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How early to eat?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I've been at a basic standstill with my weightloss for what seems like months. I know I need to add more strength training and quit the mini Snickers Bars throughout the day - but besides that I've been eating well and exercising often (enough).

I was thinking the other day that I may be waiting too long to start my metabolism going. I eat breakfast every day but it's usually 2.5-3 hours after I wake up. I wonder if by eating earlier, it may help get the weightloss going again. Thing is, I have thyroid meds that need to be taken first thing in the morning and then wait an hour to eat. I always use this as my reason why I wait until I'm at work to eat. Also, I don't want to get up any earlier than I am to do something (eat) when my job doesn't care if I eat at my desk.

I'm going to see if eating a little "snack" on my way to work (about an hour after I wake up) will help. I am generally a cereal eater for breakfast so that won't work as I'm driving. So, I thought a snack may do. Yesterday I had a cheese stick, this morning some almonds. I thought protein would be good. Usually once a week I have hard boiled eggs instead of cereal - maybe I'll have one every couple days on my way to work.

I'm going to have to figure out how to incorporate the additional calories into my day, though. (Duh, Britt, stop with the chocolate :) ). I guess it's all about trying to figure out new ways to improve - hopefully this will turn out good.

How soon do you eat after you wake up?

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DEEDEEVI 7/20/2011 4:09AM

    I was told that it was fine to have breakfast 15 minutes after taking my thyroid med in the morning... Whoever told you an hour, please get a second opinion!

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COUNTING_DOWN 6/26/2011 10:28PM

    I am a creature of habit. I wake up, take care of the dogs, read the news on the computer, and then eat. For me it's about an hour after I wake up. I eat the same thing every day...I never change. 1/2 cup of grapenuts, 1/3 cup of plain yogurt, 1/2 cup of frozen blueberries (that were from our garden), and about 2T of maple syrup. This holds me over until lunch without any problem. I love the 'grouping' feature of the tracker. I can combine the foods that I always eat together with just one entry.

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SUMMERSMILES1 3/2/2011 7:46PM

    I usually eat within 30 minutes to 1 hr after I wake up. Here's a thought, eat a banana, apple, or another "hand"y fruit on your way to work.

I enjoyed reading your article about what you learned in the last 3 years.

Best wishes. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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SBHPATRICK 2/24/2011 9:02PM

    During the week, I eat 2-3 hours after waking up. I don't like eating right when I wake up and I'd rather sleep in a bit than eat at home, so I take both my breakfast and lunch (and snacks) to work every day. :) Some days I get so busy that I forget to eat until lunch time, but that only happens once or twice a month at most.

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ATREAT4ME 2/22/2011 6:43AM

    I'm up at 5 a.m., make coffee and eat breakfast while I Spark. I eat Morningstar breakfast sausuages (soy) with egg beaters and 1 slice of 2% American cheese. I nuke the sausages by themselves and then set 1/2 the cheese on top of each patty. I measure 1/2 c of egg beaters and nuke it. When done (60 secs) I stir it up and put it over the sausages. Half of this dish will go to work with me as my morning snack, which I'll eat about 9:30 or 10 a.m. I really believe breakfast sets me up to make better choices all day.

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BDENSMORE1 2/22/2011 1:19AM

  I eat with in an hour after waking up. Try eating an scrambled egg burrito (wrap) on the day you have your egg. You can add some spinach (or diced peppers) to the egg while cooking or some diced turkey ham for extra protein. Warm your tortilla then add the cooked eggs and other ingredients while still hot. Wrap it up, then wrap some plastic wrap and/or foil around it. Keeps fresh and warm for a couple of hours. Flour tortillas work best, though the corn tortillas are healthier.

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TRANSFORM724 2/18/2011 4:14AM

    Is it possible to make a quick smoothie and drink that on your way to work? Or eat one of those meal replacement bars or cereal bars as you drive? Eat something just to break the fast? Hang in there!

Perhaps a strawberry/banana smoothie will help!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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TAMARAC2 2/17/2011 10:42PM

    I am NOT a breakfast person at all, but I force myself to eat within the first hour after I wake up, and I think it does help boost my metabolism for the day. I notice a difference in how I eat when I stop for a healthy, early breakfast vs when I just graze or wait until later to eat.

It has not been an easy change in my life, but I think it has been worth it when I stick to it!

My vice/indulgence that I can't give up so far is chocolate. I go for the 65% - 70% cocoa chocolate chips and try to have just a few each day. Some days I'm better than others with that! My husband made fun of me yesterday because I found an article about healthy eating and weight loss and it actually said people who eat the most dark chocolate have the better long term chance of success and improved heart health! Hear ye, hear ye!!!

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URLEEC 2/17/2011 8:11PM

    I'm out of bed at 5AM and don't get to eat lunch until noon at the earliest so if I eat breakfast too early I'm always starving. I work in a hospital so I eat my morning meal after first rounds. This usually means around 9:30 and it's often a Cliff Builder's bar (270cal, 20g protein) even when standing waiting for an elevator. I know that's late but that's the first chance I get. I've tried eating around 7AM and then a snack around 9:30 but it's hard to keep calories low doing that.
You may be on to something though.
I was wondering if other people had noticed how important breakfast becomes when eating healthfully and exercising. It's not even a conscious decision. I just really am hungry in the morning. If I could get that morning meal in earlier and not be starved by lunch I would.

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DARK_CINDERELLA 2/17/2011 2:09PM

    I wake up, take the dog out, work out, shower, and THEN I eat about an hour and a half after I wake up. Let us know if it makes a difference!

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DRAMBERT 2/17/2011 1:08PM

    I like your idea of eating a snack on the way to may have to do 2 morning snacks in place of a traditional would probably work out calorie wise and all. My family loves the Quaker Oatmeal to go squares...they are yummy and easy to eat on the drive. Life cereal makes some too they are less calories but super just warm them up in the microwave and head out the door. My hubby likes to put them on his travel coffee mug to warm.

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JONEIL513 2/17/2011 1:06PM

    I eat within 30-60 minutes of waking up. I read somewhere (in a magazine i think) that it is best to eat somewhere within the first 90 minutes after you wake up. I like the idea of a small snack first since it is more convient for you and then have your regular breakfast at your regular time. I hope this works for you!

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The scale is dictating more than it should

Friday, February 11, 2011

For most of January I was in a holding pattern at about 161. Some times plus a pound or two but that's OK because of water. Then I saw the scale at 158. YAY, a great feeling. I love being in the 150s, it helps me mentally because I don't ever remember being here before. I don't remember being in the 160s either but something about the 150s just makes me really happy.

Then a week or so later (last weekend) I see 154.5, 155.5, 155. YAY!! I even waited until mid week to change my weight on Spark by like Wednesday it was still 155 so I changed it.

Bonnie calls me on Wednesday morning (she starts work later than I) and said the scale says she's 7 pounds less than Saturday (she wanted to go on a Pizza Hut diet because she had some the night before and it showed a lot less). When I went home I stepped on the scale and it said 149. Then I did something, it errored, I waited and stepped on it again and it was 169. I had Bonnie try it, too. Hers was like 164. (for months she was in the low 150s)

We put a new battery in it yesterday. Still in the 160s. This morning 164. Got dressed, went to hang up my towel and stepped on it again just to see if it was me or the scale being crazy. 162. So I think we need a new scale.

I'm bummed that I'll have to lose the last of my weight with a scale that is calibrated differently. Will I even be in the 150s anymore? Was I ever in the 150s because how long has my scale been wacky?

This past week or two I have felt so much better about myself and I whole heartidly admit it was because of the number on the scale. I felt smaller, more confident, just good. When I would be running, I felt almost petite with small hips and a flat stomach (although, I'm no where near a flat stomach). I added paper clips to my chain. I was loving the thought that I'm only 15 pounds away from my goal. I even thought that pretty soon I wouldn't be needing to add the 50 pound weight on the doctor's scale! That was one thing I was looking forward to. We have a scale in our work gym. While I used to get ready (when I used that gym and not LA Fitness) I could look at the scale see the visual of the marks on the doctor's scale. I couldn't wait to not have to move that weight over. I am even going to make my yearly doctor's appt in about 6 weeks with hopes of that being the case.

Logically I know my weight is what it is. I didn't gain 10 pounds in a week. I also know that I can't give this much power or even mind space to a number on the scale. I know that if I'm not in the 150s now, I will be eventually. I know there's other indicators of my success.

Unfortunately, feelings don't always go along with logic!

Hopefully, this too shall pass!

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MELISSAT123 3/28/2011 8:11PM

    I went through something similar in February (hmm did our scales go on strike?!)
And it was the same way - when it was at it's lowest I felt tiny, and when it was at it's highest I felt huge. Even if it was only a day between the two weights. So I completely understand what you're going through. I hope your dr. appointment goes/went well!

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ATREAT4ME 2/12/2011 3:12PM

    Oh would that emotions followed logic! While I do not mistakenly believe I possess Spock-like logic, I do know the logical explanation always takes less energy. LOL.

But you're right! This will pass and you'll be in the 150s soon. And then you'll get the double satisfaction of knowing it's you and not the scale!

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DIASTER 2/11/2011 5:29PM

  That is why I ditched the scale and now just wait for the doctors appointments, it always comes as a nice surprise that way.
Wanted to thank you for the paperclip idea, have it right on the pantry door,so if I decide I need something it is a reminder to make a healthy choice.

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IONA72 2/11/2011 4:51PM

    Im also in favor of a dial scale, my digital used to drive me in sane acting like just like you described, very frustrating.
Hope you can get your head round it if you are still in the 160's, don't forget it won't be for long.

emoticon emoticon

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TRANSFORM724 2/11/2011 12:08PM

    I'm with you! That happened to me too last month. Don't give in to what the scale states right now. How are your measurements? You are still the same person running and feeling much smaller...because you are! You worked hard to get where you are today. I totally relate. Scales...can't live with them and can't live without them!

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MSSUNBUG 2/11/2011 11:25AM

    It's easy to get caught up in those external measures, and it's simply amazing how much they can affect the way we feel about ourselves! I know you know all the "right" things--the number doesn't matter, the difference does. If you weigh more on a new scale, that means you started higher. It doesn't take away from any of what you've achieved (which, incidentally, is way more than simple pounds lost). Those low numbers WILL come. Perhaps catching a glimpse of them will have sparked a new flame to achieve them, motivating you to push a little harder towards them? You're right that the scale shouldn't have that much power--but you're not alone in allowing it to.

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SBHPATRICK 2/11/2011 11:20AM

    Oh, I totally understand. I purposefully have a dial scale because I didn't want to get caught up in the tenths of a pound displays of a digital scale. That could be crazy making for me so directional info from a dial version was good enough. :)

Keep on keepin' on and have a great weekend!

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JONEIL513 2/11/2011 11:06AM

    I so relate right now! My scale broke too and was giving me all kinds of crazy weights. It's really sad how much scale the power has over our feelings. Hopefully the new scale gives you a "good" reading and you WILL be in the 150s soon (if your're not already!) emoticon

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SHORTSGIRL 2/11/2011 10:27AM

    Its amazing what a roller coaster that scale can put us on. Hope your scale starts to behave!

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My Third Sparkversary! How great it's been!

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Three years ago today Bonnie stumbled upon SparkPeople and we signed up. That weekend, I remember walking around Wal-Mart buying Tupperware (to pack work meals in) and a food scale. I'm guessing Bonnie probably wanted the food scale because she loves "gadgets"; I made sure we bought the cheapest one because I thought we probably werenít going to use it. In other words, I had little faith in myself and my ability to make a change.

Over the next few days, I looked around SparkPeople a little. I was a little overwhelmed at first as well as not sure what I was ready for, so I stuck to a couple of areas. The Food Tracker, the SparkPoints area and, most importantly, the Success Stories. I read a lot of them and thought - these are real people, just like me, and they did it. Something about them seemed more real than seeing ads on TV for weight loss or an article in a magazine. Maybe because they were Spark success stories and I could see how they did it plus read a lot more of their stories on SparkPages - I donít know but they seemed more real. Anyway, something clicked with me while reading them and I thought - I'm just as special, good, worthy (insert adjective here) as those people, if they can do it, so can I. I also secretly wanted to be a Spark Success Story (who wouldn't?)!!

I also vividly remember sitting at my desk in those days after I joined Spark saying to myself - donít make any goals/promises that you're not going to be able to do for the rest of your life. I figured the only way I was going to lose weight and hopefully keep it off was to be reasonable with myself. I never said that I would never eat any certain foods again or that I had to exercise every day. I knew I had no desire to exercise every day for the rest of my life, that's for sure, I don't think I realized I was giving myself a great gift with that one promise. The gift of allowing myself to live life how I wanted and thought best, not by how I thought I was supposed to.

After a small learning curve, I started to excel. I ventured to different parts of Spark and got involved in its great community. I found when I responded to message board posts with people who ask for help, I helped myself. I was eating better, exercising more, being kinder to myself, and starting to gain confidence. I started believing I could really stick to the healthy habits I had started building. I also bought a better food scale!

I wrote a blog on my first Anniversary about the things I had learned up to that point. (Talk about a confidence booster, Spark made it into an article!!!) They are still things I go back to from time to time as a good reminder when things don't seem to be going how I had hoped. Since then, I've learned a few more things -

- Having a support system is essential. If you can't find it at home (which I have) find it at Spark.
- Compliments are still hard to handle. Since I plan on accomplishing a lot this year, I'd better work on this :)
- Negative self-talk is more detrimental than any amount of pizza and wings combined. When we treat ourselves with words we wouldn't dare to say to someone else, we become our worst enemy. Who feeds an enemy well? Who pushes an enemy to take care of himself? Not many people?
- Having a plan and executing it is an awesome feeling.
- I have never regretted exercising. I may not want to do it, I may skip it. But not one time did I finish exercising and say "why the heck did I just do that." It's always the opposite - I feel stronger and healthier after every time.
- It all comes down to believing I'm worth the effort. Believing I am valuable.

My three years have been far from perfect, I'm quite OK with that. I'm still doing what I can to be healthier and thinner. I was ironing pants this morning and thought - these are a size 10!!! I was a 16W when I started. That is exciting. A friend and I went to lunch today she noticed my rings for the first time. I thought - one has been resized, the other is being held on by the other one. That is exciting. As I was typing today I was thinking - my fingers have thinned out a lot! Little things like these really make life so much better. Small reminders, big smiles.

I am proud to say three years later I still am using Spark. I packed my gym bag this morning to go after work. I decided to have lower caloried cereal for breakfast because I was going out to lunch. I measured my chicken and potatoes tonight. I logged my food. I responded to board posts. All healthy habits that have become an integral part of my life.

So on my Sparkversary-

I thank Bonnie for finding the site. I needed it more than she did (in more than just weight).

I thank Spark for the wonderful resources and also for helping me see my potential in life.

I thank my SparkFriends for their support.

I thank myself for taking the time and energy needed to be where I am today and more importantly for realizing I am valuable.

I look forward to the year ahead.

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BULGEBATTLER 2/9/2011 11:42AM

  Just read your Sparkiversary article and got so much out of it. I was particular impressed by the intelligent, insightful, common sense of it. You have a fabulous mind and are very skillful at making observations about yourself. . I copied several parts of it to my personal blog on my own computer. Thanks so much.

Comment edited on: 2/9/2011 11:43:19 AM

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HAPPYCUPCAKE 2/9/2011 8:34AM

    "Negative self-talk is more detrimental than any amount of pizza and wings combined. When we treat ourselves with words we wouldn't dare to say to someone else, we become our worst enemy. Who feeds an enemy well? Who pushes an enemy to take care of himself? Not many people?"

SO TRUE! How can we expect other people to respect us and think we're beautiful if we treat ourselves like crap!

Congrats on your 3rd Sparkversary! You have accomplished what many have struggled for years to do. Keep it up!

Comment edited on: 2/9/2011 8:35:43 AM

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ATREAT4ME 2/5/2011 4:37PM

    Wow, Britt! Happy SparkVersary and thank you for sharing such great insights. I love your level-headed approach to this. It is the fact that you make your decisions sustainable that is so attractive. Congratulations!

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TAMARAC2 2/4/2011 4:58PM

    Happy Sparkivsersary!!

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JOPAPGH 2/1/2011 5:53PM

    How did I miss this? Happy Sparkiversary.

You are indeed a success story, as is anyone who still feels that Spark three years later.

Look forward to meeting you at a Pittsburgh race one day.

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DOGSHOETAT 1/25/2011 6:01PM

    This is so encouraging! Congratulations on all your successes and I hope to be blogging something very similar in a few years!

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MSSUNBUG 1/18/2011 9:50AM

    This is such a lovely blog. You've always been such a great example to me of how to enjoy life in a healthy way and how to approach this process from a sane, loving, place. I'm so glad I got to meet you here--you continue to motivate and inspire me after all these years! :-)

Can't wait to see what's in store for you 2011!

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NINJAJO926 1/13/2011 9:08PM

    Congrats on all your successes over the years, both big and small! You are an inspiration! :)

emoticon emoticon

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KGLOVER71 1/13/2011 8:53PM

    I LOVE THIS POST!!!! I've been MIA for a week or so and I missed it.

Girl, you are such an amazing example to me. I don't know if you realize this (maybe you do) but you were my very first spark friend. I was very nervous to be a part of the community and put myself out there, and I came across your blog. You had been featured, with good reason, on the motivator page. I was so inspired by you that I jumped on in and added you as a friend.

I am so glad I found you. You have been such a great support, example, and friend. I always look forward to hearing from you and seeing your progress.

Congrats and THANKS.

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SBHPATRICK 1/12/2011 8:23AM

    Congratulations on your healthy and successful three years on SparkPeople!

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DJS-DEBBIE 1/8/2011 4:18PM

    What a great blog, Britt! I can't wait to see where this year takes you.

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JONEIL513 1/6/2011 11:36AM

    This is a really wonderful blog! You have such a great attitude and made such great life changes, you're clearly in this healthy lifestyle for the long haul! Congrats on everything you have achieved. Everything you have done, are doing and will continue to do is WONDERFUL! thanks for being my sparkfriend and inspiring and movtivating me! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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WOMANCHEF 1/6/2011 7:34AM

    Congratulations on all your progress. You have really decided to own the change. emoticon

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COUNTING_DOWN 1/6/2011 6:57AM

    Britt, you describe perfectly the evolution that occurs, and the joy of success. Success is not just a number on the scale, but the new things that we can do thanks to the lost weight, and all the little reminders like baggy pants, skinny fingers, and lose rings. Way to go. Here's to a good year!

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ELAOPET 1/6/2011 4:07AM

I just want to cheer - but since you can't hear me... LOL
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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    You have done great!

Good for you!

Jane on Guam

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TAMARAC2 1/5/2011 10:55PM

    Great anniversary post! I'm with you on so many of these points. I'm not at my destination yet (or nearly as far along as I could have/should have/would have been) but I'm better off than where I started and will continue to improve myself with the help of Spark People and the amazing people and tools that are here.


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DARK_CINDERELLA 1/5/2011 10:41PM

    Can I just say one thing? emoticon Not just for your progress (which is amazing) or your attitude (which is inspiring) but also for treating this as a lifelong process - one that you have excelled at. Again, emoticon

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A few pounds

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Can be a world of difference in one's psyche.

I have gained about 4 pounds (maybe 5) over the past few weeks and it feels like 20. I'm sure anyone looking at me can't tell but for me it's like I'm back in size 16W pants. (OK, maybe size 14). I LOVED being in the 150s and I'm not right now.

I learned a long time ago not to expect perfection. I'm OK when I have a higher calorie day realizing that it's what I do the majority of the time that really matters. Well, I think I've taken this to an extreme lately. I know I can change it around, I know that staying in calorie range is not that hard (when I decide to track calories which has been awhile) but the overall feeling of being way too lax is an icky feeling.


OK, enough whining. Four pounds is nothing, really.

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COUNTING_DOWN 12/29/2010 9:31PM

    Britt...this could be my blog. 5 pounds. I did make myself track all that I ate, so I think it shortened my binge. Two days back in the saddle, and the first 1.5 pounds are back off. Jump back on the wagon and lace up those'll be back to normal in no time! Happy New Year!

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SERENE_ME 12/29/2010 6:48PM

    I am feeling better today - it's amazing what 3 days of proper eating can do for the psyche and the bloated belly!

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RUNNER12COM 12/29/2010 6:01PM

    You already know this, but I'll remind you. All it takes to get back on track is one good decision. Make it. Do something right and good and healthy and *voila*, you will be back in the right direction. (I know. I just made that adjustment myself this week.)

You can do this!


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ELAOPET 12/29/2010 5:05PM

    I know. Me too.
(Only I've tracked every darn thing and it was a sad list of cookies and cakes and all plus skipped workout many, many days)
I was mad and scared already. then I realised - it's just a glitch. 'Tis the season and stuff. I am going to be all right and you know what? So will you. We've come a long way and there's no way a few slips can mess with that!
So, let's move on. OK? emoticon

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KGLOVER71 12/29/2010 12:47PM

    I know, I know. . . I'm SOOOOO there with you. There's a fine line between beating yourself up and giving yourself whatever you want! I feel the same way. I feel blobby and sluggish. We're gonna turn this around, though! These things happen, especially in December, but we know what do do. emoticon

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JONEIL513 12/29/2010 11:47AM

    It happens sometimes but I know what you mean, I gained a few pounds and felt like I did 20 pounds ago, its weird how that works! I know you will get those pounds off, you've done fantastic and i know you are determined and will kick them to the curb in no time!

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IONA72 12/29/2010 11:42AM

    I'm feeling exactly the same, trying to get my head in the right place to see off those extra pounds. So easy to put on and difficult to get off!

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Conservative goals for December

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thinking of my life last December and how this year will probably be the same - I decided to have very conservative goals for the month.

- Work out 2 times a week (I know I should shoot for more but I know me)
- Only get take out 1 time a week
- Lose 0-2 pounds this month.
- Staying in my calorie range on all days except Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and the day my family celebrates Christmas (day or two after). (This goal isn't too hard to achieve)
- Drink my water

So that's it. Nothing spectacular but manageable for me. I enjoy everything about holidays from buying and wrapping gifts (every gift has a bow or ribbon on it - not the sticky kind either), decorating, making cookies and spending time with family. To add to all of that, I put together a yearly scavenger hunt for my nieces and nephews that takes Bonnie and I about 40 hours to put together (it seems to get bigger every year). So, December is generally quite hectic for me - the one who generally lives a pretty quiet and stressfree life. I want to be able to balance my time and not procrastinate but I'm sure I'll be putting something with felt and a hot glue gun together for the scavenger hunt on December 24th. I am going to try though :)

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

YIGOBUTTERFLY 12/3/2010 5:21AM

    Your goals sound sensible with the holidays and family time. Keeping it simple is very wise.

Jane on Guam

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JESSICAW09 12/2/2010 3:29PM

    Sounds like a good plan. Only you know what is best for you. Good for you for having a PLAN. emoticon

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MSSUNBUG 12/2/2010 3:14PM

    Wow. What a great aunt you are!

I support realistic and conservative goals. These sound great. Good luck and enjoy the season!

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JONEIL513 12/1/2010 12:03PM

    I think that this is an awesome and very sensible plan!

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COUNTING_DOWN 12/1/2010 7:12AM

    I echo ATREAT4ME. I'm in! Your family sounds awesome, and the scavenger hunt even better! Your goals do sound realistic.

Just so you don't get down on thought back a year ago about what your sociail lifewas like. How about a look back and what your physical and mental life was like. You have come a long way, Britt, and don't sell yourself short!

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ATREAT4ME 11/30/2010 10:15PM

    I so want to know where you live, where the home-made goodies are stored, and when does the scavenger hunt begin?

Your December sounds brilliant! I love how you know yourself and set realistic, practical goals. I'm not sure what my DH would do if I set realistic goals. I should try that just once to give him the shock/thrill of his life. LOL. It could be his Christmas present. Oh wait, thought... that's not who I am, even though I think the stress-free part of your December sounds great. Oh darn this self-awareness! ;-)

Seriously, I LOVE your plan. Way to go, Friend.

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EMBRACE_SUCCESS 11/30/2010 5:34PM

    Those sound like some very self aware goals-- that's really important during the holiday season.

Your scavenger hunt sounds AMAZING!! I'm jealous of your nieces and nephews. I know what you mean about procrastinating-- I'm trying to make all my gifts this year and need to get on the ball... and if all else fails, hot glue isn't so bad:)
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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LYNNANN43 11/30/2010 4:23PM

    December is a TERRIBLY frighting month!!!!

emoticon on making very doable goals!

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ELAOPET 11/30/2010 4:12PM

    I love it all as well! I am not afraid of December. Nope. No. (maybe a little)
And no goals here, no plan, nothing.
Knowing yourself and letting that be your guide is an excellent plan!

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KGLOVER71 11/30/2010 3:03PM

    I love your goals. I'm scared of December, if you want to know the truth. I've decided that maintaining is a GREAT goal. I intend to be my current weight on January 1st, or a little bit less but I'm not going to kill myself to lose. It gets way too crazy.

Your nieces and nephews are so lucky to have you! How fun. I love your description of the gift wrapping, too. Let's just put it this way: I aspire to be a gift wrapper like you. I will probably aspire to it for the rest of my life!

Good luck on your goals and have a Merry Christmas.

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IONA72 11/30/2010 3:00PM

    Sounds like a sensible plan, my weight loss has been so slow for a couple of months I'm getting a bit nervous about gaining over the holidays. I will be making a big effort in the next 2 weeks, already declined coke and chips tonight while husband munches through a mountain!

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