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Missing those crackers and soda when tummy bug hits!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What does a natural foods eater consume when a tummy bug hits? Had not thought about this question but when I encountered quite a tummy bug for about 24 hours I had a difficult time figuring out what to eat. Missing my crackers and soda, for sure! I ended up trying a banana initially which managed to keep me sustained for much of the day. Mid afternoon I had a very small baked potato with a few scallions on top for flavor and realized just how dry potato can be without my sour cream topping! (I avoided dairy in the past but usually did a dollop of sour cream on my potatoes and LOVED it. Times have changed!) I ended up eating some artichoke late that night when I thought I might try something and my daughter had steamed some. Made it through half of one before the stomach said otherwise. Today I ventured to make a small (half size) smoothie with just a little almond mik, one banana, and a few blueberries thrown in for breakfast. This afternoon I opted to try some brown rice, not something I had added to me diet yet but decided it was my safest bet with a stomach that was still talking to me often. Mixed it with a spoonful of black beans for flavor and so far so good! I am amazed how full that cup of brown rice makes me feel! Also a nice change from the veggies and fruits.

Down now about 13.5 pounds in 14 days. (Keeping in mind that I have quite a few pounds still to lose but success is success!) It has not been a steady loss every day but most days at least 1/2 pound, some days more. I am loving how great I feel and I how clear my brain feels. No more FBS (foggy brain syndrome) for this gal! Was just telling my best friend yesterday about this lifestyle change and she wants to learn about it herself. Gonna lend her the Eat to Live book and see what she thinks. She has a food loving family, and a husband who cooks some absolutely incredible food, so it may be more of a challenge for her at this point in her life.

My daughter is not losing weight steadily like I am so I stopped sharing what the scale is saying. She has made the lifestyle change also to eat fresh foods with a few social events mixed in (where she has to adapt a little) but she is frustrated that the weight is not coming off as fast for her. I think part of the problem is that she is not actually eating enough so she is working on that. On the flip side, she and I have both found that after the initial skin rebellion days, we can both report that our skin has improved significantly and feels so much better! It was worth the acne filled week for me to get to this place of my normally clear skin, looking even healthier than it did when we started. No complaints from this 46 year old! My daughter's acne issues are improving and she is very grateful for this.

Watched Forks over Knives on Netflix today and although it was a long show, it was worth the time. Checked out the website, also, and found some interesting articles. Going to explore more when I have some extra time.

Happy Wednesday to all!

One cup of orzo, wheat allergy proven. Goodbye wheat, hello healthy.

Monday, June 18, 2012

When I deviated from my fruit and veggie routine by having a bowl of orzo on Saturday, I was prepared for my weight to not go down for a couple of days. I was not prepared to find that my insides instantly felt sluggish, normal bodily functions (use your imagination, folks) stopped for two days, and I just felt OFF. Guess there is something to that wheat allergy identified many years ago. I have read that food allergies can affect weight and wonder if in fact this might have contributed to my difficulties with losing weight. I already knew dairy was an issue and made good attempts at avoiding it (and NEVER drank milk) but I guess the wheat allergy is something I must accept as a given. Goodbye wheat, hello healthy!

Doing well on adapting to this lifestyle but am finding myself a bit bored with salads. Think I will veer away from them for a couple of days and fill in with some sugar snap peas (love, love, love them!) and other fresh vegetables. I have adjusted to having spinach in my smoothie so I am getting that in even if I avoid salads.

The best side effect of this new lifestyle has been my energy level. No longer feel like I need a nap each day. Always used to have at least some time during the day when I was wiped out even if it only lasted half an hour. Not experiencing that any more!

Woman in Black. Hopefully no more for me one of these days!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Getting ready to watch the movie Woman in Black and it made me think about my choice of black clothing for so many years. Don't get me wrong, I love black clothing. Unfortunately, I wear it more often than not because it hides the body better than any other color. I love bright colors but refuse to wear more than just a shirt with a darker jacket. I want this cycle of black to end. I want to feel comfortable wearing colors, and patterns, and stripes. I want to wear the shirts with frilly, fluffy collars that look lovely on slimmer, trimmer bodies. I see that day approaching, many months down the road, but I DO see it approaching. I find myself looking at clothing and in order to keep inspired I try to find clothes each day that would be on my "wish" list for shopping when my goal is met. Keeps my vision strong. I will use whatever it takes.

Thinking about making a vision wall in my bedroom. So many things I am finally allowing myself to think about that I WILL do, no more "hope to do" some day. Next summer, I WILL visit the local amusement park and feel comfortable doing so. My kids were little the last time I did that! I WILL wear the local sporting teams' jerseys and feel comfortable doing so. I WILL go on a trip and feel comfortable in an airplane seat. I WILL drive to visit my high school friends who live less than a day away but I keep putting off because I just don't feel good about how I look. (Funny thing is, these friends see my picture on facebook but I refuse to put, or let anyone put, full body pics of me online. My friends all know I struggle with my weight but I want to have succeeded at this before seeing them again.)

It has been really hard for me to decide whether or not to tell others that I have now changed my food lifestyle. I know some will support but I have this fear that if I tell people before I have shown my commitment for a decent amount of time, they will doubt me and it will be evident in their words and actions. I am not saying that my friends are anything less than wonderful, and supportive, but I don't want to risk it. Trying to decide if I will wait until I see the local friends and just tell them I have made changes and keep it simple. Or maybe I will do this for one month (only 21 more days), and share my success on facebook. I don't know. I guess I will figure it out as it plays out.

Today was a momentous day because I did deviate a little from my plan. I had a little orzo (less than one cup) with fresh veggies and a few small pieces of chicken mixed in. My daughter made it to take to a pot luck and so I indulged just a little. First meat I have had in 9 days. I really enjoyed it but felt weighed down afterward. Opted for a simple veggie salad this evening and felt so much better. I also had a coffee with flavoring in it today. Funny thing is that this coffee drink is one I have had occasionally for years and today it was TOO SWEET! :0) If I need a caffeine boost, I will stick with the skinny vanilla latte with soy, and know that some artificial sweetener and some caffeine is better than the sugar, extra calories, and sweet, sweet, sweet taste that almost made me sick. As much as I am loving the nutritarian diet, the caffeine piece has been the hardest thing to kick. I will make next week's goal to have no caffeine every other day. I did that some during these 9 days and it has been a slow, headache filled (at times) withdrawal process.

Will be interesting to see what the scale says tomorrow. If today's changes impact my loss, I will know that I really need to follow the straight and narrow path to keep the losses happening. So far down 11 1/2 pounds in 9 days. Many more to go but success is keeping me motivated.

Now that the brain fog (food induced) has lifted! Costco, yes. McDonald's, no.

Friday, June 15, 2012

After one full week of unprocessed foods (day 8 today) I realize that I am thinking more clearly than I have in years. Clear headed, calm, decisive. I can only attribute it to the changes in eating that I have made. I realized as I ran errands today (my least favorite chore of all) that I didn't mind as I was getting things done, the sun was shining, and I knew I would be able to look back and list all the things I had accomplished today. Wow, sounds so different from the "four more stops, I wish I could get home and relax, what's for dinner, what else do I have to do?" mentality that was typical on a day like today.

Costco trip this a.m. to get blueberries, strawberries, bananas, flaxseed, cucumber, and (the primary reason I went) to get some non-slip hangers for my closet. I have been overhauling the house, bit by bit, and one thing I realized is that the big plastic hangers I love are just too bulky for limited closet space. Costco here has 35 of the black non-slip hangers for $9.99 which is a better deal than the ones you see on tv/get at Target. I have decided that although funds are limited, if each day means one improvement in my household, I am a happy camper! Last night I overhauled my college son's room after moving the dusty exercise bike (which just sat and needs to be used by ME) out of his room. This led to cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, moving furniture to make more space, and hanging all the clean clothes he had collected in baskets in various corners of his room. Four+ hours later and the room looked great, he was thrilled, and I felt like I had gotten a good workout. :0)

Nice treat awaited me afterward as my daughter had made some artichokes in the rice cooker. I was amazed. She saw the idea online and they were wonderful! I ate my plain as the flavor was delightful while she made herself a little dip concoction. I don't think we have ever enjoyed the true flavor of artichoke as much as we did last night!

Ran to McDonald's for my college age son a few minutes ago and laughed as all I could think about was how bad that was for him and how awful it would make me feel to eat it. I brought it home, touched not a fry, and handed it off to him. He has also chosen to eat fewer processed foods (although not the nutritarian lifestyle) and this was his first fast food in over a week. Can't wait to see if he feels gross afterwards...and since he will be at work I hope he doesn't feel too crummy.

The only sweet I have had this week has been one Hershey Kiss. I put it in my mouth and my first thought was "I craved THIS?". Now, don't get me wrong, once it started melting I did enjoy the flavor and the sugar but decided that it was not as important to me as feeling good and treating my body well. Then later I wonder where the heck this woman came from. Able to pass up more Hershey Kisses? Now I have almost always managed to do things in moderation but after almost a week without sugar I really thought I would want more.

Guess I better get going to that closet and those delightful hangers. Happy Friday to all!

Hand me the acne medicine, not the french fries!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Acne medicine. Rarely used now, in my forties, but these food changes have apparently caused my pores to want to purge all the crud that was so contentedly resting within them in my previous fattier, carbohydrate laden lifestyle. Wow! I feel like a teenager again...except worse because I was fortunate as a teenager and did not have a lot of acne. I am so glad I had some moisturizer with acne medicine in it. Slathered that on last night and today I am not so freaked out by the changes in my skin. I have always had nice skin and this was not something I was prepared for. Lesson here is that it's better to say, "Hand me the acne medicine" than to say, "Hand me the french fries"! :0)

After 5 full days (on day 6 now) I am 9 pounds down and pulled out a shirt that was a bit snug. Now it fits just fine. On the other hand, found that jeans I wear which are snug in the middle are still snug. Actually that is motivating me to stay on course and keep doing what I need to be doing. Going to be wearing these pants and others that aren't loose to remind me that I am working toward a looser fit. When they start feeling loose, I shall continue the process with new snug fitting pants. I have not kept many clothes of smaller sizes over the years BUT amazingly, a gal I work with recently gave me a bunch of clothes that are 1-2 sizes smaller...thinking they might fit At the time I wondered what the heck I was going to do with the clothes but it all happened for a reason. I was not even thinking I could tackle this weight loss in such a dedicated manner, but only a month later I am doing it and making great headway. I am so thankful for those little things in life that happen without apparent reason, only later to be the perfect thing!

Right now I am at a point in time when I have more free time, lots of things to tackle at home (but less than thrilled about doing these far from glamorous tasks), and some college work to complete while friends are working, traveling, and busy with their kids'/family's acitivities. All this time by myself would normally lead to more unhealthy eating but with Eat to Live I realize that if I want to eat, I can do so. I have not been tempted much because I am so full but there have been between meal moments when I go for that apple because I need SOMETHING. It does the trick and I don't feel bad. That is a GREAT feeling! I am eating meals on my own schedule since the others in the household have crazy schedules despite it being summer. I am also tracking all food on an excel spreadsheet so I know if I have eaten what Dr. Fuhrman recommends. I want to be able to look back and see what I ate if/when I start hitting a few days of not losing. It is early on and I know this will happen so I want to be able see what MIGHT have impacted my progress. I have read some wonderful blogs in which the weight loss was steady all the way through 100+ pounds. That is not to say that they lost every day but they lost weekly and I want to make sure that is something I am giving my all to, no matter what.

One thing that I have neglected for myself is time to do what I WANT to do. This summer I have read two books already (lucky if I get in even one for personal pleasure during the school year) and have a third one in hand. I have some crafts I would like to get back to and am looking forward to that in the coming weeks. For now, I will be content to work on purging stuff from the house, doing those less than glamorous tasks that will truly feel good to have completed, and reading bits and pieces between those tasks. I am going to continue taking time each day, also, to read inspiring blogs, revisit the Eat to Live book, and keep myself motivated!

Happy Wednesday to all!

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