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ABC's of Me for BLC21

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A is for ABOVE and BEYOND...Does competition push you? YES
B is for BLC rounds... Newbie?(first BLC round) Oldie?(1-3 rounds) Goldie?(long time BLCer)? Former BLC team(s)? GOLDIE - JUST BEEN AWHILE
C is for have? 4, ALL GROWN AND GONE
D is for DOWNFALL...what's you're biggest temptation? GETTING BORED
E is for EARLY Bird or Night Owl? EARLY BIRD
G is for GROCERIES...what do you fill your cart with? WHOLE FOOD
H is for HOME...where do you call home? EASTER NC
J is for JOB...What do you do for a living? INSIDE SALES
K is for KEEP IT SIMPLE...What's your healthy focus when short on time? PRIMAL FOOD
L is for LOG...Do you use the Nutrition and Fitness trackers? NOT VERY OFTEN
M is for MARRIED, Single, Involved? MARRIED
N is for NAME...What's the meaning behind your sparkname?
O is for OUNCES...How many ounces of water do you consume on a daily basis? EACH DAY IS DIFFERENT, DEPENDING ON TEMP AND WHAT I AM DOING
P is for PRODUCE...How many fruits and veggies do you consume daily? ALOT MORE THEN 5..LOL
Q is for QUOTE...what's your favorite? FINISH EACH DAY AND MOVE ON
R is for ROUTINE...Average number of days and minutes you exercise weekly? EVERY DAY I DO SOMETHING
S is for STATURE...How tall are you? 5FT 7IN
T is for TIME...What time zone are you in? EST IN USA
U is for UNWIND...What is your favorite pass time or hobby? GARDENING AND FARM
V is for VACATION...If you could travel anywhere, what destination would you choose? SOME TROPICAL ISLAND
W is for WEIGHT WORKOUT...Do you follow a consistent ST program? NO
X is for "X" MARKS THE SPOT...What do you want to see happen these 12 weeks, other than the scale move? GET STRONGER
Y is for YESTERDAY...Do you dwell on poor choices or allow them to push you forward? PUSH FORWARD
Z is for one weight loss tool you couldn't live without? TAPE MEASURE

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BLOOIZEANGEL 1/25/2013 10:52PM

    A tape measure! That is a great tool. I hope you see some great changes!

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EVER-HOPEFUL 1/16/2013 1:50AM

    emoticon good luckin the next round

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Accountability Blog for BLC 18

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Today is the start of BLC 18 - a 12 week challenge.
I have taken all of my measurements and weighed in. Also added all of my new team mates on the Mighty Mocha Hunters. I am wanting to lose 15 to 20 pounds in the next 12 weeks. I went primal on Oct 31, 2011 and have continued that lifestyle. I will still be following the lifestyle in 2012. I have so much more energy and my body feels great.

Starting weight is 201.2 and I pledge 150 min of exercise this week.

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TRACYZABELLE 1/26/2012 8:28AM


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NELLZIE04 1/11/2012 8:38PM

    Awesome...keep focused and I know you can reach your goals!

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FUNFROG79 1/11/2012 12:16PM


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EVER-HOPEFUL 1/11/2012 11:13AM

    hi love i am also so glad that the blc is starting .i am rowing away with the pin vikings but i still miss my crushing cranberries friends.glad the primial thing is working out for you emoticon emoticon emoticon

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DEE797 1/11/2012 10:45AM

    Sounds like you have a good plan in place. Wishing you success during your journey with the BLC18 and beyond! emoticon

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AIMEESINGS 1/11/2012 9:55AM

    Love your background picture!! and your blog! Good exercise minutes pledge! Look forward to seeing your updates over the next 12 weeks! emoticon

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-SEVEN- 1/11/2012 9:35AM

    Primal! Sounds like an interesting plan! I have to read your previous post on it.... emoticon

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My Adventures going Primal - A 21 day challenge

Monday, November 21, 2011

So I decided to try something different, I did the 21 Day Primal Challenge by Mark Sisson. The title of his book is 21 Day Total Body Transformation. It was just released last month. He also has a website with great information.

For those not familiar with this lifestyle it is pretty basic. Eat natural food (meat, fish, eggs, vegetables and fruit) and exercise more naturally(no cardio junkies or hours lifting weights). Which means:
NO grains – flour, wheat, rice, corn, oats, ect. That would come down to no bread, cookies, cakes, pasta, anything made from grains including a lot of cooking oils.
NO sugar – nothing, nada including all zero calorie sugars like Equal or Splenda. Which would also mean you only drink water, tea, coffee and limited amount of Red Wine.
NO legumes- beans, lentils, peanuts, and peas including anything made from them like peanut butter.
Very little dairy – butter and full fat cream is ok but lowfat and no-fat cheese, milk etc is out.

So I decided to jump right in and start on October 31. Yes I know what you are thinking – what no candy on one of the biggest candy days of the year?!

On day 1 - I took all my measurements and cleaned out the pantry/fridge of all the “bad” foods and filled it with “good” foods.
Weight 215.2
Waist (belly button) 43
Hips 45
Bust 38.5
Leg (right thigh) 24.5

The book takes you day by day slowly going more primal. One of the biggest benefits I found for me was wonderful amounts of energy and no mid-day crash. I felt great after just a few days on the new “diet”. Many days I gave up the gym to go walk in the sunshine. What a great feeling! One of the assignments was to track everything and see if the carbs, fat and protein were all inline. Mine on Day 10 was calories 1411 of which Fat was 54%, Carbs 17% and Protein was 28%. The perfect primal range would be 20% carbs, 65% fat and 15% protein. So I was happy with my numbers.

OK fast forward to day 21 and I am sleeping better at night, waking up energized and ready for the day, I have no cravings for grains or sugars. Yes I know hard to believe but true, I have indulged a couple of times in Dark Chocolate that is high in cocoa content like 75% or better. Husband said yuck due to its bitter taste with no sweetness. And I did have red wine, probably more then I should of but all things in moderation.
Weight 210.8 down 4.4 pounds
Waist 42 down 1 inch
Hips 44.5 down ½ inch
Bust 38.5 stayed the same
Leg 24 down ½ inch

Overall this has been a great lifestyle change for me and one that I will keep. I am losing weight without measuring or feeling guilty. Primal people are big followers of the 80/20 rule and of living life to its fullest.
If anyone out there wants more information or has any questions shoot me a Spark email and I will do my best to answer you or atleast point you in the right direction.

Grok on!!!

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SLENDERMAMA1 1/30/2013 8:52AM

    I have been reading Mark's website too. Best of luck. emoticon

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-SEVEN- 1/11/2012 9:40AM

    Good for you! This is very similar to Doug Kaufmann's Phase One Diet! Which I have been on several times- very healthy, in my opinion!

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TRACYZABELLE 12/13/2011 2:12AM

    Checking in to see if you are still following this plan!

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DEE797 11/21/2011 4:54PM

    CONGRATS on your progress! Sleeping better at night and waking up energized! That's a big one for a lot of us. I hadn't heard of this way of eating til I saw your posts and now your blog. Will have to check it out.

Wishing you continued success on your journey! emoticon

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SASSISIS 11/21/2011 4:29PM

    emoticon Congrats Sharon good job! Today is my 21st. I will blog about it tonight!

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KWRIGHT26 11/21/2011 1:27PM

    I'm glad to hear you like it and are enjoying it! I like that primal and paleolithic diets are grain free and devoid of sugars and fake foods. It makes me feel so much better not eating those things.

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FUNFROG79 11/21/2011 1:00PM

    I'm glad you are doing and feeling well!

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Blog for Bingo Points

Monday, November 07, 2011

So I am suppose to Blog about Success for Points on the Bingo goes -

I have been following Mark Sisson's 21 Day Primal Challenge. I am done with the first week and I am down 1.5 pounds. I have successfully gone without grains, sugar, beans for a whole week. I have had a couple of glasses of red wine which is allowed. I have more energy and overall feel great!

Here is a link to Mark's site if anyone else is interested


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FUNFROG79 11/8/2011 9:01AM

    Great job on your loss!

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BLC 17 – Scarlet Starlets - Recap of Week 1

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

First week is now over! Overall I did well. Weight is down 3.6 pounds. But I must confess most of that was because I had some dental work done last Thursday and have not been able to eat a lot of solid foods. I am just now starting to eat some solid foods for dinner cut into tiny bites. Exercise goal minutes were 500 but only got 365, most of that is what I call farm labor/farm feeding and a little strength training. Again because of the dental work, he wanted me to take it easy for a week.

I am ready to start week 2 full-speed ahead. Wednesday, Friday and Monday will be strength-training days. Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday will be cardio days. Saturday will be a rest day aka day for farm labor. Still cleaning up from Hurricane Irene and also getting ready to start planting the Fall garden. Kale, Spinach, Lettuce, Mustard and other yummys.

I am following the new Weight Watchers Points Plus plan. Monday and Tuesday have both been OP (on point) days. Monday is my weigh in day at Weight Watchers and the start of my week. I like going to the meetings because it gives me that extra accountability of having to get up on the scale and have someone else weigh me. Also the meetings and handouts are great.

Also still doing Yoovie’s PMP challenge. Last weeks assignment was to get all of my starting numbers doing a Fit Test and take all my measurements including a before picture. All done. This week’s assignment is 2 hours of strength training Monday thru Thursday and an additional hour between Friday and Sunday. Also there is a muscle failure challenge to do before Sunday, which I will do on Saturday. I have chosen the plank as my challenge. I am to hold a full plank until my muscles give out, wish me luck! Should be lots of fun this week.

Good luck to everyone on your journey this week!

To Succeed: I must build an environment in which I cannot fail……by unknown.

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THERESAMARIEM 9/15/2011 10:43AM

    That PMP challenge sounds like hard work!!! Can I join or is it too late? Good luck! You are doing so great!!!!

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B-N-ME 9/15/2011 9:13AM

    You have a good plan in place, you can make it happen!
Awesome job on the weight loss this week. The dental work may have been part of it, but give yourself credit...there are alot of high cal items that are not solid that you could have indulged in.
Looking forward to hearing great things about week 2!!

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    Wow..3.6 pounds is rocking! You are really working hard. Sorry about the dental work..bummer! Hope all is healthy now. Wishing you extra good luck on the challenge, sounds like a ton of fun! emoticon

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DRUCHII 9/14/2011 4:17PM

    Good luck with the plank challenge, that's the one I'm doing too:) And the dog on your wall is the cutest thing EVER!! Fall gardening sounds fun- one of my dreams is to have space for a huge garden:)

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FUNFROG79 9/14/2011 3:43PM

    Excellent week! You are working hard!

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BAZOOKABOBCAT 9/14/2011 1:51PM

    3.6lbs is awesome! Great work!

I love the idea of the plank muscle failure challenge. I want to try that!

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