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Catch up days...

Sunday, October 07, 2012

I am supposed to do a fit test tomorrow and I have decided that instead of doing that I am going to catch up on the day that I missed with Insanity. I have Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs...really nervous, but really happy at the same time. I am going to use this day and get my week on the right start.

Sometime this week I will also have my heart rate monitor. I am excited to see how much I really burn during my workouts and logging them correctly! I hope I learn how to use it quick ;-)



Friday, October 05, 2012

I went out to eat lunch with the hubby today...what a blah! It was fun to be with him, but now I don't have the ambition to do my Insanity workout. I know I need to, but I just don't know if I have it in me. I feel way to blah and not enough umph to get it done.

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WALLAHALLA 10/6/2012 5:26PM

    Glad you enjoyed your lunch, but don't let it become an excuse. Be insane!

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JANTWO 10/6/2012 12:14AM


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SONITA34 10/5/2012 6:33PM

    emoticon if you try

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BLUENOSE63 10/5/2012 5:50PM

  Yes but think how you will feel when you are done your "Insanity Workout"

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    Push through the feelings if you can! Think of the feeling of accomplishment after if you are able to conquer the lethargy emoticon

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Insanity is Insane!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Yesterday was my first official Insanity workout...I loved it!!! I was sore and shaky, but drank a protein drink after and don't feel too bad this morning. I have a good feeling about this workout, not only because it is something I want to do, but because this is the first time my husband is verbally supportive of me. He has always been supportive, but not as verbally as he is right now...probably because he had to pay more for this one emoticon

I drank more water yesterday afternoon than I usually do in a full day...because of this and the intense workout I did, I lost two pounds in a day!! I know that most of it is water weight from the new flow of water to my body...but I have always had to work my butt off for two pounds in a week!! I also know this is not going to be the norm, and not going to set any unrealistic goals for myself...but I am just going to be happy about it for the day!

I have found the girl I want to "look like" on there and use her for my motivation while trying to push through. She is the one in the fit test, and I love that she has definition without being rail thin. I know with my body type I will always have curves and thighs...but I also know that I can improve and define where I am at right also helps that she had similar start scores on the fit test as me...almost to the T!

I don't plan on changing my diet too much. I have already tweaked it in the last month and lost 2 lbs (in a full month, not a day) from that. Because of this, I feel that I will stick with that instead of the plan that came with the program. Plus the rest of my family loves the food I already make and that is key for me. I am not going to make different meals for everyone, so if I am making healthy meals that everyone likes I am not going to change it now. I am adding in a few more "snacks" for myself. I never used to have them, but I have a feeling I may want some extra protein as I go on with this.

I can't wait to try today's workout, so I better get the kids going so I can push play!!!

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    Woooooh! Imagine me being a little cheerleader jumping up and down for you too! =D Damn I wish I could jump around right now! lol!!

I'm so proud of you girl! Pushing yourself to being shaky and sore post workout ROCKS! It means you really DID SOMETHING for your body, and you rocked it out! Congrats! =D

Also, Ican totally relate to that last paragraph about nutrition.. I'm SO in the same boat! It's all about creating healthy meals for the FAMILY so that they also acquire those taste buds for healthy foods! =] Something I have to remember is that just because I made it as a complete meal doesn't mean that I have to eat it all! =] I've been trying to keep this at a forefront of MY mind (for example - asian dinner with meat, stir fry veggies and brown rice. I've been aiming to only get my carbs in the evenings from non-grain sources (so pretty much veggies) and I feel so much lighter from this! So just because I make rice for EVERYONE ELSE doesn't mean that I need to load it onto my plate also! =])

ANYWAY, I'll stop rambling, keep up the awesome work chica! =]

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CHARLIESGIRL69 9/26/2012 8:10AM


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School is back in session...time for some good changes!

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

With my oldest back in school, I am up early again. I am watching the neighbor girl while her parents work and therefore don't get to go back to bed like last year. However I have about 45 minutes between sending my oldest off on the bus to when she shows up. What is that good for? A 20-30 minute workout!!! Who could ask for a better opportunity than that!?! It has only been two days into the school year, but that is two days I have found the time to workout right away in the morning...another bonus to this, when its quiet/nap time, this mommy can do other things than nap with the kids!!

I have made a personal monthly goal to workout for 500 minutes. It has been some time since I did this and really want to do this again. I am doing The Firm Express workout program this month. They want you to workout 20 minutes three times a week, however I need more time or I will just quite due to lack of activity, so on my "off" days I am doing the two 10 minute Express workouts, which kick my butt!!

I am not a breakfast eater, but with the morning workouts, I am finding myself actually eating something good. It has been oatmeal, but it is filling and healthy! I am following a new menu plan for my suppers. It is from eMeals,

I really like the website and the fact that I have 7 meals and a shopping list for the week. For a family of 4-6 I haven't spent more than $90 on those meals, and they are healthy and filling. Once less thing for this mommy to worry about!

I hope everyone is having a great day and keep that Spark buring!!!

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KOFFEENUT 9/5/2012 11:48AM

    Sounds like you are starting off the new school year with some AWESOME changes - WAY TO GO!!!


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Yummy food

Saturday, September 01, 2012

I fell in love with eMeals this last week...what more could a busy mommy ask for? All seven suppers planned out? You pick your nutrition plan and store AND they make your shopping list??? Yes please!!

Other than that, I have been busy with back to school end of summer things. I am sad and happy that my "baby" big boy is going into 6th grade, my other "baby" starts preschool by himself instead of mommy and me classes and the real "baby" has mommy and me classes now!! Where has this time gone??

Working on The Firm Express...I get too bored with things and change them all the time. I guess as long as I am working out it is good right? I really love Jillian, but doing the same workout everyday for a week just doesn't sound appealing... Maybe that is why I never went to the gym when I had the membership? lol

Started the free trial of SparkCoach today...Hope this will help with me sticking on track...I do awesome for a week or two...than slip even though I am still thinking good thoughts, they just don't happen...My last "run" got me de-flated (for lack of a better word) enough to get my wedding ring on. When I woke up this morning I was so bloated (and checking the calendar it is not because of TOM) that I couldn't move it. It's time to cut back on pop and up the water again! smells as though my baby needs me...ugh!! ;-)


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