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March Madness

Monday, March 03, 2014

Monday 3/10 UPDATE: I had a great exercise session Saturday 3/8. I went on a 7 mile rt hike. The weather was beautiful and I saw some amazing wildlife and wild flowers. I saw a pelican, a bald eagle, and a jack rabbit bounding across the field. I lost 1.2 lbs from last week. My goal this week to lose 1.4 lbs.

I just did an insane amount of exercise today hence the title March madness. I am bound and determined to shed these last 8lbs to reach my weight loss goal. I have been stuck for 3 months Dec., Jan., and February. I did 35 minutes of walking on treadmill and
25 situps
15 crunches
9 modified pushups 2 full pushups (my goal is 5 full pushups)
18 mountain climbers
30 squats
I joined the 5 lb club Spark Challenge for march. I am super motivated. Hope I can keep this streak alive. emoticon emoticon


Getting Back on Track

Monday, January 27, 2014

I tried this smoothie/cleanse program for 5 days out of 10 and couldn't understand why I wasn't losing a single pound. My weight would go up between 1-2 lbs and then down the same. I took a look at the ingredients in the smoothie. OMG the amount of sugar granted it came from the fruit and was natural sugar but still and then the carb grams were unreal 33 gms or higher. So no more of that. On Sunday I went back to Medifast (MF) been off for about 2 weeks. I had a MF blueberry muffin, a MF choc mint crunch bar, MF cinnamon pretzels, and a Choc Chip Soft Bake shake following the every 2 hour rule. I had one 8 oz glass smoothie for my 3-5 fruit and vegetable serving for the day. I had a salad and a couple slices of turkey breast for my lean and green. I slipped up when my husband orderd pizza and I had a couple of slices. Overall though I think I did pretty good for my first Restart Day. Oh I took all my vitamins. Definitely room for improvement. I did drink six 8 oz glasses. My goal for today is eight 8oz glasses and a 100% on track day. I have a workout for 6 pm today. Yay

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BUBBALOOGA123 1/27/2014 1:00PM

    I'm trying to steer clear of refined sugar myself. I watched this video on probiotics and so I'm looking into that. Way to go on mixing things up! Pizza is also my weakness and I've been trying to think of something to cook and freeze ahead of time so I can pop that in the oven whenever pizza ends up in my house, ha ha! Wishing you a fabulous week ahead!

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SMILES_CAN_DO 1/27/2014 12:09PM

  I'm sorry the smoothie idea didn't work so well. Just last week I was tossing around that same idea, so I'm glad I hear the outcome isn't so great. Let me know how going back to Medifast is going for you. I think I may need to do the same thing. I'm headed in the wrong direction here. I can't remember, do you go to a center to weigh in?

I'm struggling with being able to do this on my own. It's what I really, really want, but I can't seem to do it on my own. Which makes me question whether I'll have to be part of a program for the rest of my life. It's frustrating.

I wish you lots of success!! You've done so well! You're an inspiration!


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Feeling Scared and Worried

Monday, January 20, 2014

I had an appt with my gynecologist. Turns out I have fibroids very large bulky masses that are distorting and enlarging the uterus. My doctor told me I had the following two options

Abdominal myomectomy. If you have multiple fibroids, very large fibroids or very deep fibroids, your doctor may use an open abdominal surgical procedure to remove the fibroids or
Hysterectomy. This surgery the removal of the uterus remains the only proven permanent solution for uterine fibroids. But hysterectomy is major surgery. It ends your ability to bear children. Most women with uterine fibroids can choose to keep their ovaries.
I am going to get a second opinion to see if there are other options besides surgery. There should be right?

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DRKYASHI 1/21/2014 8:05PM

    Yes, there ARE other options.

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BEEJAY49 1/21/2014 4:42AM

    I would get a second opinion too and maybe a third. If there were no other options I would choose the lesser of the two evils. You will be in my prayers! HUGS!

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A blessed day 1/8/2014

Thursday, January 09, 2014

I can probably count on one hand how many days in a year I feel completely at peace, content, Today was one of those days. I am sloooowly shedding the weight this week .4 lbs tuesday's weigh-in, .2lbs wednesday's weigh in etc. My goal is to lose a 1 pound this week and I think I am on track. I have eaten completely on plan 4 days in a row. Today was my best day eating on plan. I noticed after my dinner meal that I felt amazing, no cravings of any kind, no hunger pangs real or imagined. Today i accomplished eating five servings of veggies and I have 16 oz of water left to drink. Work was stress-free today for the first time in five months.

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BARGAINSHPR 1/25/2014 1:37AM

    It was so wonderful to hear from all of you. Thank you for the wonderful comments.

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SMILES_CAN_DO 1/9/2014 10:59AM

  I loved reading this! This is awesome! I'm really happy for you! You're on your way...


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IMLOCOLINDA 1/9/2014 3:02AM

    emoticon Don't you just love it when a plan comes together!! I found doing my gratitude journal helps me get way more good daze than bad in the year!!

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LUANN7 1/9/2014 1:03AM

    sounds like your day was amazing-I am glad-keep up the good work.

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KESTRYLL 1/9/2014 12:33AM

    Way to go!

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Doing Better

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Thank you to some wonderful people for your support, encouragement, and motivation as I struggled with a tough couple of weeks. Saturday 1/4 and today 1/5 I did better with eating on plan. I successfully drank 8 glasses of water yesterday and slept 8 quality hours. Today I am eating on plan. Still need to get my water in I still have 32 oz to go haven't been eating every 3 hours like I'm supposed to. I'm worried about dinner and falling off track. I'm planning to have a balsamic marinated chicken breast and some broccoli. That's the plan lets see if it actually happens.

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SPICEMWE 1/6/2014 9:25AM

    Staying on track can be really difficult, but I know you can do it. Just keep reminding yourself why you're doing this. That tempting food is NOT worth keeping you from your goals.

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IMLOCOLINDA 1/6/2014 4:53AM

    I think we all have daze where we have to do it almost minute- by-minute instead of meal-by-meal. I hope you made it. All those little victories are encouraging. I'm glad to read that you're not struggling so hard and that you are obviously planning and tracking. Stick with it. We'll stick by you!!

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SMILES_CAN_DO 1/5/2014 11:26PM

  Glad to hear you're doing better. How was dinner? It sounded wonderful! I wish you lots of success!


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CAROL494 1/5/2014 7:47PM

  emoticon emoticon

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