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At least a start

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Finally decided to have a better day and follow thru. Thanks to Slenderella and visuallylyrics for comments. Really seemed to help. Tomorrow I am planning to track food and do some more fitness entries from my calendar log. At least I haven't quit exercising at all. Am as tennis crazy as ever. Maybe a bit more. Played for 2 hours today and took a walk. One more day tomorrow. Thanks for your support.

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BUTTERFLY-1976 8/21/2014 5:06PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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HOTPINKCAMARO49 8/20/2014 11:57PM

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Beck Diet Solution - Trying again 3rd time - a charm? Hope so!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Day 1,2,3 review. Day 3 - Eat Sitting Down This is SO hard for me. I will try to sit down as much as I can. I will allow a few plain veggies while standing. My goal is to train myself little by little not to snack when making meals. I can eat so many calories before my meal even "officially" starts. Today, only cherry tomatoes and cucumber slices will be on hand and I will try not to eat them until dinner, too. I always rationalize this behavior as well as eating standing up or in the car because I tell myself I don't have time. I have my advantages card out and read it. I am starting the South Beach and will try to track starting today. I ran 3.5 miles this morning and did a lot of stength training. I will keep my focus, I will keep my focus..........
I CAN DO THIS!! YOU CAN DO IT,too. Let's get going!!!

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SABLENESS 8/23/2012 4:12PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticonTell yourself that eating sitting down is very important self-care. You have such an active life, it's especially important to do it for yourself. I reached 60% of my 1st year SP goal. At least this year, I don't have 50 to lose! I keep coming back to the thread you started about what I did to keep the Spark today. It's really helpful. emoticon

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SLENDERELLA61 8/23/2012 2:32PM

    YES, we can do it!! Sitting down to eat has been a real challenge for me, too. I frequently stand up with a bite still in my mouth to grab a wipe or pick something off the floor the grandkid just threw or even to get something for hubby (like catsup) that I forgot to put on the table.

Glad you are using your cards. I'll get mine out again, too. I do find it motivating and helpful to read them several times a day. Take care!! -Marsha

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Beck Diet Solution - Review

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Here we go again!! Still haven't gotten the sitting down to eat habit ingrained but continue to try. I am attempting to review the days of the Beck to get the behaviors into my thick skull a bit better. I may have to redo them many times until they get more natural. i can do this. I will be thinking like a thin person and it will be a natural thing!!!! Yes! I will continue to TRY. those last 15 pounds will be dust!! Have a sparkin' good weekend!

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SLENDERELLA61 6/12/2012 10:25PM

    You are doing it!! It isn't easy to make changes, but it is really worth it. You will be so proud of yourself. -Marsha

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JUDI_CUTIE 6/10/2012 10:07AM

    I need to recapture Beck! I have not been doing great. I used to feel like this was all finally getting easy, and it was really "through my thick skull" but it is not fun to realize how easy it is to slip out of the new habits! I'm due for some review!

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CHICKYBEE 6/9/2012 10:43PM

    The 'trying' is the most important part! I wish you continued success. You never quit trying and I admire that.

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BABY_GIRL69 6/9/2012 5:42PM

    You can do it!!

God bless,


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Getting back to tracking food - Reminder blog

Saturday, May 05, 2012

I am putting this down in a blog so I see it every time I look at my page. I WILL track my food. I will track at least 4 days per week, preferably 7. I am in charge of what goes into my mouth, though you wouldn't believe it if I tracked. If I stay within my calorie range, I know I would lose the final 15. If I don't track this week, I will start Phase 1 of South Beach again next Monday. That means no fruit for 2 weeks. I can't stand not eating fruit. hopefully, this will motivate me to track and stay within my calorie range. No moaning and a just do it attitude. I will have my notebook in the kitchen so I won't have any excuse like, "oh, I don't think I can remember everything I ate all day so I won't bother to track it on Spark. Guild Auditions are next Saturday for my students and I AM stressed about it. NO EXCUSE. NO CHOICE. I will track my food. I will track my food....... Hold me to it! This blog will be my reminder. I've done it before for months. I will do it NOW!!

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CHICKYBEE 6/6/2012 10:58AM

    You sound so positive, I say, you can do it! I like your plan. Especially the part about keeping a notebook and pen with you at all times. When I get my mind set, I get it done, and that sounds like where you're at right now. I'm rooting for you. emoticon

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CHICKYBEE 5/6/2012 6:57PM

    I have been using the 17 Day Diet off and on for some time now. I think it is partially why I have remained the same weight while being off of SP for 3 years. I have a hard time with the low carb aspect of 17 Day Diet, but love it for a short spurt-- get me back on track quick! --routine. And it would definitely be helpful for your fruit cravings. I am never starving on the 17 Day Diet... but right now, I am using SP suggested menus, as I found I crave carbs too much on the former, and if too many are left out, I cheat with terrible snacks. If I do not have the SP food suggested, I find what I do have that is a comparable substitute, and try to keep all the calories and nutrients the same. I find tracking food keeps me honest and motivated.

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MAGNOLIA416 5/6/2012 1:01PM

    Food tracking is a powerful tool, but takes some effort! I usually don't feel like doing it either, but it does help me make better choices. I guess I should track my lunch now then! ha ha good luck to both of us!

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KTISFOCUSED 5/6/2012 8:02AM

    Just a suggestion. You might want to look at the 17 Day Diet. It is similar to South Beach except that you eat 2 fruits (of the approved list only) and 2 greek or regular yogurts daily. Other than that, it is veggies, turkey, chicken, and veggies. Then after 17 days, you go to cycle 2 which is a little easier, then cycle 3. Many of us have lost a lot of weight on it and we have a team on SP if you're interested. You do need to buy the book if interested.

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More Beck day I haven't blogged about 30,31,32

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

I guess I've gotten behind on the blogging. Day 30 Stay in control while eating out. I've done this a few times since I last blogged and feel I can manage pretty well as long as I plan out what I'll do and allow myself a bit of leeway and not get overwhelmed by eating a bit more and then blowing it totally. Day 31, decide about drinking - I have a glass of wine occasionally and once had 2 since I did this day. Doubt if I'll start drinking a lot. Day 32 - prepare for travel - I did go away for a few days and didn't do as well as I would have liked but didn't gain by the next weigh-in. (would have lost if I would have stayed on track better. Oh, well, I'll try again next time.Will do day 33 + next time Just wanted to get a few on the books, so to speak. Am still following the Beck Solution and Phase 2 of the South Beach, although it's not really a diet but more of an eating plan for life. I eat a lot of raw foods and not too many carbs. I don't usually eat the avoid foods, maybe never. I have a salad at least once a day and make my own dressing. I have stuck to 8-10 freggies a day.I'm getting closer to my goal. I have 13 pounds to get to my first goal and 7 'til I hit the normal BMI range.

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SABLENESS 4/11/2012 10:05AM

    I've followed your Beck & South Beach progress with interest and have missed your reports too. I'm so glad to have a bit of time now to keep in touch. MIL isn't doing great, but having her in rehab so close to my home is helping me a lot. Was able to get back to doing SP videos yesterday. Felt so good, I did two!

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ANNIEAPP1 4/6/2012 6:57AM

    Glad you're blogging again. I've missed reading them.

Also glad you're cutting yourself some slack. Trying to be too perfectionistic dooms a lot of weight removal plans. As you mentioned, this is a lifestyle plan, so you've got to be kind to yourself.

Hope you have a great weekend, and thanks so much for the goodie!!!! I hope to be wearing size 18 (I'd gone done from size 24 to 20 in just about 3 weeks) jeans by the end of April.

Life is good!

Have a wonderful weekend and keep running!!!!


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CRYSBROWN1 4/4/2012 1:52PM

    It's been a while since I've checked in but you have done amazingly well! Congratulations on your progress! Keep it up!

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