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Down the drain without a paddle, the straight scoop on my home repair woes.

Monday, July 15, 2013

On Wednesday, July 3, my extra long vacation turned into the vacation from H-E-double hockey sticks.

I was resting that morning, for the first time in days. I'd wanted to make sure that my house didn't call out to me for more work, so I cleaned a lot the first half of the week. I had just settled in when I heard an odd plopping sound. It happened again. After the third repetition I had to admit that it was water, and the only way I could be hearing that particular quality of plopping sound was if water was dripping onto the tarp that was (serendipitously) still not put away from the great condo Exterior Painter Invasion.

Skipping ahead a few hours, the first thing I did was call my favorite contractor, who sawed a smallish hole in my ceiling and set up 3 massive machines to blast air and noise into our little condo for the next 2 days (since the next day was the 4th, I would have to pay them extra to remove them then).

On Friday, after the machines had finally unclogged my home, and my thought processes, I finally called the insurance agency. They immediately told me no, they wouldn't cover the damage to my home because it apparently hadn't happened suddenly enough, and there was bound to be some long-term mildew trouble that was not covered in my insurance (words to that effect). By this point DS and I had already torn up the linoleum and stripped most of the underlay to get at the wet area and dry it off. Our main bathroom was now a construction site.

Today I had an insurance adjuster come in and take a look at the area, and take pictures. He was very polite, and nicely explained to me that my coverage didn't include sudden incidents that happen inside the walls, and don't get seen immediately. Also, there was clearly a tiny spot in the middle of the mess that was the emergency for which I was seeking help, that was long term damage. Since they didn't cover that spot, they weren't going to cover any of it. This isn't how he worded it, but that's the essence of what he said.

I'm not going to whine, but I am already on the lookout for another insurance agency. I've been paying into this policy for 20 years, and now realize I've been wasting my money. Next time I'm going over the policy with a magnifying glass.

So, what does this all have to do with my program? Nothing. I exercised, made sure I was eating the right stuff, and took out my frustrations on my bike. It wasn't, and isn't easy, but the last thing I need is to add an expanding waist and more health problems to the mix.

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MRS_EVA_K 7/17/2013 7:30AM

    I'm sorry for the mess. Insurance companies are pains in the rear end. But I'm glad you didn't allow the stress to derail you program. The fact you are taking it in stride speaks volumes.

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TLG71567 7/16/2013 1:00PM

    Oh I am so sorry. Hope you can get it all dried out. Between unscrupulous contractors and insurance companies, sometimes I think owning a home is a scary proposition. My husband and I are considering doing some upgrade work to our house, but I have to say I am scared to get into it.

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RACEWELLWON 7/15/2013 7:38PM

    So typical of insurance companies to wiggle out of payment . I am so sorry , you are a trooper for handling this situation as well as you are , I would have torn his head off . That 's hormones speaking at the moment. Big Hugs K emoticon

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MSLZZY 7/15/2013 3:06PM

    Speaking from experience, there is a good possibility that no other insurance policy would have covered this type of loss. Most have exclusuins for mold and mildew too.

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Today's Sparkcoach lesson was on moderation; somthing I'm thinking a lot about this morning. With all the frustrations in my house right now, the tub is not useable, which led us to rip up the bathroom floor, which turned the main bathroom into a construction site, insurance is making noises like they're going to try to find a way to sleaze their way out of covering the damage...anyway, a less than ideal home situation this summer.

That last paragraph meandered away from my I was starting to say, with all this going on I needed a little release. I signed up for an evening bike ride with a local adventurers' club (so far so good). They were meeting at 6:30 pm, so I put in some extra overtime at the office (total workday 10 hours) and rode out to meet them. The route they took brought me to the right side of town, South Anchorage, but much farther away from home than I had expected to be, and pretty much exhausted.

I got home at 9:45 badly in need of a shower. Remember the tub is unusable, so I gave my parents a call to see if they would mind my stinky sweaty self in their home for a shower. Mom likes to talk, so once I was done with my shower it took me a while to escape their house. It was almost 11:00 by the time I got home, and I hadn't eaten yet.

I got 3 hours of sleep, and I'm back at work for another long day. You would think I would learn my lesson, after all, I'm not 20 anymore, but for some reason my brain keeps going on about how to handle the ride next week.

Is this moderation? Probably not. Did I learn from it? I'm reminded of the time my brother broke both of his heals in a skiing accident in which he came off a cliff and landed on a flat cattrack instead of more slope; when I asked him if he had learned anything from this experience his response was "Yeah. I should have been goin' much faster. If I'd been goin' fast enough I would have flown right over that sucker." I guess it's a family trait.

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RACEWELLWON 7/11/2013 5:58PM

    lol - do not mean to laugh but I completely understand- so , the bike adventures sound terrific - awesome !! I can really relate to the entire heel situation. BTW - I am Irish by Marriage !! lol emoticon

Comment edited on: 7/11/2013 5:58:29 PM

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BEAUTIFUL_REINA 7/11/2013 2:42PM

    lol Way to get back on that horse ha ha

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MSLZZY 7/11/2013 2:40PM

    You so sound like me. Bite off way more than I can chew and it isn't
anything edible. Guess we'll figure it out sooner or later. HUGS!

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Positive feedback or revenge?

Monday, July 08, 2013

Spark Coach asked me today to visualize all the positive response I would get once I had reached my goal weight. I do look forward to those ego boosts.

But is it wrong that one of the things I want is revenge? And I want it oh, so badly.

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A-NEW-PAULA 7/8/2013 5:20PM

    "Looking good is ALWAYS the best revenge!" There is a reason this quote has been around forever!!!!

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RACEWELLWON 7/8/2013 4:24PM

    Yeah I can see revenge being a positive reaction in a way . It depends on the situation. Only you know the answer to that situation. However - I see that your a fighter - I mean for your health , over coming what you have in the past . That is a positive situation that only you can take credit . Is it wrong to feel revenge ? No , I think to some extent its normal for a lot of people who are working on a life style change to feel revenge. I used to feel that way myself but , then I started to feel that this change was for me and not for anyone else- Hugs K hope that I helped emoticon

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MSLZZY 7/8/2013 2:43PM

    Yes, it depends on the motive behind the revenge. Sometimes, it is the
"I-told-you-so" type of revenge. Sometimes, it is something deeper.
I can't blame you for feeling like that. You are only human. See what
happens when you get to goal. HUGS!

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STEPH24379 7/8/2013 1:56PM

    I think it depends on what your revenge is ??????? Is it to make someones jaw drop and say Holy Cow your hot. or do you plan on poking someones eyes out LOL

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The Flying Fickle Finger of Fate

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Is anyone willing to admit they're old enough to be familiar with this award? I think I won it yesterday.

I was all happy with my new yarn, and had curled up on the couch with my fur baby to watch a couple of episodes of Buffy, and start working out what needle size I was going to need for my socks (playing with the new yarn).

Feeling nice and relaxed, knowing it would still be another 1/2 hour before my grown son finished getting showered and dressed, and made his presence known.

"Plop!" That was an odd sound. "Plop!" Okay, so I should have put the tarp away, wasn't using it anymore. "Plop!" That had better not be water dripping from upstairs. "Plop!"

"@#$$& *&%@ #@(*$, @#&$*# @(*#$&!" I learned to talk like that when I was an Air Force spouse. I pulled the comforter off my legs, scooted the dog onto the floor, dragged my legs around the ottoman, and sure enough there was a little hairline crack in the ceiling right below where the bathtub would be, with a new drip forming as I watched.

To make a long story a little less long, the caulking around the tub did not form a good seal with the floor, and hadn't for some time. I had a couple of workmen over yesterday who cut a hole in my ceiling and now there are 2 giant fans blowing dry air into the flooring above. Insurance won't pay because it wasn't "sudden and accidental". DS and I stripped away some of the linoleum from the bathroom to discover that the floor boards are wet and mildewed.

All I wanted to do last night was go out to a nice restaurant and eat comfort food. But I'm on the Fuhrman plan since the beginning of the week, and have really been on a roll. So I took myself firmly but gently by the hand, and gave myself a little pep talk. I came to a compromise; I would fix a good healthy Fuhrman plan dinner, and I would hide out in bed and read instead of taking my run.

I still don't want to run today, but I've already discovered the hard way that hiding out from negative realities doesn't make them go away. Today I will figure out what percent of the repair work DS and I can do, and what percent I'm going to have to pay to have done, I will take my run, and then I will find a nice quiet seat in a restaurant somewhere, sip on herb tea and play with my new yarn.

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RACEWELLWON 7/6/2013 5:11PM

    Yeah - I know what you mean about bathroom repairs my home is over 80 years of age and this fall I will be doing the same thing as you are right now . The upstairs bathroom in the in law apartment has leaked by way of bad caulking through the floor to my main floor bathroom. So to repair will be major construction and most likely a stay at a hotel until complete :( argh - what can you do really - Buffy??? emoticon love it, K - thanks for commenting on my inspirational photo ! You can do it !! emoticon

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MSLZZY 7/4/2013 7:09PM

    How disappointing to think of home repairs that have been brewing for some time. But you are handling it well. I hope to see a pic of those socks when you get done. SPark on!
And yes, I know all about that award. I laughed to see you mention it.

Comment edited on: 7/4/2013 7:10:04 PM

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Goodbye 12 pounds, hello sock yarn!

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

For my first 10 pound weight loss, I promised myself new sock yarn and a music lesson. I bought the yarn yesterday. I may have to move the music lesson down to another goal, I can't really afford it yet. Besides, if I swing things right, I can get a couple of free lessons from my sister over the winter holidays. Free is my favorite price.

I know blog entries are supposed to involve some heavy thinking about health and the like, but I'm on vacation this week, and refuse to do any heavy thinking of any kind.

Thank you all for having my back. Now I'm off to do some more laundry, cook some more high nutrient value food, and watch a couple of episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer with my dog.

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LYDDIECAT 7/4/2013 8:03AM

    What yarn did you buy? (yep, I'm a sock knitter)

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WENDYSPARKS 7/4/2013 7:35AM


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MSLZZY 7/4/2013 7:32AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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COFFEEMUG2009 7/3/2013 10:25PM


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LISAINMS 7/3/2013 3:45PM


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  Have fun vactioning emoticon

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RACEWELLWON 7/3/2013 12:50PM

    Congrats on your success !! Yippee - Love the Fur baby - looks like my Mr. Belmont - Happy Forth - K

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BOOKWORM27S 7/3/2013 12:45PM

    Congrats on your weight loss!

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