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So, just like my life...

Monday, July 30, 2012

I had made plans to do a challenge this month with my Wii...not working, but I am working out. I have decided to do Jillian's Ripped in 30 workout. I loved week one's workout, but I am feeling that week two is kind of dull. I also ordered The Firm Express in 30 workout...I have wanted to try it and found it at just the right price. So, what am I doing now? I am mixing and matching Jillian with The Firm DVDs I have here at home. I did one of them yesterday and am really sore today...don't know why I got sore off of that and not Jillian, but happy that I worked out and felt it!

Today I plan on doing my day 2 of week 2 of Jillian, if I feel really ambitious I will do a Firm workout also...I plan to drink more water like I did yesterday to avoid cravings and I plan to eat healthy again today. I have a goal to do Insanity some day...but if I have a tough time with a 20 minute Firm and/or a 35 minute Jillian, I think I need to build up to Insanity level!!

I have 13 days left until we go to Wisconsin Dells. I have a goal to feel good about my body by than...I am not saying I will be anywhere near my goal weight or that I will be tight and firm all over, I just want to feel good about myself and I am working on that one day at a time.

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SOKKERNUT 7/30/2012 1:40PM


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Its been awhile, but not for exercise...

Monday, July 09, 2012

I haven't been active on the site here, but I have been active. I have fallen in love with Bodyrock and Zuzana...after many months of wondering, I am not doing it and loving it!! I am also adding apple cider vinegar into my water...this is different for me, but worth a try to see if it can help any of my "problems". I have gone one day (today) without my coffee...I am drinking green tea in the morning instead. Its not the same, but I want to quite some of my unhealthy addictions, and I figure that is one that is easiest to start with.

Along with Bodyrock and Zuzana, I am taking a WiiFit challenge this month...figure it might be a way to get some light cardio the kids will want to copy me ;-)

Well, with that said, I am off to take care of the crying baby and get my morning going.

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FATHINSN 7/9/2012 11:15PM

    That's a useful info, to have apple cider vinegar to fix bloatiness and gassy problem! Currently, I'm on-off with lime and ginger combo tea (a herbal tea), I'm still trying to do it more consistent - a cup daily - so that I can see if it's working or not.

Congrats for day one no coffee, WooHoo! I have various brands of green tea to try, some are too bitter, some are still acceptable taste but nothing can beat normal tea - I'm a heavy tea drinker LOL

Good with WiiFit challenge, sounds like you have very active schedule, together with BR and ZWOW!

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    Please keep us updates on the apple cider vinegar thing! If not here, on fb, because I'm really curious how it works out for you! I sometimes go through bouts of bloat and gassiness (tmi, maybe, but it sucks! And it's REAL damnit! haha) and I've made food changes and they seem to help for sure, but sometimes it happens with no explaination.. (TOM maybe? uterus swelling? -shrugs- I dont really get TOM cause I have an IUD..) ANYWAY, seriously, keep me updated =D

Also, way to go kicking the coffee!! that's like, my absolute very LAST thing to go! I am drinking a cup RIGHT NOW infact, hah! I've been trying to cut down at least, and that's been good so far.. but I REALLY want to start drinking more green tea... let me rephrase.. I really want to start drinking green tea PERIOD! hahaha... I freaking have some, I just gotta DO IT! Something about the coffee though.. man.. it just soothes my soul! =p

Stay strong! =D You're rocking it! =DZuzana is an amazing motivator =D

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It's's what I am doing...

Thursday, June 28, 2012

I just got done with a workout!! I am extremely sore from pushing so hard yesterday, but instead of being a baby today, I did another workout! I did ZWOW11 I believe, it was a 10 minute do as many rounds as possible challenge and I pushed to meet her 5 rounds that I had to stop with 2 minutes left...but I did 5 rounds! I laid on the floor and was ready to pass out...which, now that I am coolex off and not full of sweat, I really look forward to doing.

Tomorrow I plan to do the new BodyRock workout from looks really intense and I am scared of the dive bombers, I have yet to try even one. Instead of dips (since I don't have that equipment) I am going to do tricep dips...I think they will be just as hard!

I am not noticing a change in the scale...but I see and feel a huge change in me as a person! The old me would have said, your sore go to now said its ten friggen minutes what are you waiting for?? And my face just looks healthier too! I bought ice cream snacks for everyone since its so hot and I really didn't like the taste!!! I wanted my lemon water over ice cream!!! These things mean more to me than the scale!

Guess what?? I am falling into a good grove and its kinda sticking...I am happy and feel better than I have in awhile...and its only been two weeks...I think...1 of true working out and not just thinking about it while trying some out.

If I can do can you! Just do something...anything...please!!! emoticon

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    Girl, you are such a ROCKSTAR! Seriously! Working out after 10pm and LOVING it?! -whistles- So proud of you girl! =D

I love that you're starting to notice the little things too.. taste preferences, quick decisions that are healthy and positive.. whoot! THat's what it's all about!!! =D

Keep that groove going girl! =D=D=D

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I am sore today...

Friday, June 22, 2012

Yesterday I did ZWOW#5...I LOVED it!! But I used weights that were too light...which is the first time I have had to admit that! That was awesome, so I went and bought heavier weights. I plan to do the workout again today with heavier weights and see the difference!! Also yesterday I did over 3 hours of gardening...not all at once...I pulled weeds and laid down new mulch! I woke up this morning and could barely walk. My muscles are sore...but they worked hard yesterday!!

Today's plan includes the ZWOW5 with heavier weights, cleaning house, and more weed pulling...I love nice weather!!

My oldest son (12yo) is adopted and what we do know about his birth father is that he can gain weight really fast...and now my son is gaining weight. He isn't happy about this...So I have my HIIT timer set for 30/10 and have him jump on the trampoline we have in the house...he thinks this is fun and doesn't realize when I keep adding another round each day emoticon And since he is doing this, my 3yo wants to do it too...and than my 1 yo has to do it too...exercise is contagious in this house!!!!

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    You are such an inspiration and motivator for your family! I LOVE IT !! =D

Way to go on those Zwows! I love those workouts =D That last one looks especially brutal! haha! And ROCK ON about needing heaving weights! That's what it's all about! Congrats! =D

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...and than sunny days

Friday, June 15, 2012

Today is the complete opposite than yesterday, weather wise. I am excited to go outside with the kids today. I still have two extra kids, so it will be good to get the energy out of them. I just have to wait until it drys up a little bit.

I did my exercises yesterday, and I did more than what was on the calendar. I am proud of myself. I watched ZWOW #22 and was happy to see the arm focus. I want definition in my arms, and the last couple of workouts haven't seemed to work them very good. However, at 10pm I really didn't want to do the whole workout and didn't want to set my timer and wake everyone up. Because of this I made my own variation of the workout...I ended up doing 30 chair push ups, 30 tricep dips, and 28 about sore arms!!!

Today I plan on doing something for a workout. I don't know if I will follow the June challenge calendar or if I will pick a Zwow or Bodyrock workout that I just pick out...either way I WILL do a workout!!

Make it a good day and do something for yourself!!

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    Awesome job getting your exercise in yesterday! =D And at 10pm to boot! Seriously impressive!!!!

You should really try out the one that's on the calendar for this week called , "Tear it up". I did it the other day and it was SERIOUSLY awesome =D It's one of those ones that doesn't look so bad on paper and then while you're doing those plank moves at the end the sweat is just pouring from your face! Highly recommend that one =D

Oh, and that zwow #22 looks TOUGH! I'm watching zuzana (well listening, atm!) struggle this morning and it's putting a smile on my face =D I'm definitely going to try this one out! hehe

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JILLITA55 6/15/2012 10:40AM

    We need the rain in HOuston

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