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Not the best way to get results, but....

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Well, it's not the way to get results, but the scale sure does look good! 340.0 yeah! I've had this stomach/intestinal virus thing since Sunday morning, boo! I know it is mostly water that is gone, but one can hope, right?

In between trips to the bathroom, I have been doing a lot of computer...go figure and have a good list of places now to search for nutrient info if I can't find things on SP. I also discovered that I can look up things on the shared foods list and add it to my favorites without having to add it to that day's food log which is nice.

Last week I got news from my Dr. that my triglycerides are 246. Well, that is just a major bummer. I have always prided myself, that even though I was overweight and have things like chronic fatigue, arthritis ankle problems and all that, I have not had any of the usual "life threatening" things like heart problems or diabetes. Not to say that I don't live in fear of them, mind you! Now I have not enough of the good stuff (HDL) and way too much of the 3G's. Crap anyway. So now I have really got to get serious. I have started reading about lowering 3G's and as they all say...exercise, exercise, exercise. How I wish I could run or even now with my shoulder, swim without pain. I used to be able to do at least a quarter mile swimming and maybe even a half. I can't remember. Now my shoulder hurts too much. We'll see how that works out when I see the specialist with my MRI. Need to get that appointment made.

I did go out on Saturday before I got sick and bought an exercise ball and elastic band things, both with videos, but so far I have been too sick to even get them out. Today I will blow up the ball and get things out. I found the walking workouts DVD's in a set with 1,2 and 3 miles that people keep talking about at half price books...good deal there.

I also got myself an early birthday present a basic PDA. A friend has a PDA program that he got for free from someone that works on the weight watchers point system that you can use to log food and keep track of things. It has a ton of restaurants and the fda nutrient list on it. Pretty cool. He stopped by last night and beamed it over to mine and showed me the basics. So, I have been playing with that. what would be perfect, would be one that you can download things to the sparkpeople page. I think CK has something like that, but this was free. I've looked at others on line and you can get ones that are downloadable, but not into spark, which is where I want to try to keep everything.

Enough rambling. Time to take a break.

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TWISTOLOMEW 8/7/2008 1:09PM

  I hope you're feeling better... being sick sucks, but a pound down is a pound down! :-)

It's good that you're aware of the importance of monitoring your health metrics and are working towards improving them! Most people don't seem to understand the short and long term ramifications of things like diabetes and heart disease.

Hope you have a great day!


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DEEANN8 8/5/2008 5:14PM

    emoticonNice to see the pounds drop away!

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Finally it's working!!!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

I have been really busy and haven't had time to post as much, but I am proud of myself. I have ben logging every day and all except for one day have stayed in my calorie limit with nutrients doing pretty ok, except for the dreaded sodium. The scale is starting to move and that is exciting.

I am amazed at how much better I feel when I am eating healthy, even with the weight just only changing a little. I don't feel as lethargic, I can move easier and it's not a chore as much to do things. I always blame the lack of energy on my weight, chronic fatigue syndrome, or arthritis, But with healthy foods in me, I have more energy and my mind is clearer, even with those things still there. Weird how that works.

I have also been making myself write my notes in session, which I have always rebelled against, but it is cutting way down on the guilt I feel all of the time with being behind and the fear of getting caught. Plus, I am not having to work so many extra hours. I still have a lot of paperwork to do that I can't do in session, but it really helps. I might add paperwork to my goals to keep me motivated about it.

This weekend is going to be really busy. Jori's brother and 2 kids are coming in tonight after a many hours driving and will be with us until the "party" moves up to her mom's for the weekend. They will be there for over a week and the other sibs are coming in up there on Sat. We are trying to get the details worked out and get us all where we need to be. I need to have some time up at my dad's to work out the details on step sis being paid to be there during the day to take care of them. Dad is getting antsy about getting it all laid out and is sneaking out and driving to the bank by himself!! Grrr.... So, I may go separately and stop there for a while, then go on up. Then on Sunday, we have to take Chris to another camp for a week long retreat in southern Ohio! A lot of driving and travel food...we'll see how that goes.

We are leaving Dakota up there with the family since her babysitter is the one who runs the retreat he is going to and won't be here to watch her. I'm a little mixed about it. Usually I am ready for a break from my wonderful cherubs, but I don't know, both gone for over 5 days? It's weird. I already feel like my job takes me away from them too much. What on earth will we do? emoticon Work, school, sleep, clean house, eat. Yes that's what we will do! And maybe something fun for just us. Have to think on that one. That would usually involve going out to eat somewhere. We have done really good about that lately, although having little money has put a damper on that. Maybe if I plan that day out really well, I could not have to worry or feel guilty.

I guess I am afraid of falling off the wagon, since I have been doing so well lately. I know I can just get back on, but why is that so hard?

Anyhow, need to get some work done here, so I'm out of here!

Later--I just talked to people up at my dad's and they have it worked out and she is there for 5 hours 5 days a week and he is done stressing about the money. I think he is liking having her cooking up the good food they're eating instead of meals on wheels. Maybe he'll put some weight back on! What a releif!

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TOONACAT 8/2/2008 11:52AM

    Great job! Isn't it wonderful when you start to feel lighter in your body? I think it lightens the spirit too.

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DEEANN8 7/31/2008 9:25PM

    You're doing great! Keep it up... and while you're at it, give me a swift kick so I can join you on that wagon.

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TWISTOLOMEW 7/31/2008 5:13PM

  Great news getting dad's situation squared away!

For travel food - it's all about planning. I travel a lot for work and have found that having some basics on hand have prevented me from gaining weight. I take a clif protein bar, a regular clif bar (for breakfast) & 2 pieces of fruit for each day I'm gone. That way I have breakfast, 2 snacks ready & if lunch falls by the wayside, I have the protein bar! Makes a huge difference in my trips!

Oh - and there is no wagon, just life and food and exercise! :-) which means not everyday will be perfection, but you'll get another day tomorrow to reach for that goal.

Keep up the great work! I'm really proud of you.


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This is my first time at this!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Really my second, but the first one I goofed up somehow and lost it!

Well, I never left the house today, but it was a busy day! We have family coming later in the week and that means.....Cleaning! We spent almost all day in the kids rooms and we can now see their floors and have gotten a lot of stuff packed up to go anywhere but here.

We have been foster parents for about 11 years and have had a lot of kids come and go and a lot of heart ache along the way. Don't get me wrong, we have loved being able to do it. There is nothing like getting that call that there is a little someone who needs you. Until that moment, you don't know whether it will be a boy or a girl, a baby or a preschooler. Or what beautiful shade of skin they will have. Chris was 12 months old and was really shut down, but we kept at him and got him out of his shell. He is amazing now. When they called us about Dakota, she was two days old and needed to be picked up from the hospital the next day. Our miracle baby. She was preemie, and had basically been saved by the officers, who took mom to the hospital instead of to jail. Now she's a rip roaring 3 year old who keeps us very busy!

Anyhow, we have decided that we are not going to renew our licence this year. Life is calmer without all the appointments and chaos. I will miss it terribly though. I think I'll be OK as long as I can get my baby fix regularly. So, we are starting to clear out. We have all the toys, carseats, clothing, bedding, etc, for multiple kids of every age child, boy or girl, from newborn to 5. We could rival the best resale shop in town. Now we need to get it all out of here. Hard, sad and alot of work, but freeing in a sense, too. I will have space to be for the first time in many years, I hope!

I have done really well at sticking to my calories for the past several days, which feels good! I am hoping to see the results. I do know that small group is having pizza tomorrow and I can't pass that up, but I think I will suggest one of them is a veggie pizza as a compromise.

Other things are going better too! I have managed to keep up with my notes at work daily, which is a new thing for me. I finally gave in and am writing them in session, which I don't like, but it is the only way. Then I have the other gobs of paperwork to keep up on, but I am not living in fear of being caught and fired on the spot for being so behind.

We also think we have a plan for easing the worry and stress on all of us with Dad and Cathy getting so much weaker. We are working on the details still, but we are going to have one of Cathy's daughters who got laid off be their caregiver, probably about 6 hours a day and Dad will pay her instead of having a homemaker service, or having to move to an assisted living facility (which I was quoted would be about 6-7 thousand a month for the two of them!!!! This way it's mutually beneficial and there isn't a stranger coming and going. He is really tight with his money and won't do anything if he feels like it is throwing it away. Lorine is a really wonderful person and I think it might just work if she can stand to be around them that much! It takes a lot of patience...dad is a man of about 12 words a day...you'd better not miss them, or you are out of luck!

Today has been a pretty good day. Ate well, made progress in the house that I can see and some of the stressors are lessening, which helps a lot.

I am definitely feeling less overwhelmed, and am so thankful for this sight and the wonderful people here!

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SANDYASHMEG 7/27/2008 9:15AM

    Wow you have accomplished quite a bit. I hope that works out with your Dad it sounds like a great plan. Your doing really great! Still working on seeing the floor in my kids rooms. Have a great day!

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