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Long day today in Peoria and Galesburg

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Went to see two uncles today that are in the hospital. One in Peoria and the other in Galesburg. The one in Galesburg is getting out tomorrow. So you can imagine on how much walking I did today. Not much. I am hoping to do more tomorrow. If possible. I might go up to do my exercises while dad is going to get his MRI done tomorrow.


better weather today to do more walking with dog

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Today's weather is a whole lot better than we did have the past few days. In the mornings was the only times that I could take my dog for a walk or two. Now with the days being a bit cooler than they have been, I can take for her for more walks than I have been. I might take her for one before dad and I go to church if I get the chance to.

I'm over my period but still feel the after thoughts as I call them. My legs are bloated. But I should be over that here in a day or two. Usually takes me that long to get rid of that and any other after thought of the period. Now I can exercise normally now. There have been days that I can't exercise like I want to. I either have to shorten the exercise or not do it at all. I love doing my workouts in the mornings because it's like my caffine in the morning. It wakes me up. Just wish that it did that this past Monday morning when I was doing them when my dad was at his doctor's appointment. It did but I was tired after I finished them. Just wish that I did them longer than I did them. I will be doing that tomorrow because dad has 2 doctors appointments. One to do something about the arthritis in his knees and the other is his cardiologist. An hour and half between the two appointments and in the same area. I'll be doing my exercises then. I'm going to take my sweet time in getting them done because Tuesday we will be going to Peoria for dad's oldest brother's surgery on two aneurysms. Plus I want to get in plenty of exercising before dad and I leave for Minnesota on July 15th. My first trip since starting SparkPeople.


just had storms go through

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Just had some nasty weather go through. Thunder, lightning, rain, wind, and all that stuff. It's calmed down a lot but still we could get some more. I'm not sure if we are but we could get some more. This must be the calm before the storm.

Did my exercises yesterday and I was happy that I did. Dad didn't do them because he had a doctor's appointment yesterday and Monday will be the same way. While he's at the doctor's office (he has 2 appointments with an hour and a half of each other and they're in two differet areas) and I'm going to do my exercises. It's either do my exercises or sit in the waiting room working on my knitting.

Well, my tomato plant in the Topsy Turvy died but our neighbor across the street has offered us tomatoes, peppers, and green beans from his garden. We have had a wet spring and it was too much water. Maybe next year.

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WAHZOE 6/28/2009 3:55AM

  our tomato plants aren't doing very well either. We had 6 and there are only 3 surviving and only one of those is thriving.

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a busy day but another one tomorrow

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Today was a long and busy day. Didn't even do our exercises. Dad wanted to but I was tired and my period was making my back sore about mid back. So we skipped it for today. I think that dad will be skipping it tomorrow because he is going to be seeing a doctor tomorrow about his right arm. He already knows that he has arthritis in his legs. I'm going to be doing my exercises tomorrow while he's doing that. It's either do my exercises or sit in the waiting room at the doctor's office while he's seeing the doctor and being bored. I did 3 days ago when dad had a doctor's appointment in the morning. This appointment tomorrow is in the afternoon. I'll be doing that this coming Monday because he has 2 doctor's appointments.

It was a hot day today. It got up to the mid 90s and the heat index got to at least 104 to 105. That's way too hot. It's going to be hot when dad and I leave on July 15th for Minnesota to visit my oldest brother and his family. I'm going to see if my sister-in-law and I can exercise together while we're up there. I'll ask her when I chat with her next time.



Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Today is going to be a really hot day. In the mid to upper 90s today with the heat index in the 100s. You can guess where I'm going to be today. Already took Lady for 2 walks already and that's about it on being outside besides getting in and out of the truck. I'm hoping to stay inside to exercise today. Maybe do my workout up in Galesburg today. I'm going to go the longest today. If dad decides to stop before I'm finished, I'll go tell him to go see his brother that is in the same hospital as we do our exercises at while I'm working out like we did yesterday when he was at the doctor's office.

I'm not sure if I'm going to do a whole lot today when dad and I go do our exercise today or not. I'm on my period (started yesterday when I went to do them yesterday and I'm glad that I had some protection with me when I needed it) and I hate doing a lot of exercises when I'm on it. Oh well. At least it'll help me in getting some of the weight off.

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WANTING2BFREE 6/23/2009 11:48AM

    I hear you about the heat and heat index. I want to go outside and do some weeding in my flower beds but the humidity and heat can really catch a person by surprise. I can totally understand about working out on your period, it can make a person feel miserable at times, but from some articles I have read in the past. exercising while on your period is very beneficial. I hope the best for you, your father, and uncle. And that the recovery process continues to go smoothly for your dad and his brother that is in the hospital. Take it easy and enjoy your day! emoticon

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