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Goals in life

Saturday, September 06, 2014

This is the third blog I posted in the last 2 hours! I am on a roll tonight guys!

My last blog I talked about who motivates me and in this blog I want to talk about my goals in life.

Well my goals in life are to obviously lose weight, finish my associates degree, then move away and finish my bachelors.

The past 2 years I have been back and forth with the idea of moving to Nashville to finish college then pursue a career in music business. Somedays I don't want to do that but then other days I cant wait until im there. My mom wants me to stay in Illinois to finish school and then get a job around here, but when I think about my future I don't see me living in Illinois, or let alone raising a family here in a couple years. There for a couple weeks I did think about making a career out of the job I have now. Its at Meijer( if you don't know what Meijer is, its kind of life a walmart but with a little bit higher prices). But one day I said to my self " Do you really want to work here the rest of your life Ashley? You see the way they treat there managers. And the lines leaders and store director think they are better than everyone else. What the hell are you thinking wanting to work a dead end job the rest of your life? Are you stupid?"

So I have made the decision that I am going to finish this semester in college. after this semester I only have 3 more classes I have to take then I will have my associates degree. Next semester I am going to take all online classes then find a decent paying full time job until May. In the middle of May I plan on moving to Nashville and finally start chasing my dreams. Some people say "oh youll never have a shot to make it in music business" but honestly I look at it this way, any one in the world could get that job if they wanted to, those people that want it just have to work hard for it. You have the choice to be anything you want in life, don't settle for less.

Now that I have made the decision to move to Nashville in May I want to be in the best shape of my life before I move and start fresh. My 21 birthday is Monday so that mean Tuesday its back to eating healthy and working out! I have the motivation this time.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Ill talk to you all on Tuesday!

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What motivates you?

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Today I want to talk about what motivates me!

Im sharing something with you that no one else knows in my life. I watch youtube videos every single day. Its not what you're thinking I don't go there and watch music videos and other random stuff. I go there to watch web series( I think that's what you call it). I watch CTFxC, Shaytards, CarlieStylez, CR247, Cole Swindell, and Luke Bryan. These people to me are extremely motivating!

Ive been watching Charles Trippy of the CTFxC for about 3 years now every single day. The guy uploads about an 11 minute clip everyday and just shows what he does. Hes filmed everything! Charles had his first brain surgery about two year ago and just had a second one almost a year ago. When they did the second biopsy it showed that he had brain cancer and would have to start chemo. Charles has uploaded a video every day for the past 5 years. He also plays bass for a band called We The Kings. He has filmed the ups and downs of his life. He filmed his proposal, wedding, his recovery to his first brain surgery, then he actually filmed his second brain surgery, touring with his band, announcing his divorce from his wife on his videos, getting a new girlfriend and many other things. Even though he has cancer and has kind of had a rough year that hasn't stopped him from chasing his dreams and doing what he loves. Charles Trippy is extremely motivating to me!

Ive watched the ShayTards for almost 2 years now. He started out just making videos about losing weight and through his journey he has lost over 100 pounds! Today he vlogs about his life as a husband and dad. He was one of the owners of maker studio in LA and he recently sold it to disney for FIVE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS! But the guy hasn't change one bit he is still as humble as ever. He always says happiness is a choice and that is something I strongly believe in! You have to create your own happiness and don't count on anyone but your self to create it for you.

Next I watch CarlieStylez! Carlie is the sister of Shay(in my last paragraph) and she makes videos about motivation and some on working out. Carlie has been through a lot in her life and she always has something positive to share. Out of all the females on youtube I would have to say she inspires me the most to be active and to lose weight and never give up until i reach my goals!

Country music stars Chase Rice, Cole Swindell, and Luke Bryan put out a little video every week. All these guys started from the bottom and had to work there way up the ladder to be successful. Usually Chase films about what he does in his free time when he doesn't have a show to play. Cole films about how he moved to Nashville 7 years ago and sold t-shirts for Luke Bryan, but look where he is at now, getting ready to headline his own tour. Then Luke films all kinds of different stuff hard telling what his episode will be about but he talks about all the tragedies he has been through in his life, he never gave up and that's why he is so successful today. All these guys put up a video every Thursday on their own channels.

Even though I have never met these people, they play a huge role in my life. They are the ones who taught me to never give up and never settle for less you can be anything you want in life it just takes a little hard work and dedication and sometimes making sacrifices.

Charles has showed me that even though he has had a rough past that isn't keeping him from following his dreams. Shay has showed me you have to create your own happiness. Carlie has showed me that you have to love yourself before you can let anyone else love you. Chase, Cole, and Luke have showed me that at times you want to give up don't, follow your dreams and never let anyone stand in the way!

I don't think I could thank these people enough for the life lessons they have taught me and will continue teaching me. They all have a special places in my heart.

So there way go guys! Those are the people that motivate me to better myself and follow my dreams in life!

I would like to know who/ what motivates you guys?

If you have any questions for me don't be afraid to ask! :)



Saturday, September 06, 2014

Good hello spark friends! Its been about 2 and a half months since ive last talked to you all. Life has just been so busy lately to do anything. Between classes starting back up and working almost full time life has been hectic and I really haven't had time to myself at all. I know, I know that's no excuse to get off track to some people but sometimes you just loose yourself in this crazy world and just kind of put stuff on hold.

I must say I did have the best summer ever! Through my job I have made so many great new friends and our summer was filled with a lot of activities. I worked full time during the summer but still managed to have fun with my friends. About 12 of us took a day off and went to a water park a couple hours away and had a blast. I went to myrtle beach for a week but that was kind of a bust, the girls I went with ran out of money so we had to go home a couple days early. But other than that my summer was awesome.

Today was the first day I actually had to myself in awhile. No work or class. So I actually got to sleep in for once. Im always busy it seems either with school, working, or people wanting to do stuff. I forgot how important it was to just be with yourself for awhile and nobody else. I just went with the flow today, didn't make any plans and just kind of did what I wanted to do. Today really had me thinking of what I want to do with my life and how to achieve my goals. Today I actually took time to get ready and look half way decent(usually I just wear an old t-shirt and shorts and throw my hair up) i did my make-up and dressed in a nice pair of jeans and one of my flannel shirts and went shopping. Today was the first day in a long time that i actually felt pretty. Beauty comes in all shaped and sizes just cause your not a size three doesn't mean you cant be beautiful. Today made me put a lot of things in perspective.

Im turning 21 on Monday and that really got me thinking. Im not a kid anymore, im a young adult. Its time to take charge of my life right now if i ever want to change. Its time to stop saying i cant when i can! Its time to start following my dreams and living my life the way i want to not the way other people want me to!

Thanks for reading guys!
(ill probably be posting a couple more blogs tonight)



I really dont know what to title this blog... Lol

Friday, June 20, 2014

Hello everyone & TGIF! My day has been great so far! I was actually off work today! That's the first Friday ive been off in a long time! Today has been a very nice and relaxing day I was a little rainy in the morning so I just laid down and watched tv. I just got done with dinner a couple minutes ago and now that it has cleared up outside I plan on going to the park to walk here in a few.

I hopped on the scale this morning and it said I was already down 2 pounds, in just one day. I think the first ten pounds will be the easiest to lose cause a majority of it is probably water weight the last 15 will be the hardest.

The past two days I have had the worst craving for pizza and taco bell. I was very proud of myself last night my friend had me take him to taco bell and I didn't order anything even though it smelled so good and I was craving it.

I've only been back on my diet for 2 days and I feel great!
Heres what I ate today!
-breakfast essential drink

-apple with peanut butter

-garlic and lemon baked fish(OMG so good)
- steamed broccoli
-watermelon and strawberries

I didn't go to the gym like I wanted to last night. Work was pretty busy and I was exhausted. But I am going to fit my walk in tonight!

Ill talk to you guys later.
-Ashley :)

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Hello everyone!:)

The past couple days have been okay, it hard getting back on track once you been off of it for so long! I weighed in this morning at 195 emoticon I don't know why I let myself gain TEN pounds in the last 2 months! So far today has been a good day! Tonight once I get off work I plan on going to the gym for the first time in 3 months! I decided the nights I work till 10 ill go to the gym after I get off and the days that I am off I will just go on walks! I leave for vacation in 31 days! By the time it is July 21 I want to weigh 170! That's 25 pounds to lose in a month! I know I can do it but it will be a lot of hard work! I started meal prepping again today and that helps a lot!

Ill let you all know how my first workout goes tonight!
Talk to ya later:)

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COUCH2ROAD_LIZ 6/19/2014 2:25PM

    Tomorrow is a new day. I too have a short term goal and that is to lose 6 pounds by July 4th. That will take me to 199 for the first time since I was like 12. I wish you luck and keep us updated!

25 pounds is a lot to lose in a month and if it doesn't work out -- just remember as long as you are going the right's awesome!


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