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We have to Stop Meeting Like this.....

Sunday, October 27, 2013

So, again, it's been like, 3 months since my last Blog entry. And just as long since I've done anything to change it. Quite a few things have changed. I'm alot heavier. Probably the heaviest I've ever been. No, I don't exactly know how heavy. But I'm pretty sure I have to lose about 40 lbs now.

I've discovered Doctor Who.

I got married to the man I've been with for 9 years and with whom I've had my 4 children.

I need to get back into the swing of things....

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QUERISTCHIUN 10/28/2013 1:32PM

    The Doctor is the bessssst. Congratulations on getting married! I'm with you on the on and off again relationship with this site. Something I'm trying to do to keep me involved is to rack up points every day with the spins and bonus points and what not. Silly little things but it gets me at least to log on, and hey, once I'm here, I might as well log that day's stuff, you know? Try friending people you see are also active on here, you can log on and encourage them and be encouraged by them, which also keeps you coming back for more :D

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PRINCESS_SOFI 10/28/2013 9:05AM

    I love Doctor Who! emoticon

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Manifesto 2 - Get Enough Sleep

Friday, July 26, 2013

This one is alot easier said than done, especially with 4 kids and a job. I was taking sleeping pills, but I think the Dr. doesn't want to keep me on them. She's afraid I will get dependent. And I very easily could. Sleep isn't something that comes easy to me. I am trying to go to bed at the same time every night, which helps. The last couple of weeks, though, hasn't been easy in that regard. Drama has ensued here and the stress is making it difficult to get and stay asleep. My grandmother also passed 2 weeks ago, which has been a trial as well.

So, how am I going to get better sleep?
- Take a Melatonin and try to go to bed at the same time each night.
- If I don't have to get up early for work, sleep in! It may not be much, but it'd be nice once in a while.
- Take my antidepressant at night, since it doesn't hit me for a couple of hours.
- Don't drink before bed, at least 2 hours before bed.
- Play relaxing music or sounds to keep me asleep longer.

Any other suggestions?

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MYKIDSRSWEET 7/26/2013 2:24PM

    My doctors had me walk thirty minutes in the sun each helps reset your clock, helps with depression, and sleep. Maybe on a lunch break?

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STEVEN_D 7/26/2013 12:57PM

    Dependent or not, something to help you sleep at night is a God send. We are just too busy these days-and you ought to know-to just instantly wind down, let go of the day and not stress about tomorrow, I have always wondered how good melatonin. If you find a good brand, let me know. Sweet dreams. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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Wow, it's been a while.....

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Alot has happened in the 4 months since I blogged. But much has also stayed the same. I stopped logging in, and didn't really care to exercise or eat right. Because of this, I am sitting at about 155 again. That's about what I weighed right before I had the baby, 6 months ago. So, I'm at a stall.

Speaking of the baby, she's doing great. She's a little chunker. My 2 year old still isn't walking. She gets up and cruises but doesn't seem to want to let go and walk on her own. I'm trying to get an appointment at a local psychiatric hospital for my 5 year old. We were doing counselling with him but it wasn't making an impact. He actually seemed to get worse. And my oldest is doing great. He got in trouble alot in school, though. Next year will be fun with both the boys in school. I hope they are prepared for it.

Anyways, back to the whole weight loss thing......I found this cool picture on Pinterest.

I decided to help with my motivation, I was going to blog about each point on this "Manifesto". the first point? "Drink more water". Seems simple enough, right? But how can I accomplish this? My main drink is Dr Pepper (still, I know!). So, replace 1 drink a day with water. Or better, fill my 24 oz water container with chilled water (don't like it too cold) and sip on it during the day. That's 3 cups that I wasn't getting before. So, I shall implement this immediately. Yes, I need to cut out all the sugary drinks, but let's start with first reintroducing water to the equation before kicking everything else out.


4 Weeks Postpartum - Part 2

Friday, February 01, 2013

Well, I had my OB/GYN appointment yesterday. Everything checks out just fine. No bleeding, no cysts or anything on my cervix, uterus is back down to the right size, and I'm down below the weight of when I found out I was pregnant in month 4. So all in all, a great appointment. We also set up my surgery to get my tubes tied. I weighed 4 pounds more at the Dr's office than when I weighed at home. I'm pretty sure this was because I had been up all night, and had eaten and drank, so by the time I got to the Doctor's office, it was more like an end of the day weigh instead of a fasting weigh. It's still below when I found out I was pregnant. Weigh in is tomorrow. I'm hoping to be down another pound or so. I've had a couple of crazy eating days, and I'm not exercising much, but I was waiting for my 4 week check to really start exercising.

I also had a bit of spousal sabotage today. I made up my mind this last weekend, that I was going to cut down my Dr Pepper consumption again, and hopefully soon, quit it completely. I told him I was cutting down. Well, just before work, he goes to the convenience store and buys 4 1 litre Dr Peppers. Two are for him, two for me. I told him I appreciated it, but did he realize I was trying to quit? He told me no, he didn't. This isn't the first time he's done this, but this also isn't the first time I've sworn I'd quit drinking them, only to go back after a couple of days. It may not have actually have been sabotage, but an actual lack of communication on my end. But he knows now.

Oh yeah, it's the end of the month. I guess I'll put down my goals for the next month...

emoticon Drink more water. I've gotten alot better about this. I would like to get to 5 cups of straight water a day. I'm getting at least 3 cups right now. I know it doesn't sound like alot but there was a time where I drank 2 litres of Dr Pepper a day, and no water.

emoticon Prepare meals using more fresh ingredients and eat more salads. I've never had a hard time eating vegetables, but fresh ones seem to go to waste at my house. I'm going to try to get better about that and actually eat a salad every other day.

emoticon Cook a large batch of food and freeze portions for quick meals. Also, prep crock pot meals to cook later and freeze. I have quit a few ideas pinned on Pinterest. Now is the time to implement them.

emoticon Start Strength Training this weekend. I'm now 4 weeks postpartum, and am cleared to do most things. I was to get into the habit of exercising. It seems easier for me now than it was with my last child, so this is a good thing.

emoticon Start on the walk/jog program on here or C25K.

emoticon Tomorrow is measurements and weight. My goal this month is to lose between 2 and 5 pounds. Why that range? Because 2 pounds should be easy enough with diet, but 5 pounds will be with some work. I am hoping to prove that I worked this month. I'll be happy with a significant amount of inches lost as well. Regardless, I was some sort of progress to be visible by the end of the month.

emoticon I have surgery to get my tubes tied on the 15th. I am hoping to not gain anything for the 7 days I'll be off work. I'm only actually taking 2 days off, but how my schedule works, it will be 7 days total, and 4 of that will be recovering.

emoticon Work on mine and Cody's relationship some. Things have gotten alot better, recently. But I'm still rather snappish about things. Most of those things are petty. I'm trying to get better about catching myself before I open my mouth, but if I don't, I am working on cooling off and apologizing before either of us really gets resentful.

emoticon Get the darned apartment cleaned. Seriously, the clutter is getting to me. Spring cleaning will happen this year, one way or another. I'm going to work on that when I'm off for my surgery. And Cody will help me with this one.

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K1TT3N 2/6/2013 4:05PM

    Glad everything is going well. I am glad to see your blog.
My Dr office scale is always different than the one at home also.I am glad everything checked out good and Hope you have an easy time with the tubal.
I am on Pintrest also but don't use it to much

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FUZZIEBEAR3 2/1/2013 9:58AM

    What I started doing, is to get my pitcher of water and ice in the morning (64 oz). Then pour glasses from the pitcher. If I finish the pitcher, and I am still thirsty or just able to drink more, only then I can have a flavored drink. For me that is tea or Crystal Light, but for you that could be your Dr. Pepper.

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JO28352 2/1/2013 1:41AM

    Great goals! emoticon

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SURESH_AK 2/1/2013 1:33AM

  nice one

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4 Weeks Postpartum - Part 1

Sunday, January 27, 2013

I titled this Part 1, because I haven't gone to the Doctor yet. I won't go in until the 29th, so yeah. I feel great, though. Yeah, my sleep's been affected, but I've never really gotten great sleep. My oldest is doing well in school, academics-wise at least. We're still working on getting his behavior a bit better under control. I want him to go into advanced classes, but we can't if he's misbehaving.

My 5 year old is.....I don't even know what to call him. He's completely trashed his room over the past year. Granted, his brother helped originally, but still....Carpets need to be replaced, walls need to be painted, and his mattress needs to be replaced. Most of his toys have been destroyed. And he's a sweet kid, but if his mood turns sour at all, then he just....loses it I guess. If he even thinks he's in trouble, he completely shuts down and clams up. I really, really don't know what to do with him. I've tried so many different tactics with him and I just....I'm lost.

My oldest daughter is doing well, although she is a bit jealous of the baby. Most of her problem is she's just wanting some attention, which we try to give her. But she's only 18 months so she doesn't understand why she isn't getting the attention she wants. But, she hasn't really shown any aggression towards Emily, so I guess that's good.

And Emily is doing great. Growing like a little weed. She's still got her nights and days mixed a little bit, but it's not bad. Soon, I'm hoping we can get her to sleep through the night. She sleeps best when she's with me, but I can't hold her 24/7 (although I would love to). She's doing well, though.

Cody is doing ok. He had a really down week last week, but I think that might have been because of his appointment more than anything. He hates it, but he gets really anxious around Doctor's and hospitals. I want him to go to my Doctor's appointment with me. But I don't think we can find a sitter and I'm not dragging 3 kids with us.

I'm trying to figure out what I really want to do. I'm 28 years old. I have 4 children. I don't want any more children. So, I'm going to ask her if she'll do a hysterectomy and let me keep my ovaries. She's already told me she'd cut, clamp, and burn my tubes for me. I'm wondering, and hoping, she'll do this procedure, especially since we've both come to the understanding that I am done with the baby-making. I've got 2 more days until the appointment. I'll worry about it then, I guess.

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K1TT3N 1/30/2013 7:22AM

    I am glad the kids seem to be doing well. I know how frustrating it is having a child that you don't know what to do to help .. that was our Gabe (14) the past month or 2 until we found out he was being bullied at school really bad.
I am glad everyone is adjusting to Emily. Your 18 month old will come around, just might take her awhile, but your a good mom so you already know that.
It's nice to see your tracking and all again... It's a smart thing to do the me time with overwriting you have going on.
Have a great Day!!!!!

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NH_MOM 1/27/2013 1:45PM

    Wow! You are one busy mom! I just had my 3rd baby almost a year ago and I can't even imagine another one. I had a c-section so I decided to get my tubes tied while they were already there. I like not having to worry about more kids. Plus, I still have the equipment to have another if I wanted to - not very likely. I don't know about your 5 yr old but he sounds like some kids I say on a tv show. Have you talked to his dr or school(if he attends)? We have issues w/my oldest who's almost 7. He's starting to fall behind and the teacher & I have no idea what to do. My baby girl seems to have some sensory issues already which makes me think she's gonna be like my oldest or worse. Thankfully my middle one is halfway normal. lol Good luck with everything.

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