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Prayer Changes The Atmosphere

Friday, September 28, 2012

2 Chronicles 7:14 “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

Psalm 24:6 This is Jacob, the generation of those who seek Him, Who seek Your face. Selah

Psalm 24:7-9 Lift up your heads, O you gates! And be lifted up, you everlasting doors! And the King of glory shall come in. Who is this King of glory? The LORD strong and mighty in battle. Lift up your heads, O you gates! Lift up, you everlasting doors! And the King of glory shall come in.

Proverbs 21:1 The king's heart is in the hand of the LORD, Like the rivers of water; He turns it wherever He wishes.

“My Child, it is through seeking My face and repenting that the gates or doors are opened for me to enter in. When My people repent for the sins committed against Me and seek My face or My will for their nation, the gates of authority over that nation are changed and the way is opened for Me, once again, to come in. I will not force My way into any nation or government. I must be given access into it just as I am given access into a person's heart. The invitation for Me to come in must be extended to Me. When My people repent and seek My face I am given permission to come into their lives and their nation. When My people do this there will be a change in the atmosphere; the gates will be opened and I will come in. I am the King of glory. I will reign supreme in the hearts and lives of My people. And I will deliver them from their oppressors just as I have delivered My people of old; when they turn back to Me. I will come in all My glory to bring deliverance when My people have repented and sought My face. I will not refuse to help them. I will bring deliverance.”

“It is through prayer that hearts are opened to Me. Pray for your people to turn back to Me and I will hear and answer your request. Pray for your government leaders that they may be godly leaders that seek My will before making changes that will affect your nation. Pray, My Child, so the gates of authority may be changed. It is when My people pray that I am given the opportunity to move into a situation; for the only prayer I hear from an unbeliever is the prayer to open the door of his heart to Me. It is the prayers of My people that change world events. When My people pray, humbling themselves before Me, seeking My face, and repenting for the sins of their nation, I will hear and forgive and heal their land. Yes, I hold the king's heart in my hand and like the channels of water, can turn it whichever way I want it to go. But the prayers of My people determine which way I turn the King's heart. Do not be lax in praying for this is the time to seriously seek My face, Child. The time is now! The time is here! Pray!”

Oh Father, I humble myself before You. I confess the sins of my people; that we have turned from following you to following our own evil desires. I confess that we have murdered the innocent, embraced ungodly lifestyles and placed our own fleshly desires above You. Please forgive us and heal our land. Father, I pray for our nations leaders this morning that they would be godly leaders that seek Your will before making decisions that affect our quality of life. Father, I pray that they will open the doors of their hearts for You to come in; that if they don't know You that today would be their day of salvation. I pray for our people, Father, to repent and turn their eyes back to You, seek Your face and live their lives in accordance with Your word. Father, forgive us and heal our hearts and our land. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

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CIERAPOET 9/30/2012 8:41PM

    We Hear You Lord!

Our Church Joined With Many Others To Pray For 40 Days And It Started The Day Of This Blog. We Are Fasting (According To How The Lord Leads Each One), And Praying. !. Awakening of The Body Of Christ. 2. The Awakening Of This Nation. 3. The Elections. Our Pastors Will Be Having Prayer Meetings Every Sunday Evening Until The Election And Prayer Over the Phone. I'm A Member of Daughter's For Zion And We Will Be Praying Tomorrow Through A Phone Conference Call for 20 Minutes. We Have Used These Before Both At My Church And With DFZ. Thank God For Technology That Spreads His Will! Our Church Is Full Of Prayer Groups And the Foundation Is Prayer. We Have To Pray And Unite So That God Can Establish His Will Once Again In Our Nation. I Thank God For This Season And I Know OUR (Body of Christ) Prayers Will Not Be In Vain! This Nation Was Established On The Word And For God! No Accident. I'm Getting Excited! Thank You And Keep Sharing The Word With Holy Spirit Boldness! We Need To Hear What The Spirit Is Saying!
Deb emoticon emoticon

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PURPLEPEONY 9/28/2012 8:34PM

    emoticon emoticon

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KALLIE1958AR 9/28/2012 7:55PM

    Father we do pray .. please heal our land and help us to make right choices .. we do humble ourselves and ask .. we pray for all of our brothers and sisters please touch each one and give them the incite you want them to have open eyes and ears to see and hear .. We pray for each one on here who takes the time to read this word you gave our sister .. Father touch hearts Holy Spirit talk to your people ... we love you Lord .. in Jesus name I pray ... To God be all the Glory ... Amen

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TONYVAND1 9/28/2012 11:10AM

  Thank you for that prayer of confession. We all need to turn our hearts to Jesus.

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SLIMLEAF 9/28/2012 11:02AM


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RONALANA 9/28/2012 10:41AM

    Repentance has to come before healing! Thanks for this inspirational and challenging blog.

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FERGSGIRL2 9/28/2012 9:42AM

    Great message, thank you. Reading God's word is life, and brings us closer to him, and prayer opens eyes to God's goodness and his will.

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EDITOR 9/28/2012 9:04AM

    When we find Him, we want to pray. I'll never forget my first said prayer when He found me was, "God help me." He began to speak and I began to listen. Not all good occurred in my personal life but enough to know now this was the true God I searched for in my early life.

I pray for those His message says to pray for. I am a pray-er, because I know God answers prayer. Let's not think we do not have power of prayer with God because He has given us the keys of the Kingdom. We have the Holy Spirit and Christ giving us examples plenty. We have Father God, through Biblical examples of how to pray. We have no excuse to not wing up a simple prayer to Him, or the Lord's Prayer which I am willing to bet ALL have memorized.

Seek Him while He can be found, and do not withhold your prayers just because you want a sign first. His sign to you, is don't delay!

Great message today which I am adamant about!

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ANHELIC 9/28/2012 9:01AM

    Thank you Avanell for another great lesson. Sharing God's word is a real blessing for me to read. It is so simple to ask the Lord to come into our heart and live a life that is pleasing to Him. If only everyone would do this, our world would be more gracious and loving, instead of all the unrest. I love my life with Jesus guiding me daily. God bless you Avanell for sharing God's word with us. Thank you for your comments on my blogs and the goodie.

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MNABOY 9/28/2012 7:36AM


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CHERIONE 9/28/2012 7:10AM


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LEANJEAN6 9/28/2012 7:06AM

    Oh Thank yu for this message!

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The Value Of One

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Matthew 10:26 “Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?”

Matthew 10:29 “Are not two sparrows sold for a copper coin? And not one of them falls to the ground apart from your Father's will. “But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. “Do not fear therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.”

“I know all things and I see all things, Child. I know your life from the beginning to the end and everything in between. I created you for My honor and glory; to be a representation of Me in the earth in your lifetime. You are Mine. Do not worry about the future, but place your trust in Me for I am your future. I am the Beginning and the End of all things. Life in Me is what brings contentment into your life. Life apart from Me is void and empty.”

“Look unto Me and I will show you great and mighty things. But trust Me in knowing those things; that I know what is best for all of My children. Trust Me with those that you love that I will do what is best for them. I have their best interests at heart. Do not fear that I will not care for them. Do I not care for all of My creation? I care for the birds of the air and the flowers of the field. Are not My children of more value than them? I will care for My own, Child. Do not worry that I will not be a good parent. Do not fear for their future. I am in control and I will do what's best for them. Place them now into My hands and rest in peace knowing that I am watching over them.”

Father, I thank You for setting my heart at peace this morning. You know my heart and You see everything within it. Thank You for being My Father and for assuring Me that You will care for my loved ones. I place my brother into Your hands today as he undergoes surgery. You know what is best for Him and I trust you to care for him. I pray, Father, for those who may be anxious this morning for their loved ones. I ask You to give them peace in their hearts in knowing that You are caring for the ones that they love as well. Help us to rest in You, Father. As we cast our cares on You, Lord, give us the peace that passes all understanding. Thank You, Father, for Your love for each one of us. And thank You for loving us and bringing salvation into our lives that we might have our life in You.

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ANHELIC 9/27/2012 9:54PM

    Thank you Avanell for a great lesson. I missed your last two, guess I forgot to click on subscribe. I found you again and am not going to lose you again. I love this verse and your intretation. Yes, I feel Revelation is winding down and Jesus is returning soon and very soon. God never makes mistakes and everything happening is there for a reason. We must keep loving God and holding on tight to Him. God bless you for sharing.

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KALLIE1958AR 9/27/2012 1:33PM

    Awesome as always .. I loved this and also needed to hear it .. So many things happening on our Country and I see Revelations unfolding before my eyes .. Im sure many are not aware .. but I take courage in the fact that God loves us and he has it all under control for sure .. When I get down I look for your posts lol so encouraging as are many others but it so helps to have Sisters and Brothers who see and understand .. God Bless you will be praying in agreement with you .. your sis in Christ Betty emoticon

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PMFISH 9/27/2012 9:49AM

    Thanks for posting, I copied and sent your message to a friend. Prayers for you and your brother. emoticon

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GABY1948 9/27/2012 9:43AM

    Avie, I thank you for this and I have a big AMEN to all of it. DH and I will be praying for brother for sure. I am believing with you for a great outcome! God Bless you!

We are leaving now so it will be 2 days before I am back...but will be praying!

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CANDOSUE52 9/27/2012 8:32AM

When I read your daily blog, Avanell, and Editor's speedy response (that woman is up with the birds, LOL) I feel as if I've started my day, in Church. Thank you.
Praying for your brother, too.

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EDITOR 9/27/2012 7:49AM

    I love this verse with all my heart and have applied it so often.

He is A-Z, beginning and end, and there is not other true Comfort aprat from Him. He sends us people for a season, but never withdraws His watchful eye upon us.

Knowing your brother is in capable hands, he will remain in my prayers over the upcoming days ahead. He is of great value!

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SLIMLEAF 9/27/2012 7:44AM


I've just prayed for you and your brother too.

May God bless you both.

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MNABOY 9/27/2012 7:31AM


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The King Of Who I Am

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Revelation 5:8-14 Now when He had taken the scroll, the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders fell down before the Lamb, each having a harp, and golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints. And they sang a new song, saying: “You are worthy to take the scroll, And to open its seals; For You were slain, And have redeemed us to God by Your blood. Out of every tribe and tongue and people and nation, And have made us kings and priests to our God; And we shall reign on the earth.” Then I looked, and I heard the voice of many angels around the throne, the living creatures, and the elders; and the number of them was ten thousand times ten thousand, and thousands of thousands, saying with a loud voice: “Worthy is the Lamb who was slain To receive power and riches and wisdom, And strength and honor and glory and blessings!” And every creature which is in heaven and on the earth and under the earth and such as are in the sea, and all that are in them, I heard saying: “Blessing and honor and glory and power Be to Him who sits on the throne, And to the Lamb, forever and ever!” Then the four living creatures said, “Amen!” And the twenty-four elders fell down and worshiped Him who lives forever and ever.


You are, Lord Jesus, the King of who I am! My life would be nothing without You, Lord. I lift up You name on high this morning. I praise You with my whole heart for Who You are to me. You are my King, my life and my breath. I love You, Lord Jesus! You've always gone before me into every situation. You prepare my way. Your word lights the path before me and Your presence walks with me. You are my King!

“Many will bow at My feet in that day, Child, when they stand before Me. But what about today? Do they realize that eternity begins right where they are? Eternity is not a future destination. It is a continuation of life in a different residence. Eternity began when you were born, Child, and it continues after your physical body is shed by your spirit. I made you a spirit being who lives in a physical tent. Your spirit does not die. Your body is what dies and is left in the grave to be later resurrected. But your spirit moves to your eternal home where it continues to live. The choice that you have made to serve Me has given your spirit an eternal home in My presence. Some have not made that decision and will spend eternity in a place totally void of My presence. It is in that place that is void of My love that there is torment and darkness. I am Love and I am Light. In Me there is no darkness. Apart from Me is abundance of darkness. I am Love; there is no evil or hate in Me, but apart from Me there is abundance of evil and hatred. The choice that people make either for Me or to reject Me determines their quality of life in eternity. They WILL spend it in one place or the other. Be not deceived; do not put off til tomorrow the choice that needs to be made today. Choose Me and live!”

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ANHELIC 9/27/2012 9:58PM

    Thank you for sharing such an awesome lesson again. I am grateful I have accepted Jesus and I know I am born again. I pray for those who don't know Him and some churches that don't preach Revelation because they don't want to scare the people. I pray for those churches as well. We need to be prepared. God bless you for sharing the truth..

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FERGSGIRL2 9/26/2012 5:46PM

    Amen, its urgent that those who have not accepted or trusted the King of Kings, do so. Wonderful blog. Thanks fot sharing the truth.

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GABY1948 9/26/2012 3:45PM

    Avie, this is WHERE IT IS AT! The Great Commission...and I don't think I have ever heard it presented better! He's coming SOON so I pray those that see or hear your blog realize and make the greatest decision of their lives! Thank you for showing us such a marvelous invitation to salvation!

God Bless you!

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KATHARINEBRAY1 9/26/2012 3:24PM

    I love the song by mercy me
what will I do when I see Jesus . that song was played as we left the church on our wedding day.
I wonder what will I do when I see the king Of kings
love your blog God Bless emoticon

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KALLIE1958AR 9/26/2012 2:30PM

    Amen .. So True .. life begins when you either except or reject him... He is the only way I would ever want to live .. As my Savior ... King ... Comforter .... He laid his life down for everyone and soon and very soon hes coming back ... I look for that day .. But I know if he comes now many will perish ... I pray they come to know our King ... His love is more than we can imagine .. Thank you for the awesome post yours always uplifts me .. To God Be Glory ... emoticon

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RONALANA 9/26/2012 1:08PM

    Thankful for having chosen HIM! And thankful for you today!

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EDITOR 9/26/2012 8:00AM

    Looks like SP is having hiccups today.

Take today and worship Him. He is our A-Z and Lion and Lamb.

Many have no clue what the King of Kings will appear to be, but that day of revealing will be beyond our vocabulary to describe.

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50HARLEYGIRL 9/26/2012 7:53AM

    Amen!!! Thank You so much for sharing this!!!

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50HARLEYGIRL 9/26/2012 7:53AM

    Amen!!! Thank You so much for sharing this!!!

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PURPLELVR7 9/26/2012 7:51AM

    Awesome - we are so blessed to have Jesus as our Lord

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Take Your Thoughts Captive

Monday, September 24, 2012

2 Corinthians 10:4-5 For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ,

“Do not fear what lies ahead of you, Child. For I have already gone before you and conquered the future. I led captive death, hell and the grave. They have no hold over you. I conquered them so you have no reason to fear. There is no weapon that is formed against a child of God that can prosper. Rise up and speak to that fear that comes against you. It is a spirit sent to harass you from the evil one. Put your trust in Me and speak to the mountain. Tell it to move, and leave, and it will do what you say. You have authority over the evil one for I have given you My authority. Do not allow him to steal any ground in your life. Declare the victory for I have already defeated your enemy. I conquered him when I went to hell on your behalf. I took back the keys to the kingdom and have given them to My church. You now have victory over every attack of the enemy. Rise up in My strength and power and go forth as the mighty army of God. Use your authority in prayer to stand against the evil one. Do not allow fear to rule and reign in your heart and mind. Take authority over the thoughts of fear, doubt and unbelief that he arrays against you. Stand firm in who you are in Christ Jesus and cast down any thought or imagination that plants fear in your heart. Do not entertain thoughts of evil. Think only on those things that are pure and lovely and of a good report. Keep your thought life pure and free from the corruption of the world. Do not allow the distractions of world events to take place in your mind. Keep your focus on Me for I am greater than any event or people group that would try to overtake you. Look unto Me for I am the greater One who lives within you. My name is higher than sickness and disease or war and strife. I am the Great I AM; able to conquer all things on behalf of My people. I have already defeated the enemy of your souls that tries to stir up trouble in your life. Now rise up as the mighty army of God and go forth in My power and strength for I have declared you to be victorious and able to conquer all things through Him who loves you!”

Father, I thank You for providing for our every need. You have given us the victory over the evil one. May we rise up as You have declared and go forth in Your power and strength to conquer the fears that come against us. I pray for those this morning who are experiencing mental anguish over things that lie ahead of them. I pray for them to be set free from the bondage of fear. I ask You, Lord, to release them from the grasp that the evil one is trying to use to hold them captive. Father, I ask You to show them how to stand against him; how to speak to the mountain that he has placed before them and how to conquer the storm that rages in their lives. Father, help them to speak only what Your word says for power lies in the the declarations that we make. Thank You for the victory, Father! May You be glorified as we enforce the work that You did on our behalf on the cross of Calvary. Jesus, you did not die in vain! We receive the victory already secured for us! In Jesus' name. Amen.

Ephesians 4:8-10 Therefore He says: “When He ascended on high, He led captivity captive, And gave gifts to men.” (Now this, “He ascended”--what does it mean but that He also first descended into the lower parts of the earth? He who descended is also the One who ascended far above all the heavens, that He might fill all things.)

Colossians 2:15 Having disarmed principalities and powers, He made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them in it.

Isaiah 54:14 In righteousness you shall be established; You shall be far from oppression, for you shall not fear; And from terror, for it shall not come near you.

Isaiah 54:17 No weapon formed against you shall prosper, And every tongue which rises against you in judgment you shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, And their righteousness is from Me,” Says the LORD.

2 Timothy 1:7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

Mark 11:22-24 So Jesus answered and said to them, “Have faith in God. “For assuredly I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, 'Be removed and be cast into the sea,' and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that those things he says will be done, he will have whatever he says. “Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them.”

John 10:10 “The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”

Matthew 16:19 “And I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”

Luke 10:19 “Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.”

1 Peter 2:9 But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation. His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light;

2 Corinthians 2:14 Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place.

Philippians 4:8 Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things.

1 John 4:4 You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than He who is in the world.

Philippians 2:9 Therefore God also has highly exalted Him and given Him the name which is above every name,

Romans 8:37 Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.

Friends, it is time for us to take a stand against the evil one, who comes to steal our peace, our joy and to destroy our lives. As I was praying this morning I felt a strong presence of the Lord to give a word from Him to dispel the lies of the enemy that he is planting in the hearts and minds of God's people. This has been on my heart for some time now and it seems that God just keeps bringing it back to my remembrance. The Word says in that in the end times that men's hearts will fail them from fear and the expectation of those things which are coming on the earth. (Luke 21:16) It is important that we keep our focus on Jesus and stand on His word. When He speaks you can judge what has been said by the word of God. That's how we know His voice; we hear what is being said to us and then we see if it lines up with the Word. That's why I have included the verses at the end of the message from the Lord as I wanted you to see that God, the Holy Spirit, always speaks in alignment with His word. Take the weapon of the Word of God and use it to slash the enemy's lies and refute his arguments that come against your peace of mind. Cast down those thoughts and bring them into obedience to the Word of God!

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  Amen we are victorious in Christ. Amen

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RONALANA 9/24/2012 9:47PM

    There are so many passages where Jesus says "Fear Not". We can trust HIM! The secret is what you have posted - Feed your faith and your doubts will starve to death.

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KALLIE1958AR 9/24/2012 7:28PM

    Thank you .. I needed this you make my day so many times it is so awesome .. You are Blessed ... emoticon

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GABY1948 9/24/2012 11:33AM

    Avie, this is so perfect for myself as well as several others I can think of today so I plan to pass it on! Thank you so much, dear friend!

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MNABOY 9/24/2012 10:37AM

    Amen, a blessing to start the day.

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EDITOR 9/24/2012 7:22AM

    So powerful, Avanell. God speaks and assures us. To all readers, read three times today or print out and doubts must flee at the mention of His Name.

We do not battle one another despite our differences. We battle the wily one whose name is never worthy to mention. Christ conquered in our behalf! Your thoughts are private. Make them the mind of Christ and not that of defeat which He already won on your helaf.

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You Are; Simply YOU ARE!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

You are, Lord Jesus, the bright and morning star. You are the reason that I live. You are the One that I adore, that I lean on, cling to, rely on, and trust in. You are everything to me; my life, my breath and my reason for living. You are the One that I look to for the answers to life's questions. There is none above You or beside You. It is through You that all things were created and they are held together by the word of Your power. You are the greatest, most awesome person in my life. You are; simply YOU ARE!

“My Child, you are the object of my affection. You are the reason that I went to Calvary. Yes, I looked down through the ages to when you would be born and I knew you would need a Savior; that you would need a Healer; a Deliverer; One who would rescue you from the kingdom of darkness. It is true that I had you on My mind when I went to that cross. You and the millions of others that have gone before you and that will follow after you. I died that all people might have life. But so many reject Me, Child. They have turned their backs on Me and gone the way of the world around them. They are like sheep without a Shepherd; caught up on the world's pleasures that only last for a season. My heart is grieved over the loss of even one little one. I long for them to come into My sheepfold. They are lost sheep, Child. Who will tell them of My salvation? Will you tell them, child? Will you share the way of salvation with them? Will you spread the good news that I died that they might have life? You are My mouthpiece; You are My example; You are My hands and feet. You are; simply YOU ARE!”

My friend, if you have never received Jesus in your heart, may today be your day of salvation. He died for you that you might be spared from an eternity apart from Him; separated and alone. He died that you might live! Won't you give your heart to Jesus today? If you desire to make Him your Lord and Savior please pray this prayer with me and sincerely mean it in your heart:

Father, I come before You this morning recognizing and acknowledging that I am a sinner; both by birth and by choice. I need You in my life. I believe that Jesus is the Son of God, that He died for me and was raised from the dead by the Holy Spirit. I believe that He is alive today and sits at Your right hand in heaven. I ask You to forgive me of my sins and I invite Jesus into my heart to be my own personal Lord and Savior. I vow to live every day of my life for You, Lord Jesus! I receive You into my heart and I thank You for saving me. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

Romans 10:8-10 But what does it say? “The word is near you, in your mouth and in your heart” (that is, the word of faith which we preach): that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

Romans 10:13 For “whoever calls on the name of the LORD shall be saved.”


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:


  Oh what a beautiful word. Thank you Avanell for sharing the love of Christ with us. emoticon

Comment edited on: 9/24/2012 2:45:04 AM

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DIDMIS 9/23/2012 10:26PM

    emoticon and so true. I believe and preach it.

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RONALANA 9/23/2012 3:25PM

    Giving my life to Jesus and choosing to accept HIS free gift of salvation was the most important decision of my life! HE freely offers it to whoever will believe, repent and confess HIM as Lord and Savior! What joy and peace floods my soul!

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BABY_GIRL69 9/23/2012 3:02PM

    I focus on Him as if my life depended on it.....Some times my attention is taking away but I try to move myself back into my relationship with Him.

God bless Avanell & let's go!


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EDITOR 9/23/2012 12:59PM

    He is everything you have said He is. And we are all asked to tell others of Him.

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GABY1948 9/23/2012 8:28AM

    This is certainly what it is all about! The invitation for one to become His and for Him to become their Savior AND Lord! Best day of anyone's life, when that person accepts the invitation and means it with all their heart! Thanks, Avie, for your faithfulness in following the Lord's Word!

Have a Blessed Sunday and week!

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