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Why can't slower days go a little bit faster?

Monday, March 01, 2010


We're going to Galesburg today because dad has a chiropractor appointment at 11am. He's busy getting ready right now. I don't have that much to go to get myself ready.

The Psalm of Comfort
by Margarette A. Wood

The Lord is my Counselor, I shall not feel insecure.
He leads me into quiet moments of meditation;
I hear Him bid me be still.
He restores my soul.
He leads me in paths of service that I may glorify His name.
Even though the darkness of selfishness, greed and hate would destroy me, I am not afraid
The promis of His word keeps me firm.
I the presence of my sin and failure
He provides His love
His forgiveness washes away all guilt, my joy knows no bounds.

Surely as I serve Him with love and humility
He shall abide with me and I shall know His peace.

I'm hoping to get more orders today before turning in my orders to Avon tomorrow night. I'm hoping for one from the bookkeeper at the garage we get parts for. She's been good to me in ordering.


Today has been a long day. We went to dad's chiropractor appointment, paid bills in Galesburg (dad did anyway), and went to Target. I have no idea what we're going to do tomorrow. Plus we also delivered a car to a person and went to Macomb for the garage here in town (both in one trip). I'm glad that it's the end of the day.

I got two orders and part of another one today. I'm suppose to get the rest if the guy can get it away from his daughter. And a gal that dad use to work with is suppose to call me tomorrow with an order. I'm going to tell her to give me her check when she sees me because our trip to MN is this weekend and I want to deposit it before the bank closes. It should be fine. Most of my Avon orders are here in town.


I just got ready for bed and I have a few things to do before I can go to bed. No, I can't wait until morning to do them. It needs to be done now since I'll be busy in the morning.

I think that dad is getting close in going to bed. He's aleady taken Lady out for the last time.

Saw a huge snowman today. I know the person who made it too. It was a tall as a one story house, maybe taller. It has a trash can hat, traffic cone nose, sticks for arms, and bricks for eyes, mouth and buttons. It remindes me of me when I'm bloated.

Found dad a large book of crossword puzzles in the dollar and $2.50 section at Target. It has 284 puzzles in it and it cost $2.50. It'll last him a while. He usually goes through 2 or 3 that has under 100 puzzles in a month. Plus he can take it with us when we go to Minnesota to have something to do at my oldest brother's house and at Mayo.

Lady is trying to get one of those Asian beatles. She looks so cute doing it too. And thing is that it's out of her reach. She doesn't need it. I'm glad. She's laying down on the floor next to me. She might stay there until I get ready to leave the room.


A sleepy Avon Representative

Sunday, February 28, 2010


I know that I haven't been blogging much lately but we've been busy. This week will be no different. We are leaving in 6 days for MN because of dad's appointment at Mayo Clinic is in 8 days.

The Mind Of Christ In Me
by Kate B. Wilkinson

May the mind of Christ our Saviour,
Live in me from day to day.
By His love and power controlling
All I do and say.

May the Word of God dwell richly
In my heart from hour to hour,
So that all may see I triumph
Only through His power.

May the peace of God my Father
Rule my life in everything,
That I may be calm to comfort
Sick and sorrowing.

May the love of Jesus fill me,
As the waters fill the sea,
Him exalting, self abasing,
This is victory.

May I run the race before me,
Strong to face the foe,
Looking unto Jesus
As I onward go.

May His beauty rest upon me
As I seek the lost to win,
And may they forget the channel,
Seeing only Him.

Found out that my cousin who has Alzheimer's was beating his wife more than I thought. I'm glad that he's somewhere where he can be checked on 24/7.


What a long night. Too long if you ask me. I hope that I can sleep tonight. Espeically when you have a soon-to-be 23 month old dog in my bed who think she has to hog the bed.

Got to see my little cousin Tori Jo. She was just a chatterbox tonight for being 9mths old. She smiled a lot and let me hold her. At least she didn't spit up on me.


I feel sorry for the people in Chile. That was more powerful than the one that Haiti suffered through last month. My pen pal in Australia has family down there. Her parents are from Chile. I emailed my pen pal ans she says as far as she knows they are okay down there.

Speaking of my pen pal, she had to go to the hospital last week because she fell off of her bike and dislocated her elbow. Ouch.

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    Sweet dreams and God bless

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A long and sleepy day

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


My uncle in Omaha just called. He found out that a cousin of ours has Alzheimer's really bad. And our cousin's wife is in bad health. My cousin isn't the only one in the family that has had it. His mom had the other form of Alzheimer's. Keep my family in your prayers.


I also found out that my cousin who has Alzheimer's has been showing signs since 2004, the same year his mom passed away. Plus he has a few other health problems too.

I must be getting close in having my period. I'm cramped up and it's hard to sit on my exercise ball. I just had a light cough and that even hurt.


Today was a long day. Dad had to pay a few bills, ran a couple of errands, and did a couple of things around the house. I was thinking of doing some exercises tonight but my cramps are bad. Plus I'm a bit tired from the day.

The Potter
by Author Unknow

The Potter takes His molding clay,
And with His love's rich skill
He twists and shapes and brings to light
The object of His will.

The finished work doth not appear
At once; nor do we see
The plan He has, the finished form
This work of His shall be.

At times the clay beneath His touch
Unwilling is to yield;
But He works on, rebuilds, reshapes,
'Till goodness is revealed.

This Potter molds with patient love;
Perfection is His thought,
As from the ugly, barren mass
A masterpiece is wrought.

The task is long; the work is great;
But on His works with joy,
For in His mind He sees the whole
Which nothing must destroy.

God is the master Potter; yea,
My life, the clay He molds.
My twisted, shapless, yielded will
Within His hands He holds.

I cannot see the finished work,
But 'neath His shaping hand
I place myself - my life shall be
The masterpiece He planned!


Dad sounds like he's getting close in going to bed. I'm hoping to go to bed soon. I'm getting a little tired.

After I found out what's going on with my cousin, I chatter with my sister-in-law in Minnesota on the computer. I seem to feel a little better after talking to her about these things.

When we were eating supper tonight in Bushnell, I heard someone mention one of my late mom's old classmates. I almost turned around and asked about this person. But I didn't want to sound like I was listening to their conversation.

I got some more loose leaf notebook paper today and another binder. I'm going to use them as a travel binder so I can keep track of what we did on our trip. Plus when we come home from our trip, I can type it up and add photos to it. I'm going to wait until I get more ink for my printer to print each trip out and put them into the binter. I'll do it until I have the entire binder full and I have to get another binder and fill that one up with more trips.

I can't believe that dad and I leave for Minnesota a week from this Saturday. Time has gone either fast or slow since we found out the day we had to go up there. There are times that I wish that I had the time back.

I'm hoping that we don't get anymore snow. I'm sick and tired of it. I've heard that we've gotten over 3 feet of snow so far. That's way too much. I'm hoping that we can get rid of what we got and stay that way until next winter. Especially when it comes to the farmers and their crops. They need to plow the fields and plant this spring.

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RHALES199 2/24/2010 10:46PM

    will be keeping you guys in my paryers...

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Back to normal on weight

Monday, February 22, 2010


I checked my weight this morning and i am back towhere I was before Chirstmas and New Years. I'm back to 210lbs. This ia boost to my self-esteem. I feel so much better since I'm back to where I was before I gained the weight.

We must of gotten more snow after I went to bed last night. I'm going to wait until dad is up and getting ready for the day to shovel the sidewalk.

It's Up To You
by Author Unknown

You are the fellow that has to decide
Whether you'll do it or toss it aside
You are the fellow who makes up your mind
Whether you'll lead or lorger behind -

Whether you'll try for the goal that's afar
Or be contented t ostay just where you are.
Take it or leave it, Here's something to do,
Just think it over. It's all up to you.

What do you wish? To be know as a shirk
Or known as a good man who's willing to work
Scorned for a loafer or priased by your chief
Rich man or poor man or beggar or thief?

Eager or earnest or dull through the day,
Honest or crooked? It's you who must day!
You must decide in the face of the test
Wheather you'll shirk it or give your best.


We never left town today. We might go somewhere tomorrow depending on if the garage here in town needs anything from Galesburg or anywhere else.

Not long after I startd this blog, I fell asleep in dad's recliner. I fell asleep for over an hour for some reason. I wasn't that tired.

Prayer of Confession

Most holy and merciful god:
We confess to you and to one another,
and before the whole company of heaven,
that we have sinned by our own fault,
in thought, word, and deed;
and by what we have left undone.

We have not loved you with our whole heart.
We have not loved our neighbors as ourselves.
We have not forgiven others as we have been forgiven.

We have shut our ears to your call to serve as Christ
served us.
We have not been true to the mind of Christ.
And we grieved your Holy Spirit.

We confess that we have not been faithful to you.
We confess the pride, envy and hyprocrisy which
have infected our lives.

We confess:
Our self-indulgent appetite and ways;
Our negligence in prayer and worship,
and our failure to share the faith that is in us.

We have neglected human need and suffering.
We have made false judgements.
We have had uncharitable thoughts toward our neighbors

Restore us, O God, and let your anger depart from us.
Hear us, O God, for your mercy is great. AMEN

We did this prayer yesterday in church. We did this one at the beginning of Lent last year I believe.

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TIFFLE52 2/23/2010 8:50AM

    Congratulations on your weight loss but please do not tie your self esteem to how much you weigh. You are a wonderful person and your weight should not affect your self esteem.

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JOURNEY2PEACE 2/23/2010 8:32AM


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FOXXYROXXYD 2/23/2010 8:25AM

    Way to go on the weight! Keep up the great work!

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RHALES199 2/22/2010 11:14PM

    way to go on getting your weight back down to your pre- christmas weight! (I'm still having that problem myself....ugh...) emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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VIRTOPIA 2/22/2010 10:27PM

    Thanks for sharing that poem. It was great to read.

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Snowy Sunday

Sunday, February 21, 2010


All we did today was to go to church. It's been snowing pretty much all day long. So we never left town. We ate uptown at lunch and went uptown to get supper and brought it home.

The only reason why I didn't have a blog entry yesterday is because I was REALLY tired and wouldn't of been able to stay awake for it. I'm awake now.

I got 3 Avon orders over the weekend. One online yesterday from GRANNYFRANNY and the other 2 today. One was a teacher that I had from 5th through 7th grade and the other is dad. So, GRANNYFRANNY, if you're reading this, thanks. If anyone needs any Avon products (besides makeup and perfumes), go to


We got over 4" of snow today. Dad saw that Macomb got over 6" of snow. That's way too much of the white stuff. I really hate this stuff. I can't even take Lady for a walk.

I took Lady for a walk yesterday afternoon. It's probably the reason why I was tired last night and tonight.


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