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Saturday, October 01, 2011

The age old question that for me has no answer????

If you ask me are you motivated? I would probably answer 50% of the time I am. There are just times in my life that I feel I can not do it.It is easier to give in and go back to the old ways.

If you ask the people around me is Peta motivated? They would probably say YES!!! She is motivated 90% of the time.

So I guess the question REALLY is what is motivation and how do you know if you've got it????

I have been a weight watchers member on and off for many years but only just started my 'full-time' journey in May when I returned from Thailand.
Since then I have continually lost weight every week, not one gain in 20 weeks!!!

My leader asked me what keeps you motivated? I told her I didn't think I was motivated and she made me sit down and write a list as to why I had lost for 20 weeks in a row...

The list proved to me that I was indeed motivated and even though I NEVER thought I was a motivated person, my drive for success IS my motivation.

Here is the list I started... I am sure it will get longer.

What was your drive to lose weight 20 weeks in a row?

1. Photo's of me in Thailand looking the size of the the baby elephant I was standing next to.

2. Paying for gym membership.

3. Having people notice a change kept me going.

4. Wanting to be under 100kg for my annual Bathurst trip (we leave 4th October)

5. Knowing how far I have come and not wanting to EVER go back to where I was.

The benefits of all my hard work have been amazing and the more I succeed the more hungry I am for success...

When I feel like I am failing I look at pictures of myself 20kg ago and ask myself do you really want to go back to that? Is that the life you want?

Of course I fall (I am only human) but I always try my best to get back on my journey before too much damage is done.

One of my favourite sayings is: It doesn't matter how many times you fall it's how you get up that counts.

I make sure I get up with all guns blazing lol

Thanks for reading,

Peta xx

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    I would never, ever ? whether or not you, my friend and Drill Sargent Extraordinaire are motivated! And you are the motivation for MANY as a result!

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AIMEESINGS 10/2/2011 2:21AM

    emoticon I love your list!

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BLC16 done and dusted

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ok I made it through yet another Round of BLC and I even managed a great loss, even with a 2 week trip to Thailand :)

The best thing about BLC16 is the friendships I have made, I know that some of you reading this will be moving on from the Sapphires but I want you to know that I hold you all very dear to my heart and your friendship means so much to me.

The support that you have given me and the understanding and compassion you have shown towards me is greatly appreciated. I am forever in debt to you all :)

Now the 'Summer Break' (winter for me here in Oz) my challenge is to keep the weight off!!! I have decided to not aim for a loss but a stay the same. Every break we have between BLC rounds I have gained a little of my weight back, without having to count everything I tend to be a bit slack with my tracking and calorie counting...

So here I am agreeing with myself to stay in control, enjoy the break bu not over indulge...

BLC17 begins 7th September and if I am the same weight as now I will be happy... If I weigh less it will be an added bonus :)

Thanks for reading,

Peta xx



Saturday, July 02, 2011

I sit here and ponder how my life has changed my Sunday use to be called Sleepy Sunday- you know the day laying in your pyjamas not bothering to even get dressed...

I have traded in those Sleepy Sundays for SUPER SUNDAYS... I wake up earlier, I get the house work done, I go to the gym on occassions and if not at the gym we go for a walk as a family. We play at the park and find activities to do together.

I enjoy my family time and it is so much more rewarding than lying on the lounge wasting my life away.


Thanks for Reading,
Peta xx

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LOOSEIT57 7/2/2011 9:53PM

    emoticon emoticon Really love your blog and attitude WELL DONE.

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I Hate the Feeling of Swallowing Razor Blades

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Well after being brutally honest and kicking buttt in my C25K attempt number one hundred and twenty seven (or something like that lol), my body decided that I needed to take a breather...

I was diagnosed with severe tonsillitis and because I couldn't swallow anything I had to have an injection in my toosh (ouch!!!) I then had to report back to the doctor the next day because if I hadn't been able to drink it meant a hospital visit and put on a drip!!!! Luckily the injection worked and I was able to drink enough to keep me out of hospital.

So stuck in bed sleeping and recovering for 3 days was torture... I kept thinking all my hard work was going out the window :( Poor me, why did this happen to me (actually I get tonsillitis about 5 times a year and the dr's won't take them out- this was the 2nd worst case I have had though), drowning in my own self pitty in my own bed... WHO AM I?


So here I am 4 days since getting sick and slowly recovering. It still hurts a little to swallow and I am not back to my usual exercise routine or my C25K just yet...

But I did manage to go on a little bike ride with my family this afternoon and do some arm exercises while sitting on the lounge this evening.

I am so glad I am at a point of my journey where I have the motivation to pull myself out of a rut...

I'm not sure who said it but I love this quote:

Motivation is a fire within, only YOU know how to ignite it!!!! I finally found my starter fuel I just need to keep it for the rest of my journey...

Thanks For Reading,

Peta xx

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1TRULYBLESSED 7/2/2011 10:04AM

    Oh, Peta, what a lousy way to spend your holiday weekend! I used to get tonsillitis all the time (docs wouldn't take mine out, either), so I can empathize -- it HURTS!! Glad you were able to stay out of the hospital, and hopefully you'll feel well enough to fully enjoy your 4th of July. Rest up, stay hydrated, and keep that flame flickering 'til you're ready to fan it into a flame again!!

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Weight Loss and Honesty

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Today I came to the realisation that I am not getting the results I want because I am not being honest like I should.

Yeah it's fine to take up challenges, excel in challenges and be a part of a fantastic group that help encourage me and support me (thanks Sapphires), but why is my weight loss such a yo-yo and sometimes non- existant?

Well I have figured it out!!! BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF!!!!

I have to be brutally honest, did I workout as hard as I could? Did I write down EVERYTHING I ate? Usually the answer to both these questions is NO!!!!!

I get so confused and caught up with all the rights and wrongs of how to lose weight that I forget the main principle:


It's simple right? Work off more than you put in? WRONG!!!! If it was this simple we wouldn't be here would we?

I confess I love my food and I love to drink. I can honestly say that my eating habbits have changed and yes there is such a thing as EATING TOO MUCH OF THE "GOOD" FOODS!!!! I am the type of person that needs to track EVERYTHING I eat, I mean EVERYTHING!!!! The slightest stuff up and the scale moves a pound or more.

Now I know the scales shouldn't be my only victory but NSV's are few and far between for me... Although I have lost a little bit of weight on this journey- I have not changed dress size. I have lost a few cm from here and there but nothing noticeable.

Now for those who know me, you would know I LOVE my gym, but still not many NSV's there either, I still get puffed walking up the stairs, I still have to stop after 2min of running (and feel like I want to collapse lol). I have started the C25K about 20 times and never get past week 1!!!!

Then I ask myself the question are you pushing hard enough? Are you just being lazy? Can you push past this pain and actually keep going?

It's one thing to be putting in the hours and going to the gym but it is a whole other thing if you can actually go to the gym and utilise every minute you are there. Push harder! Go faster! Go further! Ride longer! Lift Heavier!

It is about being HONEST with yourself, really making sure that you can answer yes to the questions that matter:

1. Did I write down EVERYTHING I ate? YES
2. Did I utilise every minute of my workout? YES
3. Did I push the hardest I could? YES
4. Did I leave nothing in the tank? YES
5. Did I really drink enough water? YES

My mission that I choose to accept is to be able to answer YES confidently to all these questions, not to cheat myself out of great weight loss and NSV's.

I will be HONEST in my effort and I will make myself accountable for all that I do. It's time for me to stand up and push forward to new levels, new highs and hopefully new lows on the scale.

Putting in half an effort is only going to get me half the results!!!!

It's time to be BRUTALLY HONEST and take control of this journey.

Life is what happens when you are standing still, I am no longer on the sidelines cheering everyone else on!!!! I am running full speed ahead not to be watching life pass me by.

Thanks for reading,

Peta xx

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ROUNDTOWNMOM 6/23/2011 6:56PM

    Thank you for this............I see myself in what you've written more than you know........

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A-STRONGER-ME 6/23/2011 3:59PM

    Great Stuff!!

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TERJEGOLD 6/23/2011 2:03PM

    Well put. Those of us who have been on this fitness journey for a long time can definitely get bored with the same old thing and sometimes resort to cutting corners. But fitness doesn't cut corners as you so eloquently state.

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1TRULYBLESSED 6/23/2011 11:47AM

    You GO, Girl!! You're one step closer to your goal!

A confession: I haven't shared my tracker on SP because I'm afraid that I will stop being honest in my tracking because I don't want others to see when I've messed up. Which is odd, because I'll BLOG quite openly about having messed up, and I I'm completely honest with my tracking...just don't feel comfy putting that tracker "out there" for some reason! I wonder why that is...?

Hmmm...thanks for making me think!

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BLH507 6/23/2011 9:20AM

    Great blog! This is what I strive for, honesty. Not only to my team mates but mainly to myself!!

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    There are so many pieces to this journey Peta and you have just realized yet another piece. Not just honesty but the knowledge of a missing piece in your journey that you needed to learn before all the pieces come together. We're all different just as our children are different. What works for one may or may not work for another. When I was coaching I used to tell everyone that we had six months and it wasn't just six months to be able to walk a marathon distance but to be able to learn how to dress, what to eat, what shoes worked etc. etc. We start out slowly and work up pretty quickly. Our training program included weekly workouts individually and a long workout on Saturday as well as a class every Saturday. For the first couple of months perhaps you could skip your weekday workouts and no one would know except you (your own values and honesty here) but after that it would be noticeable to everyone. If you missed the classes on nutrition, hydration etc. etc. you were missing out on valuable pieces to the puzzle we were putting together. Same with fitness and health journey my friend. We have to put each bit together and find out what works for us, our lifestyle, our metabolism etc. and then we can work it and live it and find success. You've got this Peta! I'm proud to have gotten to know you and see you find success! :)

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