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It's been awhile....

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Yea...I'm back....The last time I was here I was super pumped to follow my workout routine and maintain my healthier eating habits and I was doing fabulous! But if any of you read my previous blog I mentioned I was feeling sick alot after eating lunch or dinner...turns out it was the SPINACH! Ugh...I thought to myself.Spinach was THE lunch staple for me along with my other veggies that I piled on top of it...being the not-so-creative menu maker that I am I thought I was screwed! Then I slowly started to hate working out and eating better until I eventually gave up......Hey! This totally reminds me of the last 50 times I've tried to lose weight and change my lifestyle. I'd be doing well and something happens that sets me back and I can't handle it, I think "woe is me" and shove a candy bar down my throat and sit on my ass and watch "jerseylicious". Well, I'm getting married next month and I'm fatter than ever! I'm so stressed out with the wedding AND we moved so we're still getting situated. I needed to start back up again! I'm seriously only 24 and I cann't be like this! I'm constantly looking for motivation and you would think my wedding would be enough. I have no idea what's wrong with me? But here I am again and I'm ready to feel better about myself and I'm definitely ready to look good in my wedding dress ( o and a cheetah print dress and spiked heels wouldn't hurt either!) Just Sayin.....


Not feelin too well....

Thursday, February 03, 2011

So, I had a great start to my day! I got up with the chickens and went to my kettlebell class ( my wed. class got canceled due to some insane weather here) which I was pretty proud of myself because any other time I would've not even gone if it wasn't my "scheduled" day to home, fed the dog, made my super-healthy breakfast and went to work. Typical day. Well, after I got done eating lunch I felt tremendously sick! I had the same feeling yesterday around the same time and I have no idea what's up? The flu? I don't know,but I was thinking....could I be feeling ill because I 've been going through junk food withdrawals and my body isn't used to all this healthy food I've been eating in the past 2 weeks?? Has this happened to anyone else?

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ASHLEYROSE_25 2/4/2011 10:26AM

  Thanks for responding! I hope mine goes away soon because it really makes me feel sluggish and when it happens it lasts for a few hours!

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    I've had the same thing recently, during the first week I was back on a healthy eating plan. I wasn't sure what it was, but all of a sudden I would get a wave of nausea. It would last for five or ten minutes and then go away. Once it lasted for a few hours. I really thought I had the flu or something, but I had no other symptoms. It's gone now. Maybe its our systems getting used to the healthy foods?

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