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Plans/Goals for August 2013

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Well, I thought July was going to be my month and it was...kind of. I didn't lose any weight. I actually gained weight BUT at the end of the month I decided it was time to start C25K and so now I am on Week 2!! I also started packing my food for work instead of spending money and getting junk food in the cafeteria and I've been taking the stairs at work. So even though I didn't get it together until the end of the month it is ok. I've just gave myself a head start for August!
I let life get in the way too much while I'm on this journey and I let it happen again in the month of July. It has been a very frustrating, aggravating, and depressing month. I thought I was going to be starting my new nursing job because my manager on the unit I work on as a nurse aide told me she had a nursing position that she was holding for me. Well when I passed my boards and asked about my job she said the position was waiting to get approved because our hospital is going through major budget cuts and HR is now going over every single position. Well, my coworkers started asking my bosses why I hadn't started yet and finally the associate nurse manager said I should probably look for another job because she thought I had gotten promised a position that never existed. So, of course my coworkers told me this but I was already applying at other places to begin with. What really makes me mad is she just hired 2 new people. I have seriously applied at all the local hospitals and have only gotten one call back. I interviewed 2 weeks ago and shadowed a nurse on that unit a week ago and I called HR and they said they were still waiting on a decision from the nurse manager. I've been trying to stay positive but I'm going to start applying at hospitals that aren't so local because I don't know what else to do. I don't want to sit around with my license and not being doing what I want to do. Plus, the pay increase would definitely help me out right now. So, being depressed, aggravated, frustrated, and pissed off about this situation had me down in the dumps. I decided to put my big girl panties and put it behind me and told myself that it was their loss that these people aren't hiring. So, the job search is still going on.

So here's the plan/goals for August

1. Pack food for work
2. Eat more fruits and veggies
3. Always make sure the fridge is stocked so I don't have to worry about eating out
4. Take stairs when at work
5. Continue C25K
6. Add arm training 3 times a week
7. Lose 1 lb a week


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ASHESS85 8/5/2013 12:19PM

    You have set some great goals! Try to stay focused on your wedding day and all of the pictures you will have for the rest of your life, that's what I try to do anyway! Keep us updated on your progress!

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MERRY_XMAS 8/5/2013 4:45AM

    I'm sure this month will be amazing! Stay focused on your goals and you will accomplish miracles!

emoticon emoticon

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KELLIEBEAN 8/4/2013 10:18PM

    Those are great, attainable goals. Take all that frustration out in your workouts and you will be stronger and healthier when the right job comes along.

Here's to a powerful August!


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It's been 4 Years!!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

I can't believe July 2013 will mark 4 years on Spark!! I can't believe I've been on this journey for that long and I am nowhere near where I want to be. I thought that once school was over I would focus on this journey but to be completely honest I have had no desire. I hate the way I look and I am not comfortable with my body. I thought that with my wedding approaching that it would give me some motivation but it hasn't. I look at other people's success and ask myself why I can't get my sh*t together and make myself happy about my body image and be successful on this journey. All my summer clothes are getting very tight and my muffin top hangs over my shorts. I had a cousin tell me I looked pregnant in a dress and actually asked if I got it in the maternity section. My stomach is bigger than my boobs. I'm just disgusted with myself. So, I woke up this morning and said enough is enough. I got on the scale and saw how much I weighed...OMG!! I told myself it was time and the only way I was going to fix anything is if I started and stayed consistent and stayed focused. My wedding is 3 months away so that's still plenty enough time to get some things done with my body image.

Here's my Plan:

1. Lose 1 lb a week...I have to remind myself that one pound is a big deal
2. I need to have patience - Losing weight takes more commitment, time, focus, and energy than gaining weight does so I need to remind myself that I will see results!!
3. At least 15 mins of activity on days that I work and at least 30 mins on off days - Be sure to work out my arms!!
4. Only eat out 1-2 times a week
5. Track meals!!
6. Thinking of joining a gym too...

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SDLEE514 7/2/2013 11:02AM

    Maybe you've hit that "point" which is a good thing!! Sounds like a good plan, tracking is key, at least for me. You can and will make a difference!! I know it's a busy time for you but you have so much support here...keep on Sparking! emoticon

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BELIEVER104 7/1/2013 6:16PM

    You can do it!! You're not alone. I've had those "why can't I do this?" thoughts before too. We just have to remember we're in control and take it one step at a time. You've got this!

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MERRY_XMAS 7/1/2013 12:17PM

    Your plan seems great except from the "eating out" part. If you limit it to 1-2 times a MONTH, then you are gonna see results... Just my piece of advice.

You CAN do it, just stay focused on your goals! And always remember that we all have "bad eating days". The important thing is not to turn the days into weeks and months! You must get back on track as soon as possible...

emoticon emoticon

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KELLIEBEAN 6/30/2013 2:17PM

    Good plan now you just have to stick to it. You are in control, take the bull by the horns!

I'll repeat Joann's warning about eating out. Again, this is from personal experience. If you are able to check out a restaurant's menu ahead of time and adjust what you eat, and not what you are used to, then go for it. Otherwise, I'd say skip it, just for the next three months.

I have faith in you. We've all been there, we are all pulling for you.

"This time next year, you will wish you had started today."

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JOANNHUNT 6/30/2013 2:09PM


emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon


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  You have to dig deep within you to see who you are and what you want and need to become what and who you see yourself being. Do you really want to get married?

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TIME_TO_SHINE1 6/30/2013 1:09PM

    emoticon emoticon

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May I Conquer This Journey

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I know this journey will be a life long journey but there's a few things I need to conquer with it.

I need to conquer food/portion control. I LOVE FOOD!! I've always had a problem with portion control and not knowing when to stop myself from eating. I have a food scale...that I don't use. I have some knowledge about what the appropriate portion sizes should be...maybe I should post them in the kitchen. I need to get it out of my head that I can keep eating cause "I will just work it off later" and then I never work it off later.

I need to conquer my fitness schedule. I need to make it a part of my daily routine to have a work out. Whether it be 10 minutes or a hour... I need to do something daily!!

I need to conquer my confidence in my body image!! I don't have the greatest confidence when it comes to my body image. Even when I was at my skinniest, I still thought I was fat and gross. I want to be able to love my body and actually be happy with it. I don't want my daughter hearing me complain about my body image because that just sets her up for failure. The only way I'll love my body though is if I get it to where I want it to be so I guess I better start making the changes.

So here's the plan...

1. Portion control
2. More fruits and veggies
4. Do some kind of fitness related thing 5 times a week - at least 10 mins
5. Say something positive about myself everyday :]
6. Lose 1 lb a week


1st Wedding - 3 1/2 weeks
2nd Wedding - 8 1/2 Weeks
3rd Wedding and vacation to FL- 9 1/2 weeks
MY WEDDING and HONEYMOON - 23 weeks!!

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MERRY_XMAS 4/30/2013 5:50PM

    You can do it!!!!

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SDLEE514 4/30/2013 11:45AM

    Excellent plan! Thinking about your daughter is a great idea...they pick up things so young and so quick!

You got this. Some exciting things coming up for you...all the best!

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KELLIEBEAN 4/30/2013 9:56AM

    You stick to that plan and you will succeed! There are great videos on Spark People I used when I'm pinched for time or when I get in a slump.

I'm very excited for you. You will do this.

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ASHESS85 4/30/2013 8:57AM

    Look at all of those weddings you have to go to, including your own! That is some motivation right there. I like your goals and I'm confident that you can do this!!!

Comment edited on: 4/30/2013 8:57:40 AM

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ANDREWMOM 4/30/2013 8:52AM

    Great plan!!!! You C-A-N do it!

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Only Fooling Myself

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

I've been doing such a GREAT job....April Fools :P

I wish I could say that I've been consistent and I've been accountable and that I've been doing a great job but I'm not and I'm only fooling myself. I have 6 months left until my wedding and I am nowhere near my goal weight. This is my own fault and it's been very hard for me to try and get my mentality right for this journey. I know this month will be sressful for me because I have 4 tests left before graduation and every point counts. I'm doing much better overall this time around with my last semester of nursing school but that is seriously all I have been able to focus on.

So here's the plan for the stressful month of April:

- pack food for work and make sure I pack ENOUGH!! - I've actually been doing good with packing food but I don't pack enough so then I take a trip to the cafeteria for a snack and I end up buying something I shouldn't have
- dont skip meals!! - I've noticed that on my days off that I don't eat and this will NOT help me lose weight because I know my body goes into starvation mode. And when I do eat, it's not teh greatest stuff to eat
- HYDRATE!!!! I've been slacking with my water drinking. At work I do a decent job but I definitely do horrible when I'm home

Taking baby steps and hopefully when everything calms down I can stay focused and reach my goals!!


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KELLIEBEAN 4/6/2013 8:13AM

    Great plan. You can do this. When I get in slumps, I do what you do, packing healthy snacks so I can eat something lite and healthy every three hours (speeds up metabolism).

I also walk more. I try to get in two or three 10 or 15 minute walking breaks if work isn't too busy and I walk my dog in the evening if it's not raining. If it's cold, I pile on the clothes. I find that spreading activity out during the days helps burn calories all day long.

I'm behind ya baby, go for it!

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ZIZZZY 4/2/2013 7:52PM

    Try not to beat yourself up, it really won't help anything. Six months is plenty of time to get things back on track and you've got some great ways to get there listed. You got this!!!

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LOBDAV 4/2/2013 9:56AM

    hang in there! those last months of nursing school are stressful, but you can do it! emoticon

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I Said "YES!!" to the Dress

Monday, March 11, 2013

I went wedding dress shopping on Mar 2. I went to a bridal shop that Brandon's step grandma works at. It was actually about a hour away from where I live. When I first got there I was kind of excited and kind of not because I feared that I would look/feel huge in every single dress. Bridal dresses are actually very flattering. From my internet search I noticed that I liked lace, a-line dresses, rouching (don't know if thats spelt right), and strapless. So, I tried on dresses there and I never really had an "OMG!!! I LOVE THIS!! I KNOW THIS IS MY DRESS!!" moment. I had a, "This is really pretty. I like this a lot." moment. So my consultant suggested that I try other stores just to be sure. So then we went to this street that has all bridal stuff in Cincinnati. Well, I knew what I wanted so when I would go to the store they would either say they didn't have that in my price range or they'd tell me to go look through the dresses. Didn't find any there. So then we went to David's bridal... that was actually the closet place to where I live. They had what I asked for but all I could see when I was in those dresses was my blashie (love handles, mommy pooch area). So I decided that I needed to go back to the first store to get my "This is pretty. I really like it a lot" dress lol. I went back to the store on Mar 8 and tried it back on I had my "Yeaaaaaa...this is my dress" moment lol. So I said "YES!!" to the dress and bought it. I didn't want to take it off! After buying my dress it seems like this is so much more real. I'm so excited and so ready for October to be here!!

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ASHESS85 4/2/2013 1:26PM

    You look so pretty! Great choice! So excited for you!!!!

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PRETTYPITHY 3/17/2013 11:59PM

    Completely stunning. Congrats!

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PAPER_WINGS18 3/14/2013 12:22PM

    OMG, absolutely gorgeous!! You look like a MODEL! Nice choice! Your husband is going to be falling over on your big day! :-)

When is your wedding day? I'm getting married 10/18 this year, and just found my dress recently too! I had the same reaction as you, "I like it. It's pretty." Then tried on like 15 more dresses, and kept looking back at the pictures from the first dress, and realized that was the one! hehe.


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CLHENDY1 3/13/2013 7:56AM

    That dress is beautiful! So flattering too!! You look stunning!!

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LYNNA7499 3/12/2013 10:10PM

  Love it! You look beautiful!

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PUNZIE73 3/12/2013 9:31PM

    Congrats! Looks great!

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KKTODAY 3/12/2013 9:14PM

    emoticon Stunning dress on you!! Congrats!

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    I luv it!!!!!!

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BELIEVER104 3/12/2013 6:20PM

    STUNNING!! Perfect choice-- you look gorgeous!

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TSARITSA 3/12/2013 3:47PM

    GORGEOUS! You look absolutely beautiful!

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RODRIGUEZ41508 3/12/2013 12:55PM

    Great choice. LOVE the dress !
It's BEAUTIFUL and fits you PERFECTLY emoticon


Comment edited on: 3/12/2013 12:55:35 PM

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GIRL*IN*MOTION 3/12/2013 12:18PM

  LOVE IT!!!

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SDLEE514 3/12/2013 10:04AM

    its beautiful!!! I want a similar style dress...good taste emoticon

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MERRY_XMAS 3/12/2013 3:06AM

    You look like a princess!!!
Congratz for finding the dress!

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KEEPGOING87 3/12/2013 12:52AM

    yay congrats!!

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MAGGIEX3UK 3/11/2013 10:03PM

    It's gorgeous!

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    Amazing. What a happy moment for you. And the dress is beautiful, but not as beautiful as you. Keep on pushing!!!!

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LESLIE2561 3/11/2013 8:45PM

    Your dress is beautiful! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding.

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KATHYM316 3/11/2013 8:44PM

    It's beautiful..congrats

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