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Rabbit Food for my Bunny Teeth

Monday, July 02, 2012

So it's been really slow at work lately so I accidentally picked up my Pinterest obsession again, and boy am I glad I did! I found this wonderful website
This girl has THE best clean eating recipes. She has really found something that works for her. I don't completely believe in her portion sizes and only eating the 3 meals a day but I do love her style! Truly a fantastic blog to stop by. My current obsession from her site are protein pacakes and black bean patty wraps mmmm mmmm!

This whole eating clean thing isn't so bad, I'm actually enjoying it to the fullest, I feel like I am constantly learning new things and great substitutes that don't even make me miss the "old" way of eating :)

As far as workouts go in my last blog I said I was going to do the next 30 day challenge barre mashup, well I KIND of fell off the a good way I guess? lol instead of following the May schedule I went back and did some old school bodyrocks when it was Zuzanna, THIS is why I fell in love with the site, I'm not going to lie I miss the good old days, don't get me wrong I LOVE Lisa Marie BUT to me Zuzanna is bodyrock!

I'm quite happy with my routines and eating at the moment and I know I just need to give it time until I start seeing the results I'm looking for! I'm trying really hard not to get disappointed!

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FATHINSN 7/3/2012 10:34PM

    Agree with Lauren, try ZWOW, it's a new series by Zu and no ridiculous equipments or moves LOL I like Lisa-Marie, too, but lately, the workouts are more headaches that I decided to stop temporary BodyRock and follow ZWOW :D

I like how you do the wrap food, so neat, as if the veggie grow with the inside naturally :D

The rabbit food website looks fun and great! I just browsed through quickly, I like her ideas about food and her DIY clothes are awesome!

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LAUREN_D48 7/2/2012 3:28PM

    Have you tried any of the ZWOW's? They are tough and SUPER fun! The community is not quite the same because she does not have an official website up and running yet other than her Youtube channel, but it's still the same old Zuzka! emoticon

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WALLINMW 7/2/2012 12:42PM

  Stay motivated!

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Hard Core Clean Eating! And another 30 day mashup!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

I started the first cooler plan from the Eat Clean diet on Monday, man oh man is this strict clean eating! I'm not going to lie it's HARD , but I have been seeing some pretty consistent weight loss which is HUGE motivation for me since I haven't seen the scale move like this in a very long time. This was just the thing my body needed to barge through that nasty plateau I had hit! Luckily for me you can only the the 1st cooler plan for 2 weeks so next week will be my last week, and then I can go back to maintainance (cooler plan 2)

This is sad to say but honestly I think the hardest part is not drinking alcohol...I know my husband and I drank quite a bit but I didn't realize how much until I had to quite cold turkey! I miss my wine!

My back is feeling quite a bit better so I think I'm ready for another BodyRock, Zwow, Barre Mashup!!
I'm excited! I already did some Zwow's and a BR today I'll do barre tomorrow. I started the May 30 day challenge today with the day 3 sexy booty curves Burn workout, I don't think I'll be doing to flow parts just because I think I get enough of that with my barre workouts

toe touch 55, 53, 54
Spider Push up 15, 16, 14
Tuck Abs 20, 17, 14
Hanging Knee Raises 18, 17, 16
And then I did a Tracy Anderson Arm Session instead of the BR sculpt

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    Way to go with your workouts! I'm glad your back is starting to feel better also =] I've heard a lot of great things about that book too.. I hope it leads you in the right direction! I've been thinking of picking up some books for myself lately too, maybe this one will make it on the list!

Keep it up chicka! You rock! =]

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HEEEYBOOBOO 6/15/2012 8:36AM

  Great job on finding what works for you! I have that Tosca Reno book and a couple others. It's a good plan to try to follow - I like her approach with food. I can't necessarily follow everything about her plan, but we do our best.

I also hear ya about the alcohol. That too was difficult for my husband and I. We love relaxing with a few beers on the weekend, but the calories UGHH. But those wine nights can turn into a nice cheat/reward meal for you!

Keep up the great work!!

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LAURIE160IN2013 6/15/2012 2:06AM

    I know it's hard, but you're already seeing results! Give yourself a pat on the back. I used to love when it was Zuzana; I just found out about her new Zwow format and haven't checked it out yet.

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Quite the Dilemma to have...

Monday, June 04, 2012

I've been doing great with my workouts working out at least 5 times a week. I'm totally off on Saturday and then doing an "active" rest day on Sunday. I world 12 hour shifts on Sat and Sun so my active rest is me going into the bathroom every hour and doing 100 squats lol! I love it though because I don't feel like I'm just sitting on my bum for 12 hours straight!

Anyway right now I'm kind of in love with just working out in general and I'm having a hard time deciding what workouts to do! Since it is summer now I LOVE running outside either in the evening or early morning. I went on my first run for the season this past week with my precious puppy and I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was! By the time I was done with my run I still felt great (last time I did it it kicked my butt!) So that encouraging knowing that my fitness level has improved.

After my runs I've been doing the Tracy Anderson Mat workout
So right now my loves are running, barre, ZWOW, and bodyrockin! lol like I said quite the dilemma to have...

Today I did ZWOW 20 in 11:38 which I'm pretty stoked about since that was the exact same time Zuzanna did! And then I did the P57 arm and ab booster ouch! I forgot how hard that one is!

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    I love it! Way to go killing your workouts! =]=] And puppyyy!! PICTURES! =D What kind is it?

You know, i was kind of having the same dillema.. lots of options are out there! Between ZWOWS and BODYROCK and MYOMYTV and LOVINGFIT and BODYRIPPED hahaha... so so many! That's why I'm so excited about this JUNE challenge that I'm doing! A sparkfriend, 2BFIT7 started it. I believe she started a thread about it on the bodyrock team group also, if you'd like to check it out and join in on the fun! It's bodyweight workouts, mostly older bodyrocks with a zwow once a week =] I'm taking the monday slot to do a workout of choice, but following the rest along with everyone! It should make June BLAST by! =]

How have things been going with your lower back? Is it starting to feel better?

Hope you're having a great week!

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HEEEYBOOBOO 6/5/2012 7:20AM

  It's awesome to hear you're having fun with your workouts. And I hear ya about figuring what types of workouts to try and figuring out what works best. It just takes some experimentation to find that out. But yes I've been running outside too and it feels amazing afterwards. Plus, soaking up the sun totally makes me happy.

Keep up the consistency - rock on girl!

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VW_STEPH 6/5/2012 6:37AM

    Fantastic going! I've had the same dilemma - I know what I enjoy now and what I want from my workouts, but it gets hard to CHOOSE lol!! I've found the past week, what has helped me has to draw up a plan for the week and incorporate a little bit of everything, such as Bodyrock, ZWOW, other types of workouts.

Good for you, sounds like you're in a really great place. :)

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PLAYBLUES22 6/4/2012 3:37PM

    Sweetie, nice to hear someone likes to workout emoticon emoticon

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ok so first of all I kow it's been awhile since I blogged but that doesn't mean I haven't been working out and eating right! I originally wrote a blog about 2 weeks ago and spark was being weird and wouldn't post for some reason!

Anyway I finished the February 30 day Bodyrock challenge a few days ago, and did my fist test. I did improve a little but not a lot, but improvement is improvement! I was going to start the March bodyrock but once again my lower back starting hurting me (I've narrowed it down to jumping, like tuck jumps and bunny jumps are too hard on my lower back) So instead I have just been doing barre work outs until my back comes around

Since I am only doing barre workouts I've been switching it up, I pulled out my old Bar Method DVD's and they are awesome! I love coming back to oldies and falling in love all over again! I continue to do Xtendbarre (the love of my life) and mix in a little Pure Barre I think I will do barre all next week and then get back to bodyrocking.

My diet has been so so not good not bad just maintaining. So when I get back to bodyrocking I am going to rev up my diet via the eat clean diet (which I am already doing) Tosca sets up different coolers to pack and one set of coolers is for people who need that boost its a pretty strict diet but it is only for a short time and then you slip into a more relaxed eating clean.

I have to say I am happy though my body is constantly improving (even if the weight isn't going down) I'm super bummed but I can't find the charger for my camera so I haven't been able to take progress pics for almost 2 months! I guess I'll have to use my iphone until it is found :(

One other thing I made a recent purchase of a Yantra mat! Has anyone heard of these things? They are pretty cool! It's a mat that has all the spikes on it and you are to lay on it and it simulates accupressure. I have now progressed to laying on it without a shirt and what a rush! lol You get this surge of warmth and then relaxation, it's pretty fantastic. I bought mine on Amazon for $20 well worth it in my opinion. I just bough it but I'll be giving updates as I go.

Happy weekend everyone!

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    Sorry you're having lower back stuffs! That's rough =/ I've definitely been there!! My lower back used to "throw out" or actually, REALLY it was my hips being out of alignment, but anyway, it used to cause me a lot of back pain and was REALLY uncomfortable! But I've found that for me, since I've really gained a lot of core strength, that lower back pain is gone! But I know my hips are still out of alignment.. GAH! Lol! Must go to chiropractor! haha...

Also, that mat looks wicked! I bet you get a serious rush from that sucker! I'll be watching for updates! =]

Keep up the good work! And good luck with the clean(er) eating! =]

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CODILYNN2 5/21/2012 10:42AM

    That mat looks awesome!

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VW_STEPH 5/21/2012 5:54AM

    Wowy! Never heard of that mat before... looks intriguing!

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I've made some changes and getting resuls!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Alright it's been awhile since I've done an update
I have quit doing Insanity once again :( it just wasn't worth the injuries for me, I love the program but not the pain!

So! This is what I have been doing:

I BodyRock 2X a week

ZWOW 1 X a week

Xtend Barre 1 X a week

Physique 57 1X a week

I have also started Eating Clean via Tosca Reno's Eat Clean Diet (it isn't really a diet its a way of life)
I have been doing this consistantly for about 2 weeks and LOVE IT this is how it should be. I feel great and I'm happy and best of all I've lost inches!

I have officially lost and inch off of each upper thigh an inch off my BELLY and .5 inches of my waist my body is toneing and I am liking the way I look in the mirror :) funny thing is I haven't dropped a single pound! I don't care as long as I keep losing inches!

Here is one of the dinners I made this week it was soooo good and Clean!
Healthy Mexican Sweet Potatoe Skins

here is the website that I found this recipe

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    Way to go changing up your routine and getting better results! =D THat ROCKS girl!!! And I freaking LOVE bodyrocking! One of my favorite things about that website is that since we're ALWAYS doing a new routine my muscles never get used to doing the same thing over and over so I never hit a plateau! Way to go pushing through that! Keep up the awesome work! I bet those results are SUPER motivating to keep it up! =D

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FATHINSN 4/12/2012 8:44PM

    Wow, that's good! Change what you did and you start to see result. Maybe before this you had plateau. Congrats!

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VBA0731 4/12/2012 2:07PM

    Congrats on your results!!! emoticon

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