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Tips to create the 25th hour of the day

Friday, September 14, 2012

As a senior software developer, I want to share with you some thoughts about time management tips that I usually use in my work to create my won 25th hour of the day ....

1. Don’t leave email sitting in your in box.

The ability to quickly process and synthesize information and turn it into actions is one of the most emergent skills of the professional world today. Organize email in file folders. If the message needs more thought, move it to your to-do list. If it’s for reference, print it out. If it’s a meeting, move it to your calendar Take action on an email as soon as you read it.

2. Admit multitasking is bad.

For people who didn’t grow up watching TV, typing out instant messages and doing homework all at the same time, multitasking is deadly. But it decreases everyone’s productivity, no matter who they are. So try to limit it.

3. Do the most important thing first.

it works best if you organize the night before, when you sit down to work you already know what your most important task of the day is.

4. Check your email on a schedule.

It’s not effective to read and answer every email as it arrives. Just because someone can contact you immediately does not mean that you have to respond to them immediately, People want a predictable response, not an immediate response. So as long as people know how long to expect an answer to take, and they know how to reach you in an emergency, you can answer most types of email just a few times a day.

5. Keep web site addresses organized.

Use book marking services like to keep track of web sites. Instead of having random notes about places you want to check out, places you want to keep as a reference, etc., you can save them all in one place, and you can search and share your list easily.

6. Know when you work best.

Each person has a best time. You can discover yours by monitoring your productivity over a period of time. Then you need to manage your schedule to keep your best time free for your most important work.

7. Make it easy to get started.

We don’t have problems finishing projects, we have problems starting them. Make a shallow on-ramp. Break your own projects into chunks, so you are not overwhelmed by them.

8. Organize your to-do list every day.

If you don’t know what you should be doing, how can you manage your time to do it? Some people like writing this list out by hand because it shows commitment to each item if you are willing to rewrite it each day until it gets done. Other people like software that can slice and dice their to-do list into manageable, relevant chunks.

9. Dare to be slow.

Remember that a good time manager actually responds to some things more slowly than a bad time manager would. Obviously there are more important tasks than processing email. Intuitively, we all know this :)

SparkCheers ;)

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NANCYHOME247 9/14/2012 5:32PM

    Thanks for presenting such logical and practical steps towards getting the most out of our time. I especially like idea #7, since getting started on what's perceived as an unpalatably long task can make me procrastinate forever! That "activation energy" which kicks in when the task finally gets started is so helpful to see the project through.

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7 things you can drink to lose weight !

Friday, March 23, 2012

1. Ice cold water

You'll burn an extra 250-to-500 calories a day by drinking 8-to-10 glasses of ice cold water because. Your body has to burn calories (or fat) in order to heat the ice cold water back up to your body temperature so basically… You can lose up to 1 lb. a week JUST by drinking ice cold water. A German study says drinking about 2 extra glasses of water can boost your metabolism by 30% and they figure when you drink about 1.5 liters of water a day you'll lose an extra 5 lbs a year.

2. Fat Free Milk

Milk is high in calcium and calcium can boost weight loss by increasing fat breakdown in fat cells. This doesn't mean you should go out and drink gallons of milk everyday - but adding milk to your diet in moderation can double the rate of fat you lose. Different studies say different things on milk and weight loss… some say you can lose 30, 50, and one study even said 70% more weight than people who don't include 3-4 servings of dairy (milk) a day.

3. Green Tea

Studies show you can burn 35-to-43% more fat during the day when you drink 3-to-5 cups of green tea.

4. Vegetable Juice

Drinking a glass of vegetable juice before your meals may cause you to eat 135 less calories according to a study done at Penn. state university and even if you can't make vegetable juice… Drinking a couple glasses of water before meals will also make you eat much less so you lose more weight.

5. Whey protein

Whey protein helps you release appetite suppressing hormones that curb your cravings. In a recent study… people drank either whey or casein and 90 minutes later they were allowed to eat freely at a buffet table. The people that drank whey protein ate significantly less calories.

6. Yogurt Based Smoothies

Not only will the thickness of the smoothie kill your appetite but since Yogurt is loaded with calcium just like milk… Researchers at the University of Tennessee found out that you can lose 61% more fat and 81% more belly fat when adding yogurt to your diet because… The calcium in yogurt helps you burn fat and it also limits the amount of fat your body can make but… Try to use the healthier Greek Yogurt in your smoothies along with adding some whey protein and fruit to boost your yogurt smoothies weight loss power!

7. Coconut water

Coconut Water contains more electrolytes than most fruit juices and energy drinks without the extra sugar & artificial flavorings plus… Coconut water naturally speeds up your metabolism & it gives you more energy so you can workout longer with more intensity to lose weight faster.

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TROYSGIRL55 7/23/2013 10:40AM

  This information is very helpful. Very good advice, especially the ice water and calcium facts. emoticon

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LOTUSFLOWER 3/23/2012 4:47PM


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Breaking my fears about exercices !

Sunday, March 04, 2012

I did always think that exercises are just for professionals ! Whenever you check a website, a magazine or even an ad., they show to you the one who exercises as being a super hero ! he has a perfect body and has more than perfect fitness !! Is this the real exercisers ? I don't think though !

The first obstacles I have crashed about exercises is that it's dedicated for me ! For us who are not perfect in fitness and weight ! If I'm perfect why should I bother myself :) Of course it's for me and you, so break your first fear as I did and don't believe ads, exercises are for those who need it like us SPARKians :)

The second fear was about equipments, to be honest I'm not willing to spend some hundreds of dollars on whatever tools they call "dumples" or "bars" or whatever they are called (Forgive me about bad spelling, I'm not interested in these equipments to know their names well). Why should I use these tools if I can start now with home exercises which 70% of them don't need more than a wall or a simple chair, so I'll not bother myself in this point, you too do as me, use your body to train your body.

My third fear was about time, I thought that I have to do hours of training daily ! but after reading some articles I think I don't need this. "Little is better than nothing", so I'll begin with 10 mins per day only for four days a week ! Do you think it's a little amount ? maybe it's little but it's not useless, in the other hand what will you do ? you will not do this little neither you will do long exercises based on such words "little" , "useless", ...etc. So be reasonable and start step by step with me ... and, gradually, who knows, maybe we'll be ninja exercisers :) LOL :)

I've more fears that I've broken, but you won't keep reading forever. And I'm sure you my dear reader have your own obstacles and fears .... think in'em and share these fears with us perhaps you are afraid of an illusion as I did before, so think with us and let's see if they are real obstacles or just obstacles in your mind.

I'll start from tomorrow (coz it's 2am now in Egypt), and I'm sure I will do it: I can be better because I can. So are you ;)

SparkCheers :)

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POINDEXTRA 3/19/2012 10:25PM

    Absolutely! A little exercise is always better than none, and little amounts do add up.

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MOSTMOM1 3/19/2012 8:01PM

    You can do it!

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How technology may serve healthy life !

Friday, March 02, 2012

Since a some weeks, I decided that I have to change some of my bad habits in many fields, in eating, dealing with social environment, with friends, home and also in some motivation aspects, like self-confidence, being less depressed and more happy. After reading many ebooks and technical articles, I came across only one result: "Physical appearance helps in this more than we think!".

It may sound crazy for people who don't care, or who has been born with slim bodies... But for us (now called SPARKians) it's a real problem that affect all our life daily activities. Then I decided: "I must start whatever it may cost me", I followed a diet since a month, and I was a bit surprised that I lost 10 Kg ! then I can do it ....

As a software developer, all my life is virtual :) I belive that virtual life is better/nicer, it's a life that I can fully control, I'm the creator of it. And of course, I believe that Technology can serve whatever we need, even to an endless limit ! So, I wondered, how may technology help people to have better health and physical appearance, I thought for a long time but I didn't find a relation ...

Today, while searching for motivation quotes, I found an inspirational image which contains a signature of "SparkPeople", first I thought it's a social inspiration community for quotes sharing, but I was surprised to find all these features and more surprised that all of this is for free, and I got more motivated through reading posts, watching videos and playing around with all tabs in the site, really I spent more than 8 hours till now amazed by the professional free content !

I don't know whether this site will help me
I don't know whether it will remain free
I don't even know whether it's an ad-business oriented or it's really to help humanity !
But I'm sure of one thing ....
That all of us should thank this man "Chris (SparkGuy)" ....
For giving us an opportunity to be better !
At least I have to thank him for finding the relation between "better health" & "Technology" ;)

SparkCheers :)