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Day 2 new lifting program

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

So today was leg+Calves+Abs. I had to modify the exercises as those given (squat, bulgarian split squat, DB step-up, reverse lunge)all place undue stress on the bad knee. So, this was my amended program:
Leg Extensions 4X4 75 lbs 2x12 60 lbs
Leg Curls 4x4 60 lbs 2x12 40 lbs
Donkey Calf raise 4x4 225 lbs 2x12 200lbs
adductor 4x4 115 lbs 2x12 100 lbs
abductor 4x4 130 lbs 2x12 115 lbs
decline crunch 3x15 10 lbs
ball bridge/leg curl 3x12 (body weight only)
I think this program needs a little tinkering, as I should have 3 total exercises each for hamstring and quads, and I'll need to add something for my glutes since I'm not doing the multi-joint exercises...but, since I have such a problem with the knee (this is not an excuse) I need to be mindfull of what I do for my legs.

Spinning class was very good today, although I only burned 425 calories today (per heart rate monitor) I decided that was good enough since we're going line-dancing tonight...

I'm having a bit of trouble getting the necessary protein in a day...but I'll get it right.

The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.

- Flora Whittemore

There are natural consequences that accompany every choice we make in life. Some opportunities inevitably pass us by, but we can take advantage of others. Many people feel powerless but this is rarely the case--some opportunities just require a little thinking outside the box. You have the power to create the life you want if you are willing to set goals and take steps toward them. Rarely does fulfilling our hopes and dreams happen overnight, but daily you can take one tiny move towards them.


Story behind the back photo

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

OK, here's the story behind the photo that's provoked a lot of comments on my page(btw thanks to all). My husband comes on here and reads my blog and compares me with other members(hi hon). He saw the fitness inspiration page and saw some other member's photos of their musculature and said I looked that good too, so we decided to take some shots(thanks for being so proud of me)and it took me a few days to get them on here(I still focus on the places I need improvement and I'm not where I want to be yet). So, that's the story...

Today's scheduled workout was cardio based. I got to the gym ridiculously early so I had to do something(1 1/2 hours before spinning class). I ended up doing 30 minutes of intervals(running/walking)on the treadmill and then doing 100 reps 65 lbs for 90 95lbs for 10)on the ab machine(I'll pay for that tomorrow) and then adding some ab work on the stability ball. I also got to spin class early (15 minutes) and started riding before the rest of the class got there. So, all in all, it was very productive as I burned 530 cals during class plus another 200 before hand.

My workout from Monday is making itself known in some muscle soreness(it's all good though) today. And I was pretty wiped out after the gym today since I didn't get to bed early enough last night and had a restless night.

The Weekly Spark had some really good articles today. One about thinking yourself fit. It totally works, I do it all the time, especially in class today when we were doing jumps and my legs were fatigued I so thought I couldn't continue, then I started saying "I'm strong, I can, I will" over and over to myself and before I knew it we had finished! Once again, back to what I've been posting, it all starts with your mind. That's where you win the battle no matter what the challenge. Being strong just means that you make a conscious choice to do the things you know you have to in order to get to your goal...being healthy and fit. You can't be a rebel and go crazy by eating too little or not exercising(weight loss without exercise just doesn't work--you're still fat on the inside no matter how much weight in pounds you lose--and the weight will just come back eventually anyway...

Another AHHA moment came tonight. I've been reading about eating 1 gram of protein for each pound you weigh and thinking that this was extreme...low and behold while carefully reading my nutrition page I found that if I did that I would fall in my recommended range for daily protein intake! DUHHHH!! I really hate when I don't read things carefully because I think I know what I'm doing. So, starting tomorrow, I'll be focusing on eating 154 grams of protein.

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TRECECOOKS 1/30/2008 1:12PM

    OK, I'm "Sparklifting" this - "I'm strong - I can - I will!"

And I think I found my biceps today!! There are these funky bumps on the outside of my upper arms!!

And I got my reward haircut; I'm not sure I'm pleased. Maybe I can wear a paper bag for a few days. . .

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New Workout

Monday, January 28, 2008

If you're a firm believer that cardio is the fastest way to drop bodyfat and get lean, keep reading --- you're in for what may be a very pleasant surprise. REally, the best place to battle the bulge and strip away those last few stubborn pounds is in the weight room. It may go against the general logic, but it's true. Through some innovative yet simple training techniques, you can prime your body to not only build muscle and accenturate your curves but also incinerate your fat stores in the process. All without endless, mind-unmbing bouts on the cardio machines. How can you do it? By shaking up your current training style. You see, people have a tendency to stick to one rep range, be it the commone 8-12, the higher-rep 12-15 or somewhere else along the spectrum. But by using a workout that employs a muctitude of rep ranges, you can cash in on the specific benefits that each provides, according to M&F HERS Fitness Director Jimmy Pen`a. "The heavier weights in this program help elevate your metabolism after your workout - in other words, you'll burn more fat long after you've left the gym," he explains. "meanwhile, the high-rep protion of the plan burns the most calories during the workout. Combining low reps with heavy weight and high reps with moderate weight has a powerful effect on your overall caloric burn."

For your sets of 4-6 reps, choose the heaviest weight you can handle. If you can perform seven reps, you've gone too light, and if you can muster only three, the weight's too heavy. After the first week of trial and error you should be well on your way to knowing the right load - just be sure to keep a training log so you don't have to guess.

DAY 1: Chest+Shoulders+Triceps

Flat-bench Dumbbell Press 4X4 30lbs 2X12 25lbs
Incline Barbell Press 3X4 75lbs 2X12 55lbs
Pec-Deck Flye 2X4 75lbs 2X12 55lbs
Push Up on ball 2 sets to failure
Overhead Barbell Press 4X4 45lbs 2X12 35lbs
Machine Lateral Raise 3X4 50lbs 2X12 40lbs
Upright Row 3X4 45lbs 2X12 35lbs
Pressdown/rope 4X4 75lbs 2X12 55lbs
Lying Triceps Extension 3X4 30lbs 2X12 20lbs
Dumbbell Kickback 2X12 (each arm) 10lbs
This progam consists of a three-day weight-training split - rest 1-2 days between every three day cycle. On every movement, lift at 2-1-1 tempo - lowering the weight in two seconds, holding for one second then lifting the weight in one second - and with strict attention to form.

This is the program I began today. The 2-1-1 tempo is really quite effective and I can feel it even now! This program lasts for 4 weeks. So, I'll list each day's lift, and then update it week to week. I'm excited to do something new.

I lost another .6 pounds today. I'm very happy with that as I'm now 4.2 pounds away from where I was back in August. It's really stupid to have gotten so comfortable with myself and my body, that I allowed myself too much freedom. Though it's no excuse, I was under some stress due to the wedding and the holidays, however, stress will happen from time to time and I have to learn not to revert to old habits when it does. Granted I did stick to my exercise (though I probably wasn't pushing myself as hard as I should-I rarely missed a day)and I never ate anything "off" my plan, just too much of the things that are on it...since the 1st of the month, however, I've been really strict and I've amped up my exercise to a new level. I'm hoping to get out and run this week to break up the spinning(though it's my favorite, I want to stay in running shape too, so I can run at least one 5K in the spring).

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TRECECOOKS 1/28/2008 8:07PM

    Those are awesome amounts of weights!! I look forward to the day when I can do that workout!!

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My Story

Sunday, January 27, 2008

I have been a SP member since September of 2006. I have lost 143 pounds and I'm nearing my goal weight (9 to go). I was obese and just spectating through life. Everything was too difficult to do so I just sat and ate. I had no idea how much I weighed and thought I was comfortable staying that way forever. In fact, about a month before I adopted this healthy lifestyle, I had gone through my drawers/closets and thrown out all my "thinner" clothes. But, I made a pact with my husband right before Christmas, that I would start to eat healthy and lose weight as my New Year's resolution. He had been struggling with complications from diabetes and I was fearful that he was going to lose his eyesight. My way of helping him was to nag him about what he shouldn't be eating as I stood before him scarfing that forbidden food down without thought or conscience. Thus our pact was made. On January 2, 2006 I blindly started another attempt to lose weight. This time, however, I went in with a plan. I bought a small notepad and filled in every Monday from that day through January 2008. That was the time I gave myself to lose the weight and Monday's were my weigh-in days. The next part was the scarriest: getting on the scale which I had avoided for over 5 years; when I saw the number - 299 - I was overwhelmed with guilt and shame for how far I'd allowed myself to go. But, I vowed to never see that number again.

I changed my entire diet by eliminating junk foods, fast food, dessert, and sugar laden food. I changed from white breads/products to whole wheat and sweet potatoes. I eliminated butter/Miracle Whip/cream cheese and replaced them with mustard and salsa. I bought a big bowl and keep it filled constantly with salad fixings and filled bowls on the counter with fruit. I bought a quart sized water bottle and kept it with me at all times, filled with cold water. My dinner plate was visually split into 3rds - two thirds were filled with vegetables and the final third was shared by my 3-4 oz of lean protein and either 1/2 cup of sweet potato/brown rice. Two years removed, and I'm still eating like this - and enjoying it.

Exercise was another hurdle I had to face. I knew I needed to do something, but with all that bulk and the aches and pains that came from carting it around, walking was the only thing I could do. I could only go for 20 minutes at a time and I made myself go at least 3 times a week.

The pounds starting dropping and I felt better with each one, until I was walking 45-60 minutes 6-7 days a week. I had lost over 80 pounds in those first 8 months and it was getting harder to keep losing, so I joined a gym and started weight training. I also advanced to running up to 3-5 miles 3-6 times a week.I found SP in my ninth month of this journey and it was just in time to keep me motivated and teach me how to avoid plateaus. I know that without this site, I would have been satisfied with those 88 pounds and gone back to my old ways.

But, instead I've continued to stay on my healthy plan and use this site daily to keep learning the things I need to know in order to never gain the weight back.

I'm still not to my goal weight, but I've been at the same weight for about 4 months (though I have started losing again since the new year). I know that I will never go back to the obese me again. My kids call me "skinny mom" now, and there are no sweeter words in the world!

No matter how many times we've tried before and failed, we are capable of succeeding. If it were easy, than it wouldn't be this rewarding to finally get there. Waking up each morning is a treat and treasure, my husband used to say that sunrise was the most beautiful time of the day, and I used to avoid ever seeing it, but now I'm able to appreciate it's beauty and the tranquility of the moment.

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CHOOSING2DAY 1/29/2008 9:18PM

  I just "found" your blog. Your story is truly very inspiring! Your pictures are so amazing I had to get my husband to come look ( he is my great support and I love sharing w/ him). You look like a different person and it seems though you really are in many ways. I really appreciate all the detail you give in your blog about what your eating and your fitness program, etc. What made this time different? How did you get through the days when this new lifestyle wasn't yet a habit and motivation was weak? I will be reading your whole blog in hopes to find out. I think I can gain so much from the wisdom you have shared and appreciate your sharing your story. Congratulations and Thank you!

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NATUREGIRL75 1/28/2008 9:28AM

    Congratulations on taking your life back. Very inspiring!

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TRECECOOKS 1/27/2008 8:27PM

    I'm so glad that you took the time to write this out for us all. It will also stand as a good reminder to you, on days (that may never come) when you are tempted to return to the "bad old days". You are Phenomenal!!

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Friday, Jan 25, 2008

Friday, January 25, 2008

Wow another week done(gym week that is)! I'm very happy with what I accomplished this week. Using my HRM during spin class and refusing to get off the bike before burning 500 calories has really amped up my cardio. It was a bit taxing, as some days I logged 1 hour and 1/2 on the bike, and my legs are fatigued, but overall I feel great! If the weather isn't too brutal tomorrow I'll get outside for a run or walk depending on how my legs feel. Today we had a substitute spinning instructor and her class was really great! I wish she could take over the Monday/Thursday classes and eliminate the instructor what I dislike...but that won't happen...Heir achy even in the spin world!

Today's pearls of wisdom are this: don't cheat yourself. If you're going to do something that do it to the best of your ability. You must not build in self-imposed limitations. If there's a mountain in front of you, look at it and say, I'm going to the top, and then go climb to the top. Don't look up and say "that's too big for me to climb", know you can do whatever it is that you want. If you're doing your workout and it gets too tough, don't stop, tell yourself you "can", you "will", you "are" and then finish strong! The sense of accomplishment will fill you with pride for the whole day.


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