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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Okay, I've known this would be inevitable, so I'm trying to be rational and just ride it out. I have hit my first plateau. I've taken off 18 pounds and have been stuck there for almost 2 weeks. This is just not funny!

I will own up and say that part of it is my own fault, as TOM issues made it harder for me to stay 100% within my ranges. However, I never binged outright, and when I did overeat, it was still with healthy foods. So, that's a plus I think-in the past it would have been straight for the junk food.

Those few days aside, I've been sticking with the plan, diligently tracking every morsel that enters my alimentary canal and have cut down on snacking in the evenings (although, again, it was nothing "bad" that I was consuming. Stuff like air popped popcorn or fat free yogurt). Still...the scale has not moved.

So now I'm cutting back even a little more and have redoubled my efforts to drink lots and lots of water.

I will not let this plateau ruin the good work I've done. I've been in this position before and I know myself-this is usually where I give up. But this time is different. This time it is a total lifestyle change, not just a temporary "diet." This is just the way I eat now and forever.

So, I'm going to drink some more water and force myself to be optimistic until that scale starts moving again!

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AMYLOU4223 4/14/2011 9:18AM

    Good job! Way to stay positive :)

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MMNICKS 4/14/2011 9:17AM

    Hitting a plateau can be discouraging but they are a normal part of the weight loss cycle. Drinking more water is good, also try to reduce your salt intake. I find shifting to a more "natural" diet helps too, fruits, veggies. Nothing processed. It will pass, just hang on!! You can do this!!!

emoticon emoticon

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More Ups & Downs

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

I think my body is a bit schizophrenic with regard to weight loss. I spent several days (probably a week or more) stuck at one weight. I was doing all the right things, yet the scale would.not.move even .5 pound! Very frustrating.

Then, I won't say I binged, because that wasn't it really. But I did lose focus for two days. I still ate pretty healthfully, but more than I should have and later in the evening, which I rarely do.

So after two "bad" days, I get on the scale (fearfully) to see what damage I've done...and I lost a pound. When I weighed in the next day, I'd lost another pound.

Don't get me wrong-I'm very, very happy about it, but it is kinda frustrating when you're carefully doing all of the right things and still get stuck...but being bad and losing? I don't get it. Very odd. I know that other things factor in such as TOM or sodium intake, but it's still frustrating.

But, when you come down to it, I've lost 18 pounds since mid-February and that's something to celebrate!



Monday, March 14, 2011

You know, I have really grown to appreciate sparkpeople, both the website and the people themselves! I love all the tools available, and I keep finding more.

As for the other sparkers, well, I love having a group of people that I can vent to that will understand where I'm coming from. When I need extra encouragement-there's the panic button. When I just want to put out some random thoughts, I can blog it.

I guess what I really like is 1-the positivity of everyone on this site-the constant encouragement and faith that I can really do this. and 2-I don't feel ashamed of myself when I post. I know I have a ton of weight to lose, but I don't feel comfortable talking about it outside this website. I think this site has done me a lot of good in so many ways.

So thank you to all of you for being so encouraging!!!

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  What a nice Blog!! It is nice to be a part of such a wonderful group. We are glad you are a part of it too! emoticon

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10 Pounds of Ickiness GONE forever!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I am just so excited to report that I have lost my first 10 pound! I know I still have a ton of weight to lose, but now I actually believe I'm going to go all the way! My jeans are starting to get pretty loose, as are my rings.

Eating healthfully ROCKS! emoticon

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FULLOFFAITH 3/14/2011 3:34PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon.


10lbs is a big deal emoticon and remember to celebrate all your success along the way.


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2BMYOWN 3/13/2011 12:36AM

    emoticon Feels good, doesn't it? Keep up the great work!

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Ups & Downs

Monday, March 07, 2011

I suspect that I'm not alone in that weekends seem to bedevil me. I have all the best intentions but still manage to go over my calories for the day. Not by a lot, and not because I'm eating things that I shouldn't--I'm just eating too much of the healthy stuff. I just need to rein it in a bit more on the weekends and I'll be okay. During the week I have structure and it's much easier to maintain routine.

On the plus side, this weekend I actually did track all of my eating. This is the first weekend that I've actually done so. I think it's because I recently received a netbook as a gift, so I can just sit right there in the living room and log my food very conveniently, rather than going to the back bedroom, waiting forever for the desktop PC to boot up, etc. The netbook just makes it easier. I didn't realize that it would be a weight loss tool! But, I'm a gadget kinda gal, so it's not all that surprising.

So, I see where my trouble areas are, and I'm going to have to plan better for the weekends to make sure I don't go overboard anymore. I'm also realizing that I can't put off exercising forever. I am going to have to incorporate that into my lifestyle as well. I've been avoiding it, but I know if I just get on my treadmill a couple times a week it will make a difference in how fast I lose. Not that I want to go crazy and lose super-fast, but a little faster would be nice. I guess I'll start gearing myself up mentally for walking.

I'm a work in progress...

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IDOOHULA 3/7/2011 1:30PM

    I feel the same about my weekends..and evenings. I just blogged about it myself. Thanks for sharing. It helps to know that i am not alone.

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