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New Year, Smart Choices, Better Me

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

So, we've started a new year, and I want and need to make better health choices.

I was doing well for a couple of months and then slunk back into my old ways. I've been sick since the beginning of September. I've had some kind of allergic asthma, GERD problem that the doctors can't completely figure out. I've been coughing like crazy, and it's gotten in the way with school, work, and my social life. While I did make good grades last semester, I could have done better if I had felt better. I am determined to kick this illness in the butt instead of starting off this year feeling down.

I have finally figured out what I want to do with school and my future career. I had a wonderful professor this year who became my mentor, and I will be working in her lab this semester. She completely understands my health problems and has made me feel much better about having them not get in the way. She made me realize that I want to get in grad school for clinical psychology, with a focus in pediatrics (especially parent-child interactions and/or biopsychosocial developmental factors in young children). I definitely want to focus on statistics as well. I'm hoping my strong math background will help me into a good school. I need to take the GRE this semester or this summer. I wish I had studied more for it over winter break, but unfortunately, my illness had gotten in the way. I'm hoping to graduate from University of Memphis at the end of this year.

I want to make some new years resolutions to help keep my mind in focus for my school and health goals.

For school:
1. I will do what is in my power to make all A's this semester.
2. I will study for the GRE at least 5 hours every week.
3. I will do extra studying and exercises for Chinese in order to improve my Chinese conversation and composition skills. (I will write a letter my Chinese grandparents before the summer.)

For my health:
1. I will exercise in the mornings (at least 30 mins. 4-5 times a week).
2. I will keep my diet journal and update my weight loss apps on my phone every day. (However, accurately updating my diet on websites like this can be somewhat difficult for me due to my limited diet because of my allergies. Therefore, a lot of times the food I have entered is more like an educated guess or a similar to product to what I have eaten.)
3. I will have breakfast every morning.
4. I will cut back on carbohydrates (especially simple carbs).
5. I will cut back on sugary drinks.
6. I will partake in yoga routines regularly.
7. I will cut back on dining out to once or twice a week.
8. I will go to bed earlier.
9. I will read before bedtime, rather than watch tv.
10. I will create more variation in my diet, so that I won't get tired of eating the same foods.

I am determined that this will be the year I get my health in check.

**I forgot to mention that at the end of last year, I purchased a Striiv Pedometer. I was trying to decide between the FitBit and the Striiv, and I decided on the latter. I felt that the motivational properties of the Striiv were more important to me than the accuracy of the FitBit. So far I have loved it, and it has definitely made me want to get more active (walk more, climb more stairs, etc.).

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MELA527 1/16/2013 10:30PM

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My Motivation to Lose Weight

Saturday, May 19, 2012

1. I want to have a healthy self-esteem and high self-confidence and self-respect.

It is important for me to feel good about myself. I need to love myself in order to love others. I need to feel good about myself so that I know I can accomplish my goals--whether short-term or long-term.

2. I want to be healthy and get rid of my health concerns (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Prediabetes, High Resting Heart Rate) that relate to my unhealthy weight.

If I am healthy and my body is happy, my mind and body can be in better sync, and I can lead a more balanced life. I will lead a longer and more fulfilling life because I will be healthier, body and soul. Once I am ready, I will be able to have a family more easily and without having to worry about my health.

3. I want to lead an active lifestyle and not get winded from daily activities.

If I am more active, I will be happier. I will be able to enjoy going outdoors more. I will sleep better at night and have more energy during the day, which will help me to more efficiently accomplish my goals and finish my daily activities/to-do lists.

4. I want to go shopping for clothes I like and can wear and in a size that I can be happy about.

If I can wear the clothes I like at a size I like, I will be able to express myself, feel more comfortable, and be happier. I can have a good time shopping, while holding a good self-image, instead of feeling badly about myself when so many clothes don't fit.


Excited about my new job!

Friday, May 18, 2012

I'm incredibly excited about my new job as an Associate at Pier 1 Imports.

It seems like it was fate that I got this job. I had applied at a different location, but, apparently, the manager (who will be moving to the location that I will be working at to become a manager there) I talked to liked me so much that she set me up to interview and work at this location. This location is definitely better for me, seeing as it is closer to where I live.

I have had a problem in the past finding jobs that did not work very well with my full-time student school schedule. I had jobs that wanted me to work way more hours than I could (even after I had let my managers know ahead of time that I could not work that many hours), jobs where my managers would call me in to work for less than a hour, and jobs that turned out to have completely random schedules. I was starting to feel hopeless about finding a job and, more importantly, finding a job that would fit me and my schedule. However, at Pier 1 Imports, part-time employees work four hours shifts and can work a minimum of 12 hours a week. This is an absolutely perfect fit for where I am at in my life right now.

I believe that this will be an invigorating place to work, and I mean, come on, I'm a girl, and there are lots of pretty items at Pier 1. Oh, and did I mention the 25-35% employee discount? Can you say heavennnnn?

I had my orientation today, and I start training on Sunday. I can't wait to see what is in store for me for my future at Pier 1. (:

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SPOKENWORD 5/18/2012 8:23AM

    Woohoo! Congrats on your new job!! Wishing you much success there!!


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