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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Today has been a good day . I toodk my oldest son to my work since it was take your child to work day.. he enjoyed it as well as I..he saw what it was like to work at my the end he told me mom you know you really work hard here your the best.. that filled my heart and motivated me more to stick it out with my healthy plan and exercise..I want to enjoy life and my son just like today..


This New Year 2011..

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I have sat down and thought about last year and what I could change for this new year 2011..there are alot of stuff so much that I sometimes am overwhelm..I want to first of all break the cycle in which I live in.. I declutter then do not keep it up and clutter again I organize then I forget or get lazy and everything is mispalced.. I forget things because I know I do not leave them where they should go.. and mind you my family even though they a young boys they too do not help.. I want to become independent but must organize to not depend on anybody.. I started with my kitchen because I am tired of openning a cabinent door and everything falling out.. oh!! and my drawers they were so stuffed that I had to push thing in to close it..i threw out everything that I have not used in the past month anything that is out dated or does not look good too!! Now my kitchen and drawers are clutter free and easy to cook for this new year I am going to continue doing little by little and with some help of a group I joined to hold me accountable to sticking to it.... This new year 2011 to a new organized me!!!!!!!!! emoticon


Happy today!!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Today it's my son's birthday..been celebrating every step of the way.. I want to bring him some memoriesto look back on...He turned 6 but in the morning as a family we woke him up singin happy birthday to him at my work which is his school on his luch time the whole school sang Happy birthday and 5 times then at night we cooking out side in the barbeque his favorites along with a cake and of course singing...right now he fell asleep watching his favorites we put him to bed and to all that I owe not signing in here sooner .. but at least I did and wrote a blog.. my eating at first was good but at night I ate a peice of cake with him... he was so happy ...and for that I do not feel guilty tomorrow is another day....


Sunday 11/14/2010

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Today I decided to relax a little which is pretty hard for me to do.. I have two boys that likes to do this and that and go everywhere but stay home... so out we went .. went for a few errains so that my week will be less stressful..were stop by at a store and I saw a single coffee maker at a good price and thought you know its been a while since I brought anything for me told my husband lets do it.. we did then took it home set it up and had a wonderful cup of coffee just my husband and I made some low fat pound cake and enjoyed that special moment of just the two of us talking what has to be done for the week to come.. menus planning as well as work things.. I am glad to the most that I am finally get it that once in awhile one must reward ourselves for the tiny little things we do right like eating right healthy exercising and drinking my water.. this week has been wonderful and waiting for the following to come... I guess taking baby steps is what its all about...



Saturday, November 13, 2010

Today I woke up with motivation to clean and organize.. I am decluttering little by little its amazing how when accumilates plain old junk.. I need to do this for two reason to keep myself busy and the other to make my busy life easier.. I started with my laundry I actually looked at my clothes and asked myself do I really need it if the answer came out no then I put in a donation bag I made..then went to the kitchen I opened my freezers and did an inventory and found out I do not need to go do grocery I have enough for this more buying just because its a good deal ...I tood out some chicken parts I always stock away for soup dusted my slow cooker and added some veggies and have dinner for today and lunch for next I am taking a break cuase the two bags gonna take it to a friends house so she can give it to a couple of poeple she knows that do not have nothing and going thru some rough times... I feel good about myself getting rid of my stuff to make make it less stress and strangers in need indeed wil use... Thank god.... emoticon

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AVRILLE1 11/14/2010 11:04AM

    How lucky we are that we have stuff to give others during these hard times. I cleaned the bottom of my cupboard today and put away all the shoes that were lying around. I'm getting rid of two pairs of sneakers and a pair of sandals. Just putting them on top of the bin outside. They've definitely see better days!

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