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Back on the Atkins Wagon - For Life!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

About 3 or so years ago I lost about 4 stone (1 stone = 14 lbs, so 56 lbs), but I ended up putting on even more when I slipped back into my old way of eating.

A problem that many former Atkins dieters encounter is that when they come off Atkins, instead of cutting out the high protein / fat, they just add carbs to it (which is what I did), and that is just not an option - it seems to me that there are 3 diet options: 1) eat less, but eat what you like - a good choice if you can exercise moderation 2) low-carb / high fat or 3) low-fat, but the combination of fat and high carbs is the worst thing out there.

I know for myself that, whereas I may be able to exercise moderation in the future, I can't right now, and low-fat diets just do not agree with me.

I realised about 3 weeks ago that I was continuing to put on weight and had reached almost 15 stone. (that's 210 lbs I think) Not only were my clothes uncomfortable, but I was absolutely horrified at the thought of being so overweight! (My ideal weight is around 10 stone or 140 lbs, possibly less but not much - I remember from past experience that if I get down to 9 stone I feel unwell)

I also realised that the weight I need to lose is the exact weight of my son! (oh, the shame!!!)

I have tried other diets, but none successfully. I knew I had to re-start Atkins, not only because it works but because I know that last time I felt healthier, fitter and more energetic than I had ever done before while I was on the Atkins program.

One thing I'm taking on board that I never did before, however, is that Atkins is for life. High carb diets just don't suit me - I know that my blood sugar level was dangerously unstable (even though repeated blood testing said otherwise) because I would get shaky, depressed and very low on a regular basis. That completely disappeared on Atkins.

I'm realising that I can never go back to my high-carb way of living if I want to be slim, healthy or fit.

So I have invested in some Atkins and low-carb books and am looking at changing my habits for good.

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PEPCEA 5/30/2009 5:27PM


I'm just the opposite of you. I could never do made me feel sick. I'm almost completely vegan now and have never felt better. It's interesting how different things work for different people. The important thing is that you know what works for you. I've made this a lifestyle for me and I see you are doing the same. Smart lady!

Alex emoticon

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SYCOBABE 5/30/2009 4:57PM

    Its funny because I have tried alot of diets and now I am trying to eat all the healthy things we were brought up to eat to loose weight and eating less and it is NOT working for me. They say i am not eating enough calories!! I also did atkins and it was the only thing that worked for me. I am starting another program on Monday but if it does not work I to will be trying Atkins again. Good Luck to you.

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Not quite back on the diet wagon yet...

Monday, June 16, 2008

I haven't quite climbed back onto the diet... yet... but I haven't put any weight back on at least, so that's positive!

I'm still figuring out exactly what diet I should be on (you have to have your 'determined head' on for Atkins!), and in the meantime, just trying to eat as healthily as possible. Perhaps that way I won't actually need a 'diet' as such.

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CRYSTALQUEEN 6/18/2008 2:01AM

    There-in lies the key, Bajor! This isn't about finding a diet, it's about incorporating healthy habits into your everyday life.

Congrats on maintaining! That's the part that people find trickiest, so to have that down already is great!

Well done on hanging in there, too!!

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Just a bit gutted...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I've been steadily losing lbs, and according to the scales in the downstairs bathroom, I've lost almost 6 lbs and I'm about 13 and 1/2 stone now! Great!....

...but then when I checked the more accurate electronic scales upstairs.....

Apparently I'm still 14 st.

I'm positive I've really lost, because my clothes are beginning to feel just the slightest bit loser, but it looks as though my original assessment of my weight may have been out by almost another 1/2 stone, which would mean at the outset I must have been nearly 14 and 1/2 stone....

....which means that actually I have more than 55 lbs to lost. It's nearer 60+.

Feeling miserable.

And fat.


Yay! I've lost...

Thursday, May 08, 2008


Well to be honest, I wasn't expected any loss yet, so I'm really pleased! It's the first time in about 18 months or more that the scales have dipped below 14 stone (14 lbs to a Stone). Ten stone (140 lbs) seems a long way off right now, but I know it's not impossible because I've done it before.

Between now and then, though, I will have to figure out a way of healthy eating at the same time as maintaining my ideal weight. Last time I didn't make it to the real 'lifestyle' change or 'Atkins for life' phase, so I didn't really learn how to maintain it. I'm not sure whether I can see my future life in terms of never being allowed to eat another Bagel, though!

I have felt absolutely terrible the last couple of days: headaches, achy all over and in a foul mood (it hasn't helped that it has been an exceptionally horrible week with lots of conflict and turmoil!) but I remember from before that a rough couple of days in the beginning is par for the Atkins course, and it'll be better maybe already even tomorrow.


Atkins Day 1 and 2

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I have finally started on my Atkins diet.

My fridge is chock-full of green vegetables and salad, and to be honest it could well be healthier than ever my diet was before I was on Atkins!

Well, here's a basic run-down on what I've eaten:

Day One

Breakfast - Fried egg. (Of course, the Ferengis smellt it cooking and demanded their own ones, so whereas I had planned on having 2, I ended up only having 1). I added lettuce and tomato and linseeds (and a dollop of real mayonnaise).

Lunch - I actually planned to have tuna for lunch, but can you believe that I forgot what I had for breakfast, and made myself an omellette (and of course, exactly the same thing happened as at breakfast - I had to make some for the whole crew!)

Dinner - Tuna with maynonnaise, lettuce and curly-leaf parsley. Wow, that's so tasty!

In-between I nibbled (I'm discovering I'm quite a grazer!) on some leftover chicken pieces, a stick of celery and some roule cheese (yummy soft French cheese!)

I didn't do too well with my water-drinking (I'm working on it, and I seem to remember that the thirst for pure water becomes stronger as you go on), and I did have a few cups of decaf tea with unsweetened soya-milk (yuck! but I get used to it eventually...)

Day Two

Well actually today I couldn't stoumach the thought of another egg! lol! (Although thanks to the seeds I don't need to worry about the usual egg problem... too much information? Apologies!)

Breakfast - Tuna mayonnaise salad (half a tin of tuna); not very imaginative, but an easy staple to fall back on. (I would have had the whole can, but this time Quark demanded his portion on toast, and then left it, grr.)

Lunch - I actually cheated a little and had a protein shake made up with water and double cream. I don't actually know how many carbs this counted for (I'm not very good at counting) but it's all I could manage. Meanwhile, the Ferengis made themselves Omelettes!

Dinner - beautiful chicken salad, with lettuce, parsley, tomato, celery and crushed garlic (and mayonnaise).

You know what I love about this diet? I don't have to give up mayonnaise! (And actually it's the super-healthy one made with olive oil - none of that fat-free nonsense!)

I am beginning to wonder how I will cope without getting some Atkins bars. I really relied on them last time, and they don't seem to be in the shops in the UK anymore except through the internet; er, I mean we haven't had a shipment from Earth in a while. And although I haven't felt the need to nibble today, I did feel quite dejected when the rest of the crew were having cakes and puddings after their pizza dinner. So I may try and investigate dessert options and speak to Sisko about getting a budget for Atkins bars!

Well, at least in the shuttle-bays I can be weightless....


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