thing ___X___
3. 30 minutes of gentle yoga when I get home from work ___0___
4. leave work early if I can because ... I still need that nap. If I can't - in bed by 8 o'clock. ___X___

That's 3 points for a Total Score 36.5 or 3 hours and 3 minutes.

I didn't even try to do the yoga but not because I forgot or because I brushed it off. It was because the body said SLEEP OR ELSE and I obeyed. In the end, I want to be able to hear what my body is telling me ALL the time, and ignoring it when it gives me a clear signal is likely to make it stop talking to me.

Felling pretty good about myself, actually. As for today? I'll get that yoga in this morning before I go to work.

1. FIVE times today, at 10, Noon, 3 p.m. and during dinner and at bedtime, do a "How am I feeling?" assessment. How is my body feeling, how hungry am I? do my muscles feel comfortable? Am I thirsty? Is anything bothering me?
2. the Water, Fruits and Vegetables thing
3. Morning yoga

Ankle is still a wee bit tender - only a wee tiny bit but still I'm not ready to start doing fast walking and it's just too freezing cold this week to go swimming. Next week the temps moderate and i'll get back to the pool.

Hope your Tuesday is beautiful.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SHEILA1505 12/14/2010 9:21AM

    Great job, listening to your body! In such a case, it's almost not right to deduct your points for not doing Yoga - if you had done the Yoga you would not have been respecting your body and that is worse - IMHO :))


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RITAROSE 12/14/2010 9:15AM

  You are wise to take assesments and get the rest you need! Good plans = successful program! Congratulations! Stay healthy! emoticon

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JLITT62 12/14/2010 7:52AM

    I've been sleeping later these days, and just haven't been able to squeeze in my morning yoga - and I really miss it.

But I go swimming pretty much no matter what the temps are outside. It's just so relaxing. I wear a swim cap & my hair doesn't get too wet, and I don't have to walk that far to my car -- and bundle up good! -- so it's really not that bad. Just food for thought!

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