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Jillian Michaels - Let Go of the Trigger

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I get emails from Jillian every day. Today's entry was one that I know I need to remember.

Okay, go get your journal or log in to your online Fitness Diary. As promised, I'm going to start showing you how to break the cycle of emotional eating. Below are two questions. For a week, before you eat anything, whether it's dinner or a small snack, I want you to answer these two questions in your journal. By doing this, you'll begin to distinguish between real hunger and emotional triggers.

1. Are you hungry?

Are you experiencing any physiological conditions that are signaling to you that you are hungry? Is your stomach growling? Do you feel weak or tired? Has it been longer than three or four hours since you last ate? If you concentrate on answering these questions, it will be very easy to determine whether you are genuinely, physically hungry or whether you are eating for a different reason. If you've determined that you are hungry, then it's time to eat. If not, it's time for the next question.

2. Are you depressed or anxious?

Did you just get into a fight? Are you anxious about a work-related deadline? Whatever it might be, write down what you're feeling and why you think you're feeling it. Getting in touch with your emotions here is critical. If you can't, you're going to have an incredibly difficult time reaching your weight loss goals. Dig deep, and get it in writing.


No wonder I have high blood pressure!

Friday, July 25, 2008

I've been on blood pressure medicine for about 13 years now. I was first diagnosed in 1994/1995, when it was measured and was like 160/110! Granted, I had fallen and sprained my thumb, so was in a bit of pain at the time, which probably elevated it more than normal, but it's been consistently around 140/90 or such without medication.

But, today? Today is one of those few non-medical reasons why my blood pressure tends to stay high, even with medication! Why? Because the people I am working with are SO bad at communication or working through conflict that they just skirt the issues and offer all the excuses possible to be able to have blame taken off themselves.

The biggest problem with this? They are all mental health counselors! They all tell other people within our organization on how to deal with conflict, how to be better communicators, how to get along with co-workers, etc.

Yet, they never take their own advice.

The one tells people to always look on the bright side of things, to continually show gratitude to one another, to write down each and every day the things to be grateful for. This counselor will then come and talk to me and only tell me about why they don't feel good that day, about how they had to come in and see a client at 7:30 a.m. and will have to leave at 4:00 p.m. since they did so, how they didn't take a lunch the day before, even though they were scheduled off during their typical lunch time. This person's consistently sick, tired, ungrateful, etc, and they're telling people how to be the opposite?!?!?!

The other thinks they're the bo-diggity, that all others before and after could never match their expertise, work ethic, attendance record, etc. They lead their clients to think that they have a PhD or an MD. Every person that calls me for an appointment always wants Dr. x. Yeah, that's good, give the clients a false sense of who you really are. AND, this is the same counselor that does Anger Management classes, yet blows up in your face any time you ask them about something they may have done wrong.

Great role models here!

I don't like to speak ill of people or to bash my co-workers. Seriously, though, this is draining me SO much emotionally that I can't stand it. Stress level? Sky high. It doesn't help that I've been trying to get out of this office for 8+ months now.