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Monday, April 30, 2007

I was too thin put on a few lbs. like three that is good.

Been productive here this weekend!
Found a lot for hubby to build a spec. home on,
plans are drawn up
and talked with builder sil [son in law].

Ladies retreat this weekend looking forward to this.
Daughter in love will be going with me! Yea!
She has asked for prayer back to pt at work due to cut backs.

Dog wood festival was fun rode motorcycle there
I looked at crafts / hubby went to the show n shine.

Most of the donations I left at church near the festival
sold the mission fund raiser was a success. I got a book it's great
Ultimate Warriors one of the power team wrote it. Tom Sirotnak With Ken walker. Great stuff in this book! I love the journaling ideas.

I have to help dd get ready to put their house on the market today after
doing an errand or two. Glad I did my daily stuff this weekend. G-kiddos will be over later on.

Awesome weather here today that will be rain later on in the week at some point. We can do this!!!


New Idea

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Now when I get compliments on my weight loss I try to remember to tell people about spark people! This seems to be working for me I've changed my plan over the past few years that I've been doing this fads books and various programs go in and out of popularity but healthy living and eating does not!



Thursday, April 26, 2007

Success gravitates toward those who are perceived to be successful. Regardless of how you feel within, you must emanate success if you want to attract people to your cause. - Jeff Herman

I love this tfd. I want points 3 for posting here! hint hint hint!


Back to work

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Yesterday hubby put me on the business so he can delegate. So let the contracting begin. I have the colors picked for the spec. home he is to build.
I'm a director = flunkie go-fer to fetch parts, get supplies run, errands etc. My dad was a contractor so this is not all the new to me.

While we were over town I found a paint your own book case so I'm thinking where I can put it. I want it.

I also need to get some shrubs and plant them. I've been having ample opportunity to get exercise. I'll be helping dd [dear daughter] move some concrete blocks about 10-15 of them. That will be some great exercise.
Time to mow also.


Time to fill my tank!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Fill the tank to prevent burn out.
Take time for you
with some of your favorite ways of healthy de-stressing.

How do you like to recharge?
Make a list of at least ten things that help you recharge.

You'll never miss the water, 'til the well runs dry.
- W.C. Handy

I'm working on filling my tank. Read a chapter in the current book I'm reading called "the secret" I saw this one on the Oprah show. Don't watch her as much as I used to a couple years ago. Renew you spirit was great when she did that series. Went to lunch with hubby. Took a walk, wrote in my off line journal. Had a qt [ quiet time] and I did some knitting. I slept in the camper the last two nights hubby was ill and I did not want to catch the flu bug he had. It was very restful and peaceful. I call it a prayer cabin on wheels.
We rented a couple of movies too.


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