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Jump N Jive Wail . . .

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's Wednesday & you know what we do: DANCE!!!

Listen to this song & tell me if you can just sit still in your seat? Seriously MOVE!!!
Today did walking & tonight I will do upper body pyramid. I did good workouts but I like to kinda slow it down on days when I don't get enough rest.

If you feel you can't dance, then explore, discover & dream!

God bless & take care!


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JUSTFOXXY 8/21/2010 2:19AM

    How fun!!!

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NISSANGIRL 8/19/2010 3:17PM

    emoticon music! put me in the mood to dance! spark on girlfriend! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MRSGOFARR 8/19/2010 9:06AM

    wow. love that quote. thank you for the inspiration.

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CBARRETT10 8/19/2010 12:39AM

  Great boogey woogey music! emoticon emoticon emoticon
Be blessed

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CIERAPOET 8/18/2010 11:48PM

    Great dancing music. Where did you find this song? Enjoy you 5 day staycation. lol God Bless You and thanks for all ur support. emoticon

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SANDYJAS 8/18/2010 7:20PM

    I LOVE swing!!!!!!

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Getting a Grip on Monday . . .

Monday, August 16, 2010

Its Monday & here's a few ways in which we can combat those Monday blues:

Step 1
If you can, sleep in an extra hour on Monday mornings. Going to bed early on Sunday night doesn't always help because most people will remain awake until their usual bedtime.

Step 2
If you can't sleep in by a full hour (and most of us can't), take action Sunday night to shorten your morning preparation time so that you can set the alarm for 15 minutes later than usual. Wash your hair, pack lunches, lay out your outfit or pack your briefcase on Sunday night.

Step 3
Hop out of bed the moment you wake up on Monday morning. Lingering in that downy comforter will only draw out the agony.

Step 4
End your shower with a jolt of cold water to tear yourself out of your grogginess. Or exercise in the morning to get your blood pumping and to release those feel-good endorphins.

Step 5
Get out in the sunlight. Bright light tells your body that it is indeed the morning and helps reset your internal clock.

Step 6
Drink coffee or another caffeine beverage. Although it's not healthy to drink caffeine to the point of addiction, caffeine, when used in moderation, can give your Monday mornings that much-needed oomph and alertness.

Step 7
Anticipate your Monday morning on Friday afternoon. Fight the temptation to race away from a messy desk. Clean up your desk and leave yourself a to-do list to make Monday morning a little more tolerable.

I am not having a problem with Monday for a change but it was tough to leave the house. I need to get out more, I promise you I do! I love being at home but going outside is like carrying around a ton of bricks some days. Others its a breez. . .

God bless & enjoy Monday!


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CIERAPOET 8/18/2010 11:53PM

    I love #4. lol that will wake anyone up. And it is hard to get back out when u have been in so long. I had to throw myself out there on Monday then Tuesday came easy and my lil work came easy and I enjoyed myself. Everyone should enjoy the work they perform. Thanks Dee.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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LJLEAMARIE 8/18/2010 3:01PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticonHI,I like your spark page,it is cool!
I like your blog too!Funny!Thanks for sharing your tips with us.Your Watermelon picture made me Smile!
Can I add you as a friend?

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GODZDESIGN95 8/17/2010 11:38PM

    lol I've learned to be monday lover!

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CWYNN01 8/17/2010 9:47AM

    Way to beat the Monday blues!! Great tips!

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NISSANGIRL 8/16/2010 5:48PM

    Thanks for posting this Much needed Blog on a Monday! Loved the first picture! Have a Great Tuesday Dee! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MRSGOFARR 8/16/2010 5:18PM

    Mondays are like the day of the week that you wish you could warp to the last part of it. Even if there is an optional good lunch moment.

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CBARRETT10 8/16/2010 4:12PM

  Step # 3 was me this morning! emoticon

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RAINSTORM17 8/16/2010 4:06PM

    Thanks for the tips. emoticon

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CHIPANDCHRIS 8/16/2010 3:58PM

  I loved all of the tips! This will help me to stay on track with my own journey. Thanks for this little bit of inspiration!

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Scattered on a Friday. . . YIKES!

Friday, August 13, 2010

So I went to sleep after doing 30mins of pilates last night & watching General Hospital & Burn Notice. I was in a good sleep, when the power went out. We had to call ComEd & they told us that there was an outage but power would be restored about 2am. This was 12:10am & I was so on edge...... Finally power was restored & hubby turned on the tv, are you kidding me!! I couldn't go back to sleep. I woke up feeling fuzzy & incomplete but I did do a little quick study in Isaiah. Then watched Joyce Meyer. Then I just laid in bed for a minute, then I went got some water & then did Cathe's Boot Camp DVD. Talking about feeling the burn & sweating. I was still sweating after a shower & getting dressed. I felt good but then as the day progress, the tired feeling crept back on me. . .So I feel scattered & all over the place.

So I tonight I am going to do a few runs, my QFC (frog squats) & 30minutes of pilates. Then its time to rest & get dinner for the boys.

Tomorrow will get up early to throw some things out the basement & clean a little. I HATE & dread cleaning! I wish I could hire someone at least once or twice a month to do it for me. Me & my son could do minor cleaning in between. I can dream, right? lol

God bless & enjoy the weekend Sparkfam!


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CIERAPOET 8/15/2010 12:51AM

    Well I thank God you got rain. We still sweating over here in Texas and I don't even crack the door. Thank God for DVD's to workout with. I even have pulled out...My Prevention Drop it in I was going to say 30 day Shred? I will get back :to that one maybe in November. lol You did a workout after 2am? Ok...I've did that too so do you count it for the day before or the day after? I always wondered but if I already had it logged it's the day before.

You were tired so you went to sleep. I'm on the way giving up soaps but still watching General Hospital until they make me mad. I'm tired of watching Lulu and Donte' roll around all the time. Is there nothing else they can do? Love Joyce Meyer's wisdom. And Isaiah is one of my fav especially 60:1. Well did I cover everything? Can't help you with the basement...i'm steal working on my closet. lol
You know I love you Dee and appreciate you stopping by taking care of me. You are a very caring person and I know your family loves you. Of course,we would still you if we could.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Comment edited on: 8/15/2010 12:54:22 AM

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GODZDESIGN95 8/14/2010 6:21PM

    I am sorry about your power. I remember our power outage ((which lasted a few days.)) I had to cook on our karosene heater, use candles. I started how in the world would I wash 5 peoples worth of clothes. I can wash on my hands...but. It reminded me of how great grand parents had to care of there household. WHEW! Praise God for the 20 century. I love my washing machine, dryer and refrig. even the stove. Our power finally came back on. emoticon

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NISSANGIRL 8/14/2010 4:51AM

    Sorry that you lost power Dee, I guess your husband was too wired up waiting for the power to come back on , so he wanted to watch tv emoticon. Girl you are rocking with your workouts! I am so proud of you! When you find that housekeeper Can I borrow her? LOL. Have a Great weekend Dee! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Happy Tuesday!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

So I rose early this morning to watch Joyce Meyer & she rocked! I was encouraged & still am, thank you Lord! I got up & turned on my VCR/DVD & pushed PLAY! Cathe's Kick Punch & Crunch is in there & got 30mins & let me tell you I was sweating my behind off! Take a quick look:
I turned off the air & just had a fan blowing to get a sweat filled workout & I did indeed! After doing Cathe, I turned it off & turned on Namaste Yoga which they were doing the extended leg sequence. Now couldn't find that one on youtube but I found another one, take a quick preview:
I did have my Alphabits with 1%milk, dannon light & fit strawberry banana yogurt (picked it up by mistake but not bad) for breakfast.

I had fruit salad for a mid morning snack & a cup of grapes.

For lunch I had half a Chicago Italian Beef dipped with hot peppers. YUMMY!

For dinner I will have the sandwich I brought with broccoli.

No biggie but trying to have my cake & eat it too. The turkey sandwich is not quite like this one but its healthy. lol
Tonight its Cathe's Imax 2 on FitTv & I am walking trying to stretch out the morning workout so my body will be available for the evening workout:
I pray you give your body a few minutes to a healthier heart & lifestyle!

God bless & let's get busy!


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SANDYJAS 8/12/2010 11:33AM

    Hey Dee!!! Oh girl I have to get back on my diet, I really went food crazy on my vacation. Why did you have to say Italian Beef? We have an Al's right here in Evanston, and they have the best fries, too!

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NISSANGIRL 8/11/2010 9:08AM

    emoticon job on the workouts Dee! and the pictures of your food especially the Chicago Italian Beef pushed me over the edge! and PS... I am going to lunch today with friends and now I am afraid I will go overboard! Keep up the great work and Spark on girl! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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GODZDESIGN95 8/10/2010 9:38PM

    I love dannon light yogurt but I hate that they made the cartons bigger. I am only alloted so much 6 oz may be too much. I wonder why they changed the size???

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CIERAPOET 8/10/2010 8:42PM

    You making me hungry. Kind of not eating enough because I really don't feel well but I got the Core Rhythms in and will do upper body strength work. You inspire me as always. I need some fruit myself. Have to make the list and send this boy to the store. lol Have a great evening!

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MAKI34 8/10/2010 5:57PM

    Girl just reading what you workout everyday gets me going and motivated! Thank you!

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REDHATLADY9 8/10/2010 4:16PM


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Still Waters Run Deep . . .

Monday, August 09, 2010

First of all, let me say Happy Monday! Since it is almost over for us. lol

Next, still waters run deep. . . .

I love water & drinking it replenishes me & makes feel healthier. Well this weekend because my hubby bought so many cartons of lemonade because they were on sale. I had to take my brita pitcher out & I set it on top of the frig.

My husband loves to go in & out of the frig getting juice or just checking to see if anything changed since the last time he opened it. LOL I tell him time & time again don't do it while he is on the phone or preoccupied cause he doesn't pay attention. Well guess what? He opened the frig too quick & BAM! He broke my brita pitcher!

I was so sad that the anger started to swell inside of me & I felt so sentimental about that pitcher. My husband was sorry & after I got my words out, it was over. So back to the bottle.

Thank you guys for listening! I can be so dramatic at times, I know but I had to get it out. Anyhoo, its rather warm & humid today so I am drinking my bottled water & eating healthy. Getting my walking done now. Next its side lunges, then abs & push pull with weights. I need to get some kickboxing done but it depends on how my energy levels maintain during my workout.

God bless & what do you do for workouts when its just too hot!


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

CIERAPOET 8/10/2010 8:48PM

    I workout inside when it's too hot or start early or do late evening. Chicago can't take the heat like we can in Texas and Oklahoma. Go swimming is another great way to beat the heat too. What I tell you about getting mad at that man? lol That's what they do sista. lol They don't pay attention most of the time and ooops....there it Don't you watch House of Payne? lol Just messing w/you. Guess my age? For real Dee. lol
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MRSGOFARR 8/10/2010 10:34AM

    get another one. plastic is evil!!

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MRSGOFARR 8/10/2010 10:23AM

    oh no!! please get a new one!! its better then plastic and bpa free.

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LESLIES537 8/10/2010 9:36AM

    Love the pictures! Cute blog emoticon

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NISSANGIRL 8/10/2010 7:38AM

    Sorry to hear about your Brita Pitcher Dee, it was an accident and I am sure hubby feels bad about it. We do get attached to our stuff though, LOL. You are rocking your workouts girl! I wish you lived nearby, we could have a lot of fun! spark on Dee! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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GODZDESIGN95 8/9/2010 10:04PM

    Oh I am sorry after many months the Lord made a way for us to get one. I've been allowing our sons to get water from it now you are making me have seconds thoughts. emoticon I am sorry I hope you can replace it.

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    Sorry to hear about the Brita pitcher (I love mine too)... And WOW you sure do a lot of workouts in a day! Your energy amazes me!! Hope you have a wonderful week!!

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