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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

....that doesn't even begin to cover it.
I was off work last week, we had hoped to go on vacation but our plans fell through and my husband suggested that he use the time to remodel the main bathroom, he felt sure that by spending 100% of his time he would be able to get it done, with maybe a few little things left for this week.
And maybe he would have....except he started adding all these other projects, which took up so much time!
So in addition to a complete gut of our bathroom, down to the studs, tearing down the wall into my office to use the closet in that room to expand the bathroom, redoing all the plumbing and electrical and rebuilding....he...
1) replaced all the pipes in the entire house, all the plumbing to the bathroom that we're remodeling, all the plumbing going in the house from the city, new hot water heater, new plumbing to the kitchen sink and under the sink, new plumbing to the toilet in the garage and added a shower there, new plumbing to the washer and dryer and added a new drain, new plumbing to the utility sink and new faucet, new plumbing to all 3 outside water spigot and 3 new spigot, new plumbing to the bathroom on the 2nd floor and new faucet there.
2) since the closet was torn out of my office, we're going to add drywall (there was wood paneling there), so he hung drywall
3) since the drywall guys were going to come to do the finishing he wanted them to skim our master bathroom so the finish was smooth
NOTE: this has now displaced my office, the master bathroom and the main bathroom, which means its all in piles somewhere around my house
4) while doing the work in my office, he cut the lines to the internet which means when I went back to work yesterday I had to find somewhere else to work until tomorrow when someone can come fix it
5) My neck continues to be a problem (herniated disc) causing about 5 doctor visits a month
6) Jarred's anxiety is getting worse, he's now not sleeping, which means no one is sleeping, he's sleep walking, waking us up, waking up his siblings
7) middle school started for Will, back to school night, PTA events, forms to fill out, shopping for supplies and clothes
8) my car is a lemon, its only a 2010 and we've put thousands of dollars into repairs already and it needs about another $4000, so we're shopping for a new car
9) my friend is getting married, I co-hosted a bridal shower and the bachlorette party is coming up
10) Molly's birthday party is SATURDAY and I have 30+ people coming to the house including overnight guests
11) this party is also very elaborate with lots of food planned, decorations and games
12) lets not forget court over child support again, trying to gather paper work and get with the lawyer, mail in forms and checks and work around court dates

I'm sure I've forgotten something, but I'm running out of write this.

so needless to say, exercise is very hard to fit in, I feel like I'm losing my mind! I'm trying, but that's about all I'm getting to right now.

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JULIA_211 8/20/2014 5:39AM

    When I get overwhelmed, I keep saying to myself, this will pass, nothing last forever. It helped me when I was going through my parents' sickness ordeal, two years ago. It does pass, hang in there, you have your dear husband and family, and you will all get through the tough times together. Do the best you can with your food choices. The exercise will come when you're able. emoticon

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MRSHONEYCOMB 8/19/2014 9:51PM


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FRUITYFUL 8/19/2014 5:54PM

    WOW, and I thought I was busy?!!? That is a lot on your plate. I agree with Wondergale, focus on your food and you'll go back to the exercise when your schedule allows. I'm impressed with how handy your husband is! It must stink to have the house in this current state of disrepair while he's doing these projects but how cool will it be when he's done! Hang in there, girl. It's been while since I've been on here and I love your background pic of your daughter. What a doll!

Hang in there. You're one tough cookie! emoticon

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WONDERGALE 8/19/2014 4:35PM

    Life is something, isn't it. Try to look at the bright side. When your husband finally finishes his projects, you will have a brand new home. And wow, you are getting a new car. Now that's something to smile about. And your friend is getting married, what a lovely occasion. I love weddings. Overnight guess for the birthday party, I'm pretty sure you could get them to help you out with the food, kids, etc. As for as the exercise goes, if you can mange to stay in your calorie range through all this excitement, it would be okay not to exercise every day. Just aim for maybe 2 or 3 times a week. emoticon emoticon

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Back on the horse

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Well camping was fun, a lot of work, exhausting, dirty, muddy, hot, sticky, wet, and crawly. We packed up so much to take with us on Friday, I swear we took less to the beach for a week long trip, we got there about 330 and had camp set up in about 2 hours. There was tons to do for the kids, pools, splash park, putt putt, a lake with a beach, water slides, fishing. We had a big area for our camp ground, so we were able to play baseball, cornhole, and badmitten (sp?). We came home Sunday morning after a massive thunderstorm came through, thankfully our tent didn't leak, but everything outside got soaked, so we had to pack up muddy and wet stuff and get it all home, then unpack and do a million loads of laundry! Exhausting!
I did not eat well, I can't say I overate, dinners were fine, I had two veggie hot dogs one night and veggie kabobs the next so not a lot of calories or fat. I just snacked a lot.
I have been fighting with a sore throat for two weeks, no other symptoms, no fever, cough, congestion, drainage, runny nose, blowing nose, stuffed up, nothing. Just this sore throat, it got really bad while we were camping and my neck was hurting a lot, combine that with NO sleep and Monday I was feeling AWFUL! I went to the doctor and he wasn't sure what was going on, but thought it might be a deep sinus infection, so I'm on antibiotics and steroids. I ate awful yesterday and didn't exercise.
But today I'm back on it, I've had a healthy breakfast, I just finished an hour of body pump and I'm about to go eat a super healthy lunch.
I also realized something this weekend, there are people in the world who don't think about food all the time, there can be sweet, salty, yummy, fried, food laying around, and they aren't tortured by the thought of it being there and not eating it, they really just aren't bothered, its just FOOD and they aren't hungry, or don't want it and so they don't eat it. That is SO CRAZY to me that people live like that! I wonder if that is something that will ever come over me....cause that would be the ultimate goal wouldn't it?

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SAIDTHEFAE 8/17/2014 1:45PM

    Oh to not be tortured by foood!!

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Down 1 pound!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Down one full pound this week!

I gotta say I'm disappointed, and I know exactly why. Its because I weighed more frequently than once a week, and I saw that Saturday I was 1.2 pounds lower than where I am today (official weigh in day). But since weight fluctuates day to day, I really need to stick to getting on the scale once a week. Because a pound is good! I should be happy about a pound!

So from here on out, I'm going to weigh only on Thursday morning. emoticon This is going to be hard for me.

Yay for a pound leaving my body and never coming back! emoticon

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JULIA_211 7/25/2014 4:52AM

    A pound is excellent! emoticon

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GINNYREE 7/24/2014 10:35AM

    YAY!! Buh-bye 3500 calories!!!! YAY for YOU!! :)

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JAMBABY0 7/24/2014 10:25AM

    you can do it, good job on the pound

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I'm going camping, what in the world??

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I am not a camper, that being said I should say that I'm not a camper because I don't camp, so I don't have a lot of experience. The last time I went camping was probably 13-15 years ago, out in the middle of no where, had to pee in the woods, got soaked by rain and came home in the dead of night. Not exactly fun.

So this time we're going with another couple and their kids, we're going to Jelly Stone Park, they have tons of activities (pool, putt putt, water slides, splash park, lake, jumping pillow) and most importantly, a bath house! We're going to camp in tents but have a water/electric site. I think I can get into that, I don't have to pee in the woods, I have running water, I have electricity if I need it, and tons of things for the kids to do.

Planning the food for the 3 days/2 nights we'll be there has me stretching my knowledge about healthy food and really testing my ability to make smart decisions.
In planning snacks, I'm going to chop up some veggies and have veggie sticks, grapes and apples. I'll also throw in some crackers and popcorn, I may eat some of that, but I'll just need to stick to my rules (Don't eat if you're not hungry. Don't over eat).
We'll have a camp fire and this is really the only vacation we're taking with the kids this year, so we need to make it special, I've thought of a few special treats to make. Obviously smores, but also going to try to make cinnamon apples (core and slice and apple, sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar, wrap in foil and throw in the fire), I think this would be good without the sugar too (actually I KNOW this because I sometimes do this in the microwave at home when I'm craving dessert).
Our friends are also talking about some things like camp fire cones (stuff an ice cream cone with chocolate, marshmallows and other treats, wrap in foil and put in the fire), and some other yummy (unhealthy) things. I know I can't rely on willpower alone, so I'll need to make sure I stay strong, but give in if I really want it (who wants to be miserable?), but stick to my rules.
Dinner's I'm not worried about, we're talking about doing kabobs (all vegetables for me) and hot dogs (veggie dogs are 50 calories each), so I know that can be low calorie and filling very easily.

So, on to the next adventure!

(follow up from my last blog, last weekend was a huge success, I stuck to all my plans, stayed within calorie ranges and am excited to see the scale on weigh in day tomorrow!)

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MOJO0607 7/23/2014 10:22AM

    Have fun...we used to go camping ALL the time as a child, but as an adult it hasnt really appealed for many of the same reasons you have listed. I will definitely have to take time to do this with the kiddos, though, as I remember how much I enjoyed it as a kid. Sounds like you have good plans in place for dining choices, and with all the activity options, you should be able to stay active as well. Have a great time!

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JULIA_211 7/23/2014 10:10AM

    Excellent! The song, "This Girl's On Fire" comes to mind, lol! emoticon On pre-planning your possible meals and snacks! emoticon Have fun!

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AUNTRENEE 7/23/2014 10:06AM

    You'll do fine.

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Really nervous about this weekend

Friday, July 18, 2014

I have seen some great progress this week and I'm feeling like this hard work is really paying off and will if I stick with it. But weekends are always difficult with eating out, seeing friends and other fun activities, they usually derail everything I've done all week and I end up gaining over the weekend and spend the next week just working to lose what I gained.
I want that cycle to stop!
Tonight is date night, we're eating out and then maybe going to listen to music, so to plan for this I looked up the menu online and tried to find nutritional facts, they didn't have them posted so I called the restaurant, they told me they didn't have anything like that (isn't that illegal??). I'm vegetarian so when I go out to eat I'm usually limited to the one token vegetarian dish, and don't make the mistake of thinking that because its not meat its healthy, usually its a pasta in heavy cream sauce or something fried and smothered in cheese. Tonight's dish I'm really excited about because its very different and inventive, which is so rare where I live for vegetarians, but it sounds so full of fat and calories. Its avocado tacos....seriously, I may die this sounds so amazing. However, it gets worse, they bread and then fry the avocado, then put it in tortillas with roasted corn and black beans, lettuce, salsa and chipotle ranch....yep, nothing about that sounds healthy. And not knowing if this is 1000 calories or not is going to be hard to plan.
But what I am planning is to STOP eating when I'm full, to eat slower so my stomach has time to tell my brain I'm full. Drink unsweet tea and for the side a dry salad without croutons.

Then Saturday is a pool party at a friends house, they are planning the food but I'll be bringing veggie hot dogs and veggie burgers, I know that I can eat and stay healthy by not loading up the toppings, but they are also making "finger foods" and have dessert, dessert is my weakness as is grazing on snacks. They are planning lots of yummy drinks, but I'm going to bring my peach herbal iced tea and abstain from all alcohol so I'm not drinking any calories and not lowering my inhibitions causing myself to binge on dessert.

But even with those things, I'm scared. I'm scared I'll still gain even if I do all that, I'm scared I'll not be able to stick to the plan. I'm scared I'll think one light beer will be fine and next thing I know I've eaten cake.

So time for some pep talking and advice....GO!

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CALIDREAMER76 7/18/2014 2:20PM

    This is a lifestyle, and that means live life. You are doing the right things, you are planning, researching and anticipating. Enjoy your activities and don't be afraid to make modification requests, all they can do is say no. For example ask them if it's possible to not bread and deep fry the avocado, you are making healthier choices.


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GINNYREE 7/18/2014 11:38AM

    First - stop being scared. Think positive! Think about how well you've done this week. Think about how good it feels after a workout to know what great things you've done for your body and soul. Think about how AMAZING you're going to feel tomorrow night after you didn't over eat on date night and after you stuck to your planned food and beverages at the pool party. You have planned healthy and yummy sounding foods and drinks. You will both enjoy yourself and reap the rewards of sticking to your healthy plan. Think only positive thoughts and you will have only positive outcomes :)

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