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Heart You SparkPeople - Restaurant Guide Has My Back

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Don't you love it when somebody does all the work for you? That's how I felt when I opened up my email this a.m. and found an email from SP with alink to their dining out guide?

I'm about to head off to a professional convention where I'll be staying in a hotel, eating at restaurants and getting next to no exercise - unless I remember to get up way early and take a brisk walk - something that is within the realm of possibility but which I have NEVER done before.

And here I can go, armed with caloric count info, clutched in my wee little hand. Thursday is my weigh in day and I'll do that before I leave but I'm planning on a little mini-goal for the following week - no weight gain in spite of 2 days of restaurant food and a friends retirement party.

so - Thank You Spark People! for having my (fat) back.

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MSLZZY 10/27/2009 7:47AM

    There is so much good information on SP that it makes it much eaiser when you have to dine out! Check out the gym if the hotel has one. You might be surprised! Have a great convention!

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MVRANA 10/27/2009 7:33AM

    Good luck! Many hotels have their own gyms, so why not get up early and ride the stationary bike. I often bring reading material with me while I ride, I read.

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Finally set a goal!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I have had the worst time coming up with goals for myself – with health and fitness and body and weight and dress size goals, that is. Oh – it is easy to say “I want to be fit”, I want to feel better, be stronger, look better, even I want to get off blood pressure medicines. But what does that actually mean? Where is the measurable objective I need to get where I'm going. And, can I even get there? I might be at my optimum weight and still need blood pressure medicines.

For that matter, how will I know what my optimum weight is?

Mind now, I am a classic ENFP on the Myers Briggs scale –
- for me it's the journey, not the destination. But worse than the fact that I never seem to have any goals is how easy it is to stray off the path on any given journey because the classic motto of an ENFP is “Hey! Look! A Bird!”

No, it doesn't mean we're bird watchers, emoticon it means that even a bird flying overhead can distract us from something.

I can't think of anything I've ever wanted badly enough to say .... “By ___date I will achieve ____”

This doesn't mean I haven't wanted things and worked hard to get them. I spearheaded a library building program. I had the fanciest garden you've ever seen because I worked 20 hours a week for about 5 springs and summers and in the end Wow! Look what I had.

But there was no ticking off the items on the checklist about that garden. I just dove in and worked my little heart out and one day I looked around and thought “hey, this garden is too beautiful to keep to myself” and invited 100 people to a party.

I know that if I enter into something with joy and passion and concentration I will go far. It's really the only way I know to achieve something. Yet, like having 100 guests in my garden, I would like something I can point at to say “Hey – look! A goal – achieved!”

So. I've really been thinking hard and eventually, digging deep into my past I found a goal I want to achieve. For 20 years I stayed slim and trim and I had a great wardrobe. As time passed and the dress size went up, I held on to one special dress – one beautiful simple classic cotton sun-dress that, when I wore it, always made me fell like a princess – like a beautiful woman. I know I weighed about 143 lbs. when I wore that dress and so I have set that weight as my target weight. But the goal? The goal is to be able to wear that dress again.

I ought to be able to get there by mid-May, so I've set a single goal of wearing it on Mother's Day 2010. I may be able to wear it sooner. I am sure there will be other victories along the way – both Scale Victories and Non Scale Victories. But, like the day I had 100 friends in my beautiful garden, I will know I have arrived when I can button up that wonderful dress and wear it someplace. And when I wear it, I'll have my photograph taken and post it for all the world to see.

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IFDEEVARUNS2 10/25/2009 11:44AM

    Wonderful blog! And beautiful garden. I look forward to seeing you in that dress!

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Days 6 and 7 – Settling into the Plan

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I've been working with the SP Meal Plan now for a week and every day I like it more. It's a little clunkier when I use it from home since I have satellite Internet at home and this weekend is rainy. Even that's turning out to be a small matter, since each day i find I like SP more so I have more patience. It was a tremendous relief yesterday to be in complete control of my meals. I've found it easy to swap out things I don't want for things I do – things that are already in the house for things I'd have to buy. I even suspect my grocery bill will go down with the weekly shopping list in my hand. I don't have to buy Total or Cheerios (or even eat them!) ever week. This week's bill came to about $50 – and it included some extra things for the NDH in the house. Of course, it also did not include 4 meals I will be eating at a hotel later in the week but we will quibble over these matters. I didn't join SP to save money – but to loose. To Loose weight and flab and sluggishness and perhaps even Lipator or hydrochlorothiazideHydrochlorothiazide. Heh heh. No. I don't know how to spell that, I cut and pasted it. LOL

I still feel like I'm learning my way around the site – figuring out what I want to track, setting up the trackers, seeking out teams and friends and maybe someday – a neighbor or two. I've been working out the schedule and logistics of an ideal fitness routine. I am not one who dislikes exercise – I actually love it and have often ridden the high of endorphins pumping through my blood stream. And ;for all that I have suffered recently from high blood pressure, when I had a heart stress test, the cardiologist whistled and said “I can tell you work out!”

My biggest barriers to exercise are time, distance and the dreadful soft water in town – for though I could get up early and exercise before I go to work – (I am an early bird) if I really get sweaty I have to wash my hair in town where the soft water makes my thin hair cling like saran wrap to my head. I am not showing myself in public with saran wrap hair.

But I'm holding to that motto – Do it, and worry about doing it perfectly later. So I'm exercising regularly – and when I get my perfect routine hammered out – well, I'll just be one step closer to .... oh. Yes. And then there is the goal thing. Just what the heck are my goals. Ahh. Well. Even if I don't have a specific goal with measurable objectives (can you tell I write 5-year plans at my job?) I know I want to be someplace better than where I am and I know that I'm headed that way.

So. Happy first week to me. It's been a challenge, an adventure, and a whole lot of fun.

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MSLZZY 10/26/2009 10:41PM

    Keep thinking-you'll come up with somthing that fits you!

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Day 5 – What feels like a reward?

Friday, October 23, 2009

So yesterday was just one of those feel good days that lasted till I went to bed. Safe in my own happy world I found staying within the SP meal plan was easy – better than easy, it was a relief. And packing my lunch saved me $$$. AND, since I am saving up for a special Spa Day when I reach my final goal, I thought I'd put the difference between a bought lunch and a bRought lunch (estimate a conservative $5) in the kitty too. Who knows – I may save up enough for a Spa Weekend.

I've been thinking of other rewards I might give myself to celebrate milestones along the journey. Rewards have always been difficult for me to come up with, because, let's face it, if I want something and I can afford it, I'll buy it. I'm just not that into denial. I don't “forbid” myself small pleasures and little treats. The Spa Day is an exception, hovering out there somewhere in the realm of Movie Stars, as in, say, Movie Stars drive Porsches and I drive a Chevy. Movie Stars go to Spas and I go to the gym. But as for treats, well, right now I am so well stocked with treats and playthings and delights, I had a bit of trouble coming up with rewards.

Then I asked myself “What do you really want” and the answer was easy. I want time. I want time to play with all my pretty toys, to indulge my passions, to savor my delights. And I want a pedicure. I have one scheduled for the Christmas holidays but I'd love to have another one between now and then.


Here's the reward breakdown.

Meet ¼ my goal --- Take the afternoon off

Meet ½ my goal --- Schedule a pedicure and take the rest of the day off

Fit nicely into those khaki trousers --- Leave 3 hours early the following Friday

Meet ¾ my goal --- Take a day off the next week

First time someone says “Haven't you lost weight?” --- Schedule a pedicure and take the rest of the day off

Make my goal --- Spa Day hooray!

And the spa? Ahhh yes. The one at The Williamsburg Inn – check out this link!

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MSLZZY 10/26/2009 10:37PM

    That sounds so much better than a lot of other things! Good rewards and a good plan!

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WEDDWT 10/23/2009 11:35AM

    Meet you at the spa!

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Day 4 - Solving the restaurant dilemma

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Did you know a taco salad was over 800 calories!?! No. Neither did I. I thought it would be much less than anything else at that Mexican Restaurant my precious patient, on the way home from hospital and hungry, wanted to lunch at. Well. I have learned. Next time I will have a bean burrito at less than half the calories! Or not eat the shell, which, I confess, I did. It was delicious but I was eating it long after I wasn't hungry any more. I was ...gulp... Cleaning My Plate!!!

And while I'm reviewing my slightly misspent day, I will tote up the other sticks I stumbled over. In addition to Clean Your Plate (Honestly, my parents never did that to me ... I don't know where I picked it up)

Mindless Eating ..... those dreadful tortilla chips and salsa .. yup. I gobbled some of them

Eating too fast ... as in gobbling my food

Eating in ignorance .... not really knowing what the numbers were on the food I was eating. Of course, it was not the easiest day for doing that, bringing a patient home from hospital and celebrating over good news from doctors with friends who love us. Not at a computer, not carrying any information with me about calorie counts and fat grams. ... but hey! Wait! Is that realistic?

This was a celebration meal with friends. I will never have a computer with me when I'm in a restaurant. I have the sort of life that is sprinkled with Restaurant Traps. There has to be an answer to this problem of dining out in celebration and I beleive it's this:

I'm going to do a bit of research on restaurant dishes - generic restaurants, generic meals - I don't plan to nitpick about this. What I want are some standard dishes I can count on averaging 400 calories and know that if I find myself at one of these places I can order that, dine with friends and loved ones and not blow the day's total. What can I eat at a chinese restaurant? a Mexican? a steakhouse? a buffet? Italian, anyone?

Once I am armed with this information I ought to be able to have fun with friends without feeling left out or ending up like I did last night ... hungry with almost no room left on my meal plan.

Hey - suddenly this all seems like fun! Like a mystery to solve - like finding a secret key to having fun with food while loosing weight ... with nobody even knowing how I do it! Cool

And my other wonderful discovery? You can dilute thick delicious, rich tasting, 75 calorie a Tbs. blue cheese salad dressing with equal parts water and that same delicious taste will actually spread more completely over your 2 cups of lettuce salad!

So. Though I actually regained the 1.5 lbs I'd lost since October 1 - I am feeling more confident, more sure I will make my goal than before. I'm feeling the power!

Thanks Spark People Meal Plan.


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