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Out With The Old... In With The New

Saturday, August 06, 2011

So another early morning jog for me today, and I must admit my legs are feeling it! But, most of all, I'M feeling it. I feel really good because of it, and feel proud I am starting a new routine and new dedication for myself. For my incentive/pat-on-the-back today I'm going to relax on the sofa with a couple of books for an hour or two with some relaxing music to go with :)

I won't lie, I strayed from my strategically laid out food plan yesterday, but am going to use these little errors to make a plan I am more likely to stick to today, but using the same foods for the most part. If I meet my food goal for today, I'm going to treat myself with a little pampering (face mask and a pedicure this time) to hopefully encourage me to repeat this again.

After reading this fab article on the goodness of berries (
tion_articles.asp?id=878) I've made a little shopping list and am going to buy a range of these berries and the largest, hopefully organic, yogurt I can find and start making smoothies to boost my berry (and antioxidant) intake. The green tea I have been drinking chilled actually contains alot of these berries but not exactly in the same amount as actual fruit does, so it will be good to get a bit more of that goodness in my diet. And berries are one thing I actually enjoy that's good for me! Still haven't mastered the veg, besides the baked potato, but that will come in time.

Looking forward to trying some new things and sprucing up my diet a bit with some fresh, healthy foods emoticon I also didn't get round to clearing out all my unused stuff yesterday just did a thorough cleaning of the place, so today it really I'm not only adding new things to my life, but passing on things I no longer need to those less fortunate and de-cluttering my life a bit in the process emoticon

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MOMMYTO5CUTIES 8/6/2011 3:24AM

    :) Good luck with your newly laid out plan.

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"These [Shoes] Are Made For [Running], And That's Just What They'll Do"...

Friday, August 05, 2011

I'm feeling a little zany these days I gotta admit.. it's seems I've got a case of insomnia creeping up on me. I've been up all night tonight after only getting a few hours of precious shut-eye last night. I made use of this time and went for a run at 5am - well no that's not exactly correct, I went for a jog. I did a little 60 second sprint once but the rest of the meager 25 minutes I was out, I was jogging or power walking. I can't believe how unfit I am - I have zero cardiovascular fitness at all. Zero. But - this gives me something to improve. And that can only be a good thing.

I have a busy day ahead, my partner is off work so we are taking the day to clear the house of old stuff we don't use, clutter, etc. and give it a good scrubbing. I love organising, I always feel so good afterwards, so that'll be good. And I'm going to write to my nan who I haven't spoken to in far too long if I'm honest, and give my sister a call too. I'm also going to design a flyer as I'm trying to go self-employed, atleast part time, and I need to get these out there. Best of all, I get to start online browsing for a dress for graduation! This will make my entire day haha.

I'm also trying a new diet strategy - little and often. I'm going to become a little grazer. I've filled out my food SP tracker to see just what I can fit into my intake allowance in terms of small snacks and light meals, so I'm eating at six sittings - every 3 hours or so hopefully.

I must say it feels flippin' fantastic to have my exercise out of the way already - although it wasn't much my body is aching all over so I'm hoping despite the shortness, the intensity level for my personal fitness will still have effect. I may do some more exercise later on in the day if I feel particularly motivated, and I definately plan to go for a run again tomorrow morning. Running when the town is so quiet feels amazing, I don't quite know why, but it really was fantastic - except for the difficulty breathing, aching throat from inhaling air too hard, tired muscles and swear that is... hahah, but hey, it can only get better.. I can only get fitter :) One day I will look back on this period of my lifestyle change and think "wow, I can't believe how hard it used to be". I'm just happy to keep moving, no matter how slow I am or how silly I look in the process! When I'm slipping into those size 10 jeans again it'll be SO worth it emoticon

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ASHLEIGHM89 8/6/2011 2:13AM

    Thank you!! :) Hope you're well emoticon emoticon

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HAZELEYEZ130 8/6/2011 1:58AM

    I just loved reading this blog post and hearing of all the positive changes you are making! emoticon

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An Uneventful, but Positive, Day :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Not much to report on today, I did another workout combo this evening, the fun salsacise with a 'super-toning' workout from the same DVD. I'm going to invest in a zumba DVD soon, funds are tight at the mo, so waiting for a better time and making do with all the tools I have already :) Today has been uneventful, quiet as usual but very positive as I really got some things in order I've been putting off if I'm honest and am feeling alot better now that I've organised these things. I've set myself the most realistic goal I possibly could, of losing 1 lb a week until graduation (hopefully I can lose 2 some weeks but I'm sticking to 1/week as my goal), which only totals 10 lbs total so I'm going to focus on that figure and maybe I'll see more, that'll be a bonus. But I won't set myself up for disappointment like I always do by over-reaching. It'll take as long as it takes. I WILL NOT give up this time; this is my lifestyle change not a diet, and true change takes patience, dedication, and time.

[64 days to shed 10 lbs, and counting...]

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HAZELEYEZ130 7/30/2011 3:45PM

    Good on you! for setting reasonable and attainable goals :) emoticon

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Stepping it up a notch...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

OK, so have been making changes now for a couple of weeks but haven't seen any results yet. Since I'm taking it slow and steady I guess that's normal, whereas in the past I rushed in, saw results, and ended up falling back and losing all progress made. Today I decided to put that bit extra into my workout and did both of my usual workouts, which I usually alternate between as they're both cardio and pretty intense for me at my level of fitness. But today I double up and did a whopping 50 minutes of cardio straight without stopping, which is amazing for me and I'm so so pleased :) I've also managed to get 3 of my 5 a day in today, which is a big step in the right direction since I usually only get 1 at max every other day. Calories have been very good too so feeling really positive about today. I'm hoping to repeat this tomorrow, either by doing both workouts or doing one followed by 30+ minutes on my little twister-stepper machine. I know if I just let this progress continue as naturally as possible rather than forcing a major jump forwards in my routine it will soon become habit and I'll be able to work even harder. I really want to see results this week but I'm going to keep going no matter what because no progress is better than going backwards and giving up. Only 65 days until graduation!!


One Foot in Front of the Other...

Friday, July 22, 2011

I'm trying really hard to stay focused and not retreat from this already. I'm still in the early stages where there are days I just simply cannot be bothered - simple as. Today was one of those days but I pushed through and tried a new workout from one of my DVDs, called "salsacise" which was really fun and surprisingly tricky! I definately burnt some calories off, and I've eaten well today so that feels good. Although I've just received my monthly guest (sorry for the gross info) and I'm craving a dirty big pizza hahaha but trying not to think about it. I'm going to go and run a bath now and relax with my book then get into to bed (sad act I know on a Friday night but hey) and get all snuggled up for the evening with a couple of books (for some reason I always read atleast 2 at a time) and a couple of my favourite films. I'm hoping this weekend will go well, even if I don't get alot of exercise in as long as I don't stuff my face I'll be ok with the outcome!

Wishing everyone a great weekend :) emoticon

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BAYBREEZE525 7/24/2011 9:39AM

    Great going on doing the NEW exercise program, need to keep it interesting, never heard of the salsacise, must be a salsa dance,, too cool. I like dancing as a form of exercise, fun.

Go ahead and have the pizza,, 1 pita split in two, few tbps tomato sauce, low fat mozzarella, fav veggies and a wee bit of olive oil with Italian seasonings, may do the trick, got to cure those cravings and nip them in the bud before they get out of hand and nip you in the bud.

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LANG80312 7/22/2011 2:37PM

    emoticon Have a great weekend and do your best...I'm right there struggling with you.

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