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Time to Say Goodnight. . . .

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Whether you count jumping sheep or jumping sheep to sleep, its that time. So get off Spark & get your 6+++ for our healthy & beauty let's approach sleep as if our lives depended it on it. I do that now. . .

Goodnight Sparkfam!

Sweet dreams & God bless!


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NISSANGIRL 8/23/2010 7:40AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon I slept like a baby last night! emoticon

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CIERAPOET 8/23/2010 12:45AM

    Good night and sleep in peace as our Father sings you to sleep.
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MSPROVERBS31 8/23/2010 12:27AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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CECILIACARRENO 8/23/2010 12:26AM


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Drink Water

Friday, August 20, 2010

Are you getting your 6+ cups of water daily? I know its hard some times but its good for you & to you. . . .

Today, I did All Star Kickbox Tommy Deters, Walking, Namaste Yoga & Total Body Sculpt burning 900+ calories it felt so good. I had 6cups today but I'm still working on it. . .

God bless & drink (water) to your health!


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GODZDESIGN95 8/21/2010 6:51PM

    Water is a hit and miss thing I know I need to drink more.... I have no excuse my brita pitcher is waiting on me...but my kids have begun to use the pitcher more than I do now. What is up with that??? I wonder?????

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MRFARRAND 8/21/2010 11:27AM

    trying to! burning 900 cals is awesome.

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JAZZID 8/21/2010 9:40AM

    ... I am trying... I find if I drink a cup of emoticon with my meals and remember to drink something every hour, I am ok... but I have to do better... Thanks for the blog...

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NISSANGIRL 8/21/2010 8:06AM

    I did not get all mine in Friday emoticon but I will Today! You are rocking it girl! 900 calories burned off! emoticonKeep up the great work Dee! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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CBARRETT10 8/20/2010 11:31PM

  Thanks, I usually get in 8-10 cups!

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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PMJLNR 8/20/2010 11:27PM

    "Cheers!" to you too!!!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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JOEYGIRL73 8/20/2010 11:27PM

    emoticon for the reminder! I don't always get all my water in....

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I Ate The Donut

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I ate the donut yesterday, so today I had to pay the Piper. Who is the Piper you ask? Well Cathe Fredreich of course! The Girl is fierce on fighting the fat & the bulge. Check her out:
I woke up to my nonwork day & I got busy. I did Cathe Step Blast 30mins, Legs & Glutes 60mins, Abs 20mins, Upper Body 15mins, All Star Workout Yoga w/weights & after blogging, its my walking DVD. I would love to get outside & will see if the kids are game. They like to do their own thing but I think I am going to pull the mommy sad card & get them to spend a few minutes with their old crusty mom. lol

God bless Sparkfam!

What did you give in to today but you don't regret it?


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JAZZID 8/21/2010 9:37AM

    ... as long as you enjoyed it... emoticon... "no regrets!" emoticon, and besides, you paid in "sweat equity" emoticon

... I actually resisted a piece of cake @ work because I wanted to eat some popcorn later in the evening...

You're doing great... ~ Dee ~ emoticon

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LJLEAMARIE 8/20/2010 11:40PM

    I gave into PIZZA! I like the way you express your words.... emoticon emoticon

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BIZZYBRITT 8/20/2010 4:19PM

    Wow, that is some hard-core sweating! Good for you. Those donuts look like the most delicious things...I hope you got them out of the house! emoticon

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NISSANGIRL 8/20/2010 7:32AM

    I think you worked those donut calories right off Dee! way to go on your workout! have an emoticon Friday! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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HEATHER39 8/20/2010 3:05AM

    mmmmmmmmmmmm Donut.
Sounds like you kick that donut's butt with your workouts today.

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CIERAPOET 8/20/2010 12:15AM

    I'm going to give in to some light Kroger Deluxe Butter Pecan Ice Cream. lol I'm hungry and my son ate the last of my ww bread for my peanut butter sandwich and left his mess. If I had a belt. lol

Have fun Dee and that's a lot of workout. You can eat another donut. lol emoticon

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DIVALICIOUS7 8/19/2010 7:49PM

    Sweet Dee,

Couldn't have resisted those babies!!! Wouldn't have cared if I was going into "sugar shock" If you're gonna cheat - make it worth your while!! emoticon

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GODZDESIGN95 8/19/2010 7:05PM

    yes and no I ate three peppermints I wanted something sweet.

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CBARRETT10 8/19/2010 6:20PM

  I would have given in to those donuts!!! And NO regrets!(at least not right away)! emoticon

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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DRAMBERT 8/19/2010 4:47PM

    I had a cookie monster moment or two or three last week. Eat it and move for it if you must.

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CATHRINE2010 8/19/2010 4:43PM

    I gave in last week and I don't regret it . Set backs are normal and you have to live life so that piece of forbidden chocolate chocolate chocolate cake was worth every bite!!! emoticon

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SANDYJAS 8/19/2010 4:43PM

    Gaaaaaa, I WANT that donut ;)
By the way, I have a friend that teaches Zumba. She used to be a little fluffy. Now she eats whatever she wants, and is thin!!!!

Comment edited on: 8/19/2010 4:44:06 PM

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Jump N Jive Wail . . .

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's Wednesday & you know what we do: DANCE!!!

Listen to this song & tell me if you can just sit still in your seat? Seriously MOVE!!!
Today did walking & tonight I will do upper body pyramid. I did good workouts but I like to kinda slow it down on days when I don't get enough rest.

If you feel you can't dance, then explore, discover & dream!

God bless & take care!


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

JUSTFOXXY 8/21/2010 2:19AM

    How fun!!!

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NISSANGIRL 8/19/2010 3:17PM

    emoticon music! put me in the mood to dance! spark on girlfriend! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MRSGOFARR 8/19/2010 9:06AM

    wow. love that quote. thank you for the inspiration.

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CBARRETT10 8/19/2010 12:39AM

  Great boogey woogey music! emoticon emoticon emoticon
Be blessed

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CIERAPOET 8/18/2010 11:48PM

    Great dancing music. Where did you find this song? Enjoy you 5 day staycation. lol God Bless You and thanks for all ur support. emoticon

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SANDYJAS 8/18/2010 7:20PM

    I LOVE swing!!!!!!

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Getting a Grip on Monday . . .

Monday, August 16, 2010

Its Monday & here's a few ways in which we can combat those Monday blues:

Step 1
If you can, sleep in an extra hour on Monday mornings. Going to bed early on Sunday night doesn't always help because most people will remain awake until their usual bedtime.

Step 2
If you can't sleep in by a full hour (and most of us can't), take action Sunday night to shorten your morning preparation time so that you can set the alarm for 15 minutes later than usual. Wash your hair, pack lunches, lay out your outfit or pack your briefcase on Sunday night.

Step 3
Hop out of bed the moment you wake up on Monday morning. Lingering in that downy comforter will only draw out the agony.

Step 4
End your shower with a jolt of cold water to tear yourself out of your grogginess. Or exercise in the morning to get your blood pumping and to release those feel-good endorphins.

Step 5
Get out in the sunlight. Bright light tells your body that it is indeed the morning and helps reset your internal clock.

Step 6
Drink coffee or another caffeine beverage. Although it's not healthy to drink caffeine to the point of addiction, caffeine, when used in moderation, can give your Monday mornings that much-needed oomph and alertness.

Step 7
Anticipate your Monday morning on Friday afternoon. Fight the temptation to race away from a messy desk. Clean up your desk and leave yourself a to-do list to make Monday morning a little more tolerable.

I am not having a problem with Monday for a change but it was tough to leave the house. I need to get out more, I promise you I do! I love being at home but going outside is like carrying around a ton of bricks some days. Others its a breez. . .

God bless & enjoy Monday!


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

CIERAPOET 8/18/2010 11:53PM

    I love #4. lol that will wake anyone up. And it is hard to get back out when u have been in so long. I had to throw myself out there on Monday then Tuesday came easy and my lil work came easy and I enjoyed myself. Everyone should enjoy the work they perform. Thanks Dee.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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LJLEAMARIE 8/18/2010 3:01PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticonHI,I like your spark page,it is cool!
I like your blog too!Funny!Thanks for sharing your tips with us.Your Watermelon picture made me Smile!
Can I add you as a friend?

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GODZDESIGN95 8/17/2010 11:38PM

    lol I've learned to be monday lover!

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CWYNN01 8/17/2010 9:47AM

    Way to beat the Monday blues!! Great tips!

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NISSANGIRL 8/16/2010 5:48PM

    Thanks for posting this Much needed Blog on a Monday! Loved the first picture! Have a Great Tuesday Dee! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MRSGOFARR 8/16/2010 5:18PM

    Mondays are like the day of the week that you wish you could warp to the last part of it. Even if there is an optional good lunch moment.

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CBARRETT10 8/16/2010 4:12PM

  Step # 3 was me this morning! emoticon

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RAINSTORM17 8/16/2010 4:06PM

    Thanks for the tips. emoticon

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CHIPANDCHRIS 8/16/2010 3:58PM

  I loved all of the tips! This will help me to stay on track with my own journey. Thanks for this little bit of inspiration!

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