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Getting closer!

Monday, June 25, 2007

Well, today I weighed in at 152.2 pounds. That's a 2 pound loss and I'm now 7.8 pounds from my goal of 145. It's not been easy of late to get the pounds to go. I've done really well with my exercise in fact this was the beginning of week 45 at the gym. I haven't missed since I started back in August. I'm really proud of that and would feel a great sense of accomplishement even if the pounds hadn't been lost.

I've been lax with logging on here, it seems such a shame to be inside on the computer when the weather is so nice outside. I just haven't felt like sitting here at my desk(if I had a laptop, I wouldn't mind being out on the patio and logging in). But, I'm making the effort to get on here at least a few times a day.


Sunny Tuesday

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Well, I'm sorry for being MIA for the past month or so. I haven't been nearly diligent enough about posting on SP. The weather is great and I've been doing my workouts daily, but taking time to sit at the computer hasn't really appealled to me much. I haven't been very good about tracking my food however. Before I would at least write in my journal what I'd eaten during the day, even if I didn't get on SP. So that will be my mini goal for this week, to write in my journal or log here. I did move closer to my goal this week... I'm now 9.6 pounds from my goal weight of 145.

I'm off to spinning class this morning, I've been having a great deal of pain with my knee lately, and didn't get a very good class in yesterday. Normally, I would run today, but instead I'm going to the 9:00 class to make up for yesterday. I'm trying a knee brace today to see if that helps. I'm also not going to do leg press before class anymore.

You can shine even in the worst situations if your character is strong. If you're starting to see the "dark side" too often and find yourself blaming your circumstances on other people, take another look. If you think a change of scenery will solve all your problems, think again. Change can be good. Moving on to new things can be an exciting chance to stretch yourself and break a rut. But it's important to start with yourself when you're finding things to improve. No matter where you live, work or play, the only constant is you. You can't escape yourself. Change on the outside will have no effect on your happiness or fulfillment unless you change on the inside too.

I think this is a lesson I've learned through the years. I do have my "dark" days occassionally, but on the whole, I've lived by this rule and understand that only I have the power to make myself happy. I can choose to be unhappy or choose to look at what gifts I've been given in this life. We all have difficuluties from time-to-time, but when I see the struggles of others in this world, I count my many blessings and am thankful for all I have. Drawing upon those memories of my blessings, can take me through the toughest of times.



Sunday, June 03, 2007

Well, this has been a very busy weekend! No time to concentrate on myself. My mother was having a yard sale for over 30 years of accumulated stuff! She of course, isn't well enough to really do any of the yardsale work herself. That's where my children, husband and I came in. We have been at the yardsale since early last week, getting stuff prepared, carting stuff out of the house, than carting stuff to the this week will find me focusing on getting back to tracking food, and exercise. I did keep up with my exercise, continuing to workout daily, but I haven't logged anything on the site in at least a week.

See you bright and early before heading to the gym!



Saturday, May 26, 2007

Well, I've been having a bit of trouble getting myself to post on SP. I've been enjoying the outdoors and the nice weather and haven't been very good about finding time to post my food and exercise. My exercise is still going great, but I'm not controlling my nighttime eating the way I should. Way too much Special K berry cereal. I know this is somthing I can fix and will work especailly hard this week to do so.

On Thursday night I went to a social event with people who haven't seen me for 16 months. It was very gratifying to receive so many compliments and realize that many people really didn't know who I was. This is certainly motivation enough to get myself back where I need to be...


It took a while but

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I found that I do believe in myself. After reading this today(Whenever accomplishments are on the line, there are always voices whispering, preaching--even shouting--that it can't be done. Sometimes, that voice is coming from inside our own heads. If you're having doubts about your abilities, just remember: How many times have the naysayers been proven wrong? No matter what anyone says--no matter what you might believe--it can be done), I understood that along the way I've come to believe that I'm capable of anything. When I first began this journey, I didn't really belive I could lose 154 pounds. It seemed like an un-climbable mountain. But with each pound lost, came a sense of power that encouraged me to keep climbing. These last few months have been up-and-down times, (I gained .4 pounds last week) and I constantly need to remind myself how strong I am. It gets harder to stop myself as I have fewer pounds to lose, but I'm not about to let myself quit. No matter how much people gasp when I say I have 11 pounds to lose, I know there are still at least 11 more pounds on me that have to go. So, yesterday I was bummed out all day, and didn't even post on SP, but today I'm in a better frame of mind and I know that I'm going to finish what I started!


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