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This is HARD for me! Beck Day 3

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Day three of my journey through Judith Beck's cognitive therapy program found in her book, "The Beck Diet Solution."

First off ... my Beck "days" are not happening each day of the week. I want to go through this program at a rate that works for me. I feel like I need to invest time, effort and thought into the changes I'm making; I just can't always manage that commitment every day. So I am giving myself permission to slow it down, working every day on the skills I am learning, but not necessarily adding something new.

That being said, Day 3, "Eat Sitting Down" is a whopper for me.

Maybe I'm making it too hard. I might be adding too much.

As I read Beck's reasoning for sitting down to eat, I take away the message that I need to be conscious of everything I put in my mouth. I need to avoid impulse eating. I need to learn how to add *visual satisfaction* to taste, chewing, swallowing and fullness satisfactions.

The problem is, just sitting down is not enough for me. I don't do a lot of snacking standing up (although as I've been more aware of this step, I am a little surprised at how much I catch!)

My problem is mindfulness.

I eat "sitting down" at the computer sometimes ... with nary a thought of how much I am eating, how quickly I'm eating, how nutritious my meal or snack is, how delicious the food is (or isn't), or recognizing fullness and satisfaction cues.

I eat "sitting down" when watching a movie at home with my hubby. Mindfully? I think not.

I take a snack to my room on occasion, to eat while I take a break after a long day on my feet at work. Technically, I'm "sitting down," but once again, it is mindless eating. Usually too much. Usually wrong foods. Unplanned, unmeasured.

I know for a FACT that these things contribute to my loss of control. When I avoid these eating patterns I do much better at staying within my calorie range and meeting my nutritional goals. But these are long-standing habits, and I find they are pretty deeply ingrained.

So back to my dilemma. Do I need to address all these issues with Day 3, or should I just concentrate on "sitting," wherever, however? I'm pretty sure these other issues will be addressed in upcoming days, so maybe I need to cut myself some slack, recognize that I don't have to be perfect (yet) emoticon and simply make sure that every time I pop something into my mouth, my backside is planted firmly in a chair.

If any Beck gurus happen to read this today, I'd love your feedback. Perhaps I need to head over to the Beck team and do some reading there. I might just find some answers!

I'm determined to press forward, even during this land-mine time of year. I'm doing this because I recognize that these new skills, these new ways to think, are what will make a difference in my weight management journey. I WANT to be that person who can apply these skills in any situation, no matter the external or internal challenges that come my way.

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PKCTTS 11/4/2014 10:33PM

    Maybe it should reading "Eat sitting down at a table" - I know my recliner sees a lot of snacking. LOL

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WATERMELLEN 11/1/2014 11:16AM

    I'm giving myself a Beck refresher at the moment (Day 19) and I agree that this "eating sitting down thing" is really huge (and difficult) for me too.

And yes, I do think the concept encompasses all you're attaching to it . . . but it's also aspirational. Eating while sitting down and doing nothing but eating is "the ideal" maybe: but eating sitting down even while glancing at the newspaper is better than eating standing up . . . at least for me!

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Beck - Day 2

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Day two of my journey through Judith Beck's cognitive therapy program found in her book, "The Beck Diet Solution."

Today is an easy one for me ... choose a "diet" plan to follow.

Why would I go anywhere else? Sparkpeople has given me the tools to lose nearly 60 pounds in the last two years. Following this plan works for me. I feel it is balanced nutritionally (when I do what I'm supposed to), includes a fitness component, and provides an amazing community of support! All important ingredients to maintaining my loss.

I certainly have room for improvement. I could concentrate on getting more protein and fewer refined carbohydrates. And I hope to do just that as I begin to plan my meals ahead. Some of these tasks are daunting to me, but when I keep in mind my reasons for doing them, I think I can succeed. I'll give it my best effort!

I've been toying with the Whole30 plan, although I think the elimination of certain food groups doesn't set well with me. At this point it doesn't seem right, but I may consider giving it a try sometime next year. Sometimes just changing things up can be a good thing, and the program does allow for reintroduction of the "less healthy" foods, with an evaluation period to see if they have negative effect.

I've had success with WW before, and could have that as a backup program, as well as Lose It, which my sister likes. But I'm banking on Spark. I love it here!

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STEVEN2GO2 10/29/2014 9:02PM

    emoticon on the loss of 60 pounds in two years! emoticon !

I too follow the Sparks nutrition plan. It is flexible and uses wisdom with moderation in all areas. Best wishes as you work with your ongoing Beck Diet Solution!


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Joining the BECK bandwagon!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Several of my favorite Spark bloggers have been publicly working their way through Judith Beck's cognitive therapy program found in her book, "The Beck Diet Solution."

I've heard about Beck's program before, and even went so far as to check her book out of the library. Her ideas resonated with me, but apparently I was not ready at that time to put forth the effort to make these changes in my way of thinking.

Fast forward a year or two. I've reached my goal. I've been staying connected and alert, and trying to maintain my loss. However, I'm noticing a CREEP ... some of my old, destructive habits seems to be creeping back into my life. I feel less in control. My food choices can be suspect. I'm exercising just a little bit less, and finding excuses more readily available. And I'm seeing a small, but alarming creep up on the scale as well.

Light bulb moment? Have I really changed at all? Will I follow my pattern of losing and regaining.

Nope. Not this time. Not. This. Time.

I'm in it to win it ... for good!

I recognize that I haven't changed my thinking. I have done what was needed to lose the weight, but I have not really addressed the stuff that goes on between my ears, the stuff that will give me the POWER to continue my healthy habits for a lifetime.

And so I bought the book. (Sometimes I amaze myself when I'm too cheap to fork out a few dollars for a book that may just SAVE ME the cost of treating weight-related disease, not to mention the emotional, mental, spiritual, and other physical costs involved!)

And I'm on my way!

Day One:
Record the Advantages of Losing Weight (or in my case ... Maintaining a Loss)

Reasons I want to maintain my weight loss:
ē I feel better physically. I am healthier. I have more energy.
ē I can DO MORE THINGS! Hike. Jog. Functional tasks that require strength or endurance.
ē I donít feel so self-conscious. I have more confidence.
ē I have a sense of accomplishment. I can do hard things!
ē I can trust myself. I have self-control. I exert positive willpower.
ē It demonstrates wise stewardship and gratitude for the gift of my body.
ē I can demonstrate to family and friends that I CAN change and MAINTAIN a change.
ē It is fun to shop for clothes, especially when I find a gonga deal!



In fact, they are important enough to motivate me to make wise choices, to plan and prepare, invest the time and energy required to do what it takes!

I've set my computer to pop-up a reminder of my reasons twice a day. I've printed some copies, one to carry with me, one to hang on my fridge (yep, I'm going to admit to my hubby and friends that I am working on this). I aim to develop the habit of reminding myself of the WHYS, and give myself reason to be mentally tough with myself.

And here's a emoticon and shout out emoticon to my inspiring Spark friends, who truly lead the way to better things. I am humbled and grateful.

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    emoticon emoticon You WILL do it for all the right reasons!

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CFMOSS 10/29/2014 7:57AM

    Like your reasons to lose weight - here's to keeping them in front of you to keep them fresh and effective.

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STEVEN2GO2 10/28/2014 9:31PM

    I have been in maintenance mood for now about three years. The list of of reasons of why you want to maintain is awesome. I have also found that I enjoy new challenging activities that I though I never would do. Two years ago my Aunt & Uncle had their Golden Anniversary. Their four wonderful daughters had a four day bash for the occasion. Their daughter Michele and her boyfriend Paul, as their gift for the celebration was cliff climbing day. Paul has been climbing since he was 15, now he is 45, he is a very excellent climber and sometimes leads mountain climbing events. My cousin Michele did not climb until she met Paul 10 years ago, but now has many climbs under her belt.

The day of the climb, at first I was not even going to go, I have always had a fear of heights, I was just going to stay at my hotel and walk around. However, since this was a family event, I decided to go to be with my family, but with no intention of climbing. When we got to the site I watched my cousin Michele belay other family members for about 45 minutes. Watching and listening to Michele as she helped my other family members I had confidence in her ability. Then my cousin Karen husband, asked me what size shoes I wore. The next thing I knew I was climbing that cliff. I almost made it to the very top of the cliff, until my fingers and hands went numb.

Most guys think their arms and hands are the power to use while climbing. At the end of the day, I had a chance to watched Paul as he went to retrieve the ropes. I noticed he mostly used the power of his legs and just used his hand to guide.

I was so glad I was in shape to attempt climbing.

This is something I really want to try again, and staying in shape will allow me to hopefully achieve the top of the next cliff I climb!

emoticon emoticon

Also it is great you noticed the creep and are taking steps to come back down to your maintenance weight! emoticon

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WATERMELLEN 10/28/2014 6:18PM

    Loved this blog -- so happy you're leaping into Beck to MAINTAIN!

And very happy to add you back as a friend!

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BLC (Biggest Loser Challenge) Round 25 evaluation

Friday, July 18, 2014

BLC25 Ė THE BEST THINGS! emoticon emoticon emoticon

I have been on a wonderful BLC team this round Ö the Mighty Mocha Hunters! emoticon Sadly, a few of our Mocha Sisters dropped out for various reasons along the way, but those who were able to continue strong throughout the round have been phenomenal! Weíve had our share of troubles Ö job losses and changes, family illnesses and deaths, struggles with motivation and injury. Through it all, weíve found support, encouragement, friendship, and lots of laughs from this amazing group of women! I count each one as my friend!

Weíve had some great challenges this round, to keep us on track and putting forth the effort needed to reach our goals. I especially liked Capín Roniís Boot Camp this round, which gave us a chance to work on one skill or behavior for a whole week.

Iíve loved the accountability Iíve felt with this team. Iíve done my best to do my part to make our team #1, if not on the charts, at least in our hearts.
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Thanks to Roxy, Roni, and Alicia Ö for their untiring efforts in our behalf. I know how hard these ladies have worked to keep us inspired.

My personal progress?
Itís been a rough round for me. My sweet Mom passed away in June. I had two visits out of state to be with her, one week in May, and then a week in June sitting by her side, followed by a week after her passing. It has been an emotional and difficult time, but also a time of sweet reflection, tender mercies, and much joy. Through it all, I have been able to maintain my weight, largely due to habits that have been developed and reinforced through my participation in BLC. Yes there have been fluctuations, and Iím still struggling a bit to get my feet (and my good habits) back under me, but I am certain that I will, that I can reach my goal very soon, and that Iíll continue to maintain as I continue to plan my work, and work my plan.

A NSV? emoticon
Buying summer capris in size 10. Last summer I was wearing size 14. Feeling great about that change!

My Plan for the BLC break: emoticon
There is quite a long break before the next round starts in September. I am planning on joining another similar challenge for my time during the break, to keep me engaged and active. I recognize how important it is to me to have the accountability provided by these challenges, and it keeps things fun and interesting for me. My goals this summer will be to continue with my cardio Ö.I generally get 50-60 minutes 5-6 times per week, Strength Train at least 2 times per week Ö maybe coming up with a specific plan to cover all muscle groups appropriately, and improve my eating habits. Iíve gotten lazy in my meal planning and preparation, and I recognize the need to buckle down!

I just ordered the Spark ActivityTracker to add something new to my routine!
emoticon Looking forward to that!

emoticon Iím sad to say that Iím stepping down from my leadership role in BLC for the next round. Itís been a pleasure, and Iíve loved the association Iíve had with our awesome Mocha leaders and teammates. Itís just time for a change for me. I must have a short span of attention, but Iíve found I need to shake things up from time to time. I need to try different things, keep myself guessing, and push myself out of my comfort zone. Time will tell where it will all lead Ö. maybe (and hopefully), right back in the nest where I belong!

For anyone who stumbles upon this blog, and wonders if BLC (The Biggest Loser Challenge) might be right for you, I whole-heartedly endorse it! It has helped me overcome a long plateau, given me the opportunity to try new things, challenged me to do better, and brought me into a circle of an inspiring and fun group of Sparkers! New registrations for the next round (starting September 17, 2014) will begin after August 15. Feel free to Sparkmail me, and I will send you the link to learn all about it when it becomes available!

Let's keep Sparking and reaching for our goals.

"Your ideals anda well within your reach." -Ancient Chinese Proverb

Yup. But you gotta keep reaching!

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FUSIONFITNESS3 7/20/2014 11:21PM


I will miss your leadership next round. emoticon for all you did to lead and support us Mocharitas during a difficult and stressful season of your own life.

Congrats on a fantastic NSV. emoticon

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LIVEDAILY 7/18/2014 7:54PM

    Nice evaluation and plan! I especially like your idea to come up with a plan to ST all muscle groups on a rotating basis.
I'm going to borrow that one!!

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SUSANELAINE1956 7/18/2014 6:50PM

    Sympathies for the loss of your mother. That is such a difficult thing to go through. emoticon

The Mochas are such a fun team. I loved our visit and agree with you about the captains, challenges, etc. You have such wonderful teammates.

Great NSV! I love your plan. I think I may add to my plan the idea about looking into working all muscle groups, and maybe learning even more about nutrition. I was concentrating on continuing my momentum, but I love the idea of taking time to learn more. emoticon for the idea.

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Planning ahead ....

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Part of our BLC Challenge this weekend is to plan for an "accident" or slip-up ... how will I get back on track?

Well, my Mama always told me that PREVENTING an accident is much better than trying to pick up the pieces later, so my first plan of attack is to stay on track as much as possible. I do this by checking in to Spark every day, tracking fitness, tracking nutrition, participating in team challenges. When I do these things, I pretty much keep my big girl panties dry!

But knowing that I'm far from perfect, and I've slipped up before, my plan is to pick myself up and try again.

Always got to be willing to do that. The sooner the better. No regrets, just forward motion, one baby step at a time if needed.

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FITNFUNJEN 5/13/2014 10:42AM

    So true! Prevention is always better and when you think ahead, you are prepared and can divert those "accidents" much of the time. And of course, you have to dust yourself off and keep going even when you fall. There is no failure except giving up! emoticon

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FUSIONFITNESS3 5/12/2014 12:25AM

    emoticon attitude. emoticon plan for the slip ups. emoticon

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RX_2_RV 5/11/2014 10:41PM

    Great attitude. It sounds like you are on the right track, physically and mentally/emotionally. Healthy!

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SKIMBRO 5/11/2014 10:24PM

    emoticon emoticon

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MCFITZ2 5/11/2014 9:45PM

    Right on emoticon

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