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Keeping on!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Well, I'm keeping my streak going. Spinning class 8 days in a row, with no serious knee issues. I also worked out my legs again today(Wednesday is leg day)and though it's a little tight(swollen)I'm very comfortable.

I read an interesting SP mailing today in the weekly Spark. It really summerizes what I recently went through with my cardio time. While, I had a real excuse(ughh hate that word)in my injury, it was getting too easy to give into the pain and take a pass on cardio. I kept up with my strength workouts, but I love them, so that part is easy for me, but I would count my softball games as cardio and not go to spinning class or do 15 minutes on the treadmill(that's not enough time). "We all know how important exercise is to our health. We all know we should be doing it, but we allow ourselves “outs” with what we consider justifiable excuses. You can excuse yourself out of anything if you keep listening to yourself long enough. You can let those rationalizations make sense if you try. Sometimes it just seems easier to excuse myself from certain elements of my program, but in the end, I have made a deal with myself in that I have to do the workouts, and eat right, in order to live this new wonderful lifestyle I've grown accustomed to. I want to be healthy for a long time. I’ve got a long list of reasons why. I like to feel good and feel good about myself. I like the way exercise and eating well make me feel. I like buying clothes because they look good on me, not because it's the only thing(thank God)that fits. I like going golfing, and riding my bike, and umpiring, all things I couldn't do when I was obese. I like seeing my reflection in the mirror and fitting in the booths at resturants or movie theater/airplane seats. I like knowing I'm ensuring I will be around to see grandkids grow up, and enjoy life-after-kids with my wonderful husband in an active fashion. I like all these things more than I like sleeping or eating, and I'll do whatever it takes in order to keep living this way!

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CATT113 7/31/2008 9:02AM

  I love this blog! Thank you for the reminder about "outs" and excuses. I'm the queen of excuses. Just last night, I gave into temptation and raided the fridge big time at 3am and had a wonderful excuse as to why I was allowed to. It's a good one, too...because my schedule is off:) It worked for me last night, but now, riddled with guilt AND reading your blog, it really hits home that I need to suck it up and do what I need to do, or I won't see the results. I'm seeing more excuses than I'm seeing results. Thanks for the reminder.

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Finally no pain

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Well, this week I was finally able to make spinning class everyday, and finish the class without experiencing any pain in my knee! What a relief!!! I was really beginning to think that I was at a point where my knee was going to prevent me from doing what I wanted and needed to do. But, it seems to be back to where it was before and I'm back to doing things I want and need to do.

Softball umpiring is just about over until fallball starts and that will only be on Sundays. I am starting a new adventure, so to speak, I'm going to officiate field hockey. While I'm not a huge fan of the sport, I enjoy doing something athletic and being outdoors. It gives me another opportunity to run and get exercise in addition to my regular working out and get paid for it! Plus, I like the idea of giving back to women's athletics, as it's meant so much to my daughters. All three of them played field hockey for at least a year or so, until they focused completely on their main sport-softball(with the exception of my youngest who concentrated on her participation in the arts-singing and the play--she sang at Carnegie Hall twice!).

My lifting workouts this week were really awesome, and I continue to see improvements. I'm also back to working my legs again, since the knee is feeling better. This week on leg day I did squats, and leg press without any residual pain(these have a tendency to cause my knee to swell). I noticed how very "cut" my calves are and that made me smile! I'm going to concentrate on toning my thighs, since, the lack of spinning class caused a decrease in the tightness and shape of the upper leg and hip area.

I'm still amazed at how far I've come, especially as I'm approaching my 53rd birthday(next Friday). I could never have imagined living this active lifestyle, back when I turned 50 and was obese. I really thought I was destined(or had chosen as it was)to be that size forever. I am so thankful that the light finally went on, and continues to shine.

I still have plenty of times where I'm self-depricating about various body parts, and have been contemplating getting the surgeries to remove the skin from problematic areas(stomach, thighs, hips, upper arms). But, truth be told, I know I'll never go through with it. Why go to all this trouble to get healthy, only to risk that health in the name of vanity? After all, I'm 53(almost), and age happens!

I read another Spark members blog about being all or nothing and in the past giving up each time she attempted weight loss. She spoke of many of the things I've written in past blogs, about commitment and following through, and staying true to your goal. She also spoke of the feeling of disbelief, still, in being a fit person, and how sometimes she looks in the mirror and can't believe the reflection of herself. These are all things I feel and have experienced along the way. I'm so proud of myself when I'm in the gym lifting and working out. I look at the person in the mirror being so strong and capable and I'm filled with a sense of accomplishment that I don't think I've ever really felt before, at least not for a sustained period of time. I guess I always knew that person was buried inside, under all those excess pounds, but I just wasn't sure she would ever come to forfront and take charge. I'm so grateful that she somehow found her way, because life is so much sweeter now that she has.


My poor baby girl!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Well, this evening I got that ever chilling phone call that every parent dreads, and fears everytime their phone rings and their child is on the road. My youngest daughter had an auto accident, and totalled her beloved red Mustang convertible. She's very lucky that she suffered only some minor bruising, a broken toe, and of course a whole lot of emotional distress. The other driver, who pulled out from a stop sign right in front of her, was injured, but not seriously, and his two passengers were only slightly banged up. But, I feel so badly for my daughter as she's been working so hard this summer to save money for her study abroad trip to Australia this fall(she leaves in late August). She's such a great kid and doesn't deserve this to have happened to her. I must say that I'm thankful that she was wearing her seatbelt and that her car was obviously well built. But it's heartbreaking to see her so distraught and emotionally distraught. I know it's only a car and it can be replaced, but she loved that car and felt like a million bucks when she was behind the wheel. She earned every minute of that feeling as she's never given her dad and I a minutes worry, she's always been an academic achiever(made the Dean's List at Boston University last semester)and she works hard at everything she does. She asks for so very little from her dad and I and I'd give anything for this not to have happened to her.

Neither of us is able to fall asleep yet, tonight so I figured I'd just put somethings down on paper to help get them out and relieve the stress of this night.
Hopefully the sun will shine on a brighter tomorrow for us.

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DEB0413 7/19/2008 9:26PM

    Hope the days are looking better now!! Glad DD wasn't hurt!! Those emotions can take a toll though!! Take care!

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TRECECOOKS 7/12/2008 7:46PM

    Thank God she'll be OK!!

We were on the phone with our kids when they had an accident last winter (on speaker with passengers). It was chilling. Fortunately they were just shaken up - an SUV had nearly run them off the road.

Tomorrow will be brighter, and in time the fear will dissipate.

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Is it soup yet?

Monday, July 07, 2008

The humidity here in Jersey is out of control! We got 2 minute downpour, and have no relief from this horrible humidity. Alas, this is nothing new, but just felt the need to vent. I also had to go and replace my phone (just got it in February). It just stopped working over the weekend. While they did replace it, I had to drive 30 minutes from my house in order to do so. It's such a racket. Why can't I just go buy a new phone at a normal price if mine breaks or I don't like it or want a new one? Why should "new" customers be allowed to get free phones that cost me $80 bucks and 2 more contract years? There really needs to be a better system!

But, I'm finally recovered from my run on Friday. It really took a lot out of me as I was still exhausted on Saturday doing my softball games. Sunday, yesterday, was much better as I did 2 games(heat was down and the sun stayed behind the clouds, so that helped). Mondays are always a bugger for me after doing 4 or more games. But, I still get it done!

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DEB0413 7/9/2008 10:54PM

    Hey, congrats on your July 4 weekend run! The humidity has been high here in Ohio the last week or so, too. I could do without that! At least our bike path is in the shade! I'd rather be outside than on the treadmill inside, but have to do both to get my time in. . . Hope the summer slows down for you! (and me, too.)

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What a weekend!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Well, I have a lot to be proud of this holiday weekend. Since I've been losing the weight, I've talked about running in our neighboring town's 4 Mile Freedom Run held on July 4th. But, I've always talked myself out of it, as it's touted as quite grueling. It's a rather hilly course with one very steep and long hill around the end of mile one, and of course, it's always HOT!. But, on Thursday, I drove into town, and signed up. Of course, all my kids were saying, I would have run with you, etc, but I didn't want an opportunity to change my mind by waiting to ask who wanted in. So, on Friday morning, I got up and dressed (saw it was raining) and had my husband drive me into town and drop me off. Unbeknowst to me, he watched me at the beginning (at around the .75 mark) and then watched me come down to and cross the finish line. It was indeed, quite grueling, and the humidity played a big role in making it so. Additionally, I learned a valuable lesson, no "energy" drinks pre-race. I had a sugar-free RedBull, complimentary from race administers, and really found it to cause me to feel as if I was cramping up and as if I was dehydrated. But, I never allowed myself to give in to the struggles I was having, I pushed through and ran (according to my Nike+)the best mile time of my life. While it's not fast by any standard, I averaged 11:14 per mile and am proud of running and finishing this race. I'll never be mistaken for a serious runner, but when you consider where I was on July 4, 2005, the fact that I can do anything like this, is unbelievable. I'm also so blessed to have a husband who is so supportive and proud of me. Best of all, he never fails to tell me just how proud he is, and I know how lucky I am to have him!

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DEBBIEDAY 7/7/2008 12:09AM

    emoticon emoticon YOU DID IT and YOU FINISHED!!!! Celebrate the amazing accomplishment and all the hard work you have done to get there!!!!!!

Be blessed,

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