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Still at a plateau since coming home from MN

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Been on a plateau since coming home from Minnesota almost a month ago. I lost 5 pounds while we were there. I went from 214 pounds to 209 pounds. I really need to get some more weight off before I see the doctor a the beginning of September. I need to make a list of question to ask him on where I need to be to get off of the blood pressure medicine and all that stuff. I have cut back on a lot of stuff but not sure what's going on. I'm going to check with the doctor on that too.

Went to a birthday party for an aunt of mine and we had KFC but I didn't eat any of the chicken or the gravy. I had all the sides that came with it plus the cucumber and tomato salad. I had two of the buttermilk biscuits since those are my favorites. It's a good thing that everyone else had one or two because I would of sat there and ate them all up since there was 8 of them bought. After I ate, I drank what was left in my water bottle and I knew that I shouldn't of done that because it made me feel like I ate way too much. But I didn't have much left in the bottle and I wanted to fill the bottle up before we left my cousin's house (that's where the party was).

Dad had to take his oldest brother over to a hospital in Iowa City, Iowa, to get his ears check. They told him the same thing as the doctor he saw in Galesburg told him. He has to have therapy on his ears. They cleaned them out but there is something else wrong with his ears. They have no idea what or why they're like that.

We have a new kitten in the house and his name is Bob. As in Bob Harper from The Biggest Loser. He's black and white and it's over 3 months old. Next week on the 24th he'll be 4 months old. He is so cute.

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BABY_GIRL69 8/24/2011 3:38PM

    Well at least its a plateau and not a gain. You might have to rev up your workout, like walk then fast walk & then walk again. Just to shock the system. I do step aerobics & then weights & then kickboxing to trick my metabolism. lol

God bless & sounds like you guys had a wonderful time!


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FRIES2YOGURT 8/20/2011 8:33AM

    Hoping you can break your plateau soon. I know exactly how that feels so I understand completely. And good luck on your next doctors appointment.

A new kitten sounds lovely. emoticon

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DOTTIEJANE1 8/15/2011 8:04AM

    Glad you had fun. Hope your doctors visit has answers for you . Take care . Enjoy Bob,he sounds so cute.

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Ohio trip

Sunday, June 26, 2011



Been in Ohio for 5 hours now. We saw Michael before we got to meet Melanie. We got to meet her after we had supper at McDonald's.

I'm not too happy with the McDonald's here down the street from the motel. I asked for the Asian salad without the meat. The manager of that shift said the veggies were frozen. She gave me two of the Fruit and Walnut Salads instead. She also told us we could have dessert for free. But we left and went to Michael and Melanie's.

I'm still up and dad's asleep. I had a nap on the way to Ohio. It was before we went from Illinois to Indiana.

It rained (or tried to ) off and over the entire trip. It started to rain after we got our supper and when we were at Michael and Melanie's. It poured and the wind was really nasty.



Didn't go to the Air Force Museum today. Dad doesn't feel like going. But did see an old Air Force buddy of his and had lunch with him. Dad said after the friend left that he almost got sick after eating. We went to Subway and he doesn't usually feel that way when he eats there. We're going out to an Italian restaraunt tonight with the friend.

Michael might be coming after he gets done eating. I'm not sure where he's at for lunch. I told him the name of the restaraunt that we're going to if everything goes to if everything goes to plan. The friend's wife had to go to the ER.


Just got done eating breakfast. Had a bagel and fruit loops with 2% milk. First time that I had that kind of milk since I quit eating meat. I'm kind of regretting it. I have a little bit of a belly ache but it's nothing to worry about.

Supper was great with Patrick (the buddy), Vicky (the buddy's wife), and Shaye (their daughter). This is the first time since April 2002 that we've seen Vicky and Shaye since 1999 when the came to see us. She's going to be a sophomore in high school. The food was great at the restaraunt.

James, Cheri and the kids got in yesterday. About half an hour before we met Patrick and his family a the Italian restraunt. Hopefully we can all go to the Air Force Museum today. Heather brought her boyfriend with. They lost a running board on their only Suburban (a gold colored) on the way down.

Dad is still in bed. He should be getting up here in a bit. I'll go down and get him some breakfast.


I had a granola bar out of the vending machine because I was hungry and I could tell that my blood sugar was getting low. My vision was blurry. I'm starting to feel better but I have a little bit of a headache. After I get done writing in here, I'll get something for my head. Most of it feels like a sinus headache.

It was fun going through the Air Force Museum. But we didn't go through the cargo plan that we went through in 2002 because they had it closed. Matt, my youngest nephew (he's 12 years old), wanted to go through. We didn't get to see the one plane that they had to pour the floor, put the plane on the floor, and then build the hanger. Dad got tired.

We had to wait an hour and have to go over to the church for the rehearsal for the weding tomorrow.


Just gotten back from the rehersal for the wedding and the cookout. I got to read out loud what I'm going to read out of the Bible. If you want to know what I read, it's Proverbs 3:3-6. It's the Greek/Hebrew translation. I told my brother and his bride-to-be that the reason why I read it aloud is because I wanted to rehearse it that way. I'm the first one to read.

My head is feeling a little bit better. I had a brownie at the cookout. I also had chips, a Bocca burger and baby carrots.



Today is the big day for Michael and Melanie. I think that we will be heading over to the church about 11:30am in time for the photos. I'm not going to be 100% ready until about 45 minutes to an hour before we need to leave. I'll do a few odds and ends to get ready. I'll get my dress and shoes on just before we leave.

Dad is still in bed. He should be getting up here pretty soon. We had the same amount of sleep last night but I got up at 7am.

I'm having the same breakfast I had yesterday except for the milk and I got a small apple. I finished up the bagel and eating the Fruit Loops one piece at a time. I'll get to the apple here in a bit. I'll go down after dad gets up and get his breakfast.


Well, Michael is finally married. They opened one of the gift we took and it was the wedding announcement that I made with the Celtic cross. I took plenty of photos of the ceramony. I did an okay job on the reading. I didn't overeat. I had all vegetarian foods. Dad won the center piece.

We're leaving sometime after 9pm for home. We're going to have brunch with Michael and the crew.



We're leaving in a few hours. I need to empty the fridge of the ice pack and water bottles. We will pack here in a little while. I have to have dad parck under the overhang at the front door because it's raining and I'm not loading the car in the rain.

I'm having an onion bagel for breakfast. I know that we're going to have brunch here here in a while but I don't want to make a pig of myself. Plus I cna consider it as lunch, not brunch.


We've been home for about 4 hours now and made it safe and sound. I'm loading the photos that I took at the Air Force Museum. There is over 150 photos being put ont Facebook. I'll do the wedding photos another day.

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MOM4407 6/27/2011 9:25PM

    Sounds like a great trip.

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DOTTIEJANE1 6/27/2011 9:26AM

    Glad you got to the museum and spent time with family .

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Happy Memorial Day!!!

Monday, May 30, 2011


Happy Memorial Day to everyone. I hope that everyone has a happy, healthy, and safe holiday. Here in my town, we walk or ride out to our cemetary and have a service out there for about an hour and then come back to where the fire fighters are grilling hot dogs and pork chop sandwichs. I guess that I won't be having those for lunch since I'm a vegetaria/vegan. If I get one of those meals, I'll give the sandwich to dad. I'll have the chips, drink, and whatever they have on the relish tray.

I doubt that dad will be able to walk out that far and back again. Round trip is about 2 miles or more. It starts at our fire station and goes out to our cemetary a mile away, go into the cemetary, and you back track after the service. Plus it's suppose to be above 90 degrees today. It's close to 80 degrees now.

My blood pressure is getting better . The top number is a lot better but I still need to work on the bottom number. It is still around 90.

Dad and I will be leaving for Ohio in 23 days. We are leaving on June 22nd and come back on June 26th. The wedding is on June 25th. We are going to be in the Dayton area. June 23rd and 24th we are going to go to the Air Force Museum. We haven't been there since April 2002 when dad and I went to a wedding of a childhood friend.


I can't believe that tomorrow is the last day of the month. And it'll be 10 years since dad retired from where he was working at. He turned 75 years old a week ago today. No one believes that he's that old.

I had a big blister on the bottom of the big toe on the left foot. It finally popped and I had to get rid of the skin that was on top. It (the skin) wasn't dry and brittle yet.


The temperature is a lot higher than it was this morning. It was 77 degrees around 8am and now it's 90 degrees. I hope that dad doesn't decide to mow the yard. We still have water standing in our yard. He can mow around them but the water areas are too big.

We went up to Target and walked around for a while. Plus we got a couple of birthday cards for my youngest nephew Matt (he turns 12 years old a week from tomorrow) and a value pack of Nature Valley Oat and Honey Granola bars.

I love those granola bars. It seems like when I gain a few pounds (like 4 pounds), it brings it back to where it was but not too fast though. Just a pound or two. I already had 2 of them today. I had one for breakfast and one for a snack.


This house is warm even though I had to turn down the thermastat down from 77 degrees to 68 degrees. Dad thinks that it feels fine in the house. I must be getting close to T.O.M. . I usually feel this way right before I start and during it. I usually start feeling normal after I get over T.O.M. .

I will see my regular doctor on Thursday to see how well the medicine that I'm on for my blood pressure is doing. Will have to wait and see if I have to keep on the blood pressure medicine forever or get off of them


I still haven't cooled off yet. I'm still sweating like crazy. Maybe when I go to sleep tonight with the air going and my fan on that is at the foot of my bed (it's not big but does the job), I can cool off until morning when I start the whole process over again.

The temperature outside did get up to 91 degrees today but it's now 82 degrees. It's suppose to get in the low 70s tonight and the upper 80s tomorrow.


Blood pressure med is working

Friday, May 20, 2011


The blood pressure med is working. It was a little high before I started my exercises yesterday but it was down when I cooled down and got out of there. It was 144/82 before I started my exercises and it was 110/84 when I got done. The heart rate was close on both times. It was 87 before I started and 88 when I got done. I started doing my exercises while dad was at his appointment with the doctor who put his new knee in back in October. He came in afterwards when I was doing the stationary bike and did his exercises. The reason why my blood pressure is so high is that I have a family history on both sides of the family (my mom had it when she was in high school) and I don't want ot end up like my mom did for the last 15 years of her life. She suffered from strokes that ended her lift at 55 years old. I'm 22 years from that (I'm 33 and I don't want to die at 55) and I'll be 40 in 2017 and I don't want my first stroke at that age since my mom was that old when she had her first stroke.

Dad got a good report from the doctor when he saw him yesterday. Got an extension on his handicap placard and the doctor thinks it's a good idea for dad to take the cane with him to Ohio next month and to Minnesota in July. I think that dad told the doctor that he was thinking of taking it with him when we go. The main reason why that he went to see the doctor is becaus that knee was stiff .

I see the doctor in less than 2 weeks about my blood pressure. He may extend the med that he has me on. I hope so but I'm not ready to tell my brothers and sister-in-law and soon-to-be sister-in-law just yet. Not until I'm 100% sure that I'm going to be on blood pressure med after I see the doctor.

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JUSTLYLE 5/23/2011 8:11AM

    Sure happy for the improvement in the B P. That has to be controlled , the GLBH has been on meds. for a long time, her B P always was elevated when she say the white coats come in the room. Being a practical caring husband I bought her a home B P monitor many years ago for her birthday of course, on the 2nd. one now. She takes the record when she has her Dr. appointment, it is much more accurate than while the white coats are present.
Glad for the good news on the Dad.

Skeeter emoticon

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CAROLIAN 5/22/2011 5:15PM

    I too take b/p meds and it is now under control lol emoticon

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BABY_GIRL69 5/21/2011 7:08PM

    Thanks wonderful news! You are preaching to the choir. I am always working on my bp. Its high then its on target so I keep exercising & trying to stay away from prepackaged meals.

God bless & keep doing what you do!


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PPHILLIPS9 5/20/2011 5:03PM

    glad you new meds are working

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STRONGIAM 5/20/2011 12:04PM

    Very glad to see that your blood pressure is being controlled. I also have a family history (on my dad's side). He has had 2 heart attacks, diabetes and can't seem to get his BP under control. My 51-yr. old brother-in-law just suffered a massive stroke this year due to uncontrolled high blood pressure.

Like you, I am trying to nip potential future health problems in the bud. I may not be able to control my genetics, but there is a lot I can control and nobody is going to do it for me.

Hope you have a great Spark weekend!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Is on a blood pressure med

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


As of Monday, I've been put on a blood pressure medicine. My blood pressure was really bad Monday when I went to do my exercises at Cardiac Rehab. My top number was anywhere between 150 and 208 and the bottom number was in the 90s and 100s. But I didn't the medicine until yesterday afternoon since it was after the doctor left the office for the day when it was called into the pharmacy. But it didn't cost much to get it either. $4.00. Dad has taken this one before. I've noticed a difference. I don't have the headaches and face isn't as red and hot as it is even though I wasn't working out. I have to go to see the doctor 2 weeks from tomorrow and I should be about half way through the medicine by then and he may perscribe more since he only gave me a month worth. I take it once a day. I take it in the morning. I am crossing my fingers that I get to do my exercises today. I wasn't too happy that I didn't get to do them Monday with my blood pressure being so high. The third time they checked it was high on both ends even though I was just sitting down listening to my iPod Shuffle and drinking water. But the only exercising that I've been doing is my 10 minute walks with the dog.

I haven't lost any weight yet. I haven't gained either. But I am hoping that I can get back to doing my exercises today and lose some weight. I will do them tomorrow and Friday. Tomorrow dad has an appointment with the doctor who did his knee replacement surgery 7 months and 3 days ago becasue that knee has been bothering dad. I'll be doing my exercises while he's seeing the doctor.

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IILAAD65 5/19/2011 3:22PM

    It's great that you're watching it at all! I am really slack in this area...

Less headaches makes the meds worth it for sure!

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RAINBOWCHOC 5/18/2011 12:56PM

    glad you are feeling better, that is the main thing. Like all things it will take some adjustment but I expect you will get used to it soon.
As the weight comes off and you exercise more your pressure should naturally come down too.
best wishes, Sandra

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FLYER99 5/18/2011 11:00AM

    Hi there! I went on a blood pressure medication several years ago and have never regretted it. My pressure used to be around 140's over 90's. Now it's consistently around 110's/70's. I feel lots better. Good luck on your exercising and good luck to your Dad as well! Have a wonderful day! Bob.

PS - I have to say I love the dog in the background but I can only see him/her as the page loads :)))

Comment edited on: 5/18/2011 11:02:27 AM

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