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Making your dollar go further

Monday, September 26, 2011

I am always trying to make my dollar count for more, like buying things on sale, using coupons, and such.
Well when it comes to donating money for charity, you can sometimes find where there are Match contributions, so if you donate a dollar, someone else matches it so your dollar goes twice as far.
Another way I discovered was for our Bernese Mountain Dog Health fund. We have an annual auction, and I just don't have the kind of money that others do to bid on items. We have a very generous group of people that make this auction so successful. However I have found that if I donate a little time and fabric, I can help the auctions success and indirectly donate thousands more than I can afford, with a very tiny investment in money and a bigger investment in time and effort(offset by being able to create with my good friend and sewing buddy).

A non dog charity that I found that meets these needs for me-little money outlay, a good cause and someway to use my creativity, is the Linus project, where blankets and quilts are given to sick children.
Another I heard about just this weekend on Sewing with Nancy, is:
The Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative (AAQI)
Raising Awareness & Funding Research Through Art
I have been thinking about art quilts, have a few in progress, but now that I have a goal-being a goal oriented finisher-I will have a reason to make them, think outside my box (making things that I want to keep or have folks to give them to), make my few fabric dollars(and huge stash) go futher and meet my need to do something with my "down" time


Goal Weight

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I was doing some research on what my goal weight should be. I was using the BMI index to measure my progress. I was thrilled to now be "normal". Then I saw a post that talked about waist to height ratio. According to that I am seriously over weight. Hmmm. So I looked at the Sparkpeople article-and I liked the comment on ones goal is healthy and what one is comfortable with her own body. But not stopping there I went on to look at other measures, like waist to hip-reading that if you are apple shaped you are always that-well when I was thin I was pear shaped-so now I doubt these blanket statements.
Also the measure of 100lbs for the first 60 inches and 5 for each inch more-puts me as the MIDDLE range at 105-107 THE lowest I ever was was 105 and that was
when I was in my 20s and lap swimming almost everyday.(also my pear shape days) the wrist test for big or small boned-well I have short fingers-everyone
comments on that so does that make me mid bone range or small with short
fingers and measuring a "fat" wrist with short fingers is different than my 20s wrist.
Well the whole information gathering is more confusing and frustring than useful. So back to my original goal hopes, with my -I will be satisfied at range.
And being happy that I am down 60lbs, and 4-6 sizes-depending of course if you take the largest to the smallest or if you take the highest average to the lowest average size/ Clothes sizes-another frustration-although not so much when
I was buying size 6 this weekend(which are looser than the size 8 of a different brand) emoticon

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BERNERQUILTS 6/3/2010 1:28PM

    I heard many years ago that sometimes you get to your ideal weight and it is the weight you can maintain. Of course this
implies a healthy weight not what you can maintain eating a gallon of mint chip ice cream every day!
I sort have decided that anything between 110 and 120 would
work for me. After all it is not 200(my highest wt)
Right now at 132-136, I don't look too bad in clothes and of course I am SO much lighter than before-must be a healthier weight. I do have a bit of blubber I would like to get rid of because it doesn't look good-but the skin is getting to old to be in short shorts and a halter top anyway!
And realistically how many hours am I willing to spend
a day doing exercise-formal, rigorous exercise? I know that
helps tip the scales down, but to be thin just so I can exercise to be thin is to me ridiculous, I want to be lighter so I can do the things I want-sprint for 60 seconds with my dogs in agility, not run for hours instead of quilting.
Sparkpeople had helped so much, I just make sure I don't fall into the boxes of having to be such and such to be happy and healthy. Nothing is one size fits all, we all have different
body shapes and some parts may not have "fat" but are bigger and
weigh more-I know I could be 20-30 lbs ligher with out certain
feminine attachments.(not being a size A-makes a huge difference in the box they put us in!)

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DJFRCKY 5/18/2010 5:05PM

    I've bounced around with my goal weight and trying to figure out what it should be too. None of the various measures to set it really seem to fit. The small bone/big bone thing doesn't work either because I'm pretty much half and half -- small bone on top, big bone on the bottom -- emoticon DH and I've been working at losing weight together for 7 years and actually down about 65 pounds each since we started. But for last year and a half just maintaining. I thought I was going to break my plateau this year (and did -- briefly) but then bounced right back to the plateau level and having a hard time getting back down. So I'm giving a LOT of thought to where I should be and what I realistically want to or can accomplish. Right now I feel really good and am only one size larger than I was in my 20s (back before kids when I was really fit and very active and THIN -- at least by the standards of that time). I'm also pretty happy with the way my clothes look and with my level of fitness.

I'm going to keep trying to get off that plateau for the rest of this year, but if I pretty much stay where I am, I think I'm just going to forgive myself and be happy with what I've accomplished.

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SKMINNY 5/18/2010 12:43PM

    Hi, I do have a similar problem. what is really the weight to be/ i chose 115 , its in the middle of my weight range of 98-127. in my 20''d i weighed 92 , in my 50's 133. seems to me it depends on how well u feel at the weight u chose!

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ANITA601 5/18/2010 12:03PM

  Dera Bernie,
I too am confused as to my goal weight. I picked 124 because it puts me in the right BMR range however I'm wondering if that's too optimistic for my age. I'm 60. Last time I was that weight was pre children in my 20's. And I suspect the BMR tables are not representative of age. If I used the 100 lbs for 60 inches i would actually need to be under 100 since I'm 59".

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