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Saturday-a lost day

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Well, today is Saturday and my daughter has a college softball game. Her school is about 1 hour and 45 minutes north of our home. It's supposed to actually snow here today with an accumulation of an inch or two!!! It's April!!!!! UGHHHH enough already. Florida is looking better all the time. But anyway, no spinning today, but I'm going over tomorrow morning. That will be fun. So, with no exercise scheduled I will need to be careful with my food today.


No worries

Friday, April 06, 2007

Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but doesn't get you anywhere.

- Anonymous

My motto is "don't worry, be happy"! While worries sometimes will creep into my head, I just try to push them out and focus on good things and happy times. I know that my life is pretty terrific and the small problems I've faced are not even worthy of a second's worry. So, unless it's earthshattering, I'm not going to waste my time; evne if it's earthshattering, if I can't do anything about it, why worry over it?

I'm sitting here right now feeling pretty darn good! I just returned (well actually I returned at 10:30) from the gym. I again combined my weight training program and my spinning class. My muscles are tingling still from such a great workout. I did scale back a little on the weight(especially legs)but I worked my entire body-including abs and back(which I often write off-tsk, tsk)and then followed it up with a slammin spinning class. So, now I'll do a little light housework, and enjoy the rest of my day.

Life is great!!!


I must be getting fitter

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Today I did another spinning class and when we got to the stretching part I was amazed that class was finished! I was ready to keep going and really thought we had another set to go. But, I'm not sure that's a good thing. That means that once again my body is adjusting to my intensity level and I'll have to do more. Tomorrow I'm not sure I'll have time to fit in spinning, though I'm going to give it my best shot. I'll go early(6:30)and get my strength training in so that I can be done and ready for spinning by 9:00. I have to do a full body weight training program tomorrow as I missed out on a workout this week(due to being in Pittsburgh for an extra day). After this past week's weight loss, I'm beginning to see that I'll have to add some other cardio sessions later in the day as the weather warms up(if it ever does lol). But that will be enjoyable and a good way to get outdoors again. I am going to continue with the spinning though-I can't believe it, but I really enjoy that a lot!

I am also faced with another dilemma. I've been asked to do a Spark testomonial. They sent me a video camera a week ago and asked me to video myself. I'm flattered to have been asked, but I feel very uncomfortable putting myself on camera. I would like it better if I could just do it myself, but I'm going to need someone to hold the camera, that will make me very self-conscious. Besides, I'm not sure what I can say that will inspire other people. This journey is all so personel and we all have a different way of succeeding. I've also noticed that I'm still not really beleiving what has happened to me. I went shopping while in Pittsburgh and bought some clothes(and a bathing suit)in size 8 without trying them on. When I got home and started to put the clothes on, I was certain they were going to be too small! I guess I just don't really see myself as I am yet.


Something I need to remember:

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The bottom line
Make a resolution right now to drastically decrease your fast food consumption. Then make another vow to never supersize, and to always order the smallest items on the menu the few times you succumb to fast food. Read my article on Fast Food Made Healthy and commit it to memory. We really can have it our way!

Reading this made me realize that I'm restricting my breakfast/lunch calories too much and setting myself up for a very hungry evening. Today I will try to remedy that by making sure I have around 800 calories before dinner, 400-500 for dinner and a 100 calorie snack. Hopefully this will help. Additionally, I will not eat while watching TV!

As for my day, I got to the gym early(pouring rain outside, yuch!) did 20 minutes on the treadmill than started my upper body workout, than had spinning class came out and finished my lifting program. I did skip the stretching(still have to force myself to do that and some days it doesn't happen). I figure this week I should go a little lighter since last week I really pushed my muscles hard and it took too long of a time to recover. It's a learning process....


Back from Pittsburgh

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Well, a three day Pittsburgh trip turned into 4 days due to some heavy rains on Saturday that caused my dauther's softball games to be cancelled. We had a really great weekend, but I was fearful of my weigh-in(which should have been Monday). I lost track of my calories and basically tried to mentally keep track. Additionally, I made a major mistake: bought a bag of peanuts(roasted, no salt)and proceeded to eat from the bag. Well, I ate most of the bag and then felt horrible and stuffed! But, I redeemed myself by eating a small salad for dinner. In addition to that story, my trip included eating out at a pizzaria with my daughter's college team. Again, I had only a salad with no dressing, as all they offered was vinigar and oil. The highlight of the trip was eating at Joe's Crab Shack on Sunday night, it was totally awesome and I had the king crab legs and loved them. As for other meals, we ate our breakfasts at the hotels complimentary breakfast bar, where I had plain oatmeal with water and a piece of fruit each morning, and we took our lunches to the games(Subway: 6" veggie delight one day, and Turkey wrap the other)along with some fruit and yogurt as snacks. I had worked out on Friday morning, but my legs were really killing me from Wednesday's leg workout still, so when we got to the hotel, I saw they had a pool and exercise room. I headed there after we arrived and did another 15 minutes on some crazy bike with an airwheel and than hopped in the pool for some laps and finished with some time in the hot tub and found that it really helped ease the tightness and pain in my leg muscles. On Saturday morning I again went to the fitness/pool room and did 35 minutes on the elliptical followed by some laps in the pool and finishing with some time in the hot tub. Monday I did miss my strength training as they offered no weights or resistance machines, but I did 1 hour of cardio split between running on the treadmill and riding the stationary bike(regular bike).

So, the end result was I got weighed this morning and lost 2.2 pounds!!!!! I'm so thrilled and encouraged by that as March was a disappointment in terms of weight loss. That puts me at 162 pounds and just 17 from my goal weight!

Tomorrow I'll incorporate both my shoulder/back/chest day and my bis/tris into one workout to make up for missing Monday. And today I did a spinning class and will add one tomorrow as well.


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