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Not in the mood today...

Friday, October 14, 2011

...I am not in the mood to do anything today. I don't want to be up, online, exercising, or eating right. I want to go back to bed, throw the computer out the window, sit on the couch all day and eat junk!!

The reasons behind this:

Baby girl decided last night she only wanted to sleep if she could sleep on mommy. Now this is not something I allow everynight, even though it is so fun to cuddle with them, but my kids have been allowed to sleep with me if/when they need the extra cuddles. Last night was her night. And it didn't happen until about midnight. Now sometime between midnight and 330, she decided she was hungry, so I fed her and fell asleep burping her. Now I say sometime between those times, because I can't remember, I just remember middle boy waking up crying because he wanted mommy at 330.

Now, normally I would handle this in stride and not I am babysitting for a friend (2.5 year old and 9 month old). I was excited about this until I realized that I have not re-baby proofed my house since baby is still at a controllable age. I now look around and see many dangers that a 9 month old crawler will be getting lack of sleep and now too clean and baby proof!

Because of this lack of sleep and new found chore, I really don't want to be "checking in" here on SP. But I know that if I don't take these few minutes to read emails, collect some points and just plain "check in" I won't do anything healthy today! So here I am...blah...

I don't want to eat healthy today...I want carbs, sugar and CAFFEINE...but I am eating a Clif bar and drinking my normal amount of coffee.

I want to crawl back into bed and go to sleep. My two little ones are sleeping in for the first time in almost a week. I have the chance, but at the same time I have a house to clean and baby proof.

So "here I am" with a choice on my hands for the day...and "here I am" checking in, getting a healthy day on my mind by checking in, and "here I am" getting ready to go and get things done that need to be done...wish me luck!

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LIVINGFREE19 11/5/2011 11:00PM

    These days are definitely hard to muddle through!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
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LYNNA7499 10/14/2011 10:38AM

  Nights like that are tough. Somehow we do it day after day when they don't sleep through the night, but when they hit us with a night like that the next day is very painful. I hope you were able to find some rest.

Great job at checking in though! Take care of yourself!

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FITMOMMYFORLIFE 10/14/2011 10:06AM

    Good luck momma! =] I SOO know how you're feeling right now! Good for you for getting up and still coming on here to check in to hold yourself accountable! =] Hopefully through spark you'll find the motivation to get up and get things DONE! =]

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MIIMA-ME-MY 10/14/2011 9:44AM

    Good luck! emoticon
I hope you can get some good rest tonight.

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Falling behind...time to catch up

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I have been pushing myself to the sidelines. I take care of the kids first and don't worry about myself. Now its time for me again! What do they say on the airplane...put the mask on yourself first than help others? Well that is what I am going to do. I am going to focus on myself first (unless there is a dire need from the kids) and than know that I am more capable of taking care of my kids second.

I haven't been using the SP videos and wondering how I am going to fit my exercises in each hello?!?!?!?! I have a "smart" phone and am able to view the videos from there as well as the two computers I have at I WILL start to do at least one video a day to up my exercise. Now what is my excuse?

I have a gym membership, but I have two young children, the youngest who is extremely clingy to mommy. I will have to deal with the fact that I need to leave her with a trusted source and go take care of me!

I am a member of the Quickfire Challenge and haven't been doing those as I once was...why?? because I am so "busy". Really??? I can't stop what I am doing for 5 minutes and do 20 pushups or whatever the challenge is, 4 times during the day? I do that when I go outside for a cigarette.

Which leads to the next thing...why the hell am I still smoking?? I have kids to worry about!! If I am so worried about them and their future, what am I going to do when I am sick, or worse, dead, from those dang things?? I am DONE...did you all hear that? I have smoked my last cancer stick and everytime I think about it, I am going to look at my kids and ask myself "why"!!

So here it goes...I am focusing on me first (exception:emergency need from a child) and than with a healthier me, I will focus on the kids, husband and house...

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    Good for you for taking the time to re-focus some of your attention on YOURSELF!!!

There is a quote that I LOVE that I think you would enjoy also! I have it posted on my bathroom mirror.. it goes something like this:

"The BEST THING you can do for your children is to make time for your OWN health and wellbeing! By making time for YOURSELF you will have more energy FOR your kids and you will be able to keep up with them!!"

And it's SO TRUE, isn't it?!

Also, CONGRATU-FREAKING-LATIONS on quitting smoking!!! GREAT GREAT job!! I am officially (lets so some quick math here...) 2 years and 9 months since I've quit smoking! and I can honestly say, other than achieving a healthier diet and fitness lifestyle, it is the best thing I've EVER done for myself and my family!!! I always used to say before I had my son that as soon as I found out I was preggers I would quit smoking... Said it for MONTHS and as soon as I took that lovely little test and found out, I couldn't believe I was finally done! It was seriously HELL for about 2 weeks to a month, and the cravings still come back every once in awhile.. but not necessarily FOR the cigarettes, more so for the stress relief.. but regardless, I feel SO MUCH MORE healthier now! Everything about my life has improved since then...

So with that I say another Congrats! YOU'VE GOT THIS! Hang in there!! We're here for you! =]

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JENNI_X 10/12/2011 10:23AM

  I liked your blog a lot! That kind of thoughts will definitely help you to reach your goal. And also, when mom feels good and is full of energy, I'm sure the kids will realize that too! Have a lovely rest of the week and enjoy your own time :-)

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WALKINGTHETALK 10/12/2011 10:17AM

    Good for you! It's hard as a Mom to accept that putting our own needs first actually makes us better able to fulfill everybody else's needs, isn't it? But I know I'm a better Mom when I feel better and am less stressed! As for the smoking, my husband quit smoking cold turkey shortly before our oldest was born - she turned 12 last month. He would tell you it is definitely worth it!

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Not me, but my kids...

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

I didn't get my "exercise" in yesterday, but my two older boys sure did! We went out to my dad's, which is a farm. Needless to say, there is a lot of outdoor activities for them to do there! I was so happy to see them non stop moving for over an hour outside on a beautiful night! Sure I walked around with them, but nothing to really do a big burn for me. I am not going to complain though. They had fun and I had fun watching them.

Today I am supposed to get Jillian's 6W6P...I can't wait! It will be interesting to see how tough it is. Especially when I do it in combination with her 30DS and RI30 DVDs. I look forward to the challenge and to seeing the results.

So far this week I have lowered my upward yo-yo swing on my weight! I take that as a small achievement and can't wait to keep seeing that go lower and lower.

I have to make plans for the gym this week too. I am falling in love with the elliptical more than the treadmill, but I still have my Virtual 5K to complete, so I can't completely give up on the treadmill yet...

My biggest challenge this week is trying to track my food. I just can't seem to get in the habit of it. I know there is no real excuse, but with the kids and trying to meet their needs, that is what I am putting on the back burner. At least its not exercise like it used to be. I keep trying and do good until after lunch. At that point it seems to fall apart. I keep trying and I am sure one day it will click and I won't know how I did without it!

Have a good day and keep moving folks!!


Bad mood+Gym time=WAY better mood

Friday, September 30, 2011

So yesterday was my worst day since my hubby started his new job...away from home... I was beyond tired, crabby, sinuses were stuffed up, sinus headache, kids who sensed my mood and pushed the limits...I was ready to explode! My mom stepped in and sent me away...told me I had no choice "Go to the gym, go drive, go anywhere but HERE". So, as a good little left the house and went to the gym. I didn't have the ambition to, but I did. I went and got on the elliptical and I have to say I had a good 25 minute workout!! Half way through I noticed the sinuses were open and the headache was going away...I also noticed my tension in my shoulders going away (I didn't even know that I had that before than). When I was done, I could barely walk...I pushed myself the hardest I have ever done...must have been the bad mood energy...and I felt GREAT!!

I was able to go back home with a clear mind...and nose...and handle the rest of the challenges of being a trucker's wife with three kids...1 with special needs and 2 who are 3 and under...I don't think I would have made it through the night if it had not been for my mom stepping in.

This experience has taught me something...other than to listen to your mother no matter how old you are! A good workout does more than help you loose weight. A good workout is good for the body, mind and soul! I have read that so many times and never gave it a second thought. I now know what everybody means when they say that! Not only does working out help my body stay healthy, it helps my mind stay healthy too. And with the circumstances I am under at this time, a healthy mind is a must!!

I am very grateful for the day I had matter how rough and ragged the morning and early afternoon/evening were. I got to learn something that should help push me on into healthier habits and a healthier life! matter what your excuse is today...get up and get moving!!!!

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    I find working out to be a great stress reliever too! Way to turn your day around!

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SG11505 9/30/2011 10:08AM


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Its been awhile...for blogging

Sunday, September 25, 2011

I haven't blogged all month! I feel kind of funny now. I have been BUSY with my husband away at work. He was just home and I really miss him already. I am counting the days until he is back again, and so are the kids.

I am debating if this whole gym membership thing is really worth it. They have not started the whole "daycare" thing like I was told when I joined...part of the reason I joined a month ago. I have a TON of DVDs that I need/want to use at home and a treadclimber in the basement...granted I like the regular treadmill or the elliptical better, but I don't like the cost and I still need to find someone to watch the kids...blah!!

I did Jillian again today...thinking if I can do her workouts at least 5 days a week I will take my mom up on the offer of getting Insanity/P90X/Zumba or something like that for my Christmas present...hmmm....which one!?

Now onto the bedtime rituals without our Daddy here...BOO

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RIVER331 9/25/2011 7:56PM

    Sorry your DH is away; I always hate it when mine has to be gone! I hope he's back soon & safe emoticon

Way to hang in there though, with the gym letting you down a little bit! Getting & keeping your exercise life on track in spite of obstacles... PRICELESS. emoticon

emoticon emoticon

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