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Step Away from the Donut

Sunday, June 14, 2009

They're sitting in the kitchen. I can hear them calling me even though I just had a wondefully heatlhy dinner of broiled tilapia, seasoned green beans, and fauxtatoes.

Some of you may scream "BUT WHY DID YOU LET THEM IN THE HOUSE IN THE FIRST PLACE?" The answer is simple - community spirit, and a promise made to myself years ago to purchase whatever I could from kids that get stuck hawking stuff to support their school. I can't tell you how many boxes of donuts or band candy I've sold over the years. Ridiculous amounts of them, like negate World Hunger levels of them. And I solemnly swore then (so idealistic!) that I would help future children get out of the heat and humiliation as quickly as possible by purchasing whatever my wallet that day could afford.

I was a good little dieter on Friday. I took the box of dietary contraband into the office when I got to work. I opened the box and set it out (with napkins) for coworkers to share. I had one donut. One. Even though they're Krispy Kreme and were less than 2 hours from the oven and so OMG tasty with their sweet glaze over that perfect somewhere-between-cake-and-heaven ring.

*sighs dreamily*

So yeah, one..... and brokers came and brokers went and a few of them had a treat, and then it was the end of the day and the box still had 7 donuts. That's why there is a box of donuts on my kitchen counter.

Krispy Kreme's glazed rings are 200 calories a pop, btw. The Boy and I joked that they could be gone in a day and still stay within our calorie maximums if he or I ate 1 every 2 hours. We were strong though, and we didn't give in.

Now the box is taunting me, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to meet it halfway. I've exceeded my exercise requirements, and I'm still 200 cals below my minimum intake requirement. So I can afford it - because I've been good about sticking to my plan.

So here's to the occasional treat, and to meeting goals without perceived deprivation!

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OAKBORN 7/2/2009 1:12PM

    I couldn't live without my occasional treats... they keep me sane. Just work'em in!

Mind you I was weak last night and finished off that pan of gooey chocolately brownies... sigh.

Keep up the good work!


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RINGYDINGY 6/14/2009 8:45PM

    Yes, an occasional treat is acceptable and even necessary. If you deprive yourself too much, you will eventually binge

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Pain Days

Friday, June 12, 2009

I hate these days.

That's such a negative outlook, isn't it? But I do. Days when the things I want to do are difficult (or near impossible) to accomplish because simple movement is the last thing my body wants to do?

So I find things to do on those days that don't require physical effort, and gently push through my Fitness minimums so I don't break patterns that I'm working so very hard to establish. That's a key for me. If I miss a day and rationalize it, I'm less likely to force myself to be good in the future. If I push through a rough spot to meet minimums, that sets a precedent that I'm less likely to talk myself into ignoring.

So, meds, hot/cold therapy, physical minimums, and a One Day at a Time attitude. I can't make the pain disappear, but I can have a positive outlook in how I let it affect my progress.


Rehydration is the Key

Thursday, June 11, 2009

That's what they say - rehydrate! Drink your water! Your body needs it!

It's said to clear toxins and to help your body work optimally and that proper hydration can even reduce pain. That's all well and good!

But I strongly dislike what my body does during the process of rehydration. It means trips to the restroom every 20 minutes, and my system goes into mucus and poo overload. This is a good sign, I'm told. It means that my body is clearing out the junk. It means that I'm giving my body a very important tool in the fight for healthy/sexy/cute. And I know that I'll not have to go through this again if I'm responsible and maintain proper hydration in the future. I'm happy about all of that. I really am.

But it would be spectacular if my impatience for it to be DONE would make it already so. :)


Getting Back on Board

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Medication issues made it difficult to keep up with tracking and maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle for the past few months, but my doctor and I finally seem to have the dosages worked out so that mental acuity and concentration is no longer impacted.

Chanticrow and I have discussed how much better we feel - healthier, stronger - when we're actively following the plan. So starting today, we're back on board.

Things that will be difficult to resume: drinking enough water, making myself exercise.


Using the 10% Solution

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Based upon "The 10% Solution Article" in the Spark Resource Center:

Started at 185
Currently at 171, currently 4 lbs shy of my first 10%

Second 10% = 150, goal is to hit that around the end of May
Third 10% = 135, goal is to hit that round mid to late June
Fourth 10% = 121, original goal 125, plan is to hit that around Labor Day

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SKINNY_GINNY 3/3/2007 9:33AM

    Interesting...I think I'll adopt that.

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