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Thursday, March 24, 2011

So Thursday, the day before Friday...I always like the other side of hump day...but I really like Thursday, also, because it's shoulder day in my new workout, and I'm loving doing shoulders--really I guess I love every lift, except legs--but shoulders are fun because I see so much definition in my shoulders when I workout that it pushes me to work harder/lift heavier. So today I upped the weights in all the exercises I performed and even was able to complete the cable lat raise exercise--which I couldn't do last week....spin class this week has seen me keeping my heart rate elevated in the 86-90 range all week! Good workouts to say the least!

Weather here has caused 2 of my 3 games to be canceled this week, though I did get a replacement game for tomorrow-very disappointing--lost money, and lost opportunity to burn some additional calories!

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MYCUTEGIZMO 3/24/2011 2:52PM

  Good job!!

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Seems hinky...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ok, I admit it, I've become a gym rat! My time at the gym is like a cure-all for my moods and life's problems. I enjoy getting into a good sweat, I'm addicted to watching my heart rate increase as I'm working out, and I LOVE lifting weights. I love how it feels while I'm lifting, I like the challenge of lifting heavier than I did last week, and keeping and eye on proper form-which I take great pride in achieving. I understand that not everyone is going to get the same rush from the gym as I do, and I'm fortunate to finally be able to afford (plus I have found a very affordable gym membership) the monthly charge to belong to my gym, and also fortunate that my gym offers anything I need or want from a gym at an affordable cost. I know, from experience, that a person can lose weight without the gym ( I lost 80 lbs, in 8 months without doing anything but walk--eventually run), but I have to believe that I would have stalled or plateaued, at some point without adding serious weight training. That weight training, could not be duplicated in my home without investing a lot of money in equipment. Yes, I did buy exercise bands, and had used them before I joined the gym, and they provide a certain level of fitness, as does body weight exercises. Recently, I've been bombarded by articles touting at-home exercise/equipment free exercise from almost every resource that I subscribe to, and the question becomes, how long are these types of exercise effective? Two of my favorite magazines, Oxygen, and M&F Hers, which usually cater to serious weight-training readers have devoted months and months of copy to non-gym exercises. This is very disturbing to me on many levels. First, I subscribe to these periodicals in order to find new, challenging workouts that I can utilize at my gym; Second, it seems they are joining the rest of the weight-loss industry in promoting the myth of losing weight easily. I'm sure this blog will cause some further backlash for me, and I re-iterate-I'm certain that many folks have found success with these types of workouts, but I'm really curious as to how long one can keep progressing without the gym...I know I'm not motivated enough to workout as hard at home as I do in the competitive setting of the gym. I could never, day-in-day-out duplicate my workout in spin class-not while running, or even if I had a spin bike in my home--so perhaps it just means I'm not a strong enough individual to be an at-home exerciser..and if that's so...than I've learned something new today.

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SIMPLE_TAILOR 4/7/2011 11:18AM

    Don't get caught up in that way. It is how they make money. They get everyone doing activity A, then a few months later, a "study" comes out that says that activity A is crap, here is activity B, do this now.

Maybe I am cynical (ok, there is no maybe to this). but it's just the way it is. We all have to find what works for us. Some people go to the gym for their exercise fix, some do it at home. We all have to do what gives us the results that we are happy with and we are happy doing.

Keep up what you are doing!! It is something you enjoy and gives you the results you are looking for.

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KEALEY1318 3/23/2011 3:10PM

  I agree with you, actually! I find it too distracting to work out at home (I have 3 young children) and the equipment is much more sophisticated and accurate at the gym. Also, my gym offers a lot of classes that I wouldn't otherwise take and they even have childcare that we can take advantage of (for a fee of course). Glad you enjoy your gym!

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Good day

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

After a less than impressive weekend, which saw me feeling too nauseous to eat much, and have to leave spin class a little early, I'm back on track today. I'm still not feeling quite right, but I got my workout in and lifted heavy and did five extra minutes of spin today. It's really funny how most times when the alarm goes off, I begrudgingly get up and promise myself a nap when I return from the gym, but ultimately that never happens, because I'm energized enough. I especially love chest/tri days of my workouts, not sure why, but I really do enjoy the lifting on those days, and it does get me going for the remainder of the day. I'm also glad to say that I'm lifting heavier each week (except with chest flyes--always careful to protect my left shoulder so I don't go crazy with the weight for this exercise).

This week's weight loss was only -.2 but I attribute that to not eating within my calories for a couple days and also not being regular...sorry if that's TMI! Hoping for a better number this week, but really am seeing such results in my body composition, that I won't be upset if it's not at least a pound.

I have a game to umpire this afternoon, and boy is it freezing out there today--in fact, they are predicting snow and freezing rain for tomorrow! I could really live without that!!!!

Oh well, looking forward to another good lift tomorrow--back and bi's...

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TRIGFROST 3/22/2011 2:38PM

    Hiddy's off to where you need to go... emoticon

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Very Surprising!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I just finished taking a SP poll in the fitness section and was stunned to see that 22% of people never refresh their music and 29% of people don't even listen to music while they workout! I couldn't dream of getting a good workout in without my music. It totally dictates how hard I push no matter what I'm doing. If I'm running my strides match the beat, if I'm in spin the music decides what I'm going to do, either increase tension, or pick up the cadence, while I'm lifting it gives me the push to get the extra rep, or lift very heavy drives me! I change up/add music a couple times a month and I'm always looking for something new to help keep my workouts fresh. It's no wonder that people don't enjoy their workouts, if they are not jammin' to some cool tunes! Sometimes when I'm out running in our orchards I'm just singing at the top of my lungs and that is an awesome "high!" I would encourage everyone to get an mp3 player and download your favorite music and then get moving. You'll be shocked at how much easier and fun your workouts become!


Idea for next workout....

Friday, March 18, 2011

Rather than do three sets of dumbbell presses followed by three sets of incline presses, combine the two exercises. Start with one set of chest presses on a flat bench. Then raise the bench one notch from the flat position—to about 15 to 20 degrees—for your second set. Continue raising the angle one notch per set, stopping at the notch before vertical.

"This lets you exhaust more muscle fibers by working your chest through five or six different angles instead of just the basic two," says Wayne Westcott, Ph.D., a Massachusetts-based exercise researcher. You'll actually end up doing fewer sets, so you'll save time, too.

I found this interesting to try, and after I finish 4 weeks of my current workout (I actually just finished week one--so that leaves three to go) I'm going to incorporate this technique into the next program I use. I'm always looking for new workouts and exercise techniques to keep things interesting and challenging.

Today was the fifth lifting day for the week, the second leg day, with focus on deadlifts. I again surprised myself by doing things I had convinced myself I was unable to do, because of my OA knee problem. Today's workout: deadlifts 4x8, 95 lbs; front squats 3x12 35lbs; leg extensions 3x12, 70lbs; romanian deadlifts, 3x12, 95lbs, seated leg curls, 3x15 45lbs.

Later in the afternoon, because the weather was so unusually nice, I went for a 25 minute walk/run, just for the pleasure of getting outdoors!


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