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Days 3 and 4: Just for Today

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day 3 was busy at work, and I felt stressed beyond the issues of just having to deal with multitasking. I kind of like multitasking, to be honest, probably because my life has always been so chaotic it just feels normal. This in itself is an issue for another day and another post. I finally decided that the artificial nails were responsible for my mood. They were pretty to look at, but they were making me crazy. It occurred to me that the person who told me I would get used to them also wears 4 inch heels and has terrible back problems. 'Nuff said; I spent 2 hours Tuesday night in a frantic effort to take the d@#%$d things off. Otherwise I did not work out on
Tuesday. But I am free of the claws.

Day 4...Exhausted from my efforts with the fake fingernails on Tuesday, I called in sick and went to the movies with DS. I ate much too much popcorn, and then we went for a run in the afternoon. I am taking a vacation from my C25K program (on W9? Am I crazy?). He is a lot younger and a lot faster than I am, so even though I am essentially taking a break to start over at W1, I am getting one heck of a workout, and picking up speed. In all it was a good day, and although I got too much sodium, I would otherwise call it a success.

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MSLZZY 8/15/2013 12:38PM

    Now I know why I don't get fake nails LOL! Hope today is better. HUGS!

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WALLINMW 8/15/2013 12:05PM

  Great Blog! Stay active and motivated.

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Day 2: Just for Today streak

Monday, August 12, 2013

It's Monday, and I'm back at my desk at work. I've discovered a new ally in my journey: Press-on nails... yes, that's right, fake fingernails. I chose black tipped medium length (very long in my opinion), with sparkly gold flowers on them. I went to the coffee stand for my morning brew, and there was a day old brownie, 25% off. It promised me it was just sitting there waiting for me, special. I picked it up, and saw my brand new press-on nails, and realized what a horrible mess I would make trying to eat that sticky brownie with my new nails. Back it went, for somebody else to munch on later.

I didn't end up doing my jog yesterday. I did spend about 3 hours mucking out my poor neglected house. Tonight will do as well for the beginning of my last week of couch to 5 k.

P.S. Typing with these things on my fingers is nowhere near as bad as I expected, but playing my piano is going to be another issue.

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THOMS1 8/15/2013 4:02PM

    I would love to go to a nail place and get nails put on but the cost keeps me from doing it. Enjoy!! And good for you with the brownie. emoticon

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MSLZZY 8/12/2013 3:31PM

    I would feel absolutely helpless in fake nails. I keep
mine trimmed as I have a hard enough time typing
with short nails. Typing class in school was fine but
I was ever so slow. I haven't gained much speed
in that department. Glad your nails stopped you
from taking the brownie. HUGS!

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Day 1: Just for today.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Well my SP friends, the honeymoon is definitely over. I have been making some of my old bad choices regularly enough to stop my weight loss in its tracks, to say nothing of what it is no doubt doing to my BP and glucose levels.

So I'm starting my first ever real streak. I'm calling it Just For Today. Catchy title, yes? I figure I can manage anything just for a day. Just for today I am going to stick to my Nutritarian diet plan. I have already started with a breakfast of banana, grapes, and raw edible pod peas. I have already had my limited food in the form of a mocha. I am going to do Day 1 Week 9 of my Couch 2 5K program today. Those familiar with this program will recognize that this is the last week of the program. I've repeated weeks before, and I'm not afraid to repeat this week either. The one thing I would be afraid of is stopping once I'm done with the program. But that's a problem for another day. Just for today, I will go out and run in the rain for 30 minutes.

But first, I'm going to find the top of my kitchen cabinet so that I can cook healthy food this week.

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MSLZZY 8/11/2013 6:19PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Good Morning SP campers!

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

I just love the rain! I like to ride through the mud puddles and get sloppy wet, then go home, shower and have hot chocolate and soup with a movie.

All that said, I'm sitting in my office trying to work while visions of mud puddles dance through my head. I was never really meant to grow up. But I have tapped into this side of my personality after years of raising a child on my own, struggling to make ends meet, fighting cancer (or rather the treatments that made me so sick), and the break-up of my birth family to in-fighting.

It's like a re-birth. I feel the water roll under my bike helmet, and splash up onto my legs, and I am new again. The world around me is misty and gray, but full of intrigue. It is a day on which anything can happen.

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MSLZZY 8/7/2013 5:38PM

    A great and glorious was to spend the day. HUGS!

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Tuesday, and 3 more days to call in for Jury Duty

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

So far so good, my number hasn't come up yet. Still waiting. In the mean time I sat on my glasses while knitting on my socks last night. I'm wearing them now. I call the look Occulous Moebious. The optical shop opens in 15 minutes, and I plan to be there when they do.

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    Hope the cases get plea bargained!!

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RACEWELLWON 7/30/2013 3:21PM

    Keep wearing them maybe that will get you out of Jury Duty - lol - Oh thanks for stopping by the other day - You made me laugh with the Beer Idea for dehydration - maybe it will work !! No emoticon in the waiting room ! K

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MSLZZY 7/30/2013 2:22PM

    Good luck!

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