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So it begins

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I won the battle of the 2% vs 1% milk! My SO still shakes his head at the idea that this is one of the few things we argue over but I'm finally a happy camper all the same.
I'm also on day two of what I hope to make an every other day at the gym routine. I only went for 45 min before my body called it quits today but that's okay. I planned on slowly building up anyway. I had no idea that I could sweat so much. Hooray for the tank of Brita in the fridge.
I love the eliptical trainer for cardio. I can get a really good work out in on those things thanks to the fact that they are so low inpact. I'm also exsperementing with diffrent weight machines to tone up my arms and have found two so far that I really like.


getting active

Friday, March 16, 2007

After a slow couple of weeks I bit the bullet. I headed out to my local gym to sign up and I discovered a few big things not just about me but how a lot of people view the whole health track.
A while back I gave up on the scale. I don't have one in my appartment and after several years of watching the numbers on the dial I finally came to accsept that how much I way is a rough indication of how in shape I am, nothing more. Instead I'm looking more at my friend the tape measurer and how much flubber I can see on my body. When I told the trainer who was giving me the walk through of the gym she told me that she was so happy to hear that. Too many women she's helped have been fixated on the number on the scale. And the fact that I was wanted to lose inches rather then focousing on loseing weight was something to be encoraged.
I also think I surprised the trainer with how familiar I am with exersise and my knowlage of who the body works in general. I was lucky growing up in the fact that my mom taught arobics and was a life guard at the local pool so I got an early education when it came to fitness. Having to study anatomy in collage helped as well.
She also implied that I have a decent base when it comes to weight training after telling her about helping to build our barn and dealing with horses. Those bags of feed and haybales are anything but light.
I'm really looking forward to being able to exsperement with all the diffrent gym eqipment as well as try out some yoga and belly danceing.


gym talk

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I have such a fantastic SO sometimes. I've been talking about getting rid of the "jiggly" for a while now and I've been looking into various gyms in our area.
Today my SO called me over to look at a gym site that offered a great way to increase your strength, tone, and flexibility through poll dancing. "I fully support the shrinking of the skoosh if it means you also get to learn stuff like that!" Was the excited comment.
I think I'll start off with some more mundane stuff at first to rev up my system but eventually I think I'll look into it. I intend to try belly dancing in any case. This just seems like they next logical step. Besides, there is something fun about the thought of learning how to swing around a metal poll by your ankles.