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Time to Celebrate Baby!

Friday, April 25, 2008

It is definitely time for a celebration! In my last blog, I was frustrated because I was stuck at 235 and couldn't seem to get myself back on a weight loss track. But I also wrote that I'd found some new things to do and they are working! In only a few days after doing things differently, the scale started moving downward again! And now, today, after stepping on the scale, not only am I down 4 pounds but I've reached the 20 pound weight loss point!!!!! I was so excited I started jumping up and down and nothing has been able to take the smile off my face today!

This is what I have wanted for so long! My mom once made the comment that I would probably always be a heavy girl. It just must be in my genetics or something. As much as I love my mom, I'm very happy to say I'm proving that wrong! I can't wait till I'm out of the 230 range for good! It feels so good to know that I'm finally able to do something good for myself and I'll have a better life because of it! What an awesome day! emoticon

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TAKACSR 4/25/2008 10:31PM

    Hooray! 20 lbs .. super!
Why do people (moms) think it's helpful to say you'll always be a big girl? Why can't we tell girls, "get up off your butt and do something about it. YOU CAN CHANGE THIS!" I think a message like that might have helped more than the comfort food when I was down ...

Bekah-lynn, YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

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NEKA79 4/25/2008 9:32PM

    Congratulations! I know that has to be a wonderful feeling, and it is so worth it; especially when you're beating the odds. Good for you...I wish you more weight loss.

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JESIKARENA 4/25/2008 4:02PM

    Thats GREAT!!
You are doing a GREAT JOB!


To the former heavy girl!

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It isn't always about the weight...

Monday, April 21, 2008

For weeks now, I have been stuck at 235 and it has frustrated me to no end! But then I read an article today that the scale is not always the best indicator of weight loss. So, I took my measurement like I do every Monday and found the reports that show my trackings for measurements. You would not believe how great my day got when I realized that since beginning my weight loss, I've lost 4 inches in my waist and hips! So, even though I'm not seeing the difference in my weight like I was at the beginning, I know that I'm on my way despite and it makes me feel so much better about things.

I've also taken some steps to change my eating habits again. I know I'm not getting enough calcium and fiber, so I've found some new foods and suppliments to help with that. I'm also writing down my calories again. I think I've actually been under what I should be. I'm really exciting about all the new things I'm learning. "A Patients Guide to PCOS" is a great book that has helped me out a lot in knowing how to eat, the best fitness, what PCOS is all about, and now to deal emotionally with it. Very exciting time!!!

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CYNTHIANICH 4/21/2008 10:33PM

    That is great news about the inches coming off!
I know how you feel.. it took two weeks for me to lose one pound!
But to look at me you would think I have lost more.....
Good luck and keep up the good work,,,,

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TAKACSR 4/21/2008 10:31PM

    Hey Bekah Lynn ... funny that. I'm Rebecca Lynne a.k.a. Becky a.k.a. takacsr. Congrats on the 4 inches that's a big deal!!!

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New Toy

Sunday, April 06, 2008

I'm so excited to have a new toy to help me in my pursuit of health, fitness, and weight loss. Up until now, I've been kind of guessing how manty calories I've been burning based on health pages that list calories burns for certain excersises. I've wanted to get something that could help me know for sure. I started looking at Wal-mart because face it, they have the best prices. I found a heart rate monitor and calorie burn calculator watch that I really liked. I went home and did some research and found it was a really nice watch that regularly cost well over $100! Wal-mart was selling it for $32.34! I tried to be calm and not run back out and buy it because money is really tight right now.

When I decided to go back, there were all out and the online store was all out too. I knew then it was a popular item! I had to wait a couple more weeks, but finally, I have one! It is the coolest device! You put all your personal settings in and then go to town. It keeps track of your calorie burn based on how long you are excersising and what your heart rate is. You do that by putting your pointer and middle finger on two buttons during different times in your workout.

I used it for the first time today and found out that I was way off on how many calories I was actually burning and which excersises I was burning the most calories on! I was burning almost 150 calories more per workout! I was so excited to see those numbers!

I'm finding that new toys can be a great way to keep you motivated. I know for me, I get bored doing the same workout day after day. I like to shake things up and my new toy is helping me want to go downstairs and do my workouts! I highly recommend the Mio Sport Select! It's awesome!


Back on track in March

Friday, March 21, 2008

After my last entry, I kind of got off track in February. I went through some major life changes. I lost a job, got a new job, had problems finding somewhere to live near my job, worrying about finances, etc. Because of all of this, I put my excersise on the back burner. I still tried hard to keep on track with my diet, but I did slip up quite a bit. I only feel fortunite that I didn't gain any of the weight back.

Now that I'm in my new job, my new house, and things are looking better financial wise, I'm able to focus on my diet and excersise. I've even discovered a new video called Hip Hop Abs which I LOVE! Now, every night I do about 20 minutes of Turbo Jam (kickboxing) and 45 minutes of Hip Hop Abs (dancing). I know I'm burning a lot of calories, but I'm having such a great time doing it that I don't even notice! Here's to the excersises that have turned me into a lover of working out! Bekah


Anger Can Be A Powerful Excerise Tool!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I had a horrible night tonight, but I used that negative situation to fuel my excerise. I've been enjoying my kickboxing (Turbo Jam) excerises, but tonight, the only thing I enjoyed was the song, "I'm Gonna Knock You Out" as I punched and kicked imaginary people in front of me. I was able to work out that anger and turn it into positive because I burned a TON of calories. I was punching, kicking, and working so hard that the workout just flew by and by the end I had worked out a lot of hard feelings. While I still feel pretty mad and upset, I feel better and I'm glad I could use all my negative feelings to help fuel the positive! Who knew that excerise could be so freeing?


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