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What Else Might I Regret Not Starting Today?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

My bestie at work gave me a Rosetta Stone for my birthday. Yesterday, I tried to install it, and it wouldn't install! I spent 3.5 hours yesterday trying to figure this out, 1 and a half of which were spent with a very nice man named Vivek who tried to help me and couldn't. He asked me to contact "Level 2 support" today. I did, and after another hour and a half, they were able to get my program installed.

Here's the thing. My birthday was in October. It took me 5 months to do this.

If I had started the day after I got the program, I'd be well on my way to speaking Arabic. If I had started the day after I got the program, my bestie could have gotten me Level 2 for my anniversary or Valentine's Day or something. If I had started the day after I got the program, I wouldn't be regretting that I didn't.

And that got me thinking. What else might I regret not starting? I was going to skip the gym today, and go tomorrow, but maybe I'd wish I'd gone today. So I did.

And what else? Maybe I'll regret not cooking those collards. Maybe I'll regret not starting that book I borrowed from the library. Or the crossword puzzles I've been saving for when I "had time." Or finishing the newspaper, before it's not news anymore. Or getting into a serious, consistent strength training program. What do I want to get done? Well, I should start doing it!

I don't mean that I carry some sort of life-sucking amount of regret around; maybe just a little. I think we all do. One of the more obnoxious things in life are people who say, "I don't have any regrets." Sure, you do. You don't dwell on it, and you shouldn't! But everyone's hurt someone, made a big mistake, did the wrong thing. I believe in the butterfly effect, that if you changed the smallest thing, that the effects on life and world have the potential to be huge, but a person who says that can't possibly be thinking that when they look into the eyes of someone they hurt, or when they feel humiliated, or when they realize the mistake.

But I digress.

My point was that regret can be a useful tool if you let it. Or potential regret, anyway. It got me thinking about the potential that a list of those things could have. A daily list, of things I *might* regret not starting/finishing/doing on that day. Just a different way to state "Don't put off for tomorrow..."

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RUTHXG 3/16/2011 6:29PM

    Forestalling future regret---I love it! I'm going to hold onto that idea as a self-reminder.


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EYES_ON_THEPRAZ 3/14/2011 2:38PM

    great blog! Thanks for the reminder.
and ps... rosetta stone sounds amazing! I keep wanting to do that but I know it's so expensive

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HOPESINGH 3/14/2011 11:41AM

    This is so me! I always yell at myself for not having done this or that... But we can't really realize all these infinite projects, only some of them. And we do need time to rest and just be, not only do.
I started using some parts of the GTD method, and it seems to get me moving at least in some ways. Good luck!
by the way, was the support staff from India? That's what the name Vivek means to me.

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BEATLETOT 3/14/2011 8:27AM

    KT, I love that quote! I'm going to put it somewhere...maybe as a bookmark for the planner I don't use that I intend to have as my Things I Might Regret Not Doing Today book. Thank you!

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KIM--POSSIBLE 3/13/2011 9:35PM

    Speaks to one of my favorite quotes: A year from now, you will wish you had started today. - Karen Lamb

I lost 30 pounds in 3 months daily reminding myself of this very thing. Thank you for sharing! Hope you are getting going with learning Arabic now!

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KJNLDE 3/13/2011 9:26PM

    Good point! Instead of thinking behind to the past "what if's", we should be thinking ahead to the future "what if's". I'm going to make that my motto this week... instead of looking back on all the junk I ate today, I'm going to look ahead to the "what if I eat only good foods this week"! Thanks for the reminder!!

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READYRACHEL 3/13/2011 7:07PM

    Good point. Thank you for sharing.

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Always One to Follow a Crowd: Me. A-Z

Friday, March 04, 2011

Age~ 28
Bed size~ Queen
Chore you hate the most~ Cleaning the shower
Dogs~ Little Sammy!
Essential start your day item~ Alarm clock
Favorite color~Purple
Gold or silver~ Why choose when you don't have to?
Height~ 4'10.5"
Instruments you play~ None. I had a guitar, but I was never very good.
Job title~ Academic Advisor
Kids~ Not now, maybe later. Please don't ask again.
Live~ DC Metro Area
Mom's first name~ Marsha
Nicknames~ Brenditita (from my colleague who doesn't quite *get* Spanish) , Sillyhead (from my husband)
Overnight hospital stays~ Just when I was born
Pet peeve~Misuse of the word "literally," as in "I literally DIED!" Um, no, you didn't. Also, improper noun forms, i.e. audaciousness (as opposed to audacity), maliciousness (as opposed to malice). Also, people who don't use their signals to change lanes and people who tailgate.
Quote from a movie~ "Well Ndugu, I'll close now. You probably can't wait to run and cash this check and get yourself something to eat."--About Schmidt
Right or Left-handed~ Right
Siblings~4, two brothers, two sisters
Time you wake up~ 6:30-ish
Underwear~ is in my drawer.
Vegetable you dislike~ beets
What makes you late~ Missing keys
X-rays you've had done~ at the dentist, and my foot once
Yummy food you make~ Cheesy stuffed eggplant
Zoo animal favorite~ Baby pygmy hippos, especially if they're named Aldo, like the one in Paris

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KAREN_NY 3/14/2011 12:17PM

    heeheee... I have several grammar pet peeves too. ;)
Love your list,

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HOPESINGH 3/7/2011 1:26PM

    people who don't use signals to change lanes or tailgate! How annoying - I really hate it when it happens, and it does all the time (I was hoping it's a feature of the extremely impolite Israeli driver, but it seems to be a worldwide problem emoticon)

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KJNLDE 3/5/2011 12:29PM

    I love your answer to kids!! I can't stand hearing, "So, when are you going to have #2?"

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CONTESSA63 3/5/2011 8:16AM

  wonderful blog! i just may copy you. emoticon

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BEATLETOT 3/5/2011 8:13AM

    Cheesy stuffed eggplant is a SparkRecipe. If you do a search on cheesy stuffed eggplant at, you'll find it. But warning. It is AMAZING.

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AMYLONGHORN 3/5/2011 7:46AM

    I don't think I've ever even eaten beets before. No desire, really...I'm not a big veggie person as it is. I put down that I don't like mushrooms, but I also don't like cooked carrots...GROSS! They are too mushy...carrots are supposed to be CRUNCHY! LOL! And I'm going to need that cheesy stuffed eggplant recipe STAT.

And when are you having kids again?! JUST KIDDING!!!

*hugs* sister!!

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EYES_ON_THEPRAZ 3/4/2011 9:31PM

    LOL David Cross has an excellent bit about people misusing literally...

"I literally $h** my pants!"
"what did you do with your pants?"
atch?v=6ly1UTgiBXM ... hopefully you aren't offended by some language!

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RUTHXG 3/4/2011 9:01PM

    Ooh, beets are my nonfavorites too! But they are FABULOUS in chocolate cake. They make it so moist that it needs no frosting. Yum!

Cheesy stuffed eggplant sounds fantastic. emoticon

emoticon to you, Brenditititica!

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One bottle of pop...

Friday, February 25, 2011

Two nights ago, when I was getting ready to go to bed, I suddenly realized that I had only had one soda all day. Normally, I drink anywhere from 3-6. So I tried the same thing yesterday. And I'm working on today, so we'll see, though my husband bought my very favorite Diet Dr. Pepper. I may have two today. emoticon But it feels good to have done that, and actually, pretty good that it was by accident.

I've been wanting to give up soda for awhile, but when I try to, I get wicked headaches. Really, really bad headaches. And it's not the caffeine, actually. One time, I had a really bad headache, and nothing worked: not sleep, not potassium, not ibuprofeun, not even regular Coke. Then, I had a Diet Coke, and within 20 minutes, I was good. It's not the caffeine; it's the aspartame.

I haven't given up soda yet because something always gets in the way. I got close once. I got down to 10 ounces a day. I figured I would get to one can a day, then bought a two-liter and measured out until I could get down to zero. But something, and I don't know what, got in the way.

So this being quite by accident, and my not having a headache, means I can maintain this. And after a week (or a month--husband bought me a 36-pack) of one can a day, I can start doing the two-liter thing.

Maybe I won't have the second one. Slippery slopes...

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CBEVNOW 3/13/2011 9:37PM

    As a 3rd stage chronic kidney patient i urge every one to stop drinking Pop. It is one of the worse things they are for your kidneys.

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CONTESSA63 3/5/2011 8:20AM

  i was chatting with a colleague just a couple of days ago about this very same thing. she's trying to break a 4 pop a day habit. i never realized that there were withdrawal symptoms. i'm a coffee drinker but have cut back to just my morning coffee. and i'm not sure that i ever want to give it up!

good for you. glad that it's getting easier.

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PJBOKC 2/26/2011 8:37PM

    What an accomplishment to cut back on Diet Dr Pepper or Diet Doc as we call it our house. I, too, love my diet doc -grab it instead of water. thanks for giving me hope I can break - or at least cut down on the "habit".

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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KJNLDE 2/26/2011 8:31PM

    Good job! I've tried cutting back on my coffee and it's just so difficult! I found that it helps to tell myself that I can't have "x" (coffee for me, soda for you) until I have 2 glasses of water. And if I want more coffee, not until 2 more waters. It helps me get in my water, and also has helped me cut back a bit!

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RUTHXG 2/26/2011 12:35PM

    Oh yay! I think part of it is regular exercise--you've got endorphins & other good chemicals going, so your body starts to lose its unhealthy cravings. Yay for not having headaches!


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BOBBIEED 2/26/2011 9:38AM

    I do understand. My drink I have had to cut down on is coffee. I have replaced it with green tea and that seems to work for me.
You are doing great. Keep up the good work.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MOMMYOMG 2/26/2011 9:04AM

    I'm in the same boat with you. My drink is Diet Dr. Pepper and I normally can lose count of how many I have in a day. But since starting here at Spark People, I am trying to drink my 8 glasses of water (which I haven't yet can only manage about 4 a day) so I have cut back to about one a day. Yay! I am worried about the aspartame too. Any thoughts on Splenda? I, like Carlg8, HATE water. I have been adding lemon juice and a little splenda to my water (that's the only way I will drink it for now) but I am really questioning if that is good or bad?

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CARLYG8 2/26/2011 8:23AM

    I think if I were to donate blood, it would be 95 percent diet coke...laughs. That is my go to beverage all day now. I gave up juices because of the sugar, and extra calories, and started drinking diet coke because it was calorie free and had taste (I hate water). I now have concerns over the artificial sweeteners and some of the medical reports/findings. I know that I have to give it up, and I know that it is going to be a huge challenge for me. HMMM... a new goal emerges...(smiles)

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KIM--POSSIBLE 2/25/2011 9:50PM

    That is awesome! How funny that it was an accidental realization that has gotten you this far!

I gave up sodas a few years ago, but I was never really that stuck on having them in the first place so it wasn't a huge feat for me! LOL I accidentally drank from my daughter's sprite once 2 years or so ago, and it was the most syrupy sweet taste ever, and I couldn't stand it! I have found that, as I reduce my intake of certain things (white bread, refined sugar) my tolerance for them decreases.

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MAGGIE805 2/25/2011 9:41PM

    That's great! Took me about a year to kick the soda habit (Diet Coke) completely. But I understand not wanting to give it up entirely. I was getting double aspartame with the Diet Coke and Yoplait non-fat yogurt. But kicking the soda thing is possible. They have the little 5 oz. cans out now too.

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EYES_ON_THEPRAZ 2/25/2011 7:01PM

    So interesting about the diet coke and headaches... My boyfriend gets the same way and I always assumed it was the caffeine.
I won't give up soda completely... when I want it I will have one. But I am happy to say that over time my desire for soda has gone wayyy down and I now drink maybe 2 a week, at most.
Shoot for one a day -- good plan for now and it will still be something for you to look forward to throughout the day. emoticon

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I don't know what to write about.

I've started this blog post four times already, but everything has seemed too banal to even write down, much less subject anyone else to having to read. But, since I want my five points, I'll put down some random thoughts.

Sammy is sleeping in my husband's lap right now, on his back. He's very cute, with his little paws flopping down, and his little brown and orange sweater. I can't believe how great this dog is, and I can't believe he went unadopted so long. People missed out. I think the next time I get to choose a dog, I'll choose another blind, deaf one, but only if it's as cute and sweet as Little Sam-Sam.

Last night, I had my first voice lesson. She said I was good, better than most on their first lesson, and that I have a good tone and resonance. I do have a little bit of background from high school choir, church choir and voice lessons back then, but I haven't sung outside my shower or a karaoke bar in about a dozen years. I'm doing voice lessons just for me, just on a hobby basis, so I sound better in the shower. emoticon

I liked her a lot. She's my age and very cool. I went through a period where I was really sad, because my group of friends kind of drifted apart (okay, so it was broken asunder by a really stupid, selfish move of one of my friends, but the other way is nicer to say). I could see this girl being a friend. Maybe not as long as I have a business arrangement with her, but it would be really cool.

She asked me to think of some songs I might like to sing during the lesson. Today, I was thinking about "Let the Sunshine In" from "Hair." I also had been thinking "When the Lights Go Down in the City" by Journey or "Don't Let It End" by Styx or "They Bring Me to You" by Joshua Radin. I can get to all of them eventually, I'm sure. I'm going to keep her for awhile! Any other suggestions are most welcome!

I ate a Healthy Choice entree today, and it was really good! I love, love, love the Asian Potstickers, and every other one I tried could never measure up, but finally, we have a serious contender. It was the Portabella Parmesan Risotto one. Yum! I ate everything today as planned. Burnt Crockpot Oatmeal in the morning (maybe not totally as planned!), Triscuits and a Laughing Cow wedge for a snack, and my HC with string cheese and an apple for lunch. Dinner is so hard to plan, but I didn't overeat, and I did really well today on my eating.

Right now, we're watching the Bayern-Muenchen v. Internazionale Milan soccer game. Well, the boys are watching it. I'm looking up when something cool happens. emoticon

I also made it to the gym for 45 minutes. I got my 191 in! Actually, now it's 192! emoticon But I still need to go back to burn at least another 200 for the week. I'll do that on Friday.

I hope I didn't bore you too much! Love! emoticon

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RUTHXG 2/26/2011 12:33PM

    Anyone who uses the word "banal" is not capable of writing boring blog posts. I'm glad I could take a break from superwomaning to read this one!

I think it's perfectly lovely that you're taking voice lessons. It's so satisfying to put work into developing a talent.


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TLCFME 2/24/2011 10:00PM

    Good wanderings. Interesting. You go girl. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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KARENE10 2/24/2011 9:31AM

    I'm going to have to try those Asian Potstickers by Healthy Choice~I love the more fattening ones from the restaurants:)

Sammy sounds sooo cute. We also adopted a great dog. I don't know how his owners could get rid of him,he is precious. Sammy is lucky to have you as his mom:)

Great job on getting some exercise in!

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AMYLONGHORN 2/24/2011 8:41AM

    Good song choices! I especially love the Joshua Radin one...I'm so glad I was able to introduce you to him. YUM!

HEY speaking of church choir...remember that song Moses? Well, I told the youth choir kids about it and they convinced their director to sing it! "Mosessssssss, way out there in the wildernessssssssssssss, saw some smoke, came to the bussssssssssh!" LOL

BTW good blog for not having much to say! emoticon

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GRACIOUSGRAPE 2/24/2011 8:02AM

    Very cool that you are following your dream, just for you! I have always wanted to play the piano so maybe some day I will take piano lessons. For now though I am following another dream - to become a nurse - so not much room on my plate for my other dreams at this time. Great job on the exercise and sticking with your goals! The Starfish team is awesome!

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CARLYG8 2/23/2011 10:35PM

    Oh, how I wish that I could sing, but unfortunately it is not one of my God given talents. I always joke and tell people to listen for me when we all get to heaven because I will be singing the loudest when I can actually sing...laughs. I love music, and have written some lyrics that a friend puts to music, so I guess thats something. I love American Idol. And I love Steven Tyler. I love his spirit. You can't fake that.
Oh, and I don't think there is anything wrong with blogging random thoughts...good discussions usually arise.
"See" ya tomorrow!

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JMCADE 2/23/2011 9:49PM

    Great day for you today.

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EYES_ON_THEPRAZ 2/23/2011 9:38PM

    Your dog is such a sweetie! I wish I could have a dog.
That's really cool that you're taking voice lessons! I am a TERRIBLE singer, though I am constantly getting up at karaoke (usually with a friend)... well, after a couple drinks!
I love the songs you picked

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4LEEFCLOVER 2/23/2011 9:32PM

    That's really cool that you are going to be developing your singing ability. You know, the breathing you do for that could be helpful with stopping smoking. You could have your teacher give you some breathing exercises and you could do them when you have the impulse to smoke, instead, or at least make yourself do them before smoking, and maybe you will distract yourself enough and sing a song instead! I bet there are some type of local singing groups you could join if you want to challenge yourself more later. I bet your teacher knows about some groups. I had a coworker a few years ago who joined a male a cappella group and really enjoyed it. He really liked the group "Straight No Chaser". I found some great songs by them on iTunes. I find it interesting to figure out what key or keys songs are in by ear. I used to play my flute by ear with songs I liked. The deep breathing, posture and diaphragm thing is really good for you too. (Why does diaphragm have a "g" in it? LOL) Well, have fun with that.

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IBECCA 2/23/2011 8:47PM


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Distracted by Jelly Beans

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

For some reason, while I was sitting at Jackson Hewitt this afternoon, working on taxes, I really wanted jelly beans. So I went next door to the grocery store and got some. I didn't go out of control with them, probably ate 2 servings, and now I'm spent with them, so they'll go on the top shelf where I can't reach.

But it wasn't good. Between that and the sushi buffet for lunch, I'm already over my calories. I probably won't eat dinner or will eat something very small for dinner, like a little cup of soup or something. And I'm not way over, just 50 over at this point, but it's not good, not for day 4 of the challenge!

I'm feeling very tired this afternoon, too. Probably from all-you-can-eat sushi. At this point, I'm not planning to go to the gym, but enough motivation from reading y'all's blogs might get me there, and if not, I have a solid 4 hours before I can expect the exchange student home, so I can do some weights while I watch the telly.

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JENBELLE 2/23/2011 10:42PM

    How crazy! ALL I wanted yesterday was jellybeans too! My coworker had Mike and Ikes- they were good but I had to stop myself! Keep up the good work- don't worry about the little extra!

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AMYLONGHORN 2/23/2011 10:11AM

    Soooooo here's a little angel/devil action for ya. Did you make it to the gym? Or did you do weights? What kind of jelly beans did you get? Jelly Belly? (guess which were the angel questions and which were the devil questions! LOL)

OK and now you made me want sushi, too...le sigh!!

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BOBBIEED 2/23/2011 9:00AM

    When this happens to me hon I either put in that dvd or go to the exercise videos here on Sparkpeople. If you have time before the student gets home then you can get in 10 minutes here and there. Remember always that you can do can't fail if you don't quit!

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MUNCHIE718 2/22/2011 8:35PM

  I hear ya-- I broke down & had some peanut M&Ms today! emoticon I'd say have a light, healthy dinner & ditch the rest of the jellybeans so you aren't tempted to have more tomorrow. emoticon

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KJNLDE 2/22/2011 7:48PM

    Don't beat yourself up over it... tomorrow is a new day! 50 calories over isn't that bad. But don't starve yourself!! Have a salad with grilled chicken. I find that when I know that I'm going somewhere like a buffet, if I decide what I'm going to eat beforehand and put it in my tracker, it helps me to stick to that. Also, if I plan out dinner and put that in, I'll know just how many calories I have to work with if what I planned for the buffet goes over.

I hear you about jelly beans! I laughed when I saw the title of this blog... my hubby and I were just talking at dinner tonight about how Easter is the worst holiday for me because I LOVE Easter candy! I'm already knowing I'm going to have to work hard now to take off for just a few days to get in some of it!

But keep your head up... you're doing great!!

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KAREN_NY 2/22/2011 7:35PM

    There's still time! ;) Sometimes - like tonight because I was slumping too! - I have to say, "Ok - I'm going to do this for 10 minutes and then I can stop"... but after 10 minutes I'm over the hump and kick it for a while longer. :) Rock it!

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LINDEE6 2/22/2011 5:48PM

    Candy really does call our names at times! The gym just needs to call louder!

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MOMMYOMG 2/22/2011 5:08PM

    Gym! Gym! Gym! Just kidding! I don't think I am going to make it to the gym tonight either but I am going to try to run around the neighborhood. As long as the jelly beans are now on the top shelf out of reach---you should be ok!!!

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JMCADE 2/22/2011 4:38PM

    I think your tiredness is from the sugar. Happend to me when i get near the cndy dish. You'll feel better if you get some exercise in. Even if it is 15 minutes. Go forth and conquer!!

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EYES_ON_THEPRAZ 2/22/2011 4:21PM

    over by 150 isn't *too* bad. I went over at least 100 yesterday. I try not to stress too much when I go over by a small amount (not binge-like numbers) because I figure my body needed it (ok maybe not jelly beans, but still) and I can make it up the next day or with my exercise.
you can do it!!!

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RUTHXG 2/22/2011 2:53PM

    Let the jellybeans motivate you! You're feeling tired now (I'm actually guessing that's from the jellybean sugar more than from the sushi), but it will feel SO great to get in some good exercise tonight. At the gym or at home with weights, doesn't matter, but give your body what it really needs (& it will give us Madagascar air miles too!). That will absolve you of any guilt from going over your calorie count today. emoticon

emoticon emoticon

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SASSACAIA 2/22/2011 2:37PM

    Get to the gym! We need the points! I want to win this challenge!! emoticon

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

MMMMMmmmMmMmmmMMMMM. Sushi.

Comment edited on: 2/22/2011 2:37:54 PM

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