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Day 2 of Power of 10 3 here I come

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I am really sore today...but I like it!! I have completed two days of the the Power of 10 Challenge and today is going to be day number three...I wish I had more of the Firm DVDs, but with two and each having two workouts on them it is like I have four...Plus add in all the other DVDs I have and why am I complaining?

I woke up this morning excited to see that even though I didn't eat good on Easter, I lost 0.2 lbs in a week by starting something healthy right after I oopsed on Sunday. My water the last two days has been awesome too!! Granted it takes me until midday to really start (I have to have coffee in the morning or my day is shot) but I have been getting the 8+ in that I said I wanted to this week!

The new computer will be here tomorrow...which is good and I will be able to check in here on a better daily basis, but I always end up sitting on the thing too dang long...I have good intentions though and I plan to stick with them!!

Time to go play with the kiddos for a bit and than make a healthy lunch and workout!!! Day three you are going down!!! emoticon

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    Taking things day by day is a great way to not get overwhelmed =] And when you get discouraged and want to maybe skip a workout, when you have one planned, just think of how AWESOME you feel afterwards! You've got this momma! Way to go! =]

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ARYSMOMMY1 4/10/2012 6:15PM

    Thank you so much! I am taking it day by day and trying not to over do any of it this time around.

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J0ETTE 4/10/2012 6:04PM

    Yeah! I think you are doing fantastic! Keep focused!

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What a blah week...

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Not a good week to get back in the habit of things...exercise...not good...water intake...better but not the best....

Now...the best thing about being a human is accepting that I made some mistakes and changing them this week...

I signed up for the Power of 10 Challenge and plan to get 10 of my Firm workouts in...hopefully in 10 days...but giving myself 2 weeks starting today...As soon as I am done here I am going to do one of them!!!

Water is going to be consumed all week!!! I will make that a personal challenge...see how much water I can drink each day...goal being 8 and extras are awesome!!

New laptop has been I will be able to do check ins much easier...desktop downstairs is tough with the little ones... to make my fat cry emoticon

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ARYSMOMMY1 4/9/2012 11:15AM

    Yes, the Firm are dvds I already have at home. They have new updated ones which are only 20 minutes long and really work you out! Thank you for the support and nice words!

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    Hey momma! I'm sorry I missed your LAST blog about coming back! I'm so sorry to hear about the illnesses in your family =/ That's rough stuff! My thoughts will be sent out to those family members of yours in need!

But, as far as YOU, lovely lady, I definitely agree with you're thinking that one of the best things you can do is take a little focus on yourself right now! With everything else going on you don't want to get totally washed out and hung to dry! I think you have a great plan on working out 20 mins a day as often as you can!

This power of 10 challenge sounds interesting! Are "the firm" workouts one that you already have at home on video?

Water is SO SO GOOD FOR YOU! That's absolutely wonderful that drinking ample amounts of water is one of your main goals! When I don't get enough water in, I'm TOTALLY spent.. no energy.. lack of gusto.. but when I DO drink enough water, and then some, I feel SO MUCH MORE ENERGIZED and happy! So keep that up! It will do you wonders! =]

Cheers to you comingback and making that fat CRY off your body! You go girl! =D

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Starting out again

Monday, April 02, 2012

So it has been awhile...I have no excuses besides being lazy. I didn't want to do anything and I just didn't. But I am ready again. I need to do something and this site really does help me. My laptop isn't working now and I don't always have the chance to get to the desktops one downstairs. I am using my cell phone and hope that it will work out ok. I am going to try and restart my computer to factory settings and hope that it works. is how my last few months went. My husband's grandma had brain cancer and it progressed faster than we wanted. She passed away to the other side in February. My grandpa learned that he has bladder cancer. So far they are not saying it is not anything to worry about. Than this month my 18 year old cousin found out he has luekmia. They are giving him a 60% success rate in beating this but it is still very scary! With all of this happening I have decided that I better do something to make myself healthier for my family. Sitting around doing nothing isn't going to help anything good.

Since I am going to be getting back into this and don't want to burn out...I have decided to take this slow. I am not going to go full out and try to do everything all at once. I used to try for all the points possible and teams up the wazoo with challenges coming out of my ears. This time I am going to go for one to two goals a week and add from there. My first two goals this week: exercise 20 minutes a day for a minimum of 4 days this week and drink at least 8 cups of water a day everyday this week. If I do more I do pressure for me though!

Hope all is well for everyone and glad to be back!


Where has all the motivation gone?

Thursday, December 08, 2011

What happened to me?? I lost my motivation that was getting me through my new life situation (hubby working away from home and me being a "single mom" of three children). I was doing so good, and I remember how I was able to keep my cool during the stress...and than poof, it was all gone!

Now here I am, back up in weight, stressed out a lot, and yelling more than I should. I feel helpless and out of control of myself at times...this is not good, none of it!

What am I supposed to do? Well, for starters I can exercise again...and than change my eating habits. With those two small things I can see myself gaining control back...and the health benefits!

I need to drink my water instead of the nasty pop that I started drinking again...everybody talks about the energy they feel from water, and I always felt it too...and now its lacking with all my pop consumption. I want that energy back!

My exercise has become non-existent! This is not good at all! I owe not only a gym membership, but more than 10 exercise videos (one for every season, mood, etc), weights, bands, ball, high-speed internet with access to SP videos, heck even a treadclimber! Really, what is my excuse? Not a dang thing I guess! I can find the time, if I want to...and now I need to! I love and hate thee...I was always the girl who could eat what she wanted, not exercise and still be thin...haha, I grew up and had kids! I can no longer be that girl, and those habits of not caring what I ate as a teen and early 20s girl need to stay in the past with the age! I NEED to pay attention to what I eat now! I can't just go grab a snack and say oh well. Not only are my bad eating habits weighing me down...literally...they are making me more tired. I am sure of this. I am not getting enough of the things I need, and too much of the things I don't. My body is mad and not functioning at the best of its ability. Very true fact and I know this as well as everyone else! (Now to do something about it than!)

Sooo...I KNOW what I need to be doing and not doing. I have the tools in front of me...WHY AM I NOT DOING IT!?!?!?!

Today is a new day...and my brain is yelling at me to change my ways...I just need to find the willpower and motivation to listen. I really plan to make changes...I got a tape measure and found out what my measurements are...ouch! I thought dealing with my weight was hard...that's the easy part to handle!

I am going to change...starting today...after a quick nap (hey I have a teething baby who has kept me awake for almost three nights straight...and she's still sleeping! I know I need sleep too, so I will take it when I can get it!)

Have a good day and MOVE your body...I will be!!

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LYNNA7499 12/8/2011 10:49AM

  I could have written this exact same blog last week. I've done all of the things that you have done to sabotage your success. Take it one step at a time and one change at a time. You will start to feel better and will be back on track in no time.

I think treating yourself to a nap is a good way to start. We've all dealt with lack of sleep and sometimes a good nap is the best gift.

Good luck getting back on track.


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    I'm sorry you're feeling a lack in motivation! The lack of SLEEP, water & exercise would definitely do it! Sleep deprivation is NO JOKE, so I can totally feel ya there momma!!! Try to get in the water and NIX the soda and I can guarentee you'll already feel 5x better! Then get your blood pumping (in a good way, not an angry way =]=]) and you'll feel even BETTER!

Good luck with that teething babe! We're teething here too.. two year old molars.. YIPPEE.. NOT! =/

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-WRKNG2ABTTRME- 12/8/2011 10:08AM

    Try to drink a cup of water at least every 2 hrs.
Do x amount of toe touches, wall pushups or whatever each time you go to the bathroom.
Find a time when the baby is awake and play, exercise, dance around with her.
Join our fruit/veggies challenge

One step, one day at a time.... emoticon

Nancy, co-leader Weekly Challenge(s) team

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I am sore...

Monday, November 28, 2011

Went to the gym last was it full for a Sunday...must be the after Thanksgiving crowd emoticon Got on the bike like I wanted to and did 8.5 miles in 32 minutes! I am that much closer to my goal of virtually traveling to meet my hubby! Although I must say that I am sore today because of it! I hadn't been to the gym in a while...did do DVDs here at home, but the actual gym, no.

Because I am sore today, I don't know if I will do my Firm DVD...I know I should, but I also want to avoid any major injuries that may arise from exercising while sore like I am. I also have the option of doing a walking video that wouldn't put too much strain on me...its not like I can't walk...I just doubt I would be able to do the squats, lunges, etc that the Firm would want me to do.

Today I need to go through and "visit" all of my has been awhile and I feel like I have abandoned them. I know that I need the family time and such away from the computer, but I also love the feeling of having others who share the same goals (and are older than 11, 3 and 6m).

Its a new week, so that means I need to work on my goals...didn't do so hot last week, so I am going to try some again.


~ Again, track my water...didn't do that last week, although I did drink it everyday!

~ Exercise at least 5 times in the next 7 days...I would love to work on everyday, but I don't want to push myself to get hurt and I need to give myself reasonable goals.

~ Log 10 miles in my virtual trip...I did 8.5 last week, and until I get to 10 I will keep having this as a goal, maybe even after I get to 10 (I consider my week from M-Sun)

~ Visit with my teams, one team everyday at a minimum.

Now for my virtual walk/travel (since I am biking some too):

I started at 646.4 miles to go, now after my 8.5 yesterday I am at 633.4 miles. 13 miles down!! I am happy and proud of myself! I can do this!

So here we go with a new week and a new chance to reach our goals! It is possible!!


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